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Endzone: vs Red - teaser

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Note 1: As always, if anyone spots any glitches, faulty buttons, etc, let me know.
Note 2: quality automatically set to medium. If your computer isn't an aspiring Transformer, I wouldn't recommend watching it in full-size or high quality.
Note 3: I've managed to compile a few concept pics and put them in the extras... just for viewing pleasure.

Endzone FINALE teaser: Red versus Climber.

Please realize that this is just a small, insignificant teaser. The real epicness will come to you in a comic format, made by no other than mr. `Endling and several talented endzoners.

Sorry if it's too fast, I'm still getting used to the 30fps @_@ well, it's confusing anyways, I guess, seeing as I know almost as much as everyone about the fight, haha. Anyways, I hope you enjoy.

That animation has the biggest amount of frame-by-frame per square meter I've ever done. It was a slow process, but a very delightful one nonetheless. Fighting scenes are always fun to animate.

I know I'm eagerly waiting to see how it ends. And you?

See ya

Everafter, Big Bad Wolf, Red © `Endling
Song is Thunderization, composed by Pierre Langer and Scott P. Schreer, and can be found at [link]
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samuraivalerie's avatar
whadya mean 'teaser'? ya gonna finish it or not?
:omgomg:  gotta see the rest man, and a rough sketch is NOT gonna cut it.
xmamu's avatar
if you read the desc, and look at the 'next' link.. you can see that endling has finished it.... o- o
samuraivalerie's avatar
No he hasn't.
He only got to here:…
then set up a rough cut at the end. like a short cut to the ending.

I want to see what happened with Climber in the end man.
xmamu's avatar
ummmmm sweATY Endzone Conclusion Summary 1-2 by Endling  this is all there is its the summary of the ending
samuraivalerie's avatar
yeah, but what did doode do?
xmamu's avatar
you mean at the end of the summary? no one knows it stops there.
thats all there is.
BoomBreeze's avatar
I added this to my favourites before I even saw this. I already knew it would be awesome.
WoooooW! amazing! good job!
PsychedAngsty's avatar
Even if this is just a teaser, ya gotta love the animation.
GrimReaper912's avatar
I love how murderous Climber becomes when Clarice is involved. He'll do anything for his girl, even murder. :3
K0SHII's avatar
will the full one ever be animated
id fuckin Pay money to see it this looks absolutely amazing O:
Dragon890h's avatar
Short Version: No.

Long Version: Flash animations is solely :iconunknown-person:'s medium and Endling was supposed to take over after this. Of course, it started to get eventually less descriptive as time went on ending at what's basically storyboards. In any case, it's still a conclusion to this series.
K0SHII's avatar
ohh thank you ;u; and aww D: I really wish he'd continue these
their amazing o;
clubpenguin1's avatar
Kokodaze's avatar
i just got into the series!!!! what happened to climber?? i've been looking all over the place for his sequel and what happened. please, i've been crying over him for a week. :(
Thundernater's avatar
i could tell u what happens aka climber dies...(i think) but then u could read it.  Just click unknowns profile and look at his favourites and click Finale-1 and its pretty basic from there.
creepycandy456's avatar
Climber can't die though he just got really badly injured and no one knows what happened
Errick-Fonzie's avatar
I'm actually pretty certain that Climber did indeed survive (Or at least was revived somehow), as he shows up at the end of Unknown's Law of Talos entries, and clearly has a flashback recalling Big Bad.
creepycandy456's avatar
Yeah it's obvios he lived he can't exactly die apart from fire
but no one knows if he lost an arm or something
Errick-Fonzie's avatar
Here, let me clarify a bit:

At the end of the Endzone OCT, Endling (The host) planned to reward the victor with an epilogue comic showing the winning character facing off against one of his own. Unknown chose to go against Red, and this trailer was just intended to tease at the outline of what Endling had planned out.

Anyway, at the end of this epilogue, Climber does catch fire and "die". However, Red comes to her senses as Climber uses his last moments to beg her to save Clarice from the Wolf, as he knew he wasn't going to be able to do so himself. It's generally theorized that Red brought Climber's body to the escape airship afterwards, where Dood repaired Climber's destroyed body by painting him a new one. After that is up to speculation, but it's most likely that the airship made its way back to Castle of Nations, where Climber's failing life force/energy was renewed, effectively reviving him.

TL;DR: Climber did die at the end of Endzone according to the epilogue, but was revived shortly afterwards. This is confirmed by his appearance at the end of Karl's entries in Law of Talos with Climber's flashback to his encounter with the Wolf.
Dragon890h's avatar…

Endling was supposed to take over after this. Of course, it started to get eventually less descriptive as time went on ending at what's basically storyboards. In any case, it's still a conclusion to this series.
TuesdayNightCompany's avatar

Too bad the teaser was better than the grand finale promised by Endling.  Mein gott, while anything is better than nothing, it took a very long time to get a semblance of closure on this story.

I remain madly jealous of your animation skills and character building and I mourn your absence.


For any wanderers:

The stuttering finale can be found here:…

Errick-Fonzie's avatar
Ah, Endzone. That (along with Escape from Nevara) was what launched me headfirst into the fandom of OCTs. Hope to see you back one day, Unknown-Person!
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