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Endzone: vs Dood

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Note 1: yes, that's indeed huge. The biggest animation I have ever done. I didn't find time to split that, (plus, the timing would be destroyed). As always, if anyone spots any glitches, faulty buttons, etc, let me know.
Note 2: rushed extras, again... for the lulz!

ENDZONE FINAL MATCH! :iconlan-kun:'s Dood Palette versus Climber.

Erm... it's... supposedly epic.

(people are expecting so much... oooh, I hope I don't disappoint).

I'm sorry, I couldn't finish everything I wanted! My apologizes (especially for those who donate their voices T_T). I tried, people, I swear I tried! But dealing with a laborious fight plus story development is a tidbit harder than I thought.

See ya

Dood is © ~lan-kun. EverAfter and its characters are © `Endling.
The Endzone contestants © their respective owners.
Sound effects are royalty free. Songs are downloaded at Newgrounds (two of them, though, are made by Sunstar Productions) and used with kind permission of their authors.
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lightthegod10000000's avatar
is there a game back on climber or something, i swear it been bugging me about climber
Ziomie's avatar
ooh that was powerful
GrimReaper912's avatar
I just can't put into words how beautiful this is. The tournament, your character, and his story… AMAZING!
leafwingcat12's avatar
EnderKittyOfRainbows's avatar
The dude sounds REALLY annoyed xD
AshiroKei's avatar
i loved very cool, epic animation :happybounce: Heart
Signed-with-a-Star's avatar
Omg that is so sad *crys*
BishThePONY's avatar
Signed-with-a-Star's avatar
BishThePONY's avatar
Why must all the awesome character's die!? >__<
Signed-with-a-Star's avatar
if you thinking Climber died spoiler he didn't watch/read the other one LOT he is in there.
Signed-with-a-Star's avatar
Umm? I need to rewatch this it has been forever.
Who died!?
spooky-strawberry's avatar
3 things how to battle Climber.
3.Tottaly Courage
spooky-strawberry's avatar
super sewing machine punch of honour!!!!
BluepawThePotato's avatar
This is so awesome! Loved it! :D :3
Youkah's avatar
Alaskatheweasle's avatar
Lets hope he's gay to top it all off with more RAINBOWZZZZZ
Youkah's avatar
this comment is so old how did you find it
Alaskatheweasle's avatar
I am a magical hun
Testsubject276's avatar
What happened to Climber?
Creampuff1977's avatar
I love Climber so damn much!
Whisper8's avatar
no offense to anyone, but i like climber better than dude by a little
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