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Endzone Audition

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Three nights and almost two liters of coffee later... the audition.

I decided to enter in :iconendling:'s OC tournament, the Endzone... why? Well, first, because I want to. Second, because I haven't been in a contest in a long time (no one in DA, actually). And, obviously, because this sounds fun! I mean c'mon! xD

So... that's the climber. He's a character from one of my original projects called Castle of Nations. Why did I choose him? Sincerely, I just like him and his fight style (a cloth mannequin with a pickaxe... it's, uh... it's quite unusual). His "animated stuffed man" status fits pretty well in Everafter world. And I think I should give him a chance to try his luck in this tournament. He's a nice guy, despite being a little neurotic sometimes...

I'm sure it'll be hard to get a place on it. I mean, Endling is famous and has plenty of friends and fans and etc (much more talented than me) and there's only 64 slots... but let us see what happens.

(I must say, drawing Big Bad Wolf is fun. And please forgive the gramatical mistakes, if there's any =/)

See ya

Climber reference sheet: [link]

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Because of this character I came up with my own little mannequin and I definitely became a fan of climber just by his personality alone that matches up with my own.

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"I'm sure it will be hard to get a place on it". 
What then follows i a gripping story wherein he wins.
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And thus begins the amazing adventure of the adorable Climber.
Phoenix-God-of-Fire's avatar
huh, i never realized that this was actually connected to the SNAFU universe
Lightning-in-my-Hand's avatar
ah, if hunger games had as much story as this tourney, maybe i'd actually read it.
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This drawing make my day. Thank you.
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Everafter assylum... so.. something big it's going to happen
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Is this the first Everafter Comic?
Or is there more before this?
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climber is left handed =O SO AM I OMG yayyyyyyy!! :squee:
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WHYYYYYYYYYY sshizz. my sister and dad r both left-handed and me and my mum r right.
Peebsie's avatar
left handed ppl are epic .....thats what i thought where i live their very rare....I'm like the only one in mai class
Sunimacrud's avatar
there was this video i saw and it said that lefties are more creatve then righties. i believe that cuz my dad knows how to take apart a lawnmower and put it all back together again like nothing had happened...! Thats why i am so amazed by them. Only one of my teachers are left handed lol.
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Wow I'm not that creative i barely like to do anything yus i amlazy...but still.....Most ppl are like "WOOW PHEEBS I DID'NT KNOW YOU WERE LEFT HANDED!!!" and I'm like "Ummmmm.....yeah I am how could you not notice ._." Then the teacher comes (though she speaks welsh too use.....yus I live in Wales and i'm proud of it :3 ) " <You're left handed I DIDN'T REALIZE!!>" And then i'm thinking "sriously that sounded like something that Karl would say..." THEN I IGNORE EVERYONE :d=D
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lol well i live in California (USA) so LOL thats actually a really funny story! XDXD i would notice in a heartbeat!
Peebsie's avatar
Really??? that actually happened people annoy me though it's like I'm some sort of legend ..... In other people cllasses though their is like about 3 lefties but i'm still a legend comared too 5the rest...OWNED >:3
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pshhh ah right...more like....

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cool i like it^^
i messed up and started in the middle were the chimeny sweeper is^^; lil mess up so i restarted
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That wolf thing is SO COOL. Great art! If the goal was to make him look beyond ominous, mission accomplished! haha, awesome.
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And thus begins the most epic comic to ever me made....
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So you must Fight ... You must (will) fight (kill) for it." anyone see the Will and Kill in there?
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