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Really sad to see such a talented creator just fade away like this. I hope some day we can get to see Castle of Nations in some form.

I was listening to music which used Law of Talos as the background for nostalgic purposes and thought I would see how you were doing. I hope you are doing well and hope to one day see more of Karl

Went back and saw law of talos man I still love those old animations you did, such great character concepts

I hope you are doing well. You have inspired me to draw ever since I was quite young. I hope you will come back eventually and tell us what path of life you have gone since many people say you have become an animator. Even after many years, I still remember the castle of nations project and the characters you have created.

If any of you are interested, a fan server has been made! You can message me on discord if you want to join. My user is A_Tree#0801  (Im not posting the link here for reasons.)
we love you miss :D (Big Grin) you, your arts and making video so much youWaaaah!were amazing Love and I wish for you and I really hope that you’re are alright from this nightmare going around the world 🌎 I hope and pray for your wellbeing stay strong and stay safe out there my friends same goes to your family & friends and in japan the place of all Anime and manga, I hope you may too also hope and pray for their wellbeing.   

--> twitter.com/LoveAngelkim/statu… <--

Again Stay safe out there
Hi just want I love your arts they are so cool please keep up the good work!😊👍❤