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Gallery Folders

Ch.1 The Newcomer: Pg.07 by JM-Henry
Walking Through Darkstone Valley by JM-Henry
Fall Wallpaper: Food, Fun, and Festival! by JM-Henry
Summer Wallpaper: Sand-Sea Vacation by JM-Henry
Digital Folder III FULL
Fox rain by DKhoaNGUYEN
Mizuhu Witch by Mizuhu
Dark Ages page 5 INDIEGOGO LIVE by Alf-Alpha
Raika Combat 2. by Reneg30
Digital Folder FULL
LOST by blue-ember333
Manatee by xkeroppi
Hazutani by Hazutani
Traditional Folder
Commission: Picnic by DoMyzu

Mature Content

dArKtObEr - 01 by UchihaSama224
dArKtObEr - 02 by UchihaSama224
Dappled Light by AlyssaStehle
Mixed media
[Hirojil]Jake Frash, plus solide que ses habits by Si-Nister
Otherlands vol 1 page 19 by DiscipleDJ
Otherlands vol 1 page 18 by DiscipleDJ
Red by ehk-CAIITO
Manga Pages and Strips
Undead Friend QA 30: Fuzz Baby by undeadfriend
H 117 by AlyssaStehle
The Legend of Dragoon #24 by AdrianRoszak
The Legend of Dragoon #25 by AdrianRoszak
Flash, Animated, Pixel, Icons
[C] Kyrie (Ginoz) by Ailixa
Clone TG Animation by cchimeras
[Among Us GIF] My disappointment is immeasurable. by tam733
Mermaid TG Animation by cchimeras
Completed Commissions
Commission - Lucy Fairy Tail by NadoArts
[+VIDEO] Commission - Come Here ~ by Meryosie
Finished YCH : Audrey by Heisedebao
Finished YCH : Valeria Pesokina by Heisedebao
Commission Information
Commission Info [FULL]A. CURRENT COMMISSIONSAlansaur - 90% refiningJeff - 90% refiningK - 90%Jyongonz - 90%Euforiyah - 90%Taffy - 90%Sanju - 90%B. COMMISSION PRICELISTPlease notice that the price range depends on the difficulty of character and background. For the exact price of your commission plan, please directly message me c:Default square size: 2000x2000 pixels 300 dpiDefault portrait size: 2000 x 3150 pixels 300 dpiDefault landscape size: 3350 x 2000 pixels 300 dpiAlso please state in your commission form if you need a different size.Chibi: $40Extra character: +$20-$30 per charSquare background: +$20-$30Portrait background: +$20-$40Landscape background: +$30-$50Multiple-size background (one commission with different sizes for banner, PC's wallpaper, phone screen): +$40-$60,Headshot: $40Extra character: +$20-$30 per charSquare background: +$10-$20Portrait background: +$15-$30Landscape background: +$20-$40Multiple-size background (one commission with different sizes for banner, PC's wallpaper, phone screen): +$30-$50,Half-body: $70 - $80 depending on difficultyExtra character: +$30-$40 per charSquare background: +$20-$30Portrait background: +$20-$40Landscape background: +$30-$50Multiple-size background (one commission with different sizes for banner, PC's wallpaper, phone screen): +$40-$60,Full-body: $80 - $100 depending on difficultyExtra character: +$40-$50 per charSquare background: +$20-$30Portrait background: +$20-$40Landscape background: +$30-$50Multiple-size background (one commission with different sizes for banner, PC's wallpaper, phone screen): +$40-$60,C. COMMISSION FORMPlease note me via DeviantArt or Discord (Pumpkinella#5802) with the following form:Client's name and email address:Desired commission package:Commission idea: (storyline, poses, background idea, etc. the crazier the better! Or you can leave it blank and let me decide).References image: (some pictures of the character and/or background)Character's special body features: (optional, it could be faceshape, bodyshape, etc.)Character's personality: (the characteristics to show in the commission)Commission framework: (please choose among Portrait, Square or Landscape)D. PROMOTION PLANGreen Pumpkin rankRequired number of commission: 3 (with 2/3 fullbody works or 1 fullbody+2 halfbody)Promotion: life time -5%Yellow Pumpkin rank:Required number of commission: 10 (with 6/10 fullbody works)Promotion: life time -10%Orange Pumpkin rank: Required number of commission: 15 (with at least 10/15 fullbody works) Promotion: life time -15%Rainbow Pumpkin rank:Required number of commission: 30 (with at least 20 fullbody works)Promotion: life time -20% + 1 yearly free artE. Terms and Conditions:I can do: furry, mecha, armor, fantasy, anything you need but no NSFW :'DThe commission work is only for personal use. Client may not claim the artwork as their own.Client is not allowed to remove signature/watermark on the artist's artworks.I only accept payment in USD via PayPal.After requested commission, client will receive a sketch of their commission within 3 days.A full payment will be made upon client's approval on the sketch(es).Commission will be finished within 2 weeks starting from the proceeded payment date.An additional 50% of the total commission fee is charged as rush fee when the deadline is prior to 2-week-time.​For commercial work:In case the commission is used to produce commercial merchandise(s), the commission fee will be doubled.​For cancellations/ refunds:If the client wishes to cancel a commission after proceeding the payment, half of the payment will be refunded.A full refund shall be given if the artist cancels the commission.​​Commission and Payment process:Upon filling in the commission form, client will be contacted.A confirmation of prices from the client is needed before the artist start sketching.Client's name, priority and their commission status will be updated here.A full payment will be made upon client's approval on the sketch(es). The artist's billing information will be informed privately via email.Frequent updates can be requested during process.After receiving the full resolution artwork, client has the right to request 3 minor edits.​​Important note:Once you decides to commission the artist, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions stated above. If the client did not read the terms of services, the artist will not be held responsible for any misconception.F. Wait-list:SaRzAudreelynBootygodDaisiesAndrewBaygoMattfooRuinRinaV O D K A @Oi-Valsecchi KathGregWillis @TxWillis DelNeaXimnisCali@MeowFeaow @puffy-bunny heart-throbVanillaAdmiralPepePyriel (SenPy)Luckas@BouncingPig BustyBrianCSULokiKanoKannotJaimeBaconSammyyKeiMellonasunsetxivKardiaRichardEdwardCarollAdversary
[CLOSED, YCH AUCTION  ]: Flower girls by Heisedebao
Fan and Original Writings

Mature Content

A Little Spark 6 (MadaraXOC)Madara and the others gathered before the chaotic mess of wires and monitors stacked haphazardly on the coffee table. He felt a flicker of annoyance at all the equipment his nephew hauled over to the apartment.Sasuke didn’t seem to care if he annoyed him. Headphones curled around his neck; he studied the line of monitors with narrowed eyes. “The man entered through the back gate that connects to Tsushima Teahouse.” He clicked his mouse a couple times and the image enlarged.A heavily muscled giant with long black hair and ripped sleeves pushed through the back entrance. His thick eyebrows sloped over a hawk nose and bulbous dark eyes. Dragon tattoos scrawled over beefy biceps protruding from ripped sleeves. The wreath dangled awkwardly from his hand.“He looks so disreputable. I’m surprised the porter let him inside.” Izuna remarked.Sasuke propped the wireless keyboard in his lap and tapped a few keys. The setting changed to the lobby of the apartment building.The porter, a pleasant-faced middle-aged man, rose to greet the intruder.The mysterious man gestured toward the elevator and the porter shook his head.Gesturing angrily, the intruder set the wreath down on the counter and pulled a wallet out of his back pocket. He slapped a wad of cash into the porter’s hand.The man beamed and nodded toward the elevators.“Well, now we know how he got inside.” Izuna said.It seemed Madara would have to speak with the complex owner and get the porter fired. Taking bribes at a location that promised great security was simply unacceptable. “Pull up the camera above the apartment door. I want a clear shot of his face.”The camera angle changed zooming up on the man’s face.“Whoa, too close Sasuke. I don’t want a view of the boogers up that guy’s nose.” Izuna scolded.Sasuke rolled his eyes and adjusted the image. “Good enough?”“Anybody recognize him?” Madara addressed the room.Sasuke, Izuna, and Sakura all shook their heads.“Run his image through the police and federal databases. Search for any criminal record.” Madara ordered.“It’ll be awhile. Not all the yakuza are in the system. Most keep a low profile.” Sasuke said, returning his focus to the screens.“Well, do the best you can.”Sasuke ignored him.When Sasuke got in the zone there was no talking to him. Madara motioned to the other two to follow him down the hall to the small dining room. “Indra is going to be a problem. We have to decide what to do about him.”Sakura glanced around. “Where’s Addie?”“In her room. I asked her to come out when you all showed up, but she wanted to be left alone.”“Can’t blame her. Nearly getting murdered twice in one week would mess with anyone.” Izuna said sympathetically.Sakura rummaged around in her tote bag and pulled out a spill of white lace. “Since she didn’t go shopping, I swung by the store and picked up a replacement for the shirt that got ruined.”“That’s very nice of you.” Madara took the garment and set it on the table. “I’m sure she’ll be glad to get it.”Sakura tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “Do you mind if I check on her?”“Go ahead.”The pink-haired girl left.Izuna smiled after her. “That girl is so considerate. Sasuke doesn’t deserve her.”“Few men deserve the women in their lives. It’s a good think, women are compassionate enough to put up with our crap.” Madara said wryly. “Well, most women.”“Are you referencing a certain red-head, perhaps?” His brother asked slyly.“I don’t know what you mean.”“Of course not.” Izuna said innocently, but he had a knowing glint in his eye. “I bet she ripped you a new one, didn’t she?”“Surprisingly, no. Addie was pretty shaken up by what happened.” Madara folded his arms. “I’d actually have preferred she chewed me out.”He recalled how soft her fingers had been against his cheek when she examined his injuries, her gentle touch shooting little tingles along his skin. He shook his head, banishing the image. Not the time to go there. “I’m worried.”“She’ll snap out of it by tomorrow and be back to her usual feisty self.” Izuna assured him.“I hope so.”Izuna leaned back in his chair. “Why don’t I have a talk with Cousin Indra?”“I don’t think it’s a good idea, not after his warning.” Madara said.“Yeah, but he’s always liked me more than you. Bet I can soften him up.” Izuna batted his lashed dramatically. “You know how charming I can be when I try.”Madara sighed. His little brother was such a dork sometimes. “Alright. But don’t push his buttons. You know how he gets.”“That man brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘inferiority complex’.” Izuna agreed sagely. “Don’t worry bro. I promise not to ruffle the big man’s feathers.”************************************************************************************* Someone knocked softly at the door. Adelaide poked her head out from the top of the comforter. “Who is it?”“Its Sakura. Can I come in?”Spotty wiggled closer to her hip and rested his head on her stomach, unwilling to get up from his comfortable nest. Adelaide stroked the top of his head and sighed. “Yeah, I guess.”“Jeez, you sound really enthusiastic about it.” Sakura eased the door closed behind her. “How are you doing?” She sat on the edge of the bed. “Everyone’s worried.”Adelaide tipped her head back against the headboard. “About someone they barely know? I doubt it.”Their concern probably only extended as far as her father’s pocketbook. Madara’s team was obligated to care about her safety for pecuniary reasons. That’s all.Sakura bit her lip. “While its true we don’t know you all that well, I don’t think anyone wishes you harm.” She smiled. “I meant it when I said I’d like to be friends.”The offer seemed genuine. Adelaide didn’t have anything against Sakura. She brushed a strand of hair out of her eyes and cringed. “Then as a friend can you help me do something with my hair? I just got a look at myself in the mirror over there and my hair’s as frizzy as a clown wig.”Sakura giggled. “Sure. Where’s your brush?”“In the bathroom, I think.”The other girl came back armed with a brush, hair tie, and anti-frizz product. Adelaide perched on the edge of the bed, Spotty curling up in her vacated spot to absorb her body heat from the mattress. It had been years since she’d engaged in this slumber party-like activity. She was unsure what to say but took a stab. “So, Sasuke. How did you guys meet?”“We went to high school together. He was so handsome and cool I just fell for him instantly. He didn’t ask me out until we graduated.” She worked product through Adelaide’s hair, her voice warm with memory. “Our first date was horrible. He took me to a park by a lake and we spent maybe three minutes there.”“But he improved?” Adelaide prompted when she fell silent.“Not really. He’s still horrible when it comes to planning dates.” Sakura said fondly. “Most of the time I have to set things up.”“I see.” She lied.Adelaide would never date a self-involved jerk like Sasuke. She didn’t trust men prettier than her. Of course, she wasn’t in any position to date anyone right now with a price on her head.Her shoulders slumped forward, the movement jerking the stitches in her bicep. She winced at the pain.As if she needed another reminder of what happened in the traffic jam.How long before one of the assassins finally succeeded in collecting on their bounty? A shudder of fear rippled down her back. She could really die.Sakura stopped brushing her hair. “Are you ok?”Adelaide swallowed hard and nodded. “I’m good.”The girl finished twisting Adelaide’s hair into a braid, twisting the hair tie around the end. “There you go. All fixed.”Adelaide got up to check out her new hairstyle. It was just a small thing, really inconsequential, but seeing her hair tidy made her feel better. Her lips curved in a faint smile. “It looks good. Thanks a lot.”Somehow, Sakura had tamed the mess into a sleek elegant braid that draped over her shoulder.“You’re welcome.” Sakura’s blinked. “Oh, before I forget I got you a replacement for that shirt you spilled coffee on. Mr. Uchiha has it.”“Wow. You didn’t have to do that.”The girl shrugged, ducking her head modestly. “New clothes always cheer me up when I’m feeling down.”Adelaide reached out and squeezed the girl’s hand for a moment. “Thank you. I mean it.”“We’ll have to reschedule our shopping trip but what about ordering a pizza or something and watching a movie?” Sakura set the styling products on the nightstand. “Sasuke’s probably going to be awhile on the computer.”“Sounds good.”Jet scurried from under the bed and trotted to the door tail swishing high in the air. Adelaide glanced back at her dog. “I’d bet these guys are pretty hungry too.”Spotty woofed in agreement.

Mature Content

Desert Snow Ch. 1Gaara sat at his desk going through the many documents stacked in front of him. Just earlier that day, he had received a special letter from the feudal lord's secretary, a request to manage and send recent immigration records of Sunagakure to the foreign relations department in the capital. He was initially planning to manage that record throughout the week but suddenly it became a lot more urgent.. and he forgot where he had put it.They weren't on the piles on his desk, though that wasn't really surprising since he usually put already reviewed documents aside. He wasn't sure why he was even going through the stacks, to begin with.Leaving the unread letters and requests on the table, he bent down and opened a drawer which he usually put the more important files into. The immigration record was there, laying on the top of the piled-up papers, as empty as ever.Being in the middle of the desert, Sunagakure didn't get a lot of immigrants, after all. But that wasn't what caught his eye. Rather, it was the edge of what looked like a photograph peeking out from the bottom of the drawer. It wasn't supposed to be there, maybe it just slipped down from the drawers above.Gaara lifted the papers and carefully took out the picture. It was a photo of him and Akira. He vaguely remembered her pressuring him to agree to take the photo while she was visiting three years ago, which annoyed him a little back in the day, so he had put it away. Now he felt kind of glad he kept it, even though it was a less than flattering picture of him. 'That was already three years ago, too, wasn't it.' Gaara thought to himself. Time seems to go on so slowly but looking back on the past few years of his life, they passed by so quickly without him even noticing it. Gaara put the photo and immigration document on his desk and sat back down to work.It wouldn't have taken very long to work down the list and send it off to the immigration office but before he even realised, an hour had passed wherein he had only stared back and forth between the document and the photo without actually doing anything. Why was he so distracted? He turned his chair and looked out of the window, yet seeing the town and the vast desert landscape in the distance didn't get him any clarification. Just then, Gaara recalled the last thing Akira had told him before she walked off, unbeknownst to anyone where to: she was 'going home'. No one he asked had seen her since then. It confused him. What did she mean?She had been telling him about it since they first met but never actually explained to him where this 'home' was or anything about what happened, leaving him completely in the dark. He decided to stop thinking about it just when someone knocked on the door.The redhead turned back to face the room and to his surprise saw his sister leaning against the wide-open office door, the impatience being clearly visible in her facial expression."Just how long were you planning to ignore me for?" Temari huffed when her brother had finally turned around. How long had she been knocking? "Temari-" he couldn't find any way to continue. His sister added, "What's distracting you so much, anyway? This isn't the first time, either." She approached him at a quick pace and slammed her hand onto his desk. "There's definitely something bothering you. Tell me." Whether she was concerned or just annoyed was unclear. Gaara wanted to give her an answer but he was cut off before he could even start, as Temari spotted the photograph on the desk.She picked it up and looked at it before Gaara even had the time to react. "So this..." She assumed and held the picture up in front of her brother's face. "Is this what's so distracting to you?" Gaara took the picture out of her hand and put it face-down back onto the tabletop. "Not quite." Temari tilted her head. "Look, Gaara, it's been a year. Why are you still so bothered by it?" - "I'm just a bit concerned, is all." He deliberately avoided eye contact with Temari, who just now seemed to have realised something. Her eyes widened. "Don't tell me-" How did she not notice that earlier? "-you had feelings for her?"Gaara seemed confused when he raised his head again. "What?" Temari shook her head. She must've also forgotten how dense her brother was. The blonde sighed and thoughtfully scratched her cheek with her index finger. "Let's see… how do I best explain this?" The redhead waited for Temari to explain, meanwhile feeling very irritated about what the conversation had turned into."Love." Gaara blinked in surprise. "What do you mean?" - "It's different from the love you share with family or friends." Temari turned the picture around again. "It's when someone who's very important to you keeps coming to mind and you feel a need to be with them." She couldn't help but smile a little. "It's not easy to explain but you'll know when you feel it if you're aware of it." Gaara's eyes moved back to the photograph, which he silently looked at for a few seconds. In that time it was quiet in the room.Then the 18-year-old looked back up. "Thank you. Also-" he paused. "Was there a specific reason why you came to the office?" Temari took a step backwards, remembering what she was actually here for. Her demeanour became more serious again. "Right, of course."She took a neatly folded paper out of a small purse that was attached to her belt. "There are new reports from the anti-terrorism department. Kankuro wanted to bring this back here himself but he got caught up in something. He told me that the caught culprit gave some valuable information on the future plans of their organisation. The details should be in the document." She gave the paper to Gaara, who unfolded it and took a look. He nodded to himself silently and put the document down. "Thank you. I'll check-" Suddenly the door busted open again. "Lord Kazekage, there's an emergency!"The siblings looked up towards the chunin who had rushed in, both equally caught off guard. Gaara raised up from his seat. "What's the issue?" The chunin caught his breath before continuing, "Two of the village guards are going on a rampage! We don't know what suddenly got into them!" - "Where is this happening?" - "It was close to the gateway, but they may have gotten further into the town by now." Just then, an explosion could be heard in the distance, startling everyone in the room just a little."I'm going." Without the need to hear anything else, Gaara left the office.
[ Yiling Laozu ] by AoshiNiKo
Artisan Crafts
Shop opening and animal crossing villagers/commiss by Yukie94
Some Expressions Practice by Yoo-Min-Hee
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Mature Content

Wiz(Konosuba)(term57) by Ikemura-Hiroichi
Fanart II FULL
Road Kamelot by TheArtOfVero
Emergency 'No admins available' Folder
Assassin Florists (Weiss Kreuz) by MelitaGermaine
Fanart III
Commission 88 - It suits you but... by NoVaNoah
Digital Folder IV
veronica the girl with the witch hat by uwiieekawaii
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