The Light Source Contest!

Thu Aug 19, 2010, 8:27 PM by Lokiev:iconlokiev:


The Light Source Contest!

:new: We now have a new ongoing contest; The Light Source Contest, hosted by SkyAndNatureClub and co-hosted by Unknown-Artists-Club and Feature-Club! Please read more about the contests and its rules below.

:bulletblue: About the theme:

This contest is about "Light", and how you best show it in your entry. The "Source" of light could be anything. It could be natural (e.g. sunlight), or artificial (e.g. lamp). Light could be directed on the object from any angle. Back Lighting is an example.

For the visual media (photography, traditional art, digital art), the objective will be to use a source of light in your work. The objective is not to show us the lamp for example, but to show us how it lightened the work.

As for Literature, the objective is to write about Light.

There are a few examples below to show you what we need.

Good Luck!

:bulletblue: Examples:

Northern Light by berg77 Love is.... by ibjennyjenny Trees at Sunset by Favii3 :thumb175653161: :thumb175701950:

Traditional Art
:thumb175410771: To See the Light by MoonsongWolf Moon Light by derekmccrea

Digital Art
Into The Light by 00AngelicDevil00 Into the light by 38DDmisswhiplash Bambi in the Light by RexKing :thumb127219578:

sUnLiGhT...Yesterday has died
And the road's still too long
Waiting for the rise of the sun
That has disappeared long time ago
That has left me wandering blind with no stars
In a moonless night
Setting back
Waiting for a shooting star
To make a wish for a better future
To make a wish for someone to hold my hand
For this silence to fade away
And all that I have
Is my faith that's fading away
Is my faith in the sun light
That will bring me up high
Once more to clouds
That will bring my smile
Once more to my tearful face…
Dawn sunlightThe early morning sun
strikes the autumn tinged leaves
with the blow of a heavy hammer
shattering its orange glow
into a million shards of beauty
through the windows of my cell
setting my imagination free.
:thumb61524942: Be My Light by Miarath

:bulletblue: Contest Guidelines/Rules: (Very Important!)

:bulletgreen: This Contest is open to everyone worldwide!

:bulletgreen: You MUST be a member of at least ONE of the three groups to be able to submit your entry.

:bulletgreen: The media allowed are Photography, Digital and Traditional arts, and Literature.

:bulletgreen: Every person is allowed to submit ONE entry, to ONE of the three groups only.
(i.e. You may not submit both literature and photography for example. Choose one.)

:bulletgreen: Submitting more than one entry will DISQUALIFY all your entries!

:bulletgreen: Your entry MUST be submitted to your gallery either in 2009 or 2010.

:bulletgreen: Online entries only. Hard copies are not accepted at any time.
(Details of entering is written below)

:bulletgreen: If you use stock, please credit the owner. Your entry won't be accepted otherwise.

:bulletgreen: Entrants MUST be at least 13 years old as of the date of their submission.

:bulletgreen: Entries must abide by deviantART Rules.

:bulletgreen: The Contest's Deadline is September 19th at Midnight GMT.

:bulletgreen: Please think carefully before sending an entry! You wont be able to change the entry you submit!

:bulletgreen: Judges have the final word. Deviations will be judged on quality, and use of the theme. Judges will not take notice of aspects such as the number of favorites, comments, popularity, etc. or to pieces that have received a Daily Deviation.

:bulletblue: How to Enter:

:bulletred: You could only submit to ONE of the groups (SkyAndNatureClub Feature-Club Unknown-Artists-Club)

:bulletred: There are 4 folders to submit to. If you are submitting a photograph, then submit it under the "Photography" folder. and so on.

:bulletred: You may only submit to ONE folder, otherwise all your entries will be DISQUALIFIED.
(i.e. Choose one medium only)

:bulletred: Submit your ONE entry to SkyAndNatureClub's folder.


to Feature-Club's folder.


to Unknown-Artists-Club's folder.

and only once please.
(you don't have to send it many times; we will get your entry)

:bulletblue: About the groups

:iconskyandnatureclub: is a group for all sky and nature lovers ! It's for APN photographers ! It's for anyone who enjoys Nature :heart: The reason for starting this group is to support all nature photographers, and to show other members the beauty of nature from all around the world! :D

:iconfeature-club: is a community of new and old, seen and unseen artists who just want to share what they have. The group aims at featuring only 5 deviants a day to allow them to be seen by the entire group.

:iconunknown-artists-club: is a group that tries to help unknown artists get more attention here on deviantART.

:bulletblue: The Judges

:iconpurpelblur: :icontimberclipse:

:iconuae4u: :iconanoya: :iconmoonbeam13: :iconayame-kenoshi: :icondantastic202: :iconlazdude:

Traditional Art
:iconegil21: :iconhellobaby: :iconsraffa: :iconfourteenthstar:

Digital Art
:iconnorke: :iconyasny-chan: :iconcsnyder: :iconneostockz: :iconlokiev:

:iconkaz-d: :icon3wyl: :iconladylincoln:

This list is not final.

:bulletblue: At the end ..

:groups: Please read all rules carefully, and then look for a good entry and submit it ! :w00t: If you find a nice deviation that you think would fit for the contest, please recommend that person to enter the contest :)

:groups: Please let us know if you can give any prize, ANYTHING, even llama badges. It really will mean a lot. Thanks in advance! :heart:

:groups: If you have any question, feel free to contact:

uae4u of SkyAndNatureClub
TimberClipse of Feature-Club
Lokiev of Unknown-Artists-Club

:star: We wish you the best of luck !! :iconcarameldansenplz:

:bulletblue: Prizes:

If you can donate anything, please let us know! :aww:

:bulletorange: First Winner: :bulletorange:

:bulletgreen: 1000 points from uae4u
:bulletgreen: 500 points from TimberClipse
:bulletgreen: 6 month Premium Membership from dantastic202
:bulletgreen: 3 month Premium Membership from LadyLincoln
:bulletgreen: Stamp or Avatar (winner's choice) from 12knight12
:bulletgreen: A photograph commission from xSakuraSyaoranx
:bulletgreen: A Drawing commission from Lesronheart
:bulletgreen: A Digital Drawing commission from xanadu125
:bulletgreen: A chibi sketch commission from blaze-faerie
:bulletgreen: A Full sketch from Hardrockangel
:bulletgreen: A Fractal Wallpaper from Salisaad

:bulletorange: Second Winner: :bulletorange:

:bulletgreen: 750 points from uae4u
:bulletgreen: 300 points from TimberClipse
:bulletgreen: Stamp or Avatar (winner's choice) from 12knight12
:bulletgreen: Stamp from TimberClipse
:bulletgreen: A Drawing commission from Lesronheart
:bulletgreen: A Drawing commission from Das-Pfanntom
:bulletgreen: A Digital Drawing commission from xanadu125
:bulletgreen: A pixel avatar character from Hardrockangel
:bulletgreen: A story request from DazzledByNorrington
:bulletgreen: A Fractal Wallpaper from Salisaad

:bulletorange: Third Winner: :bulletorange:

:bulletgreen: 250 points from uae4u
:bulletgreen: 200 points from TimberClipse
:bulletgreen: 3 month Premium Membership from Twins72
:bulletgreen: Stamp or Avatar (winner's choice) from 12knight12
:bulletgreen: A Drawing commission from Lesronheart
:bulletgreen: A Digital Drawing commission from xanadu125
:bulletgreen: A pixel avatar character from Hardrockangel
:bulletgreen: A Fractal Wallpaper from Salisaad

:bulletorange: All Winners will recieve: :bulletorange:

* Journal Feature by SkyAndNatureClub
* Journal Feature by Wonderful-World
* Journal Feature by Cityscapes-Club
* Journal Feature by Close-Ups
* Journal Feature by NaturPics-club
* Journal Feature by sunsets
* Journal Feature by Photo--Assignment
* Journal Feature by ProjectEarth
* Journal Feature by Scapes-club
* Journal Feature by Shutter-Vision
* Journal Feature by Shutter-Scene
* Journal Feature by The-Big-Cats-Club
* Journal Feature by Abstract--Reality
* Journal Feature by theskyclub
* Journal Feature by Belle-Art
* Journal Feature by PhotographersClub
* Journal Feature by Craftcycle
* Journal Feature by PurpleClub
* Journal Feature by alwaysmotivated
* Journal Feature by Elements--Club
* Journal Feature by ILoveAnimals
* Journal Feature by MountainShots
* Journal Feature by Insect-Lovers-Club
* Journal Feature by ProjectComment
* Journal Feature by Feature-Heaven
* Journal Feature by blue-club
* Journal Feature by DigitallyCreated
* Journal Feature by Feature-Club
* Journal Feature by TimberClipse
* Journal Feature by uae4u
* Journal Feature by Hellobaby
* Journal Feature by Unknown-Artists-Club
* Journal Feature by Lokiev
* Journal Feature by 3wyl
* Journal Feature by eschlehahn
* Journal Feature by alone-maggie
* Journal Feature by xSakuraSyaoranx
* Journal Feature by Kostandina
* Journal Feature by Psi-Psiana
* SitBack Feature by quarterbacker
* Journal Feature by BelleMeansBeautiful
* Journal Feature by butterfly-mayutzu
* Journal Feature by NikolasBrummer
* Journal Feature by Wolfpackwithme
* Journal Feature by :dev78:
* Journal Feature by Egil21
* Journal Feature by TheFavouriteShowcase
* Journal Feature by Aspiring-writer16
* Journal Feature by Twins72
* Journal Feature by OmiAna117280
* Journal Feature by Penguinsontoast
* Journal Feature by Elephants995
* Journal Feature by Zwoing
* Journal Feature by Shadow-and-Flame-86
* Journal Feature by VirtuallySane
* Journal Feature by Ciarameow
* Journal Feature by WALKING-GIRL (or news article)
* Journal Feature by That-Feeling
* Journal Feature by GramMoo
* Journal Feature by Jolly-Imp
* Journal Feature by LAPoetry-n-Photo
* Journal Feature by gold-rose
* Journal Feature by FlyingMantaRay
* Journal Feature by Krissi001
* Journal Feature by sillysally3456
* Journal Feature by kerrybushphoto
* Journal Feature by AelizeA
* Journal Feature by HungryxHungryxHippos
* Journal Feature by BillyTheKid-90
* Journal Feature by daisukekuroneko
* Journal Feature by sillysally3456
:bulletgreen: Virtual hug from eschlehahn
:bulletgreen: Virtual hug from Zwoing
:bulletgreen: LLama Badge from dusmo
:bulletgreen: LLama Badge from xSakuraSyaoranx
:bulletgreen: LLama Badge from Lesronheart
:bulletgreen: LLama Badge from Kostandina
:bulletgreen: LLama Badge from Wolfpackwithme
:bulletgreen: LLama Badge from Aspiring-writer16
:bulletgreen: LLama Badge from Elephants995
:bulletgreen: LLama Badge from Zwoing
:bulletgreen: LLama Badge from jasmine111196
:bulletgreen: LLama Badge from Tulla-Morwen
:bulletgreen: LLama Badge from monchito001
:bulletgreen: LLama Badge from AdmiralsGirl

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