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    A sunny day, a cup of hot coffee and bad news 1/?I can't remember the last time that I woke up in a nice and cozy bed. Especially one in which I felt safe. That immediately excluded all beds inside of a motel room and the entirety of time I spent two years ago, after leaving Camp Halfblood. And even in camp you had to sleep with one eye open, with Connor and Travis Stoll being around you. Believe me, I lived in the same cabin as them for several years. I should know.Anyway, I had just recently returned from a mission my father (the greek god Hades, ruler of the Underworld and one of the Big Three) had given me, barely adjusting to the previously comfortness and safety of a nice bed (having been in blissful slumber after barely escaping being beheaded), that I heard the voice of none other than Nico di Angelo. Another child of Hades and technically my older brother. I use the term "technically" because he still appears to be in his teens, despite being in his eighties. Don't ask me how that is possible, all I know is that my father and some weird hotel were responsible for it.However, my well-deserved sleep was interrupted by my big-little brother, who woke me up at 7 a.m. by shadow travelling in front of the very bed I had been sleeping in. Oh, and did I mention his boyfriend, Will Solace stood next to him, looking seriously at me while I was still drowsy and trying to suppress a sigh?"Nico, Solace.", I greeted them after carefully sitting up, so as to not wake up my own girlfriend who was partially sleeping on top of me. Gods know who she as still asleep at this point, but I was grateful. Have you ever seen a daughter of Aphrodite being woken up before her alarm went off? I have and I had to deal with permanent make up and shrunken clothing for at least a week. All because I accidentaly had woken her up. After I successfully had managed to sit up without incurring the wrath of my too-early awakened girlfriend, I continued speaking. "What gives me this.. Extraordinary early surprise?", I desinterested wanted to know.One would argue I should show more interest or concern for my brother and his boyfriend suddenly standing in the middle of my girlfriends bedroom, early in the morning. And maybe you were right about that. But in all honesty? As long as my brother appeared to be in good shape and I heard neither screams nor saw flames and destruction surrounding Nico, I was only mildly interested. We were children of Hades, we had seen and lived through worse. Much worse."We need your help, Elara. Strange things are going on at the camp."I rolled my eyes at Wills statement. Strange things were always happening at Camp Halfblood. He had to be more specific if he wanted her help. The blonde demigod seemed to have read my mind, as he continued: "There are still no prophecies available and our means of communication are blocked as well." - "We tried contacting you via Iris message several times but we were jammed.", my younger brother added. "Campers from different cabins went missing in a short amount of time. A fourth one almost went missing as well."Nico looked directly in my eyes. His facial expression was deadly serious. Right now, he looked a lot like our father. "Everyone is anxious and cautious. No one knows when it could happen again. Or to whom it could be happening.", Nico added with a grim expression.His words had a second meaning, which I did not like. I understood what he meant."It might be me"I cursed inaudible. Damn Nico. He knew how to get me hooked up. Despite our rather unusual history as half-siblings (even for Demigod standards and that is saying something), we were close. We might not necessarily show it openly but we do care about each other. Heck, I even have a scar from a cursed blade to proof my words.I also risked my life by betraying the army of one of the most powerful beings to ever life on earth. Just to ensure my brother would survie the second Titan war. Some of the monsters and my own half-sister were after my head because of my betrayal. So yeah, I cared about my big-little brother. As for Nico? Oh, he just stood up to Zeus and the other olympian gods, standing his ground so I would not be punished with death for trying to overthrow the Olymp. Let that sink in guys. He. Stood up. To Zeus. And eleven other powerful gods who could have smitten him then and there, just to save me. And he barely had known me at that time. If that does not scream brotherly love then I don't know what will.Either way, here we were. Me, sitting in my girlfriends bed. In my pajama. Wile said girlfriend was softly snoring and my brother and his boyfriend were looking at me, patiently waiting. In the end, I sighed in defeat."Fine. You win. Give me five minutes and a cup of coffee and I'll be ready to listen. The kitchen is to the right, you can't miss it. Help yourself but don't wake up Emily's dad. He does not welcome spontanous visits." At least not when those visits were related to the business of Demigods.Will and Nico nodded and left the room as quiet as possible. Once they were gone, I shook my head once again and pushed a hair strand out of my face. "What a morning.", I mumbled, sounding not even half as grumpy as I felt. But nothing helped, I had agreed to listen to what they had to say and that meant - I groaned when I noticed what it meant. Emily next to me stirred in her sleep, but thankfully did not wake up. When I came to terms with the fact that I would be searching for missing Demigods the next few weeks to possible months, I carefully got out of bed and changed into my regular clothes (a belly free pullover with cuts around the shoulder area, a black high waist skinny jeans and black sneakers). After I was changed, I quietly left the room and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. Following the daily struggly to comb my hair (a loosing battle), I went into the kitchen, grabbing an empty cup and activating the coffee machine.Not long after that and the room was filled with the lovely smell of newly-brewn coffee.Nico and Will sat on the kitchen table, next to each other. I had the impression they had talked until shortly before I entered the kitchen. The two exchanged a look before Nico opened his mouth to speak. "It started last month. A demigod of the Hermes cabin was gone over night. He hadn't said anything about wanting to leave or that something wasn't right. None of his siblings or friends saw him leave. They were just as surprised as everyone else. And in the weeks that followed, no one had heard from him. A week after Cecil was gone, another Demigod vanished. A boy from the Ares cabin. His name's Ellis. From what we heard, it wasn't unlikely that he would go on an adventure no matter how bad it seemed but then one of the senior counselors vanished the same way. Miranda from the Demeter cabin." - "I knew her.", Will added. "Smart girl, she wouldn't leave camp without telling anyone. And she wouldn't have been tricked easily. Neither could she have been forced away. She's strong. Something is not right. Chiron is alarmed. It unsettles him that three demigods went missing in such a short amount of time. It reminds him of.." The son of Apollo seemed hesistant to finish his sentence.Guessing what he meant to say, I ended his sentence for him. "Kronos' recruiting." Will nodded slowly. Nico shifted slightly. I sighed and drank from my coffee. After hearing what was going on at Camp Halfblood, it felt even more bitter than it already was. If Chiron was concerned then the situation really must be bad. The old centaur had seen many things and had been in many dangerous battles. When something concerned him, it truly was bad news."Great.", I said, looking at my half-empty cup of coffee. After the conversation was over, I would need another one just to progress what was going on."What else do you know? You said a fourth Demigod almost went missing as well?" Nico and Will nodded. "Tell me how that happened and how you were able to prevent him going MIA.", I demanded. I leaned back and crossed my arms in front of my chest. If I was going to help, I wanted to know everything.As it turned out, two newly arrived Demigods had seen Sherman Yang acting weird. Apparently, after archery lessons, he had begun walking trancelike into the woods and two demigods of the Apollo cabin had managed to lure him back to camp. Once there, Yang was said to return back to normal and did not seem to remember what had happened. Which meant he must have been hypnotised or something similar.Great. That didn't make it any easier for me. Should I agree to help them. Which I wasn't sure I would. I wasn't too eager to get hypnotized and taken away myself. Thank you very much, but I liked having full control over my body and you did not have that when you were in a trance. I was about to tell them that, when another thought occurred to me."That's all tragic and sounds as interesting as a new and dangerous mission can be, but why do you need my help? What about Chiron and Dionysus?", I wanted to know. I knew of course that the god of wine and madness couldn't care less if one or two demigods went missing (he hadn't cared much aboug anything camp-related in the past) but I assumed that at least Chiron would have something to say about me returning to camp. Even though he hadn't seemed to take me joining Kronos' army as a personal attack on him, I imagined he was still wary about me and not too eager to have me close around the new kids. And I couldn't blame him. After all, I did lead an attack on the Camp during the second Titan war. I had also sent several Hellhounds in to attack the campers. I am sure he and many of the older Demigods remembered that. Hades, it was likely that even Dionysus knew about that. He had lost his son because of my attack, so it was very likely."I doubt they will allow me to be running around the Camp, trying to find missing Demigods. Dionysus would rather suffocate me with grape vines than let me help.", I continued.If the exchange of looks was any indication, than I hit jackpot with my question. The look on Wills face was further proof, as he appeared to be rather reluctant to answer me."We can't do much. Chiron won't let us go near the forest and certainly not on a mission. He says we need a prophecy. But given our current situation, a prophecy is not available and so..." - "You're stuck in camp.", I concluded. Will nodded. "We can't do much without breaking camp rules. You on the other hand.."Once again I knew what my brother truly meant. Damn him, he was good. 'Of course', I thought. 'I am no longer a part of the camp. I do not have to follow its rules and thus can do whatever I want. Including investigating why the demigods went missing.' I gave my brother a dissaproving look but he just shrugged it off. Typical little brothers. I snorted."Just to get this right: You guys want me to return to camp to find the missing demigods and return them back to camp. And then what? You want to get rid of whatever it is that kidnaps them? Wait until your problem with the prophecies magically solves itself?"I admit, I sounded a little bit more annoyed than I had intendet to. The flowers next to the window began to ever so slightly to crumble."We know what we're asking you of.", Nico said. Once again he had a grim look in his eyes. "But you're the only one who can help us. If not-" He didn't finish his sentence but he didn't need to. I knew what he wanted to say.I felt my annoyance rising. At the same time the flowers at the window lost their first leaves. I raised my eyebrow. "What about Jackson? Or Annabeth. Or the other heroes of Camp Jupiter? I am sure they'd be eager to help you guys out, unlike me." The look on my brother's face changed slightly. For a second, the look of worry could be seen. But Nico was quick to mask himself."We can't.", he said. "Like we said before, our means of communications are jammed. We can not contact the others or anyone outside of the camp. Even our satyrs are having trouble." I raised my eyebrows. "What about shadow traveling? You obviously still can do that." Nico shook his head. A dissatisfied expression was now visible. Will quickly squeezed his hand in comfort."We tried.", Will answered for my brother. "The distance is too far. It exhausts him too much." I cursed in ancient greek. Great. That really left me as their only option.The son of Apollo and Nico exchanged a look. It seemed as if they were not so sure about my final answer. I delayed my decision by a few precious seconds by drinking my cup empty. When I looked at the couple again, I noticed that Nico seemed rather satisfied. Damn him once again! He surely knew me well.Rolling my eyes, I finally nodded. "Fine. I go. But give me time to prepare. I also have to tell Emily. She won't be pleased about this.", I let them know. Will and Nico nodded. "Give me until this afternoon and I'll be there. And now go, before the flowers loose all their petals." I sounded more grumpy and annoyed than I actually was when I said the last part. 'Good.', I thought. ' Maybe it gives them a guilty conscience for dragging me back to Camp Halfblood.'By the gods, I did not want to go but I already had given my word. Father wouldn't like if I didn't hold my end of the bargain. He was, after all, a honorable man, in his own way. Not keeping my word would cast a bad light on him and Hades knew, I would have to listen to a lecture! Oh no, I did not need that. Easier to keep my word and hope it wouldn't turn more complicated than finding three missing Demigods. ... Oh who am I kididng, it so would turn into something more complicated. I was a demigod and additionally a child of Hades. Of course it would.I hate everything.
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