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Because two people run this account and you might not be sure who you're talking to, I've decided to implement a system.

Normal words mean Lady is typing.

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The Blue And The Broken: Crooked X Blue AU
Thanks to a conversation with Acorn-Trees, I’ve got another Warriors AU. Though this one is a bit different than my others though as I am still figuring out the details, I’m definitely open to suggestions and ideas though!!
In this AU Bluefur did not fall in love with Oakheart, she fell in love with Crookedjaw. I personally felt that she had more chemistry with him anyways. And while I am still brainstorming the details it does mean that;
- 1.)  Silverstream, Mistyfoot, Stonefur, Mosscloud (Mosskit), Willowfall (Willowkit), and Minnowfrost (Minnowkit) are all siblings instead of cousins.
- 2.) Crookedstar has the BIGGEST and BEST family and Mapleshade can eat shit!!
- 3.) Oakheart and Willowbreeze are mates and have two kits, Shellkit (Named after Shellheart) and Robinkit (Because of her russet colored pelt)
- 4.) Whitestorm has a HUGE BUNDLE OF COUSINS
- 5.) Echomist (Crookedstar’s foster mother)
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Twilight and Pansy doodles by Pinkpastelcharms Twilight and Pansy doodles :iconpinkpastelcharms:Pinkpastelcharms 29 39
Seraphverse: Alicorn Headcanons
Chess’s Note: I hated the ending of last season (but I did recreate certain ideas/characters), and I most definitely do not like the idea of the Tree of Harmony being created through the Pillars. So that entire thing has been scrapped in the Seraphverse. I also have shifted around certain events in canon, because every single villain attacking one thousand years ago is INSANE. And for those who remember my darling Cringey Pony OC “Princess Bloodmoon” I went ahead and added her to my headcanon, but she has changed a bit. I’m also partially borrowing Earthsong9405’s idea about how the tree was made, though I do have my own thoughts.
Fullblooded/Alpha Alicorns:
Celestia and Luna are not the only Alpha alicorns in existence, nor are they the only children their parents, Aether and Rhea, had. They actually had two more siblings, Cosmos and Nemea.
When an full-blooded alicorn is born they are naturally tied to one thing, however there
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Metroid: The Animated Series by Vederick Metroid: The Animated Series :iconvederick:Vederick 22 12 Free Cat lineart by Chaseya Free Cat lineart :iconchaseya:Chaseya 66 5
The Official Cosmicverse Story
I was inspired by Vindhov and Lopoddity to do this. :)
Each prompt below is in chronological order.

Phase 1: New Beginnings

Of Moonlight and Chaos
Princess Celestia, Loki

In the aftermath of her sister’s banishment, Princess Celestia makes a shocking discovery.
Brother Mine
Thor, Loki, Princess Celestia
Thor is more than happy to welcome his new baby brother into the family.
Magic Troubles
Princess Celestia, Thor, Loki
Thor and Loki are having trouble with their magic, but thankfully, Celestia
:iconcosmic-oreo:cosmic-oreo 4 0
Nerds by SarahMyriaCarter Nerds :iconsarahmyriacarter:SarahMyriaCarter 69 4 TLK: A New Generation Cover by Louis-Robinson TLK: A New Generation Cover :iconlouis-robinson:Louis-Robinson 24 6 F2U Dog lineart by Sia-Adopts F2U Dog lineart :iconsia-adopts:Sia-Adopts 8 0 #019 Statch - #020 Stitch - #021 Stutch by Ry-Spirit #019 Statch - #020 Stitch - #021 Stutch :iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 676 40 Boku no Hero Academia - totally legit quotes by TC-96 Boku no Hero Academia - totally legit quotes :icontc-96:TC-96 3,309 523 Undershadows Episode 1 Part 1 by Falling-stars-1 Undershadows Episode 1 Part 1 :iconfalling-stars-1:Falling-stars-1 25 2
Tender Aftercare (Pandoraverse Fanfiction)
Finn panted, adrenaline still coursing through his body. His skin was riddled with bruises, bite marks, and scratches from a lovemaking session with his dearest friend, Oddball.
He lifted a hoof up to his neck and brushed it against a bruise, leading him to wince.
“Goddamn, mate,” Finn chuckled. “I’ve wrestled manticores that left less bruises.” he added, checking out his ‘battle wounds.’
Oddball turned his head and gasped loudly upon fully absorbing what exactly he had done to Finn.
“OH MY- Finn! My deepest apologies, I-I’ve never lost control like that before!” the draconequus cried out frantically. “I’m so sorry. Please, allow me to get some bactine for your injuries!”
“Oddy, mate. You need to relax. I’m okay.” he said calmly. Oddball, on the other hoof, scrambled around for the tube of bactine ointment and bandages he kept in case of emergencies.
“I can’t relax until I treat
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Archmage by Sintakhra Archmage :iconsintakhra:Sintakhra 177 24
SHAMELESS Finn/Odd Ship Fics

So after my last doodle dump of these idiot boys, I asked for ya'll to send me some shipfics of them, and ya'll delivered! I'm just gonna host em all in this journal. Ahh, most of these are NSFW, so be wary! To all my lovely guest writers, ya'll are amazing, and have won my love forever~
New!Star! Thunderous: A stellar fic by :iconsamalamb-bases:. Set in the anthroverse, NSFW. Finn is surprised when his less-than-subtle flirting pays off- but as nice as this is, he really wishes Odd could control himself long enough for them to find a nice horizontal surface. A desk will do in a pinch...
New!Star! Meet The Parents: Bruce and Stormy want to meet Finn's new boyfriend. Odd doesn't understand, haven't they all met before? SFW. Guest-written.
:iconlopoddity:Lopoddity 136 24
tfw your bff's bro is HOT by PurfectPrincessGirl tfw your bff's bro is HOT :iconpurfectprincessgirl:PurfectPrincessGirl 90 44


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Lady Hannah Libraria
United States
Hello deviantART! I'm Lady Hannah Libraria. Call me either Lady or Hannah. This account is a joint-account between myself and my friend Kit/:iconnightchimerascry and is used for characters who will be featured in a series we call "Universes Collide" which involves aliens arriving in various fictional universes and getting in on the action before Kit brings the characters into her universes to defeat an evil that will destroy the multi-verse!

So...yeah; there's going to be a lot of OCs on this page. Romantic pictures possible but we have to wait until Kit's muse decides to be nice to her. So leave lots of nice reviews on both this account and :iconnightchimerascry:!

Lady has a personal side account at this location: artfortheonlinelibra.deviantar…
It is currently empty while she reorganizes and reedits her personal fanfics. A journal will be posted once some of her fanfics are posted and available for reading.
You can believe me or not. But JonnyTwobee (page here: responded to me telling him in a Skype chat that I didn't need to change my appearance, choices of entertainment or choices of food and beverage, something that started off as a joke but eventually made me start to feel uncomfortable, by calling me stuck-in-the-mud and insinuating that this was why I didn't have a boyfriend, something I had already stated I wasn't interested in looking for because I had more pressing matters in my life. When I further informed him that I had no desire to be told there was something wrong with me and that I would block him on Skype if we couldn't come to a peaceful agreement, he called me a bitch and accused me of overreacting. I blocked him and was sent a hate mail note.
I just wanted to let people know that he did this over me, quite rightly, objecting to having things that were my right, like my haircut and lack of desire for coffee, be required to change to suit him. I have no objections to chatting with and being friends with people who have different opinions and tastes than me; I do however have a problem with being told I have to change those things simply because someone else doesn't share them. This would have been wrong even if he wasn't fishing for a girlfriend and is even worse here because I had made it clear I wasn't interested and instead of respecting that, he kept pushing and trying to manipulate me.


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