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Because two people run this account and you might not be sure who you're talking to, I've decided to implement a system.

Normal words mean Lady is typing.

Italics mean Kit/:iconnight-chimeras-cry: is typing.


Mi Amore Cadenza's Love Magic
Empress Cadence's Magic/History in the Varric-verse
About 2 years after Flurry and Varric were born Cadence was getting ready to celebrate her dear friend, Lemony Gem and her husband, Buck Withers, first baby girl into the world. (What Lemony didn't tell Cadence was that they had been trying to conceive since their marriage 10 years ago) Cadence entered the infant ward with tons of baby gifts, to a room packed full of worried ponies. That was when she learned from Buck's father that her very dear friend was having an extremely hard delivery. Not being aloud into the room, she was forced to wait for news on Lemony and the baby. 12 long hours later the horrible news of Lemony's death came from a doctor Steth. The baby girl did make it but was very unstable. Buck was having the hardest time cooping so His parents were the ones staying the hospital watching over the baby, her parents being unable to coop as well. Cadence gave all she could for the best docto
:iconharmonyharp:HarmonyHarp 2 7
LBT - Petrie's siblings by Shaiger LBT - Petrie's siblings :iconshaiger:Shaiger 106 12
Art Proves God!
As an Artist, I can say that any other Artists out there, the more skilled and talented the better, can understand that when painting a Landscape, that they must get every aspect of the scene just right or else it's not going to come out right. And that it won't work as a proper representation of how things are so posed to be.
Therefore an Artist of Spirit can easily find that Life Itself Is Art. And that the grand scheme of things is Far Too Complex and Thoroughly Thought Of To Be Anything Less Than Intentional.
Therefore The Artist Of Life Itself must be the same as us in ways, and that we are All a part of the Masterpiece called Life. Thus the phrase.......
"We Are All A Part Of His Grand Design!"
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Teeny Romance by Lopoddity Teeny Romance :iconlopoddity:Lopoddity 3,133 206 Boku No Hero Academia - R U Sorry? by TC-96 Boku No Hero Academia - R U Sorry? :icontc-96:TC-96 2,305 235
Video to share: Kitbull - Pixar SparkShorts
About an unlikely connection that sparks between two creatures: a fiercely independent stray kitten and a pit bull. Together, they experience friendship for the first time.
:iconsassydragon18:SassyDragon18 2 8
Special Agent Smoke by Lopoddity Special Agent Smoke :iconlopoddity:Lopoddity 3,892 272
Kindverse Soundtrack
I saw StarryOak doing this and I was inspired to do the same! I really love listening to music so I figured, why not?
Please help me come up with more, if you can find anything fitting! You can suggest songs for literally anything from canon couples, NG couples, individual characters, certain storylines, and anything else pertaining to the Kindverse.  Genre doesn't really matter but please no heavy metal >~< Also, I’m specifically looking for songs to fit the categories with fewer songs right now.
Let me know what you think!
Now with a playlist on YouTube!
The Kindverse in general 
“broken” by lovelytheband
”I’ll Be There For You” by The Rembrandts
”Anybody Have a Map?
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Worth The Struggle by kindheart525 Worth The Struggle :iconkindheart525:kindheart525 122 20 Loonatics Revamp: doodles 5 by YueJo Loonatics Revamp: doodles 5 :iconyuejo:YueJo 64 23
Miyaverse Fun Facts/Headcanons/Other things part 3
Because I cant sleep and I'm having a minor artistic block, I've decided to share with you some  headcanons of my universe ;) (Wink)
Entertainment for adults (Warning NSFW-ish)
-In Equestria there are some magazines for adults for all tastes, of course I depend on how spicy the prices vary. The Wonderbolts and the Royal Guard have their own calendar (kind like the firemen in our world) because they often needed funds or sometimes for a charity, they sell calendars or magazines with sensual photos, things like suggestive poses or erotic costumes, but never never showing their "private parts" , of course some photos leave very little to the imagination.
-Speaking of photos, Spitfire, Soarin and Fleetfoot are not only are the current leaders of the Wonderbolts are also the most required for magazines and calendars, even when Flash was a while in the Wonderbolts, the photographer was captivated with his "natural charm" and " delicious forms " th
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Headcanon, Scootaloo Family by Percy-McMurphy Headcanon, Scootaloo Family :iconpercy-mcmurphy:Percy-McMurphy 250 48 Commander Keen: The Animated Series by Vederick Commander Keen: The Animated Series :iconvederick:Vederick 20 4 [R63] Rowdy Sisters (and Brother) by CrazyNutBob [R63] Rowdy Sisters (and Brother) :iconcrazynutbob:CrazyNutBob 27 13 Santa's Team by StretchNSnort Santa's Team :iconstretchnsnort:StretchNSnort 49 9 MaudxMud Shipping Dump by Pastel-Charms MaudxMud Shipping Dump :iconpastel-charms:Pastel-Charms 167 43


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Lady Hannah Libraria
United States
Hello deviantART! I'm Lady Hannah Libraria. Call me either Lady or Hannah. This account is a joint-account between myself and my friend Kit/:iconnightchimerascry and is used for characters who will be featured in a series we call "Universes Collide" which involves aliens arriving in various fictional universes and getting in on the action before Kit brings the characters into her universes to defeat an evil that will destroy the multi-verse!

So...yeah; there's going to be a lot of OCs on this page. Romantic pictures possible but we have to wait until Kit's muse decides to be nice to her. So leave lots of nice reviews on both this account and :iconnightchimerascry:!

Lady has a personal side account at this location: artfortheonlinelibra.deviantar…
It is currently empty while she reorganizes and reedits her personal fanfics. A journal will be posted once some of her fanfics are posted and available for reading.
You can believe me or not. But JonnyTwobee (page here: responded to me telling him in a Skype chat that I didn't need to change my appearance, choices of entertainment or choices of food and beverage, something that started off as a joke but eventually made me start to feel uncomfortable, by calling me stuck-in-the-mud and insinuating that this was why I didn't have a boyfriend, something I had already stated I wasn't interested in looking for because I had more pressing matters in my life. When I further informed him that I had no desire to be told there was something wrong with me and that I would block him on Skype if we couldn't come to a peaceful agreement, he called me a bitch and accused me of overreacting. I blocked him and was sent a hate mail note.
I just wanted to let people know that he did this over me, quite rightly, objecting to having things that were my right, like my haircut and lack of desire for coffee, be required to change to suit him. I have no objections to chatting with and being friends with people who have different opinions and tastes than me; I do however have a problem with being told I have to change those things simply because someone else doesn't share them. This would have been wrong even if he wasn't fishing for a girlfriend and is even worse here because I had made it clear I wasn't interested and instead of respecting that, he kept pushing and trying to manipulate me.


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Fortunately the Internet is back up at my workplace so I can get some of it done while on break and waiting for my ride at the end of the day.
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