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D.P.: gamel neolithic/no lucky in gambling ACT 3 by Universe-1029 D.P.: gamel neolithic/no lucky in gambling ACT 3 :iconuniverse-1029:Universe-1029 2 4 D.P.: rusty hop and hammer to fall ACT 3 by Universe-1029 D.P.: rusty hop and hammer to fall ACT 3 :iconuniverse-1029:Universe-1029 2 2 I.M.P Colored #283 - Titans by Universe-1029 I.M.P Colored #283 - Titans :iconuniverse-1029:Universe-1029 3 6 I.M.P Colored #282 - Nightshadow by Universe-1029 I.M.P Colored #282 - Nightshadow :iconuniverse-1029:Universe-1029 2 11 I.M.P Colored #281 - Skylar by Universe-1029 I.M.P Colored #281 - Skylar :iconuniverse-1029:Universe-1029 2 4 I.M.P Colored #280 - Tilda by Universe-1029 I.M.P Colored #280 - Tilda :iconuniverse-1029:Universe-1029 1 9 I.M.P Colored #279 - Kallie by Universe-1029 I.M.P Colored #279 - Kallie :iconuniverse-1029:Universe-1029 2 9 I.M.P Colored #278 - Dmitri and Cal by Universe-1029 I.M.P Colored #278 - Dmitri and Cal :iconuniverse-1029:Universe-1029 2 15 Sins of the Species - Preview by Universe-1029 Sins of the Species - Preview :iconuniverse-1029:Universe-1029 3 4 S.S.: gogo dan rei and lulu loud(rei) by Universe-1029 S.S.: gogo dan rei and lulu loud(rei) :iconuniverse-1029:Universe-1029 1 4 S.S.: lacy loud(rei) by Universe-1029 S.S.: lacy loud(rei) :iconuniverse-1029:Universe-1029 1 0 I.M.P Season 24: Halloween Special by Universe-1029 I.M.P Season 24: Halloween Special :iconuniverse-1029:Universe-1029 6 7 SCARY IN IDIOT: starring... these two! by Universe-1029 SCARY IN IDIOT: starring... these two! :iconuniverse-1029:Universe-1029 3 4 S.S.: leia loud(rei) by Universe-1029 S.S.: leia loud(rei) :iconuniverse-1029:Universe-1029 1 4 I.M.P Colored - Happy Birthday. by Universe-1029 I.M.P Colored - Happy Birthday. :iconuniverse-1029:Universe-1029 6 5 S.S.: rei famliy member by Universe-1029 S.S.: rei famliy member :iconuniverse-1029:Universe-1029 1 2


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Universe 1029
This is an "AU" universe called "Universe 1029". Its the home for an special task forces team that saved the worlds. They are called "I.M.P". And the rest of their story will be both "" and "".

Current Season: (24 - Future Saga Part 3: Black and White Star)

Contained 26 Sagas in this season:

- Zamasu Saga.
- Combiner War Saga.
- World War III Saga.
- Triforce Trilogy: Skyward Sword Saga.
- Triforce Trilogy: Ocarina of Time Saga.
- Triforce Trilogy: Wind Waker Saga.
- Infinite Warfare Saga.
- I.M.P Trilogy Part 2: IMP Devastation.
- One Shot: Covenant.
- Ship Wars Saga.
- I.M.P Trilogy Part 3: Last Knight.
- Month X Saga.
- Forces Saga.
- One Shot: Last Jedi.
- One Shot: Wake of Primus.
- War Within Part 1: Border War.
- (Coming Soon) One Shot: Day of Pink.
- (Coming Soon) War Within Part 2: The Dark Age.
- (Coming Soon) Heart of Crystal Gems Saga.
- (Coming Soon) War Within Part 3: Age of Wrath.
- (Coming Soon) Infinity War Saga.
- (Coming Soon) Headmasters Saga.
- (Coming Soon) Of New and Neo Saga.
- (Coming Soon) Sins of the Species Saga.
- (Coming Soon) Road to War Saga.
- (Coming Soon) Final Month Sags. (Season Finale)

Next Season: (25.)

Status: "Opened."
Art Request: "Opened."
Art Trade: "Opened."


D.P.: gamel neolithic/no lucky in gambling ACT 3
deep future bio:
he believe he is 1st in card game
he love gold and gem or any money!
but he have play fair nice because he think it right way
he really hate cheating because it wrong and have no right to doing!
his stand name is no lucky in gambling
it automatic stand who can't stop until it complete it task
it find at way to win for it user
it like jack in box!
it ability ACT 3 is (no luck no chance)
No Luck No Chance is create way to stop anyone from cheating and making chance came true
Luck Roulette is small space-pocket-dimension where it can keep anything it want and it in the hat
Golden wire is really tiny wire who can move anything for "golden win"
it stand name atfer song (no lucky in gambling)
D.P.: rusty hop and hammer to fall ACT 3
deep future bio:
she got help because her new friend help
she still have both ASTHENOPHOBIA and ANCRAOPHOBIA
but she try to overcome it
and stand still out of control
her stand name is hammer to fall
it want to break thing and smash evil people
it can move and grow itself
and still she don't know why it crazy?
it abilily ACT 3 is (size over matter
Size Over Matter is making hammer grow to anysize or can move to far place
Rock & Rumble & Tumble is 3 phase attack bomb
phase 1: rock is smash matter to tiny place and it mean anything
phase 2: rumble is mix matter to anything and make powerful stuff
phase 3: tumble is to use mix matter and turn it to any bomb
but with ACT 3 the bomb have now powerful
she stand name after song call name call (hammer to falll)
I.M.P Colored #283 - Titans
"They are the elite military forces which they composed all of Mobians that originally defend and protect Earth from any threat from space or Renment of Zeon but that was a ruse, their true goal is to completely dominate Earth and ruled over the human who treating and killing them since Operation Stardust. For their origin, it's begin with Jamitov Hymen (A squirrel Mobians in this universe) was a loser on Mobius and had no better life even when the planet was destroyed and got a boring job on Earth. Tried of bring the loser and want respect and power but that all changed when he met a unknown person (Adam) and told him about the Earth Federation was builded by one Mobian and he should work for him to reached on the top rank among it but he could be the leader and make the Earth Federation powerful because their leader (Trey) trusted the humans too much, thus leading their species to be betrayed by them. So Jamitov believe the Mobians should rule over the Human to begin with and join the Earth Federation and quickly move up with the ranks. During Operation Stardust, What Adam was right about the humans betrayed them while completely unaware it was him that costing the human to turn against them and he helped him with a space pirate and one Repiold named Bask Om to gain the power he wanted. During the event, he talk two Mobians to join his cost of controlling the Earth: "Gene Coliny and Jamaican Daninghan" and they managed to used Solar System to wiped out their allies and moved the falling Colony into South Island. After that Operation succeed, Bask Om delivered the speech all over the world with few location outside of the universe about their mission and setting up their rules for their kinds:

"Look back! This incident was caused by the ideal of the Humans who betrayed us, Mobians who dreamed of peace among the universe. The Delaz Fleet's uprising and the human rioting is clearly one of example. To those who never heard of us and just now hearing this, you didn't look at the drop of Space Colony three days ago that devastation the South Island and wiped out most of the Hedeghog races. This realized that our Earth is exposed to many different threat from space, including the human's trust and errors. So now we must look forward to future and be strong and never look back again! We lose our home, Mobius years ago but now this is our home and our freedom, the Earth. To make sure our species and our new symbol will never be shaked again, the Mobians is untied and reborn. This is no longer our replacement, this is our home, the Earth and we must protected any everyone including the humans and Spacenoids, we're show them our untied power over their life. To show our true power to our hand and show every humans who is protecting our home beside Earth Federation who failing at it... THE TITANS NOW RISE!"

And with that, The Titans was born on March 2015 (0083). Their first objective, they kicked all of the Earth Federation out of Jaburo and setting up their brand new suits, GM II and GM Quel and quickly goes to North America and search many area that contain Renment of Zeon. However, Soundwave and Sonic goes out to New York City and see the true color of Titans: they brutally enforced the humans, closing their shop and kicked them out of their home and replacing with their kind. Somehow Jamitov managed to controlled most of North America, South America, Asia and Russia and enforce the law and treated the Mobians nice but the Mobians and the Humans begin to be scared of them and tried to talk back at them, so they make a new law: "If any Mobians help out of the humans, will be throw to jails as the human they saved will be killed on slight." That law worried the UN and Earth Federation that if the Titans having too much power but that changed when the Titans goes to space and silenced Side 1 that fill with angry people, claiming they are the terrorist ready to strike and everyone believe on that. That led the AEUG to return into action and Karaba, a rebel cell of the humans to be created. Jamitov, Bask, Gene and Jamaican begin to further the Titan's rule over the universes by showing Father-Time that they can be protector of Time Alley, this earning the Titan more ruling power on the Multiverse and beyond that. However, the Newtype like Jerid, begin to think the four founder is too old to lead any further, so they begin to further away from their original mission and thinks for themselves that Newtypes should rule Titans. So they builded more suits like "Hi-Zack, Marasai, Barzam and many more and getting three major bases: "Konpei Island, Gate of Zedan and Kilimanjaro" and started the campaign to prove Father-Time. However, the AEUG and Karaba proved to be problem of them, so they went war with them, thus started the Gryps Conflict. The Earth Federation untied with Republic of Zeon and United Nation begin to splitting away from Titan after many complains from the humans and creating Gundam Mark II, only that they would be stolen by AEUG. Jamitov ordered Jamaican to be at Jarburo to mobilized every suits they got and Gene got the powerful Newtype to join wih them, "Paptimus Scirocco". During the battles in space, The Titans managed to get a rebellion cell called "White Fang" to join their cause and Gene begin to planning on upcoming operation known as Operation Star Two: The Invasion of Chorus and Venom, the home-world of the Camerabots. However, the AEUG attacks Jarburo and the Titans quickly abandoning the base but Jamaican leaves Gene behind and get killed in the explosion for because he begin to disliked the two old man running the whole organization and he should running it instead of them. Then the General Camerabot and his spy crew got Gene's plan and posed it online and many people disgusted at the Titans and begin to further away from them. Shortly later, the Titans created New Desides who led by Brave Cod to make Project Hazel to combat against AEUG but they quickly lose contact on them and the UN want to speak with them on Dakar for many complains and problems. Shortly, they begin to do a operation for controlling Africa whiling fliming the whole thing for Father-Time to get his provable. But Quattro, Leader of AEUG took over the whole thing and give out a speech about the Titans and their crimes to claimed to protecting them while in secret, controlling the Earth and get more power from Time Alley. Jamaican ordered Jerid and other Mobians Pilots to stop AEUG but it make worst for their action was caught on live footage and disrespect the UN's life by attacking the Assembly. With that, the Mobians is no longer feel safe, the Humans is uprising their controls, Many Mobians who working with the Titan feeling like an jerks and corrupted fools and the Earth Federation quickly regain their organization, making Jamitov's plan of Time Alley never came true. Plus the Scientist Camerabot knew that the plan is doomed from the get go. With their control and laws is forceful removed, all that left is their Kilimanjaro but both Earth Federation and AEUG attacked them and forced them to flee into space, thus freeing the Earth from their control. The Titan was losing many Mobians and give them a choice: "To back to Earth and served in prison or stay with the Titans and continued their works", only 40% Mobians abandoned and 60% stayed. Jamitov ordered Jamaican to launched their offensive plan, Operation Apollo with Scirocco leading it But the AEUG launch their counterattack and Operation Apollo end up failure with two colonies were drop on the moon and missed Von Braun with Jamaican was killed in action. Then a strange group called Axis appeared and attacked their bases, thus Jamitvov had a plan: "Creating a Colony Laser out of Gryps and destroyed their enemies". The Titans did their job but ending up losing both Gate of Zedan and Konpei Island by Axis and they went to negotiations with Axis's leader, Haman and AEUG's leader, Quattro. The negotiation ended up in failure and Scirocco revealed his true color: He want to control Titan to not control Earth but wiped all of the humans out and invaded Time Alley for the Newtypes and Mobians, calling Jamitov a loser like in his old life in the end and killing him, putting the blame on Axis. With the outbreak of the fight, Bask Om was killed in battle, ending the four founder of Titans and earning Scirocco the new leader of Titans but losing White Fang in the progress. Later on, AEUG gain the Gryps and plan to use it on the Titans to end them but cost to wiped out most of the Mobians but there is no other choices. Operation Maelstrom (AEUG's plan) had begin with three sides attacking each other and in the heat of battle, Jerid was killed in battle and rest of the Newtypes were wiped out, only leaves 30% of them left but Scirocco give everyone one final words that it was Anti Prime Camerabot (Adam)'s idea to created Titan in the beginning in order both Mobians and Humans to killing each other for his god. Learning the truth behind the whole organization, they all scattered in confusing and hate but the Gryps fired and completely destroyed the whole fleet. Only Scirocco left and he went into his final battle with the Zeta Gundam but only to be destroyed along with his ship, declaring the Titans have been annihilated on Augest 2015 (0080). The aftermath of the whole Titan is a tragic one: "Earth Federation slowly regaining their army, AEUG was severely weaken and Axis aka Neo Earth Federation rises to power". Also 70% of population of Mobians were wiped out, leaving only 30% of them left and they lost the trust of the humans, wanting all of them to be off their planet or be killed by them. History say this is Mobius's worst mistake and leaves a hunting memory with New Desides was disbanded and forcing the Mobians on Venus for rest of their life. The I.M.P kept using Titan's name as example of the reason why humans hating them in the first place and Adam's plan was failed. There is rumor that there are survivor of them but it's never claim it true or not but whatever it is, they won't repeated the same mistake again, so those days will forever be remembered in history" - Universe 1029
I.M.P Colored #282 - Nightshadow
"This is the art request for: :iconsecret-ninja-super-m:."

"This is Nightshadow, an Decepticon from "Decepticon-nation". Here is her Bio: Nightshadow profile for Decepticon-nation." - Universe 1029

(Nightshadow is belonged to: :iconsecret-ninja-super-m:.)
I.M.P Colored #281 - Skylar
"This is the art request for: :iconmarylemon42:."

"This is Skylar, the mummy in blue and here is her art: Scarily Ever After." - Universe 1029

(Skylar is belonged to: :iconmarylemon42:.)
"Hello, it's was that time again to do some art trade and art request from you. But remember, I'll give you the rule again to make sure if you remember:

1. (No Fetishes or Vores.)

2. (Picture of your OC with full bio but no description because it will be confusing to me.)

3. (Cybertronians, Humans, Mobians, Mewians, Techno-Organics, Robots, Anime Characters, Stands and Gems only.)

4. (No Sexual Contain and Hateful Comments)

5. (I take sometime to work on them and/or uploading the other arts, so wait for it)

6. (Can accept any art from your friend's account other than yours, but need their permission first.)

Now with that done, you got one month to do this with me until December. So have fun." - Universe 1029 




:iconsecret-ninja-super-m: Complete.
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  • Watching: Vanossgaming
  • Playing: Super Mario Maker 3DS (rarely)
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  • Drinking: Root beer.


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