The past 2 weeks have mostly been me, getting over a pretty bad case of influenza.
I've avoided human contact, and I don't think I've passed it on to anyone.
This strain ended up being one of the more brutal illnesses I've had.
Anyway, life continues.

The American political scene has been... deeply disturbing lately... well... for a while, but more so lately...

IDK, not too much to say.

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The flu this year is something else. Virtually everyone I know has gotten at least a piece of it; my friend has bad pneumonia right now, and I'm pretty sure it's due to the flu. I've gotten lucky, thanks to a flu shot and an immune system that's very used to fighting off random threats (mostly food). Hope you're doing better now.
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Yes, America is kind of weird right now.  Thank you for keeping your flu to yourself.  Get better bunches!