What profession do you have the most respect for?
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I respect them all, as well as the many others that you have not listed.
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That my friend, is the correct answer. ^_^
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I am glad that you agree. Smiles to ya:) and a tip of the hat too.
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I abstained :s I was leaning toward teachers since they do so much for next to nothing, and they teach the new generation.... but the United States public education and even secondary education just....fails. So hard.
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Hrm, I will acknowledge that the US education system does have its flaws, and in many ways the inequalities and hypocrisies within it are unjust or even cruel, but I cannot say that it completely fails. The US education system administrators aren't that good, in fact, with a few exceptions, they're terrible. Teachers though, well most of the ones I've known were good people who worked hard and did a good job. I have known some though who were incompetent and selfish individuals who just wanted a paycheck and didn't care about their students, but I suppose you get a few people like that in any field. Still, while the flaws of an American education are certainly abundant, I feel that it does accomplish many of its goals with moderate success. Of course I might be singing a very different tune if I'd done just a tiny bit worse on a few of my exams, but having just finished college, I'm hesitant to criticize the system through which I just passed too much, lest I risk devaluing the degree that I worked my ass off to get. XD

However, I do of course respect and understand your opinion, as do I respect your right to abstain from voting. ^_^
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I decided to choose art for one main reason. People tend to have very strict opinions / views of what is considered "good art". I feel that artists face a lot of criticism that can be terribly unjustified. Example: I don't like abstract art. It looks like a bunch of blotches / random shapes to me D: So, I'm biased and would never write a critique about it. It would automatically be negative. I don't think a lot of people tend to take that into consideration...
Art can be a very intimate profession. You are creating something and then showing it to tons of other people whether that be music, sculpting, modeling, pictures, paintings, blabla etc etc tons of things. There is a plethora of mediums. Either way, you take what you have created, give it to the world and then receive all the feedback. I would be devastated if i created something and then was told that it was shitty. So, to me, I respect artists very much.

I think that was the longest thing I've ever written on Deviant Art... O.O and it's slightly stream of consciousness... sorry ^-^; <3
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A world without artists would be a sad world indeed. You're right, artists are very brave to present their souls to the world as they do, knowing full well that some people won't like what they make. It's a challenging profession, staking so much on your ability to use your imagination to intrigue people enough to earn their financial support. I am not brave enough, or talented enough to do either of these things, so I also respect artists enormously.

Art brings so much joy and inspiration to the world, and I cannot imagine how miserable life would be if it didn't exist.
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I choose other...none of those people would have grown up to be who they were if it wasn't for a parental figure. Other: parent of some kind I'm a mother so every time our daughter does something that we've taught her or she's just picked up is like "WOW" makes me happy!
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Indeed ^_^ having good parental figures can make life so much easier, happier, and more fun. There is no better teacher or friend one can ever have than a good parent. I wish your family much joy.
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awww you're too sweet! thank you!
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While I would love to answer "science" because of my own bias, I had a hard time choosing from this list. I know a lot of teaching majors through my school and know the **** they go through to do their jobs for what little pay they get. But I also know what soldiers, doctors, carpenters, and even cooks endure on a daily basis. So I went with farmers because they are tied with carpenters and cooks as the most overlooked. And because I know how hard it is to turn a profit on a farm or ranch these days. Try making a profit on beef cattle sometime.
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I have great respect for farmers as well. Only the committed, crafty and very shrewd are still in the business, and they are darn good at it. When everything is going right, the profits are huge and nearly make themselves, but when diseases, pests and bad weather get into the picture, it doesn't matter whether you're farming cucumbers or kangaroos, turning a profit is an insane balancing act requiring very sound decision making. You can work yourself to death in that kind of situation and still lose money if you're not on top of your game. ^_^

Of course, all the fields are worthy of respect, but I like your choice. :) Far too few people understand or appreciate the work that goes into producing food.
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The Thing That I find Difficult With this poll is that i've got great respect for all of these jobs, Why Are you still with us? medecine. Who built your house? carpenters. Who's Protected your country? soldiers. and so i find that coming up with an answer that would limit my respect to only one of these is VERY difficult and near impossible, so I'll simply go with an : Other.
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A wise answer indeed. ^_^ I created this poll merely because I heard some claims about certain professions being more respected than others, and was curious what people on DA thought. Yes, you are correct, all of these jobs are essential for us to survive as a society, and all deserve our utmost respect, as do the ones I failed to mention on this short list. :)
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