Should I change my username?
9 votes
Yes, to Biomancy
Yes, to UniversalKinase
Yes, to Botanocracy
Yes, to InquisitiveOctopus
Yes, but all of those names are dumb, think of something better.

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Also, no to Botanocracy because it's hard to say; InquisitiveOctopus...nnnnno, because that sounds like tentacle porn. Just sayin'. ;)
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Fair enough for botanocracy, even though rule by plants is a unique form of governance. As for Inquisitive Octopus, I hadn't even thought of that.... maybe your mind is just in the gutter, or maybe I'm just blind, hrm..... *weighs the possibilities* I'm probably just blind.
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Hehehe! Just a little bit blind ;)
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Hrm, well I changed it anyway. :XD: I do hope you don't forget about me while I'm phosphorylating everything.
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If your icon is the same, at least I'll recognize you... until you change it too :P
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I think I'll keep it for a long time. I kind of like it. :XD:
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UniversalKinase is growing on me a bit. Someone sent me a note, so I clicked on it and saw an old one from you in there, but it, obviously, was your current moniker, and I thought "oh hey an old message from Scott... wait, that's not his username. Yes it is!" It was a bit odd. My memory is funny like that.
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XD I expected a bit of confusion from everyone after the username change, it is always a bit awkward when somebody says "I know you've been calling me this forever, but now I want you to call me something else." I'm glad it's growing on you though, it's much better to have a username that is liked, then one that is despised by all of DeviantArt. 
I was thinking about stuff the other day and looked back through my really early stuff. My writing was more angsty than I am now, and some of it was silly, but I still think I'm the same person, just older....
In a couple months, I will have been a member of DA for 7 years..... 7 years is a long time. High school and undergrad are no longer distinct in my memory, more like one big run of crazy stuff, studying, some videogames, some art, and talking to some good friends.
How did I get on this tangent? Oh, right, you were talking about memory. I guess my point is that I'm sure your memory is as good as anyone's. Time has a funny way of playing out in our heads.
Have you heard they're mapping the human brain? Governments around the world are dishing out funds to projects based on actually figuring out how the brain works, which at first had me really excited, but now I have mixed feelings about it.
It's not that I'm afraid of knowing exactly how the mind functions, and it's not that incredibly useful and important things could come out of the research. It's that... some part of me believes the sanctity of the mind is something that shouldn't be infringed upon. The idea that while every part of the world has rules about what you can and can't do, the mind is the only place we are completely free. I suppose I'm concerned that if they start advancing this technology far enough, that it might actually be possible to know what others are really thinking, to know what they really remember, and that this technology might do more harm than good.

Technology has changed our world, and it keeps changing it second by second. Some changes are good, but ultimately those who have power always gain a level of exclusive access to any technology, and use it to maintain power. I suppose it's entirely dependent on your point of view as to whether that is good or bad. 

I suppose after we've given individuals the right to destroy the entire world (nuclear arsenals at the fingertips of leaders) that maybe there isn't too much more power that could be obtained that matters. But perhaps it isn't about the amount of power that matters as much as the precision that it can act on. Destroying the world hurts everyone, and it's not so much an "evil" thing to do, as it is purely insane. Fortunately we've never put a completely insane person in charge of nuclear arsenals. However, stealing every secret from somebody's mind and using that information against them, that's the kind of thing that many with ill intent would revel in. It wouldn't be insane to do something like that (the perpetrator wouldn't be harmed in the slightest), but the level of cruelty that could arise from something like that would truly be evil.

I'm not saying any of this is possible, nor am I saying that we're going down that path, but it is a slight concern I developed after thinking about the projects.
Maybe we're better off not completely understanding the mind, keeping some little bit of mystery in the world...
Knowledge is power. If one person or group acquires the power of a new technology, every other group that aspires to power instantly rushes to get it too. Somewhere in this rush to seize power (both for the accomplishing of goals, and just for defense) people often lose track of what really matters, and what is right and wrong.
That's our history as a species, it's who we are, and I find it unlikely that this trend will cease. I merely hope that our generation is somehow able to adapt to the ever accelerating pace that we are developing technologies, and find ways to use them responsibly. 
Unfortunately, it appears to me that our generation is just as full of idiocy and selfishness as previous ones, so it's going to take some luck for us to pull it off. We'd better hope the generation after us are somehow just amazing, but considering our generation is going to be their parents, it's best not to be overly optimistic. 

Oh hey, I got my angst back.... yay...

<<aside: I hate spiders, and how could I miss that one? It was huge and right on the wall in front of me, and I missed it with my shoe, ug...... now I'll have to take my room apart before I'll be able to sleep tonight. They wouldn't be so bad if they didn't run at like 1.5 mph, which is friggin fast for something so tiny.>>

Alright..... well that broke my train of though, which was clearly going nowhere productive anyway. 

Yeah.... that rant might come off as being just a weee bit crazy.....

I love how I asked how I got on that first little tangent, and then proceeded to rocket into an enormous tangent..... 

Well thanks for reading all that, you're a great friend to do so. ^_^

I'm going to go hunt down and murder a giant spider that's hiding under my mattress, so I'll have to continue this conversation with you later. Note: yes, I realize this was just a long monologue and not actually a conversation, but it sounds more polite to say "conversation" ...... yeah, let's go with that.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and talk to you soon. ^_^


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I'd vote for biomancy because it sounds like an amalgamation of "biology" and "necromancy" (don't know if that's what you meant, but it's what first came into my mind) but if you changed your username, I'd probably forget and look for darknightoftroy like WHERE IS THIS DUDE??!
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