Last night I had a dream.

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In the dream I had, I was underwater, and there was a ray. It wasn't any real type of ray though. Its skin shifted between opacity and translucency. It was a curious creature, and if you touched it, which it didn't mind, bioluminescense would shine forth in a multitude of colors from it. Its flesh would briefly glow a cool blue on contact, but if you pressed yourself against it, it's veins and arteries would spring to light, in brilliant crimsons and purples. Its nerves would light up in networks of greens and golds, and it was always slightly shifting in its hues. It was like a living opal. A sentient creature more beautiful than anything I have ever seen, and probably the most beautiful thing I have ever imagined.

Of course, in the dream, I wasn't the one giving the ray a hug. I've never been that brash.
Alas, it was just a dream. I think that I shall never see anything quite that beautiful in life.
I miss the ocean though. I didn't think I would, but I do.
Maybe someday I'll see it again, though which ocean, and to what end, I do not know.

Night falls like a veil over the world, and while ice reigns here, it fails where it should be thriving.
I have seen the darkness of mankind.... yet, I think I have only imagined the light. Just like that dream.
We can make things that we think are beautiful, but for how long, and at what cost?
I have been somewhat adrift, thinking over the essence of what we are, living through all those that came before.
I had the questions, I have answers, I just wish my answers were better.
To many, perhaps all, this would seem strange. Why ask such questions? Why care about such matters?
I suppose my answer to that, is that it's all I've ever cared about.
I may be many things, but I can honestly say that I am a man who does not care about himself.
Maybe that is my doom. Maybe it is my salvation. I don't know, and I don't really care.
I will be what I am. I have at least imagined beautiful things.
I can make sandcastles, but I sometimes wonder why I should.
Is that age or despair, wisdom or dementia, apathy or cowardice?
I know much, yet desire either the unattainable, or nothing.
I must be a fool, but it's all I can be.

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That's a powerful dream and I feel much like you my brother, lost in profundity, yet it all comes together in some silent secret way. Be the fool that you are. The world needs fools as you and I.
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I love the good dreams. :hug: