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Stock Image: Stitched Texture

Alright, so I have two variants of this in the zipped download file. One is with a black background like the preview, and the other is with a transparent background. Both are .png images.

I thought there were a lot of cool textures in this piece, and that some might be useful in things like fabric designs, but you guys can be far more imaginative than I can for stock uses, so go for it. I made it monochrome so it would be easier to change the color of it uniformly.

I am submitting this as stock, so feel free to do what you wish with it, but please credit me and let me know if you decide to use it. It is for non-commercial purposes unless direct permissions are obtained from me.
I know all of you out there are very talented, and I hope that this is a resource that you can put to good use.

I hope you find it useful.

The render time on this was substantial, but not astronomical. It was 20,000 quality, which is twice what I do for most of my works now. Hopefully it's clean enough.

~created in apophysis
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Thanks, again. This was used in Time And Again, for the The Do It Again Group Activity!, hosted by ManipulateThis. :thanks: