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Lightning Resurgence Stock

It was requested that I make another lightning stock piece, so I tried my hand at it. I did have to reference the parameter specifications of my DD piece, but over the course of about an hour I had fun figuring out what kind of displacement and rotation configurations could yield what patterns in this type of fractal. The gradient, hrm, not 100% sure that it fits it, but I wanted something different, and I think that the green adds a kind of eerie feel that's also somehow contemplative. The white and black are essential of course.

I'm from Florida, which is the lightning capital of the world. I've spent countless hours just watching thunderstorms. Somehow I am most at peace in the middle of a storm.

I once saw lightning strike a telephone pole about 6 meters away from me. It was awesome. Anyway, I'll stop rambling.

So, this is a stock image under a non-commercial license. ^_^ That means that you can do whatever you want with it as long as you're not selling it, and you don't have to ask for my permission to use it. However, if you could show me, or let me know what you make I would be very grateful. Also, please credit me for the creation of this image if you use it.

I hope this is useful, thank you to you all for all your encouraging feedback, and have fun. :D

~made in apophysis

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Used here thanks :)

Dragon 2
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I used your beautiful stock to create this :

The Mediator by Clendermens

Thank you!
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I have featured your Lightning texture in my collection…
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Thanks for featuring it.
Hope it's helpful to people.
Have a good day.
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Used here, thanks!

Eye In A Ring by bdragonlvr
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Used here thanks :)  Radioactive planet by annemaria48
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Used here, thank you. Thor and the serpent of chaos by Julianez
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Merci pour le partage :)

Foudre by cflonflon
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The Wild Cards by The-Luminist

Thank you so much!
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thanks for that - will look up this apophysis program - i have been thinking about how to make lightning for a while now
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Thank you so very much! Your stock is used and featured here >>>>> Bjorn Ironside-The Sack of Luna by Pendragon-Arts
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Used here thanks  Caius Ballad by Gwendolyn1  :rose:
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Used here: Thanks a lot! <3
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