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The Hawk of Pontus - Excerpt 1 by UniversalKinase, literature

Galilei by UniversalKinase, literature

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The Fern Dance Festival by UniversalKinase, visual art

The Hawk of Pontus - Excerpt 1 by UniversalKinase, literature

Galilei by UniversalKinase, literature


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Element: Storm - stock by UniversalKinase, visual art

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Etched in the Wind by UniversalKinase, literature

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Revoked Ascendency 1 by UniversalKinase, literature

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Apophysis3D B.D.P. Tutorial by UniversalKinase, visual art

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Artist // Hobbyist // Digital Art
  • Nov 14
  • United States
  • Deviant for 15 years
birthdAy '13: Celebrated lucky birthday #13
Birthday '15: Celebrated DeviantArt's 15th birthday
Birthday '16: Celebrated DeviantArt's Sweet Sixteen
Fancy Llama: Llamas are awesome! (1437)Fancy Llama: Llamas are awesome! (1437)
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My Bio
I began making fractal art back in 2006, shortly after I joined DA. Since that time, I have competed in a number of fractal contests and won several. My techniques vary significantly from some that you see among other fractal artists. I have remained on the outskirts of the community, which has in some ways stunted my growth as an artist, but simultaneously challenged me to develop my own techniques and gain a better understanding of the underlying mathematical principals that govern fractals. However, I have learned that it doesn't matter how much time you spend on techniques if you don't put your soul into the art you're making. It doesn't matter what median it is, without passion all you get is a hollow image, devoid of feeling.

While most of my art consists of fractals, I love to write, and I value my prose and poetry just as highly as my best fractals.

I am always eager to help people out, so if you have any questions about how I make my art, or if you would like me to make something for you, feel free to ask. B-)

Personal Quote: "If the door is locked, become the key"

Favourite Visual Artist
M. C. Escher
Favourite Books
Ender's Game, Dune, The Lord of the Rings, Braiding Sweetgrass, The Guns of August
Favourite Games
Schrodinger's Ninja Box
Tools of the Trade
Apophysis, C6H12O6
Other Interests
Science, Computers, Biology, Physics, Strategy, History, .... Generally, I try to understand the world around me.
I was a bit slow on making fractal art for a while. My old computer, which had been working well for 10 years, finally died. Getting Apophysis working well on the new one took a bit of tinkering. It was successful though, and I'm back at it. When I make fractals, sometimes I'm trying to do something ambitious, and sometimes I'm just making stuff for fun, and as a relaxing process. I'm not doing anything ambitious at the moment. I did something artistic and fairly impressive (in my opinion) in a different medium from usual over the past few months. I've been playing on a Minecraft server, and I carved out and decorated a large cavern complex, filled with a number of fantasy things, some of which were inspired by common tropes, and some of which were out of my own imagination. I also drew inspiration from caves I've been in IRL, some literature I've read, and from Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone. This isn't the best platform to show off all of that, but I might upload a few
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It has been a while since I've submitted anything. Sorry, I've been really busy, but in the near future, I intend to add some more art to this gallery. I hope you are all well. COVID-19 is disrupting a lot of lives, and unfortunately ending some too....
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To whoever gave me an extra month of core membership, thank you very much, that was very kind of you. I don't know who did it, the message I got didn't say, but whoever you are, I'm grateful, and I'll try to share a few new fractals with all of you b...
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Thanks for the fav!

Thanks so much for all the faves! I appreciate it so much!

Scott, are you doing okay? I haven't seen any posts lately and am worried about you! I am so enjoying the calendar. It is in my living room and I look at it every day! Hope you are safe and well!

Yes, doing alright, sorry for the lack of new posts. I'm glad that you're enjoying the calendar, and thank you. I hope you are well, and I'll try to post some new things soon. ^_^

Not a problem! Just with the all that is going on in the world with Covid, when people stop posting I get worried! Most importantly you are well. Creativity flows at times, I am the same way.

Thanks for answering so quickly!

I am doing great, thanks!

Been harnessing my creativity in different ways, but certainly haven't felt like I've run dry on it. Some friends of mine have a minecraft server, and I've been building and designing immersive artistic experiences in it, but that doesn't translate well to posting on DA. I still write things, and I still make fractals though, I just haven't been impressed by my recent creations in those categories. I'll try to change that.

There are many alarming things going on in the world, but then again... I think that's probably always true. Still, I'm fully vaccinated, and have been engaging in some precautions still due to the delta variant. COVID is concerning, but with the precautions I've taken, I'm not worried about it threatening my own health.

I'm glad you're doing well. I'll check on your recent art. ^_^

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Your gallery deserves more attention :) I really like many-many things you shared here. :aww: