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Velan Prelude: Vignette from Revoked Ascendancy
The scent of pine fluttered through my nose as I hurtled through the forest. Moonlight occasionally peaked through the canopy of shifting boughs, but not enough to illuminate the root-choked floor I was traversing. The smell of wet moss, an odor of slight rot mixed with desperate renewal, rose to meet me as I neared the stream. I could hear it, the water rushing between the rocks, and also the panting snarls and slapping feet of my pursuers. The thrill of the chase, it had been nearly a year since I’d felt quite this alive. I vaulted a fallen tree, my fingers just barely sinking into its decaying bark, and as I slipped between two boulders, I could hear claws ripping into that same bark. They were close.
I knew that I could turn and fight, and that I’d probably dispatch them without even sustaining a wound, but the call of the energy around me pulled me along. The right path lay along this stream, not back amongst the trees. I jumped down a small ledge, landing on a pale ro
:iconuniversalkinase:UniversalKinase 0 0
Flora Dublin by UniversalKinase Flora Dublin :iconuniversalkinase:UniversalKinase 1 0 Cross Stitch by UniversalKinase Cross Stitch :iconuniversalkinase:UniversalKinase 2 0 Hexus by UniversalKinase Hexus :iconuniversalkinase:UniversalKinase 2 0 C2: Protest by UniversalKinase C2: Protest :iconuniversalkinase:UniversalKinase 1 3

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If you could have one super power, what would it be? 

10 deviants said Teleportation (instantaneous, not subject to relativity)
7 deviants said Flying (superman style)
5 deviants said Telepathy (ability to read others' thoughts and communicate with them mentally)
4 deviants said Invisibility (at will)
3 deviants said Ability to change the laws of physics (warning, may accidently destroy the universe, and yourself if used recklessly)
3 deviants said Other (please comment) ^_^
2 deviants said Immortality (not aging or being able to die ever)
2 deviants said Super strength (being able to punch through mountains, jump to the top of sky scrapers, etc...)


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My Little Boat in the Storm
Rays of light permeate through the clouds as I navigate my little boat through this storm-tossed sea.
I have been here before. I am not afraid.
Even as it is a struggle to remain above the water, still, I marvel at the beauty of it.
I can feel the specter of death stalking me, but this, this is what it is to be alive.
My little boat and I shall make it safely through this onslaught, and both of us shall revel in this moment of glory until the end of our days.

~Created in apophysis
Freedom through Escape Velocity
Inspired by multiple things.
One of them is SpaceX.
One is the JWST (if it ever gets finished).
Some of them are the dreams of a child who wanted to go to space.
Anyway, I liked the end result, though I expect that it isn't for everyone.
This is a piece based on abstraction and metaphor.
However, I found meaning in it, and I thought it was pretty too.

~Created in apophysis

Peace be with you all, and may you all find freedom and happiness in your own way.
Gruntwork for the Elites
I was playing around with different gradients and designs, and sort of stumbled onto a theme similar to this. It instantly reminded me of covenant warships from the Halo universe [of which I've been fond of since I was 12]. Then, after a bit of fine tuning, I arrived at this design.
It's a bit strange, but.... I find it intriguing in the same way as the architecture of the covenant is. 
Maybe you'll find it intriguing too.
In that hope, I'm submitting it.
Created in apophysis 

50,000 Pageviews

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 8, 2017, 1:39 AM
I don't put a huge amount of stock in these things, and it's been a number of years in the making, but I just realized that I've passed 50,000 pageviews, and my pieces have been viewed close to 300,000 times.
I know, some of the truly popular artists on the site have many millions of pageviews, but hey, 50,000 isn't nothing, even if it's taken more than a decade to amass.

I don't make art to generate traffic though.
I make art because I enjoy it, and because sometimes I want to share the things I create.
Still, to all those who view, favorite, and especially comment on my pieces, to all those of you who make this community a fun place of thoughtful discussion and art appreciation, I thank you. 
You're nice people, and I'm glad I've had the good fortune to be able to interact with you.
I'm convinced that DA is one of the kindest and most constructive communities on the internet, and all of you are the ones who make it that way.
Thanks to those of you who've shared my work, or just enjoyed it yourselves.
Peace be with you all, and may you find success in this coming year.

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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
As a 23-year old Ph.D. student, there are many things in this world that I have yet to learn. I tend to take tasks very seriously, and the creation of art is important to me.

I began making fractal art back in 2006, shortly after I joined DA. Since that time, I have competed in a number of fractal contests and won several. My techniques vary significantly from some that you see among other fractal artists. I have remained on the outskirts of the community, which has in some ways stunted my growth as an artist, but simultaneously challenged me to develop my own techniques and gain a better understanding of the underlying mathematical principals that govern fractals. However, I have learned that it doesn't matter how much time you spend on techniques if you don't put your soul into the art you're making. It doesn't matter what median it is, without passion all you get is a hollow image, devoid of feeling.

While most of my art consists of fractals, I love to write, and I value my prose and poetry just as highly as my best fractals.

I am always eager to help people out, so if you have any questions about how I make my art, or if you would like me to make something for you, feel free to ask. B-)

Personal Quote: "If the door is locked, become the key"


by bib993

When I first saw the thumbnail for this in the fractals category, I thought to myself "this has to be a mistake." Upon clicking the lin...

I could say that this piece is stunning, but that doesn't really seem adequate for an artistic work of this caliper. The color scheme i...



Art is the ultimate expression of the mind and soul. Within all of us lies the omnipresent potential to find peace, agony, joy and ire in all walks of life. How we choose to percieve situations is what defines us as individuals, and how we react is the ultimate test of our character.

The community on DeviantArt is truly incredible because of the amazing people who devote vast amounts of time and energy to make it so. Always remember to be respectful towards others and their art, for a stray callous word against something of extreme individual importance can cause far more torment than intended.


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Naigheir - A Dragon of Myradil by kayteebex.

Thank you for providing such fantastic stock images :heart:
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You have been featured on my page as a show of appreciation for your talent. Hug
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I hope you have a fantastic day. ^_^
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