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This is a group for all sorts of art, especially dedicated to fantasy/Sci-fi art. Whether you're a writer, 3d-artist, or traditional/digital artist, it doesn't matter; this is the place for you!

Whether you're starting or even if you're a professional, you are free to submit your art here!

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Ghost admin here, just wanted to remind you how awesome you are my dear group. Keep sharing your great talent and keep working hard!!!

Suggestions and such are always welcome :D
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Mystic Association: Ahuzotl CH 2Rowan did his best to traverse the mansion's foyer quickly. It was a gaudy affair of scarlet curtains and gold rimmed furniture, coupled with thick and ridiculously ornate rugs, and marching rows of pedestals housing expensive vases. He didn’t give any of it the time of day, climbing the giant main staircase to the second floor in record time. This despite how his earlier feeling of sickness had only intensified. He still didn't think he was in danger of hurling...but Rowan was keen to lie down before it became a possibility. It annoyed him that getting his hands cut up had somehow caused this. Rowan by all accounts had a strong stomach. It’s probably nothing. Maybe just a stomach bug. A part of him still wasn’t convinced. He traversed the darkened hallway, passing his cousin's dark room; Hawthrone was either still out at the pegasus stables, or asleep. Given he often took advantage of his mother-Rowan's Aunt Ayta- being out of town to stay overnight at the stables, Rowan had a well founded suspicion he was the only one in this house right now. At the time he had felt somewhat glad of this, not wanting to have any more conversations. The one person he might have wanted to see, his seven year old cousin Annad, was currently with her mother on her trip. Rowan often found that hanging out with Annad cheered him up, especially as she seemed to actually look up to him. Many times in the next week, he would wonder if things would've been different if someone else had been there. Or if he hadn't been too stubborn to refuse a trip to the ER. Instead, he stomped up to his room and went inside. The space had always felt odd to him. On a surface level, there were things scattered about within that hinted at the interests of the occupant. Car manuals, a singular computer, some scattered DVDs of horror movies. One illustrated book on demonology. But ultimately the room lacked the warm spark of a private, inhabited place. Rowan felt more of an attachment to the guest room at Java's house, particularly as a few of his more treasured items were over there indefinitely. Hell, he tended to feel his car was more of a home than this room. Well. If Rowan was honest about it, most of his favorite things were over at Java’s now, including his few hunting trophies…because he very often spent the night at his friend’s house rather than coming to this mansion. One of the exceptions was a small stack of spellbooks focusing on the path of Fracture-god of battlefield, all aspects of combat, and weaponry. And, most importantly to Rowan, fire. He'd always wanted to master fire magic. In fact, he'd been told by a school instructors he was pretty good at it… Rowan wasn't sure he believed that, though. Mr. Fenton could easily have just been trying to bolster his feelings out of pity, being the only teacher who actually seemed invested in his dumb arse. Other than the spellbooks and scattered manuals, the only thing in the room that Rowan felt much attachment to was the bed, a ridiculously comfortable, possibly antique four poster-the headboard seemed to have been carved with Celtic symbols of some kind that Rowan had never interpreted. The bed was large, with plenty of space. And it looked blessedly inviting right now. Unfortunately, the bed was too big to be moved to his friend's guest room. Rowan vaguely pondered this as he stumbled into the attached bathroom, containing nothing but necessities. He'd never been one for decorating, at least not when it came to bathrooms. With a wince he unwrapped the hastily applied bandages, stained red with blood that hadn’t dried as of yet. Trying not to look at the cuts, he stuck them under the warm water. A dull throbbing had formed at the base of his skull, and he thought his back might be aching a little. Probably nothing. After a few moments he peered at his hands, gently rubbing the blood and grit out of the cuts with his thumbs. Under the current of the water, they didn't look all that bad now. If anything they looked thin in width, much like when he'd suffered cuts from broken glass in the past. It seemed Java had picked out any remnants of the orb-Rowan didn't see any now. The orb… He still had no idea what had happened there. Why he'd been overcome with the sudden feeling of being incomplete, and possessing the energy within would…Rowan groaned and set about truly wrapping the cleaned cuts in his hands, reigning in his meandering train of thought. It was over now. He shouldn't be thinking of the incident anymore. Gradually Rowan decided he didn't have the energy to take a shower. Instead he hastily changed into his usual getup for going to bed-loose pants and a plain white bathrobe-and collapsed on his back onto it, not even bothering to get under the sheets. Closing his eyes, he attempted to sleep. ////v\\\\ Rowan only managed to drift into a shambling half awake daze for a few hours before he abruptly woke up again, panting, his mind's eye full of blurry, indistinct images he couldn't quite make out. But he had a sense they'd been bloody. And oddly familiar, even if that made no sense. Almost like he’d been there? He felt no better. If anything, Rowan felt worse-his head feeling ready to split, his limbs and lower back now joining his shoulders in their aching. The area near his tailbone, at the base of his spine, seemed to have joined in now. Cursing through grit teeth, Rowan clumsily heaved himself into a sitting position, blearily thinking of heading into the bathroom. Instead, he gasped as a wave of heat seemed to go right through him, setting every nerve on fire. Clumsily he rolled out of the bed, somehow managing to stand up, world tilting around him. Almost desperately he threw the bathrobe off, and feeling that the room had turned into a furnace, made for the window. He made it to the sill just in time to keel over. His grip tightened on the wood of it, and at this point Rowan's confusion was so much that he barely noticed the pained response from his cut palms. Slumping against the frame of the window, he heaved a series of hard breaths, dizzily thinking this might cool him off. Now there was a frisson of fear, trickling in through the confusion, finally making its presence known through all the pain. Worse, he was starting to hear whispering-and not from outside. More in the recesses of his mind. The next instant, he was crippled by a wave of pure agony, racing down his spine, and Rowan felt his legs give out. He slammed harshly into the window frame, sliding downward to the floor. His hands slapped against the wooden floor with a noise that seemed much too loud- Rowan's vision flickered frantically, the world going red, then green, then dissolving to a muddled mess of color. All the while, he was fighting for breath and had by now ended up in a heap on the floor, dimly registering that he was attempting to dig his nails into the wood, and that underneath his skin, his veins seemed lit intermittently with violet light. And more green. Blackness showed at the edge of his sight. A force of some kind-an intelligence, maybe, seemed to be rushing to the forefront, trying to overcome him. Still in agony, Rowan could barely think of devoting the energy to combat it.. Meanwhile, he was sure he felt some of his bones creaking, snapping, maybe even stretching. The hot feeling of blood registered on his face, his fingertips, back, like his skin was ripping- The coppery taste of it registered in his mouth, teeth abruptly beginning to throb. Maybe move? Worse was the feeling that aside from the possible sentient thing clawing its way into his head, was the sense that even if that hadn’t been the case, his brain was being taken apart and put back together, reordered into… He had no idea what. It was that more than anything that Rowan carried with him, even as he finally blacked out, the event heralded by a bright green flash behind his eyelids. ///v\\\ Even in the blackout, Rowan could feel a vague sense of continued change. He felt helpless, and on top of that-like the stupid oaf he had often been accused of being, who should have swallowed his fear and gone to the hospital. Who knew, the more magically oriented healers there might have prevented what was happening now. Now Rowan seemed to be standing in a kind of partial dream, caught between being awake and complete unconsciousness. He glanced down at his dream self and was alarmed to see a tracing of marks on his arms. Stripes, jagged and intimidating, his nails seeming darker. Sharper. Like claws. A wave of cold ripped through his gut at the idea he was somehow catching a glimpse of what was actually happening to him, but in a much less grisly, real way. And he couldn’t stop it. Rowan brushed numbly at his arm, anger and fear battling for dominance in his thoughts. ‘’Yes. It seems you are seeing the changes to my new form in a more…sanitized way.’’ Rowan jerked his head up. Looming above him was a monolith form of what seemed to be black smoke. Nauseous green sparked within it, spidering out from a flickering core of the same stuff. Pinprick eyes of light, the same sickening, wrong hue as the energy, glared down from above, full of piercing distaste. It finally clicked in Rowan’s mind what that sickly green light portended-demon magic. Corrupted arcane that had a mind of its own, and was theorized to use temptation to turn people into its slaves. His stomach dropped upon remembering that he’d seen that green in his veins, and multiple times before he’d passed out. How had he not remembered that? ‘’Not that it matters.’’ The dark mass seemed to billow, the pinprick eyes flashing with a greedy triumph. ‘’I am hatred, horror, the end of the destructive thing called life…and this will be my body soon enough.’’ For a second Rowan hovered between standing his ground or attempting to run. Then a second, horrid realization occurred to him, a kind of old memory like a half remembered dream, that steeled him to stay where he was. ‘’I know who you are.’’ Rowan’s breathless sentence seemed to hang in the air. He couldn’t begin to explain it, but-somehow-he knew this thing’s name, even if the flood of images that had come with the entity clarified nothing about it. But Rowan somehow did. And that chilled him to the core, given that there was one definite trait about this smoky monster that he could sense. Pure evil. Emanating from the entity like it-he-was a exposed reactor core. ‘’Know?’’ The thing laughed, shaking the invisible ground. ‘’How could a measly human boy know me?’’ Rowan grit his teeth. He heard his blood pounding in his ears. ‘’Get out! I’m not letting you-’’ His sentence turned to a gasp in response to three trails of burning marks, inflicted across his dream self’s chest and throwing him back in the process. Rowan thudded heavily onto his back, three gashes traced across his chest and bleeding not blood, but a violet light. He observed this dazedly, remembering in the back of his mind some of his earliest school lessons. Rowan was seeing auma, the energy all living beings had, bleeding from what he could only guess was some kind of manifestation of his spirit. The gaps started to close. Ignoring that the shadow creature could rip his dream self to nothing and desperate to stop this evil thing from taking over, Rowan scrambled to get upright; he’d already decided to damn the consequences and attempt to stop this thing. Before he could come anywhere close to standing up, walls shimmered to life around him, made of strobing threads glowing with the same sickly green demon magic. Despite the demonic energy, he knew this thing was currently just a spirit. But if he let it take over; that would change, something he could sense on an instinctual level. ‘’Arochondal!’’ Rowan pounded on the walls, withdrawing with a grunt when they burned his spirit hands. Panting and enraged, he paced the prison, the weirdness of knowing this creature’s name out of nowhere a distant blip in the face of his larger problem. A rumble of cruel amusement sounded. ‘’Little bug. I suppose I can allow you to see the outside world. After all…it will bring me pleasure for you to witness my deeds, and be able to do nothing to stop it. At least until the time comes when your pathetic soul will be fodder for the binding....’’ Before Rowan could attempt to speak again, the green walls faded, but not the point where Rowan was under any illusion they had gone. There was a brief period of numbness, a microsecond of darkness. And then Rowan saw through his own eyes again, feeling a brief thrill of hope…only to see himself move. But not at his will. At the will of Arochondal. //// Arochondal could sense the boy struggling. Not that it mattered much. As surprisingly strong as the child’s resolve was, in the face of he- the scythe that had cut down the DeLannan-the effort was a pittance. He looked down at this new body’s hands. The change had completed…at least largely, and with a degree of speed that Arochonal would not have thought possible. Now he beheld arms with tiger-esque stripes, dark aquamarine fur, fingers tipped with sheathed black claws. The features he was seeing were caked with blood from the change, to be sure…and likely based more off the traits of the boy Arochondal had subdued just now than his own preferences. It was odd, being the basic version of the race he had initially come from, then had elevated himself beyond. Nonetheless, once he performed the proper rituals and destroyed the soul of this form’s previous occupant, regaining his previous power was only a matter of time. Slowly standing up, Arochondal shook out his new shoulders. Tilting his new head back, he ran a tongue over new, ferocious teeth, slicked with blood from bursting through the gums. A slow grin crept across his new face. Calling on the lingering remnants of his dark arts, Arochandol spoke a word of power. Sickly green light engulfed him… And in the space of blinking, he was gone, leaving behind nothing but an empty room, the space by the window marred with streaks of lifeblood and gouged floorboards....

Mature Content

Mature Content

Tales of Kara Dragomir: Chapter 2Disclaimer: All Characters Written and Illustrated in TOKD are © Cortni Whitney, Fox Spirit Studio 2022. "Tales of Kara Dragomir, aka {TOKD|, is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence."Chapter Two: Northern Lands of FioNadh,Autumn - 3rd year since arrival"I'm writing today from far north of my cabin. The terrain here is very different with its snowy rocky mountains seen for miles and hills covered with small crystal horned curly-furred beasts. When I first arrived just a few months ago the locals shared with me these animals are called GlaiNe FioNadh, roughly translated to "Little Furred Crystals". Named after the lands they live upon, like many furred creatures their fur is used for warmth, for clothing, bedding and even on the made-shift homes that surround the hilly area. What is surprising is the locals found a way to shear the fur without harming the animal through the use of wind magics. A magic that seems to be common for those in the area.Tonight I must find temporary logging till I can find an inn nearby."…Closing the rough leather binding of my traveler journal I glanced out from within the sturdy tree house. It wasn't long after my last journal entry that I found this sweet spot hidden within an Elm's tall, arching branches creating a safe, shady place to escape from dangerous creatures that cloak themselves within the darkness of the night.A cold shiver ran down my spine as I pulled the warm GaliNe fur closer around my body, the feel of the chill winter air was already quickly spreading throughout the valley around me. So far my travels across these new lands had taken me through many different views as the terrains around me changed from wild flowers to tall grassy planes which have now been covered with a light frosty coat as CailLeach, the goddess of winter, spreads her icy fingertips across the lands.Glancing down at the deep burgundy tome I recently found upon my arrival hidden within the abandoned tree house, I picked up the book with its elven script, AegiaSkyryn, which translates to "Shield Guardian", interestingly enough this is the very magic I am in need of. My thoughts took me back to my first interaction with the villages, their frightened expressions of my beast-like ears and tall with yet a human face and body I'm sure confused them. Something I was not expecting. Luckily there was a young child who was full of curiosity and kind enough to answer my questions about the lands, pointing me to a nearby forest that led about three-four days to a human inn. Once in the woods my luck continued as I found the ancient elm tree with a man-made structure nestled in its arms.Shaking my long auburn locks I focus back on my task, a spell that will help to hide my true self, to make me appear more like the beings of this world. From my studies I found that there are several races throughout Trodevsea from humans, elves and even some spirit beast tribes. The first two being the largest of the societies and the last being smaller, yet more feared by human society which now that I think about it is probably the reason the humans were so afraid when they saw my fox ears.Flipping through the volume I pass many spells about transforming materials into editable substances."Keep that one in mind for later, might be helpful in a pinch." I thought.Finally near halfway through the tome I see the mention of a glamour tome, said to last be seen within the snowy mountains of the northern area of Trodevsea. The only hint was a dragon mouth cave."Hmm. A dragon mouth cave. The area described does sound like the region I'm in now. As for the cave I will have to search the northern area of the mountains nearby to see if I can find any hints."Looking back at the pages of the tome I noticed a faint impression, like ink that has almost faded completely. Calling forth my fox magic I carefully light the page from underneath. Instantly as if responding to my magic a golden trail appears on the paper creating what looks like a map of the wooded area I'm in, the shimmering trail leads away from my area to a region just north west towards the mountains. As if a beacon, the light disappears."Now that's suspiciously too easy." I said, seeing that darkness has settled now around me, I placed the tome into a travel bag with some weapons, as well as provisions and settled into my soft fur covered bed to rest."Best to be well rested, tomorrow I will set out to find this Dragon Mouth Cave."Previous Chapter 3
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Splintered Time by Slofkosky
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First Contact (Part 5 of 7) by Slofkosky
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HB: Lenore and Adam by HaraaJubilee
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Guardians of the Multiverse (Part 1): Chapter 12Chapter 12: Showdown: Part 3M2 flew as fast as he could with Tracy in tow, passing by tall buildings and alleyways, and hoping they would get to Savanna Central in time. However, while the teenaged cat said to him, “Faster M2, faster! There’s no telling what those Daemons are doing in Savanna Central!” The mouse clone felt somebody was following them and it wasn’t a Daemon. If there was, then he would’ve sensed magic. Taking to another alleyway that led to a street, he flies low enough to the ground and says to her, “Tracy, jump!”“Why?” she said to him, confused. “What’s-”She felt a shock go through her head and sharply turned her head, only to yelp and immediately jump off from a fingerless gloved paw that nearly grabbed her as she rolled upon landing on the ground. M2 flies towards a wall, just before the arctic wolf lands on the ground with his grimoire floating beside him and making his dual-sided spear, and hops while sideways flipping and bringing out the swords from his dimensional storespace. “Go!” he yelled to her as he crossed his swords and blocked an attack by the arctic wolf’s spear, then pushed it up. “Get to Savanna Central, I’ll catch up with you!”Tracy didn’t have to be told twice as she quickly ran on all fours towards the street while the arctic wolf watched her. When she was out of sight, he smiled and looked back to the mouse clone, saying to him, “Y’know, I’m surprised that she was able to sense me and I was just about to use her to make you fight me.”“Well…” M2 points his sword at him. “You got your wish. En garde!”He jumps towards the arctic wolf and the wolf blocks his sword. The mouse clone parries the arctic wolf’s spear while remaining in midair and acrobatically dodges another strike before jumping over him and parrying with his other sword. The arctic wolf kept twirling his spear, trying to land a hit on the mouse, but M2 easily parried and dodged each one. After blocking another attack that was aimed at M2’s back, the mouse clone jumped to the wall again; only this time he kept his feet there as he kept parrying the arctic wolf’s precise attacks with both of his swords. When the arctic wolf tried to attack by side-swiping him, M2 cartwheels off the wall and lands on the ground. No sooner had his feet touched, the arctic wolf thrusted his paw and a gray aura surrounds him as the mouse was pushed towards the street, feet sliding on the ground until he came to a stop.The pages of the arctic wolf’s grimoire flipped and stopped at a page, and a medium-size gray ball formed at the front tip of his spear. Bringing his spear back, he grunts and sends it flying towards the mouse. M2 brings his right sword up and yells, “Full Counter!” The blade makes contact, sending the gray ball mixed with light back towards the arctic wolf at high-speed. He dodges his own attack by corkscrew jumping and the ball explodes behind him. Giving a small chuckle while his grimoire flipped its pages and stopped on one, he said to the mouse clone, “C’mon, clone, is that the best you got?” Four gray balls appear before him and change into daggers. “At least make it interesting!”With a flick of his wrist, he sends the four daggers towards the mouse clone. M2 blocks the first two daggers, but dodges the next one that was aimed at his head and bends his back as the last one also tries to get him in the head. The four daggers came back at him, just when he straightened himself, and quickly turned around to block each one, only for each of them to come back every time he swiped at them or made them rebound after hitting the blade. The arctic wolf giggles, then he charges straight at the mouse clone, spear raised. The mouse ducks his head from the spear’s swipe and knocks away a dagger before sideways spinning from the arctic wolf’s other spear blade. He kept parrying each attack from the spear while at the same time blocking each of the oncoming attacks of the floating daggers with great speed and agility. That was until the arctic wolf broke M2’s left sword after he deflected one dagger and the other one hit the crossguard, pushing it up towards the oncoming spear strike. He tries to swing at him with his other spear blade, but the mouse clone dodges by quickly backflipping before somersaulting at the end, putting a little bit of distance between himself and his opponent. M2 charges fast while the arctic wolf sends his four daggers straight at him. The mouse clone easily dodged the first one that went right by his head and knocked aside the rest with his right sword. When he got close, the arctic wolf twirled his spear and was about to give him a diagonal strike, but the mouse used his broken left sword and side swiped at the spear blade. There was a cling, then BOOM, the arctic wolf was sent flying towards a window of a store as M2 used Full Counter without saying the words, crashing the glass upon impact. The four daggers disappear after the caster loses focus from the counter-attack.The mouse clone straightens up, his guard not faltering for even a second, and the arctic wolf flies out of the store window. M2 tosses his broken sword towards him, but the arctic wolf easily knocks it aside and is about to attack him with a side strike. The mouse jumps above his head, dodging that strike, and slides out the Magi-Gun from his sleeve and pulls the trigger. The arctic wolf blocks it and quickly twirls his spear until the blade makes contact with M2’s; only to turn his head slightly sideways after M2 fires another white energy round. He goes on the offensive, but is forced to dodge each round fired from M2’s Magi-Gun. He even parried the mouse clone’s fast strikes of his right sword while remaining in midair, then had to use his spear to block the pistol that was aimed at his head before M2 fired to the right and made his arm move down as he fired again, nearly shooting his foot. The mouse clone spin kicks his head, sending him sliding with his feet still on the asphalt. Looking up, he sees him pointing his pistol and a ball of light forming right in front of the gun. “Light!” The mouse pulls the trigger, but the arctic wolf raises his paw while the grimoire’s pages flip and stop, and a gray ball forms as he lets it fly with a grunt. The balls connect and explode, creating a small cloud of smoke that lasted for only several seconds before dissipating. The arctic wolf chuckled and said, “Is that all, clone? I thought I told you to make this interesting, so stop holding back. If you truly possess the power of a king, then at least pretend to be him and show me his power. Because as of right now, I’m not impressed.”M2 sighs and says to him, “Very well. Have it your way then.” He points his sword at him and a white aura surrounds the mouse. “Icicle Shards…” Shards of light-blue ice forms behind him. “ Fireball.” Red rune circles surround each shard before merging, turning them into a darker shade of blue. “Combination Magic…” He flicks his sword. “Frostburn Shard Barrage!”The shards were hurled towards the arctic wolf with deadly speed, but he could only laugh and block each one by twirling his spear really fast while saying, “Seriously? A measly spell can’t hope to defeat me. Is that all you can really do?”“Not quite,” he told him while not letting up the combination spell. His sword was surrounded in a clairvoyant aura and sparks started to pop here and there around the blade. “Seismic Shockwave, plus Earth Flow and Explosion.” He stabs his sword on the ground. “Combination Magic: Seismic Exploding Earth!”The earth explodes, reaching nearly towards a building at the end of the road, and sends the arctic wolf into the air as he yelps. The mouse clone lets loose another barrage of his Frostburn Shards, forcing the arctic wolf to raise an arm while the pages of his grimoire flip and stop, and small gray balls surround his arm before firing them. As M2 continues his assault of deadly shards, he puts the pistol back inside his sleeve and takes the sword off the ground, making it disappear in a flash. He crouches down and casts, “Light, plus Hasteza. Combination Technique: Lightspeed!”He vanished in a flash and became a line of light as the mouse ran on the falling debris until he was above. The arctic wolf could only look up while he finished off the shards and saw the mouse clone with his arm forward and light forming around his right hand. “Holy Wave!”A wave of light shoots out and the arctic wolf laughs maniacally while thrusting his arm forward; the pages of his grimoire quickly turning to a different page, and shouts, “Now that’s more like it!”His right paw was surrounded in a gray aura before shooting out his own wave. He continues to laugh maniacally, as if he was enjoying himself, while the two waves clashed., Tracy continues to run on all fours, only to stop and look behind as she hears a faint explosion. Standing back up, she says with a worried expression, “Please come back in one piece, M2.” With that said, she takes out her badge and orders, “Open up the map and show me the directions to where Savanna Central is.” Taking the order, the holo-map enlarges, then it shows her current location and many white dots leading to where Savanna Central was. Luckily for her, it was just several miles, so it wasn’t that far. “Yes!” she cried enthusiastically.Closing up the holo-map, she wasted no time in running as fast as her little legs could take her. While she continued to sprint, the explosions became completely silent. A part of herself felt worried for M2. Will he manage to beat that arctic wolf and come back to help her along with the others? She had a feeling that he’ll be fine. After all, he was created by King Mickey and possessed a fraction of his power. However, her thoughts then turned to Nick, Judy, and everyone else back at Savanna Central. She hoped beyond hope that she wasn’t too late and they were alright.Stopping for a moment to catch her breath, she hears gunfire coming around the corner, meaning she was getting close. She wasn’t sure how long the fight started, but that didn’t matter right now. Bringing back her badge, she ordered, “Badge, bring out a single Mega-Elixir.”The screen glowed and out popped a small glowing ball that expanded, revealing a glass-rounded flask with a cork. Taking it out of the white ball as it returned to her badge, she looks at the greenish-blue liquid inside. Judging by how much it was half-way to the top, she had a feeling that this should be enough for her to save whenever it was needed or to be shared willingly in order to heal anybody that was hurt. Unfortunately, she couldn’t put it in her utility belt, due to it being a little big, and she can’t put the flask in her pocket, fearing it will fall out and break. Looking at her bag that contained the king’s grimoire, she opened and noticed there was a little bit of room; possibly enough to fit about two or maybe three Mega-Elixir’s, but she’ll have to find out about that later. Putting it inside, she pats the bag.Right before she was about to continue on her way, she felt a shock go through her head. Without even thinking or understanding what she was doing, quickly rolls away to the side as feet suddenly land on the concrete. Looking up, she saw Sparx with his paw down on the ground; almost like he was attempting to grab her but missed. “Oh no…” she crawls away while he looks at her. “Not you!”She made a run for it on all fours. This was the worst time for him to appear without M2. It didn’t take long as Sparx was now right in front of her, making her yelp and turn around, only to step on her tail and cry out Reow while she lands on her stomach. He grabs her by the scruff, forcing her to stand and move to the opposite direction away from Savanna Central. “Let me go!” she grunted and swung a fist towards his face. He easily catches it, bends her arm as she grunts again, and forces her to continue walking to wherever he was taking her.They arrive at an alleyway where Sparx releases her arm. She shakes her sore arm before turning around; only to receive a kick to the chest which sends her flying. She slid upon landing on the ground and came to a stop in between two feet. When she grunts while shaking her head, she notices those two feet and realizes they were monkey’s feet. What kind of monkey feet, she couldn’t tell. Looking up, she saw a black robed figure bending down, revealing the face of a male gorilla with blue eyes and a brown headband hidden from the shadows of his hood. “Hello, young lady,” he greeted.Tracy gasped and crawled away from him.“Don’t be frightened,” he assured while taking off his hood. “I mean you, no harm.”“But-But why are you here?” she asked, standing up.“Isn’t it obvious?” His turn to Sparx with her following his gaze. “You have a job to do.”It didn’t take her no more than two seconds to put two and two together. “What about M2, he-”“M2 is preoccupied at the moment,” he cut her off. “You need to learn to fight your battles on your own.”“But M2-”“Stop thinking about that clone and prepare yourself! Sparx…fight!”Sparx charged towards her on command, causing Tracy to yelp as the young fox drew his katana and brought it in a downward slash. She only had a second to react by quickly stepping in front of him, crossing her wrists while bringing them above her head, and caught his paws that were still holding onto the hilt. As she was grunting from the strain of Sparx’s strength, the gorilla said, “What’re you waiting for, girl? Fight! Get his grimoire and free him!”“Then…why won’t you…free him…yourself?” she asked through clenched teeth and her voice strained.“Believe me, I already tried. This kind of dark magic is too strong and you’re the only one who has the power to do it.”Even though her face was strained from keeping Sparx’s sword up, she was shocked at what he said. It was those same words that King Mickey said to her before. What was this so-called power that these two keep saying? Could it be some type of magic that she was currently unaware of? If so, then what is it? She had to put those questions aside as the gorilla yelled, “Now fight!”With a shout, she pushes her wrist up and hits Sparx square in the chest, sending him sliding away from her.“There you go! Now get his grimoire out and destroy the crystal that’s controlling him!”He expected her to run towards Sparx, now that his guard was down, and take the grimoire out of his robes. Instead, she made a run for it the way she came in. “Where do you think you're going?”Sparx’s grimoire floats out of his robes while walking to where Tracy was running. The pages flip and stop at a page as his katana sparks electricity. Bringing his blade up, he slashes his sword downwards and yells, “Lightning Blade!”A surge of electricity shoots out on the ground, causing it to explode and travel straight to its target. Tracy only had enough time to jump out of the way as it made one last explosion. With her back against the trash can, Sparx was about to walk over to where she was, but the gorilla stopped him by saying, “Wait! Put your sword away.” Sparx obediently sheathed his katana, then the gorilla turned his attention to the teenage cat who was still hiding, “Come on out! You cannot hide in there!” Tracy pants while he continued, “You still have a job to do and you mustn’t run from it! Only a coward would run and hide without facing your opponent!”Tracy’s ears perked up. What did he just say to her?“I’m going to give you a choice. You can come out and fight or you can run like a coward and surrender the grimoire. This battle is no place for cowards. So are you one or not?”Her paws clenched tightly, she was no coward. In fact, the real reason why she ran wasn’t because she was scared, it was because her thoughts turned to her friends who were still fighting against the Daemons. She had her own priority to get to them first and help, and Sparx would be her second priority after her friends were safe. Not to mention, M2 made a promise to help her when Sparx arrived. Now with everything completely altered, she had no choice but to continue on towards a new path. And that was to fight Sparx before jumping into the next fray. With a sigh, she mutters softly to Judy and Nick, “Hold on a bit longer, guys.”She comes out from behind the trash can, her face already turning serious. The gorilla could tell by her eyes that she had no intention to run. However, that still left him the question as to why she ran earlier. That question had to be put aside for now as he watched her take a club out of her belt and said, “Have it your way.”Bringing her club up, she charges towards Sparx while grunting. The gorilla tilts his head, signaling the young fox to fight as he draws his katana and charges. He brought his sword sideways and was about to slice her, but she slid on her legs, nearly nicking her ear, and hit him in the gut with her club. She shouts and uses her enhanced strength to send him flying to the air towards the gorilla; which he easily stepped aside and watched him smack back first to a brick wall. Sparx slides down until his feet touch the ground, then he zig-zags to Tracy and tries to slash her upward. Only to miss as she rolled sideways and had to keep rolling from the blade that tried to stab her head several times. She knocks the sword back with her club after it stabbed the ground one last time, then hits him in the back of the leg, knocking him down on one knee. Quickly getting up, she raised her club and was about to strike him in the back of the head, but Sparx grabbed her wrist and stood up facing her, his katana already raised. As he swings it, Tracy grabs his wrist and they both start to wrestle, trying to push the other one to the ground. It seemed that he had the upper hand with her as she was nearly down on her knees, but with one last grunt and an extra burst of strength, and without even thinking, she backflips with her feet connecting to his chin, causing him to stumble and almost losing his balance. Tracy couldn’t believe what she just did, yet it happened right at this very moment. Normally she wasn’t agile like this, especially when she was still human before coming here. However, with her body completely changed, her reflexes were altered a little. Knowing how agile a cat is, other than seeing in the dark or landing on their feet, maybe she can use these new changes to her advantage.Crouching down on all fours while shuffling her shoulders, she charged at him. Then before Sparx could even react, she jumped up and brought her club down on top of his head. The force sent him down to the ground on his forehead, hitting it hard on the concrete. He tried to retaliate by quickly swinging his sword; only for her to jump over and land on his back. She raised her club and was about to knock him out, but a yellow aura surrounds him and he starts flying backwards, forcing her to wrap her arms around his neck. When her back collides on the hard wall, the air knocks out of her and she slides on the wall till her bottom touches the ground. She only had a second to both yelp and roll out of the way as the young fox brings his sword down, making the wall spark after the sharp blade touches it. Upon getting up, the fox wasted no time in trying to cut the young tabby down. However, he underestimated her recently discovered agility as she acrobatically uses both her paws and feet to swiftly dodge each strike. As she continued to dodge while landing a few blows, the gorilla gave a half but impressed smile. Her fighting prowess, despite her inexperience in it and lack of training, has greatly improved in just a short time. If she was trained properly, then maybe she can stand a better chance against Sparx. Still, it was incredible how well she was adapting so quickly, even in the face of battle. Tracy’s club connects to Sparx’s blade. Luckily it didn’t break, due to the wood being a little thick. Judging how much punishment it can take, it’ll be about a few more swings before breaking. That’s something she can’t afford to risk, so she needed to knock him out quick. Pushing his sword aside, she quickly hits his face side to side, causing him to move back little by little through each strike. Right when she was about to hit Sparx again, the pages of his grimoire flip and stop at a page, and his paw was forming electricity. “Thundershock!” He thrusted his electrified paw at her, sending Tracy flying while yelping as bits of electricity surround her for a moment and died upon landing on the hard ground. The club that she had bounced and rolled after she lost her grip. Seeing one of her weapons on the ground, she goes on all fours and runs towards it, but Sparx’s grimoire turns its pages till it stops on one and he raises his sword. “Lightning Blade!”He brought his sword down and sent a surge of electricity towards her, forcing Tracy to jump over her club while yelping as the wooden weapon was pushed aside by the attack. She tries to get it, but the young fox sends another Lightning Blade at her in an upward slash, making her jump away. He kept on sending that same spell, only for her to either jump or roll away each time. Just as she was about to get the club after dodging another strike, the ground explodes from Sparx’s attack, sending it up into the air and giving her enough time to dodge and roll, and catch it before getting down on one knee. With her club raised, she thought, Should I use Full Counter? She watched Sparx raise his sword and was about to cast that Lightning Blade spell again. No, too risky. Her eyes took a brief glimpse at the gorilla. He’s probably analyzing what I can do. So I need to save it when he’s not watching. Her eyes then looked at the club. This thing won’t last long if Sparx swings his sword at it a few more times. Sparx’s katana sparks electricity. In that case…She charges at him on all fours, just as he casted the spell and unleashed a surge of electricity towards her, making her dodge by jumping sideways. Up close and personal then! When she got close, both of them swung their respective weapons; only for the young fox to swing the hardest as his blade broke the club in two, turning it into black smoke, and tried to cleave her head off but missed. What he didn’t notice was that Tracy quickly flicked her arm, revealing the hidden Magi-Gun pistol that she kept in her sleeve and thrusted it right at his chest while remembering M2’s answer from the question she gave him before the events transpired…“Depending on how much magical energy you condense while using Holy Magic. You can create a Light Bullet. If you don’t wanna harm someone, then all you have to do is give your gun a small charge, pull the trigger, and say ‘Light’. Plain and simple.”Without any hesitation, she pulled the trigger at point-blank range and yelled, “Light!”Sparx was sent flying from the spell and landed hard on the ground back-first, chest smoking as he was knocked out cold. Tracy slowly pants while walking towards the downed fox, her aim not leaving her in case he suddenly wakes up and attacks her. She pushes his grimoire aside with her foot after it fell right beside him and kicks away his katana that was still in his paw. No sooner had she done that, his eyes suddenly opened and he screamed in pain, making the young tabby yelp and jump. The young fox clutches his head, rolls to his front before curling into a hunchback position, and continuing to scream in absolute pain. She wondered what was the matter with him. Did her spell do that much damage and it’s causing him to suffer? The young fox grunts and looks at Tracy with only one of his emerald-green eyes. However, he couldn’t see her form due to the dark splotches blocking his vision, but he could sense there was somebody nearby and that someone’s magic managed to break a little of the dark magic that was controlling him. Unfortunately, he knew that the true source didn’t lie in him being beaten. It was the crystal itself. “Please…” he said in a painful strained voice. “Whoever…you are…Argh! The crystal…you need to…destroy it. ARGH!” He slams his fisted paw to the ground, trying so desperately to hold back the dark magic that was slowly retaking control of his mind. “Please, you have to hurry!” he growls in pain. “I don’t know how much longer-ergh! I can fight this any longer! Ah-haaa! The crystal…is in the front cover…of my…grimoire…”“You heard him,” the gorilla said, getting Tracy’s attention. “There’s no time to waste!”She didn’t waste a single second to get to Sparx’s grimoire and turned it over until the front cover was showing the purple jewel as it along with the markings surrounding the cover pulsate. Pointing her pistol at the jewel, she was about to cast another Light Bullet and pull the trigger. Right before she could do that, she and the gorilla felt a small tremor, and Tracy felt a shock go through her head, sensing the Chimera Brain was now at Savanna Central as she could feel its malicious intent to kill and destroy. “Judy. Nick,” she muttered in utter worry for her friends, now endangered.“Pay no heed to what you felt just now! Destroy the crystal!”Tracy wanted to put an end to this little brawl against Sparx and be done with it, but after sensing that Daemon who’s doing God-knows-what to her friends and everyone else, she was now putting herself between saving him or saving everybody at Savanna Central. After feeling another sense of harmful intent from the Chimera Brain and another tremor, her eyes looked at the young fox who was still reeling in pain and trying to fight for control over himself. “What’re you waiting for!” the gorilla yelled. “Do it!”Her eyes looked back at Sparx’s grimoire and the way out of the alleyway. Once again feeling another sense from the Chimera Brain and yet another tremor, she feared what was happening out there and if everyone was at least safe but alive. When her thoughts turn to Judy and Nick, she knows deep down that they came first. So with her previous priority renewed, she looks at Sparx and mutters, “I’ll be back, I promise.”With that, she makes a beeline to the exit.“Where are you going?!” the gorilla yelled behind her.Making it only halfway out of the alleyway, she heard the snapping of fingers and a wall of flames suddenly blocked her path, causing her to slide to a stop while yelping. The gorilla walks over to her, his face already scowling from watching her attempting to leave and says to her in a hard tone, “Why are you fleeing this fight when you’re that close to finishing it?”Turning around while sighing, she answered, “Didn’t you feel that? The Chimera Brain is out there and I have to help everyone back at Savanna Central!”Though his face didn’t show it, the gorilla was a little shocked to find out that the girl was able to sense the High-Class Daemon from those tremors they felt. “I’m afraid that’s out of the question, young lady. I can’t let you leave until you finish your fight. The way you are now, you won’t stand a chance against an army of Daemons or that Chimera Brain.”“I don’t care! I have to help them!”“Don’t be a fool! There are many lives that far outweigh the benefit of your mission!”“I have to at least try! There-” She stopped herself when he mentioned “mission”. King Mickey did tell her what her mission was, but he never told her anything about this guy knowing about her mission. With a confused look, she asked him, “Hold on. How come you know about my mission?”“That does not concern you.”“It does to me unless-” Once again stopping herself, a thought suddenly crosses her mind. With paws clenched tightly, she said in a hard tone, “Did you send those monsters just so you can get to me?”“I have not,” he answered truthfully. “The ones who sent out the army along with those two High-Class Daemons you encountered were Malik and the sheep.”Malik? Does he mean the arctic wolf? At least now she knows the name of her first enemy. However…“So…you know who the armored sheep is? If so, then you need to tell me who so I can stop all this!”“I’m afraid I can’t do that.”“Why not?”“Because you’re not ready.”“Not ready to know the truth?”“No, not ready to fight! As I already told you, you won’t stand a chance! These two are too strong for you to handle!” He gave a small sigh and continued, “Listen, I understand that you want to help these people, but you need to realize the gravity of your situations. These Daemons are far more dangerous than either Malik or that sheep you're looking for and you must get stronger.” His eyes turned to Sparx who continued to grunt in pain as he was slowly losing the fight for control over his mind. “The only way for you to do that is by freeing Sparx, or else he won’t stop until he kills you and takes the king’s grimoire from you.” He turns his attention back to Tracy. “I’m telling you this because I am trying to help you.”“Then why won’t you put a stop to this yourself? That would at least help me.”“Believe me, I want nothing more to put a stop to all this. If it were up to me, I would’ve burned every last one of my enemies until there’s nothing left.” He closes his eyes and bows his head solemnly while slowly shaking his head. “But I can’t, at least not the time nor the place where I must end the darkness that’s plaguing this world.” He opened his eyes as his face turned serious. “You must understand that we all have to make sacrifices in order to achieve anything. Even if it means it’ll cost a piece of yourself.”Tracy couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “Are you saying I have to abandon them in order to achieve my mission?”“As cruel as it may sound…yes.” She could only stare at him with absolute shock. “I’m sorry, but that’s just the way it is. These creatures of this world have their job and we have ours. They are not important to be trifled with.”“You're wrong!” she yelled. “They may not be important to you, but they’re to me! I can’t abandon them just so I can finish this stupid fight over Sparx! I mean, what would happen if I did after that?”“Simple, I’ll heal Sparx, then I want you to leave with him. Get as far away from here as you can.”“So that’s it,” her eyes narrowed. “You want me to run after you told me to fight or run like a coward as this battle has no place for cowards.”“Don’t twist what I said!” he glared. “There’s a difference between when to fight and when not to fight! I’m telling you to run, not out of sheer cowardice, but for your survival! If you were to charge in there foolishly without any form of training or any other help, you won’t survive!”“I don’t care about that right now! I have to save them!”“Are you that naive?” he grunted irritatedly, his patience starting to wear thin with her. “Did you not hear a single thing over everything I just told you? You can’t save everyone the way you are now!”“You think I don’t know that? I’m not stupid!” She sighed while looking down on the ground, ears folded. “I know I can’t save everybody, that’s impossible for even someone like me.” She raised her right paw. “I don’t know what kind of power that I have to use to protect somebody, much less save anyone.” She clenched her paw and looked at him seriously. “But as I keep telling you, I don’t care about any of that! Whether I’m strong or weak it doesn’t matter to me because…” She wanted to tell him about her friends, but refrained from that. “...Because there are some people in this world I have to protect. That’s why I have to try and save as many lives as I can. If I were to finish this fight and run away after that without at least trying, I’ll never forgive myself.” Standing tall, she finished by telling him, “I will protect those I hold close to me, no matter what!”The gorilla could only stare, completely stunned by her small speech. As she already told him, she wasn’t a fool to know that she can’t save everybody, but was still willing to try despite the odds stacked against her. It was her unyielding will that called out to protect those who need it. That right there was worthy of praise as she spoke like a true warrior. However, before he could say another word, both he and Tracy heard running footsteps. They looked to their left and saw Sparx, who had lost the fight as the dark magic retook control over his mind, charging right at the young tabby. With his sword raised, he was about to cut her down. “Stop!” the gorilla sharply ordered. The katana stopped inches away from touching the girl’s head at the last second. The girl didn’t seem to be fazed by the blade that almost sliced her in half as she remained completely composed; almost like she felt the fight to be meaningless if it meant that she had to run and abandon her friends after saving Sparx. With a small sigh of relief from the gorilla, he asked her, “Are these people of this world that important to you?”“More than anything,” she answered truthfully.“More willing that you would risk your life at the cost of dying for them, or better yet…giving up your life without putting up much of a fight?”The first part of the question she would answer yes. Tracy knew the risk when it came to a fight like this if it meant she would get hurt or killed in the process, but the second part of the question she was not prepared for. It seemed pointless to just give up her life without fighting or without cause, unless there was a meaning to it. There were many circumstances, both the good and bad, that she could possibly think of. She wasn’t even sure how to answer that part of the question. What would her father say if she were to ask that same question the gorilla gave her? Knowing deep down, he would say “Follow what your heart is telling you”.So taking a deep breath through the nostrils while closing her eyes, then exhaling out through her mouth, she opened her eyes and answered, “Yes. I will gladly give up my life for whatever reason.”He could tell that she was being serious just by looking at her eyes. This made him give a small smile before chuckling a little, then that chuckle turned to laughter as he threw his head up in utter amusement. Pinching the bridge of his nose, he said while slowly shaking his head, “You really are a foolishly naive child, but you have spirit, I’ll give you that.” Letting out a few small chuckles, he took his arm down and continued, “I’ll tell you what, since you're so gung-ho about wanting to protect these people.” He snapped his fingers and the wall of flames behind her vanished instantly. “I’ll let you go for now. Only if you take a little wager.” Bringing up his hand, a medium-size flame materialized above his palm. “You see this flame? This will be your time-limit to see if you can back up your words about wanting to save as many lives as you can. By my calculations, you have thirty minutes to attempt to save a single life. If this flame goes out and you have not tried to protect a single soul, then you’ve failed on your task and you must willingly surrender that grimoire. Do you understand?”Tracy nodded, agreeing to the term of the wager.“However, if by chance you’ve managed to save a life, or hell managed to save more than one life, that would definitely surprise me, then I’ll know that you have the resolve to protect the people of this world and have proven yourself worthy of remaining caretaker to King Mickey’s grimoire and have won the wager.”“Okay.”“But,” he said sharply while raising a finger. “When this flame goes out and if you're still fighting against these Daemons while protecting more lives, I will send Sparx after you and you will finish this duel whether you like it or not. Do you agree to these terms?”“Yes, but I like to add-in two more additions to the wager. If that’s fine by you?”“Alright, shoot.”Bringing up her first finger, she explained her first term, “If matters become too complicated that dictates the duel between me and Sparx, it’ll have to be postponed further. When things start to settle down, you just name the time and place, and I’ll be there, but make sure we do it where no one is watching. ‘Cause the last thing we both need is for more witnesses to know what’s happening as you're clearly aware of what’s happened tonight.” She brought up the second finger, and said her second term, “When this duel begins, anyone can join me in this fight to save Sparx. That’s if anyone has the courage to stand by my side. Do you agree to my extra terms?”The gorilla placed a hand under his chin, humming a little in thought. At first, he wanted to say no on these two extra terms, but thinking about it for a moment, she made a lot of valid points. There were too many people that noticed the Daemons and the battle that’s taking place in Savanna Central, which he knew that word would get out about what happened tonight. On top of that, even if there were no more Daemons to get in the way of the duel between her and Sparx, the matter would get too complicated and he would have no choice but to retreat. Not to mention, if the duel were to begin once the flame goes out, this special someone or maybe more that he doesn’t know about will probably help her in the fight against Sparx, other than the mouse clone who he knows that he’ll be there to protect her from any surviving Daemons along with Malik. Thinking about him, when the girl said “anyone can join-in the fight to save Sparx”, that didn’t mean he should interfere on any occasion when she meant that only the people she holds close can join. If Malik ever does interfere, then he would have to intervene in order to make sure that there'll be no more interruptions until the fight is over. He won’t deny that these terms have merit and they were very clever from somebody like that young girl.So with a small smile, he nods in agreement while saying, “Yes, but only if you do the finishing blow and no one else.”“Trust me, if nobody else can save him but me, then I will gladly intend to.” “Then it’s settled. Do we have a deal?”“Yes,” she nodded. “It’s a deal.”“Very well. Sparx, sheath your sword.” The young fox obeyed the order and sheathed his katana. “Off you go, child.” He tilted his head up. “I’ll start your time-limit.”“Thank you,” she beamed before taking off in a mad dash out of the alleyway. “I promise, I will finish what I started!”When she was out of sight, the gorilla giggled softly and said, “Always thinking of others before yourself. You really do take after him.” He activates the spell, causing the flame to spark as it starts to slowly shrink. Looking at the young fox, he tells him, “Come, Sparx, let us be off.”With their auras surrounding them, they took off to the air.Tracy, meanwhile, was running on all fours, trying to get to Savanna Central and help save some lives before time ran out. She wondered what became of everyone back at Savanna Central. Are they least still alive; the ones she held close? She hoped beyond hope that they were in one piece till she arrived on time. Thinking about time, while she was busy sprinting, how much time did she have left? Ten? Maybe fifteen? Hopefully not twenty or even close to thirty as she’ll lose the wager and have the grimoire stripped from her.She had to stop for a moment and look up in absolute horror when she saw the night sky turn blood-red. Fearing for the worst, she continued her sprint to Savanna Central; only to come across a field of black mist upon arriving, meaning that the Chimera Brain must’ve been destroyed. Standing back up while panting to calm down her racing heart, she started walking and looked around. So far, she hasn't found a single mammal and wondered if she was already too late. A part of herself told her that it wasn’t and there had to be somebody alive, or else this wager was for nothing. Thump! She stopped upon hearing that sound. That couldn’t be possible, could it? As the mist slowly thinned, she looked and found the Chimera Brain, alive but with its missing eagle head, chasing Judy and Nick. Knowing that they were still here, but won’t be in just a few moments, she took off towards them. Seeing the giant Daemons claws unsheathed and a blood-red aura surrounding them, her heart beated with absolute fear as she knew it was about to unleash an attack right at them. What could she do to save them? Use her Contract Magic to create another flash grenade. No, that’ll take too long and she can’t risk blinding either herself or her friends. Not to mention, she’ll be too weak to help and by the time she gets her Mega-Elixir out of the bag, that monster will be upon them. She can’t use Light Bullet as there won’t be enough time to condense a ton of pure light energy to blow a decent-sized hole on that monster, and she can’t cast the Holy Magic spell The Shining as her magic has yet to be fully awakened. With no plan of action, the only thing she could do was stretch out her paw and shout, “STOOOOOP!”Little did she realize that there was a flash of light as time itself obeyed her command.Up above a rooftop, the gorilla watched the event unfold at Savanna Central. The first thing he saw was a line of light that went right in the middle of the Chimera Brain and a faint sound of a wa-shing, then a loud boom as the giant Daemon, along with some of the other monsters, were destroyed by a wave of light. Stunned by what he just witnessed while the earth shook from the girl’s magical attack, his eyes remained glued to the scene until the light finally vanished. “Magnificent,” he said, astonished, before a small smile grew and he chuckled amusingly. “Well, color me impressed, you really are full of surprises!” He looks at the small flame, meaning that she only had ten minutes. “And still have some time left to spare.” Looking back, he continued, “Now all that’s left is for you to-”He covered his eyes with one arm as another wave of light came and went. Bringing it down for only a moment, just so he could see what was left of the Daemon horde, he closed his eyes and turned his head from yet another wave. Looking back to Savanna Central while putting his arm down, he saw the entire area cleared of Daemons. Not one single creature survived the girl’s powerful attack. Giving a small whistle, he said, “Okay, never mind what I was about to say then. At least now there won’t be anymore Daemons getting in the way of the duel.”He hears loud cheering coming from what looks like to him a police station, and sees a gathering of mammals wearing police uniforms while others wore armored suits. It surprised him to no end that she’s able to show that much resolve to save this many people. Although, that didn’t mean he noticed some bodies that were still laid strewn on the ground. Despite not being there to save them, she still showed that unyielding will to protect others; even if it meant giving up her life in the process. Looking back over to the girl, he became confused and said, “What in the name of…”What he was witnessing was the girl defending herself with her sword against a rabbit cop shooting something at her. The question is, he couldn’t tell at this height. Upon squinting his eyes, however, he could see a glow. It wasn’t coming from the girl’s sword, but her eyes. Seeing this made him hum and smile a little with intrigue as she not only managed to fully awaken her magic, she even gained Guardian Instinct in just a short amount of time. “Maybe Malik is right about something,” he said while placing a hand under his chin. “This could get quite interesting.” Checking on the small flame, it was now reduced to a spark as it only had a few minutes left before vanishing. “Sparx, when I give you the signal, I want you to attack.”Turning his attention back to Savanna Central for a moment, he saw M2 with his arms wrapped around the girl as she struggled. This meant that he must’ve beaten Malik and arrived just in time. At least he hoped the mouse did, or else this’ll get complicated later on.The spark went off with a small pop and the gorilla clenched his hand before roughly moving his arm and sharply saying, “Go!”Sparx took flight and charged at the small group while the gorilla pulled up his hood and smiled, “Well, then, let’s see how you handle yourself in round two of this duel, young lady.”, Small explosions erupted from the distance of Savanna Central as Malik and M2’s duel raged on. The mouse clone flew and dodged one gray ball after the other as each one exploded. He then countered by thrusting his hand forward and balls of light surrounded him before they were hurled towards Malik. The arctic wolf easily swatted them away with his spear while the pages of his grimoire flipped and stopped at a page. The front tip of his spear glowed gray, and with a grunt, unleashed a lash of gray energy that forced M2 to flee. However, Malik uses his powers to control the lash. The mouse clone went past some tall buildings, trying to get away from the attack. Knowing that this would be impossible to try and out fly it, he stopped and turned around, then unleashes his Shining Sword spell that collides, causing both spells to explode upon contact. Raising his sword, he kept his guard up while waiting for the arctic wolf to make his next move, but came sooner than expected as he zoomed like a speeding bullet towards the mouse. Before M2 could even cast a spell or have a chance to dodge, Malik grunts again and hits the mouse hard with his spear. The force was so hard that it broke his second sword and sent him flying towards the tall buildings back-first, making him cry out a small “oof” as he crashed through several buildings until he slides to a stop in the air. Looking at his now destroyed sword, he tossed it aside and flicked both of his arms, bringing out his two Magi-Guns before pointing them to the direction he just crashed through. While the mouse clone once again kept his guard up, he closed his eyes and let his senses do the work. When he felt the arctic wolf’s speed approaching him fast, he used his combination technique Lightspeed to intercept and kick him hard in the head, sending him towards a tall building and crashing a window. Light gathers onto his pistols and he casts, “Shining Rapid Fire!”He pulls the triggers, letting loose a barrage of white energy rounds towards where Malik crashed. The resulting hail made a smoke cloud as M2 didn’t let up. However, two daggers zipped across and embedded themselves on the barrels, blocking more shots from coming out. Then, they started to glow gray, forcing him to toss his last weapons given to him by Tracy as each one exploded. The arctic wolf came in fast, completely unharmed, and hit the mouse clone in the face that sent him flying higher into the air, but he easily recovered before using his Lightspeed spell again to get away. Malik pursues him with his own speed while M2 creates two new swords. The two fast paced duelists zipped around a tall building as their created magical weapons clashed and clanged above the air, then they flew downwards to the road as both of them corkscrewed and continued their clash before flying back upwards. Swords and spear kept connecting in a quick but deadly dance to see who would be the first to make the wrong move. That was until the arctic wolf tried to behead the mouse clone; only for him to duck and zip around him till he was up in the night sky. He tried to throw a medium-size gray ball from the tip of his spear at the mouse, but it missed him and he zoomed fast towards him, meeting M2’s two feet colliding to his face as he whizzed right to a ceiling building and crashed in a plumpth of smoke.M2 slowly pants from using so much strength and magic. This was getting harder and harder by the second as this wolf’s power seemed to increase upon continued fighting. If this keeps up, he won’t remain in the physical realm and he’ll have to return to the king’s grimoire to recharge for a month. Luckily, he still has plenty left in the tank, just enough to last several weeks give or take. Any more stronger spells and his form won’t last, so he needs to come up with some strategy to beat this guy and get back with Tracy and the others. Before he could come up with a plan, the sky turned blood-red as he looked towards Savanna Central, eyes widened in absolute worry. “Tracy,” he muttered softly.“MOOOORE!” shouted Malik as the mouse clone didn’t have enough to dodge a fast kick that sent him downwards. He flies quickly towards M2, eyes completely glowing gray as it blocked out his natural icy-blue, and grabs the side of his face. “GIVE ME MORE, MOUSE!” he maniacally laughed.The mouse looks behind with one eye, seeing a tall building coming at them fast. Turning his head till his forehead was facing Malik’s paw, he puts both feet behind and they collide at the building, cracks webbing the masonry as it couldn’t take the force. With a grunt, M2 pushes his head up and flies quickly up; Malik follows behind while laughing maniacally. The clone turned around, facing the arctic wolf and his spear, and flew towards him. Malik tried to slice him, but missed as the mouse clone grabbed his hood, yanking the wolf back, and tossed him down hard. Flying quickly downwards, he tightly wrapped his arms around the wolf’s neck and cast, “Graviza!” The heavy gravity of the spell caused them to drop like rocks. “Plus Hasteza and Falcon Drop!” They went down faster, creating a small boom that rattled the windows. “Combination Technique: High-Speed Dive Bomb!”Malik could only gaze at the ground that was coming at him fast and the only thing he could do was give a mighty shout before both individuals crash landed with a loud BOOM. The resounding contact made the earth shake while a big smoke cloud formed and cars that were abandoned during the Daemon attack were sent flying from the shockwave. M2 jumps out of the smoke, backflipping until he lands skillfully on the ground. When the dust settled, there was a medium-sized hole where the arctic wolf now lies. Right as he was about to turn around and leave, the earth started to shake and the wolf roared as he exploded out of the ground, his eyes glowing an even brighter gray. “Now this is fun!” he revels. “For a king’s copy, you sure know how to make things interesting for me!”M2 was in disbelief. How could this wolf still be in one piece and completely unscathed after that move? Wanting to know more of his power, he focused his magic as his eyes turned white and went into Guardian Instinct. Upon what he discovered, the glow vanished while the mouse gave a small gasp. Malik smiled when he saw the clone discover his hidden power. “So your starting to finally catch on, are you?” he giggled. “Very well then, allow me to show you what you're really seeing.”Spreading out his arms, the arctic wolf was surrounded in a gray glow, and right before M2’s eyes his fur went from white to gray. “So that’s-”“Yes,” he said, knowing what the mouse was about to say. “This is my Manifestation in its first form. Psycho Manifestation Art: Psycho Armor. This allows me to withstand somewhat any attack thrown from my opponent. Any damage I’ve sustained will be healed, even if I’m at the brink of death. However, that’s just the beginning of the bad news for you. The more times I heal in a fight, my power and strength will just keep increasing.”“And let me guess. The stronger your opponent fights you throughout the battle, the more powerful you’ll become. Am I right?”“Exactly!” He puts his arms down while his fur returns to its white color and continues, “Though to be honest with you, I was hoping I’d be provided a worthy challenge.” He looks at his paw. “Despite this mediocre form, I’ve waited patiently for a strong challenger to fight.” He clenched his paw. “Unfortunately, I had a feeling this world would lack a worthy adversary and I was right.” He leapt into the air, bringing up his spear as he shouted, “THIS PLACE IS FILLED WITH INSECTS AND WEAKLINGS!” The front blade of his spear touched the ground, unleashing a gray wave that destroyed a department store; leveling it down to nothing more than rubble. After getting himself composed, he said in his normal tone, “As much as I want to wipe out this entire city and get off of this godforsaken land of furry freaks. I still have my orders to help that little fluff ball and remain stationed in case the caretaker ever appears.” He stood up and chuckled amusingly, placing a paw on the side of his head. “Who would’ve thought that my luck would start to change when that caretaker appeared and brought a strong fighter without even realizing it before me and Sparx came in contact with her.” He looks at M2 and smiles, “So now, my patience has finally paid-off as I got what I was searching for.”M2 became a little concerned. Not because this wolf knows who the sheep thief was, but because someone already sent him to this world. Worst of all, they know about Tracy being the caretaker to King Mickey’s grimoire. However, there was some kind of connection between this certain “someone” and the Guardians being separated and trapped across the multiverse. He needed to know why, so he asked, “Tell me, who sent you and who’s the identity of the sheep that stole The World Key?”“Tsk, not like you’ll care,” Malik shrugged. “Soon your gonna be nothing more than light and sparkles by the time I’m done with you.” He walks back to where he made his leap while continuing, “But there is one thing I can tell you. That little ball of fluff has a lot of plans for this city. To what it is, I can care less. So before we continue our little fun scuffle, let me ask you the first question. What does the king call you?”His eyes narrowed, then answered the wolf, “It’s M2.”“M2 huh?” he giggled softly while slowly shaking his head as the name didn’t seem much to him. “Well then, you can call me Malik the Hunter. Remember it…” He makes his spear vanish. “...on your way to oblivion.” He spreads his legs, brings his arms to the sides, and crouches slightly; almost like he was about to try something which made M2 create his swords and crossed his arms, preparing himself for what’s to come next. “Allow me to ask you one last question. Do you have enough strength or magic left…to withstand this?” The pages of Malik’s grimoire turned and stopped at a page, and his body began to glow gray. “You should feel honored. You’re going to witness my Manifestation in its final form.” He started to grunt; only to stop midway, and the glowing gray to fade instantly, when he saw light at the distance.M2 turns around and sees the same light just miles away from where they were, then the earth starts to shake and both of them sense a familiar power. For Malik, his eyes widened with absolute shock as he recognized what that was. “It can’t be,” he said softly while straightening up. “That’s impossible. The last time I sensed that caretaker’s power, it was no different than that of a Corporal’s level. She could barely even lift a finger, but now her Magical Energy just tripled in a matter of hours.” Despite his shock, a malicious grin began to form. “Well, then, let’s see how powerful she really is when facing me.”The mouse gave a small gasp at what Malik meant, and he wasn’t going to allow it. Facing the arctic wolf, he turns his swords back into balls of light and casts, “Blinding Light!” He clapped his hands together, merging the two balls, while closing his eyes as a blinding flashing white light surrounded them. The wolf covered his face with both paws, yelping in pain from the sudden flash that caused his vision to be temporarily blinded. Taking this chance, M2 turns the other way, and crouches down low. “Hasteja!”With a burst of speed that kicked up dust while making a small boom, he zoomed away, leaving behind a grunting Malik as he tried to rub the light of his eyes to restore his vision. When he sensed M2 leaving, he threw a fist and shouted, “GET BACK HERE! YOU CAN’T ESCAPE FROM ME!”The zipping mouse clone didn’t stop running, he kept his senses open while at the same time used his Guardian Instinct to stretch out his vision. He needed to know what became of Tracy at the Savanna Central. When he found her, there was no sign of the Chimera Brain but there was only half of the Daemon army that remained. On top of that, he saw a light-blue aura surrounding her and glowing eyes. This meant that she had the same power he does along with her magic fully awakened. Unfortunately, without his guidance, she may unintentionally do something too drastic. Putting the pedal to the medal, he speeds through streets and crossroads before making a mighty leap over a tall building and into the air. Above the city, he sees another flash of light, feeling Tracy’s power from higher-up. As he descends, he slides his feet on the side of the building, then jumps midway to another side of a building before running back fast on the road.While zigging and zagging from one direction of the road to the next, he once again felt Tracy’s immense power before vanishing completely. That was not a good sign. If there weren’t any Daemons left, then she’ll be completely lost as she had no idea on how to properly use her Guardian Instinct. Although on the plus side, he should be proud of her for destroying her first High-Class Daemon and an entire horde; all without his help. Putting that to the side, he had to focus on trying to get to Savanna Central before he was too late. Upon taking another turn, he finally managed to arrive in Savanna Central; only to notice with wide eyes that Tracy was about to unleash her Shining spell in her recently acquired sword towards Judy and Nick at a near point-blank range. If used, it can either tear those two to shreds or kill them completely. With not a second to spare, he slides his feet to slow down his speed while making the ground screech as he came towards the oblivious cat., (Tracy)I was back in that same white place again. One second I was running towards Judy and Nick who were being chased by the Chimera Brain, and next thing I know everything became bright. What the heck is this place? Better yet, where were my two friends? I can’t stay in this place, I’ve got to get back! I have to save them!Runes started to dance here and there across the white place, then each of them formed a sentence. Almost like they were talking to me as one sentence asked me, Do you wish to save?What kind of a question is that? I asked mentally. Of course I want to save!Another sentence forms. Do you wish for the power to protect?Yes, I need power! I have to protect my friends!As if it answered my call, I saw King Mickey’s grimoire right in front of me open up and the pages flipping till it was at the center, then a spiral of light forms. I remember now, I’ve seen this before along with these symbols and the same questions back at Mr. Big’s. The reason why I couldn’t remember was when the connection was cut and the magic erased my memory. What else did I forget? I know there was something else after this.When I saw a black handle with a silver jewel on the pommel slowly coming out of the book, I finally remembered this last part. With nothing getting in my way this time, I reached forward and gently grabbed the handle, then started to pull until something came out. There were sparkles of light for a brief moment and I saw a blade. This thing that I was holding was a sword…my sword. I couldn’t explain it, but I had a feeling that this weapon was made for me. Like the moment I receive a grimoire, this sword was meant to come out and serve me. As strange as it was, that’s how I felt.The feeling soon passed as the white place suddenly changed into a light-blue mist. I still couldn’t see everything at first till another sentence from the runes formed. Now, awaken your instinct.I was confused. What was that supposed to mean? That was when it happened. I felt an overwhelming but familiar malicious intent of the Chimera Brain and a blood-red aura surrounding it right in front of me, then a body takes shape as I can see it. However, it remained frozen the way it was. I don’t know why, but I didn’t care. This thing had to be stopped before it harmed more innocent lives. The problem is, I can’t cast a powerful spell to destroy this monster like The Shining. Now that’ll put it down for good.The runes once again started to dance; almost like they knew what I wanted as another sentence was formed. Unleash your first spell that lies dormant within you.I felt power surging somewhere, then looked and saw my sword surrounded in white aura. This was the spell, but I don’t even have enough magic to pull this off…Wait a second. M2 said that I’ll feel my magic awakening. The power surge that I felt just now wasn’t my sword…It was me! So this is what a magical awakening looks like! I see a page from King Mickey’s grimoire glow and rune symbols appearing on that page, and those same runes showing me before my eyes on what my first spell is. I knew what I had to do and I got the one thing I needed. Although to be honest, this is my first-time casting a spell like this, so I brought the blade diagonally to my waist and hoped this works.Here goes nothing…SHINING BLADE!I brought the blade up and heard a wa-shing as a line of light went right up the middle of the Chimera Brain, yet the large beast still stood. Did it not work? Was there not enough magic I used?The overwhelming aura of the Daemon suddenly vanishes and the Chimera Brain was cut in two while it roared before exploding into black mists and disappearing completely. It worked?...It actually worked?...Ahahaha! It worked! Woohoo! Take that you overgrown mutant! This is what happens when you mess with my friends!My moment of triumph ended just as it began as there were still more Daemons to destroy. Speaking of which, I know I could’ve sworn I’ve heard a mixture of other screams after the Chimera Brain was destroyed. Bringing my sword down and looking to the side, I found more Goblins and Gargoyles, each of them possessing the same purple aura. Somehow, I can sense they were frightened. Good. They should be scared, because they’ve just messed with the wrong girl.Putting my other paw on the handle and raising my sword up, I could feel The Shining spell flow through my blade and they started to scream and scatter. Oh no you don’t! Shining Blade!I brought the blade down as another line of light came and half of the Daemons auras vanished and their forms disappearing in black mists. Looking back to the other half that was trying to get away, my spell was ready to use again. You're not getting away! I won’t let a single one of you escape from me! You're all gonna end up the same way as the others! Shining Blade!I did a diagonal slash, making a third line of light as it came and went, destroying the other half of the Daemons. When that was finished, I looked around and hoped there was still more out there. I mean, the fight can’t be over, right? If there was at least one, I wouldn’t allow it to leave before my duel with Sparx as these things are far too dangerous to be roaming around. My body started to react without warning and made me bring my sword up as something connected with a cling. Was it some kind of a weapon that a Daemon used to connect to my sword?...No, I would’ve felt a push or maybe a struggle. So where was the attack coming from?My body reacts again and blocks something using my sword. It didn’t take long for…whatever it was, to make contact with the blade again and causing it to spark a little after it was blocked. It seemed the attack was coming right in front of me. The problem was, I couldn’t see a single Daemon. Were they hiding their presence? Swinging my weapon and blocking off yet another mysterious strike, I was starting to get aggravated. Alright, that does it!I don’t know where they are hiding, but I’m really getting sick of this. Bringing my sword sideways, my spell flowed through the blade, ready to be used for the fourth time while I grunted, Let’s see you Daemons hide from this! Shining-“Tracy, stop!”That voice…that was M2’s voice!I felt his arms wrapped around my chest and wrist, preventing me from casting the spell while I grunted and struggled. What is he doing?! Doesn’t he realize that I have to stop these Daemons before Sparx arrives? “Tracy, you need to calm down and relax,” he said in my ear. “You’re already in your awakened state and have gained Guardian Instinct. If you don’t calm yourself, you’ll end up either hurting someone you care about or end up destroying something with your magic.”I stopped struggling as realization hit me. I’ve seen what The Shining does from M2, but I don’t know how much I put into it or the damage I’ve accidentally done without realizing it. Worst of all, what was Guardian Instinct? Was it this light-blue mist surrounding my vision? Thoughts aside, M2 said to me, “Now, take a deep breath, relax your muscles, and calm yourself.”Listening to him, I calmed myself down by relaxing my entire body and taking a deep breath. The moment I exhaled, the mist surrounding my vision faded and I could see my two friends clearly while I heard something drop but didn’t bother to look as M2 released me. This was too cute seeing those two hugging together, but I noticed Judy looking at me worried with her nose twitching and Nick sighing in relief. “Guys…” I said slowly to them. “What-”“Lightning Wheel!”I sharply looked up, seeing Sparx in the air and front flipping with electricity surrounding him like a wheel. He goes down towards me and my friends while I yelp.Uh-oh! Looks like time’s up!, With not a second to spare, M2 quickly grabs Tracy and jumps away with Judy and Nick doing the same. The resulting contact and explosion on the ground from Sparx’s attack caused them to be pushed back further as the mouse clone easily rolled away and slid on the ground, keeping his arms wrapped tightly around the young tabby, and the fox rolls while he kept his arms on the rabbit until they came to a stop. When the dust settled, Sparx slowly stood up and looked at both M2 and Tracy, ignoring Judy and Nick who could only look with wide worried eyes. The mouse clone stood up, eyes remaining serious while he released the girl and placed the grimoire back in the bag. However, no sooner had the teenaged tabby raised her sword, ready to face-off against the young fox, and taken two steps, her legs started giving away. She would’ve collapsed if the mouse hadn’t caught her and kept her up. “Can you still move your arms?” he asked.“A little, but not fast enough,” she answered. “If I wanna be honest with you, I don’t know the first thing about swordplay and I was hoping you’d cover me until I cast another Shining Blade spell so I can finish this fight.”“Well, first-time for anything,” he said, giving a small giggle. “Here, let me help you.” He gently places his two hands on top of her paws that were still holding the handle. Tracy looked at him while M2 smiled, “I did promise that I will guide you when the time comes. Did I not?”“Yeah,” she nodded. “Now’s the time for you to live up to that promise.”The two of them look towards Sparx, seeing him quickly charge.“Here he comes!”With M2 being her legs and his hands guiding her sword, due to having no training or any experience in sword combat other than just swinging it and casting spells, brings it up as the blade makes contact with Sparx’s katana. The two blades danced while the combatants slowly circled without taking off their gazes. Sparx parries a strike and tries to slash sideways, but the mouse who still had Tracy jumps back and runs sideways. The young fox did the same before the fighters jumped and clashed their weapons, creating sparks as their backs were facing each other. They quickly spun around and connected their swords, trying to push the other one away, but M2’s and Tracy’s combined strength managed to push first, and once again metal upon metal clanged through each strike. Neither side moved from their spot as the fighters kept clashing and clanging their respective weapons. That was until Sparx pushed up the sword and kicked Tracy, causing both her and M2 to grunt as they were sent flying, but the mouse recovered by backflipping and sliding his feet upon landing on the ground. Standing back up, they charged at one another. No sooner have they done that, a spear suddenly lands between them as the teenaged tabby yelps while a voice shouts, “BACKOFF!”M2, Tracy, and every mammal present from the battle, looked up and saw Malik who was in the air. “If anyone is gonna be fighting those two…” he said while descending down to the ground and walking towards his spear. “It’s going to be me!” Pulling the spear out of the ground, he looks at Sparx and adds sharply, “So put away your sword and backoff, puppet!”Sparx obediently backs away a bit while sheathing his katana. Malik eyes the area around him, noticing not a single Daemon or that Chimera Brain in sight. A smile slowly crept upon his muzzle before giving a light giggle in amusement. “Well, it seems you’ve taken out all the Daemons. Hell, you even took out the Chimera Brain without any trouble at all.” The moment he looked at M2 and the young tabby, his smile quickly faded and was replaced with confusion.He didn’t know what this odd stance was with the way M2 was holding her, but cared less. The reason for his confusion is the girl's energy. He couldn’t sense a single drop; almost like one moment it was there, the next gone. “What is this?” his eyes narrowed. “What happened to all that Magical Energy just now?” He points his spear directly at the teenaged cat. “Don’t tell me that’s all of it you used. There has to be more.”M2 raises Tracy’s blade up, helping her guard against whatever Malik was about to pull next.The arctic wolf growls, impatient that he came all the way here just to see a weak little cat being guided by M2 and not showing at least a bit of the power he felt earlier. “Fine. If you won’t show me your power…” He makes his spear vanish before spreading his legs and bringing his arms to the sides. “...then I’ll give you a taste of mine.”He grunts as pebbles start to shake, then the earth starts to slowly tremble. The trembling picks up into a small earthquake as his grunting grows louder. Gray aura surrounds him and the wind slowly picks up before throwing his head up and shouting. His aura glows while the wind picks up speed, forcing the mammals to cover their faces. Tracy’s heart began to beat fast with absolute fear from the power she was feeling in Malik. Unlike the malicious aura she felt that concealed the Chimera Brains power, this aura revealed itself as it was filled with absolute savagery. It wanted to fight someone strong with ruthless ferocity to satiate its endless hunger for battle. Her blade started to shake as she couldn’t take her eyes off of him. It was like she was staring at another Daemon. Only this time, it was the form of a human who hid behind the body of a wolf. M2 sensed her distress and gently squeezed her paws while saying to Tracy telepathically, It’s alright. I know he looks frightening, but remember what I said to you?If you're afraid of something you’ve got to stand and face it. Turn that fear into a weapon of hope and use it to protect others.That’s right! Now, take a deep breath and relax. Don’t ever let the fear win over you.She took a deep breath through the nose and exhaled out through the mouth, keeping herself completely composed and not letting the fear take control as her body relaxes.The earthquake starts to slowly cease, but Malik’s aura still surrounds him. When he looked back at them, Malik said in a hard tone, “Now, show me your power.” Leaping into the air, spear raised, he shouts while M2 and Tracy raise the sword. The moment his spear made contact with the blade, half of his created weapon shattered like glass. This completely shocked him and his momentary stupor gave the mouse and cat the opening they needed. The mouse clone raises his hand towards him and the tabby quickly flicks her arm, getting her Magi-Gun pistol out of her sleeve and points it as both balls of light form respectively. “Light!”“Plus Pearl!” M2 added while he unleashed his spell, with Tracy pulling the trigger. Malik was pushed back, causing him to slide as the balls of light merged. “Combination Magic: Holy Pearl Bullet!”Malik could only grunt as the combined spell exploded on his chest.Judy and Nick looked at one another. Wondering what the heck that was? Tracy felt the same as she could only stare with wide eyes. “Whoa!” she said in surprise. “What was that?”“That was a combination,” he answered while Tracy looked at him. “I’ll explain more about it when we have the time.”They heard a giggle and looked ahead as the dust dissipated. Much to Judy and Nick’s shock, the arctic wolf remained standing with his chest still smoking. “You can’t be serious?” the fox muttered.“Not bad,” Malik said to the mouse and cat. “Not bad at all.” He looks at both his chest and the half destroyed spear. Normally, M2’s magic would barely do any damage as long as his Psycho Armor healed him from the pain. This was different. The way that mouse combined with the caretaker’s power somehow managed to do a bit more damage than expected. In fact, that sword the little girl carried had broken his weapon and he didn't know how it became possible. He could care less about that as it made him giggle again and look up at the two. “But that’s not nearly the farcry of your full power.” He brings his half-spear to the side. “If you won’t show me the extent of it…” Using his magic, he restored his spear to its original form while the pages of his grimoire flipped and stopped before he shouted, “THEN I’LL JUST HAVE TO FORCE IT RIGHT OUT OF YA!”With a grunt, he swings his spear at the ground and unleashes a wide gray wave towards them.“M2!”“Don’t worry, I got it!” He and Tracy raised the sword up. “Full Counter!”The sword makes contact with the attack, causing it to explode as gray mixed with light is redirected back at Malik; twice as wide as it originally was. “Get down!” Nick yelled as he covered Judy with his body from the dirt and debris that followed.M2 and Tracy raised the sword, their guard not faltering even once as they waited for Malik to make his next move. By the time the dust settled, Malik had vanished. As they wondered where’d he disappeared to, Judy and Nick sat up; only to gasp and yell to them in unison, “Look out behind you!”They quickly turned around, too late to even swing the weapon or cast a spell as Malik grabbed both M2’s neck and the blade of Tracy’s sword. Picking them up, he yanks the sword out of their grasp, causing Tracy to yelp and fall on her rear. Just like when Chief Bogo took the bag that contained King Mickey’s grimoire, her sword was surrounded in stardust and enlarged. Pointing her pistol at the arctic wolf, she yelled, “Let him go!”She pulled the trigger, but Malik easily moved his head to the side a little as a white energy went past him. He kicks the girl hard, sending her flying and rolling backwards upon landing on the ground. The Magi-Gun pistol that she once had flew out of her grasp and bounced and slid till it was right across from Judy and Nick. “Leave her out of this!” M2 grunted while the arctic wolf turned his eyes towards him. “If you wanna fight someone, fight me!”Malik brought the mouse to eye-level. “Oh don’t worry, we’ll finish what we started after I have my fun with the caretaker.” He smiles at him and adds, “That’s if she’s still alive when you come back.”He tossed M2 hard, sending him whizzing towards a digital billboard as the mouse clone crashed, sending sparks that rained down from the building.“M2!” Judy yelled helplessly.Tracy looked up to where M2 crashed, nose bleeding after getting kicked so hard. Malik places the handle of Tracy’s sword in his other paw and examines it. “Hm, fancy sword,” he said before tossing it on the ground as it slides in front of her. “Pick it up and get on your feet.”She looks at him and the sword that laid before her.“I said pick it up…” he said slowly, growling in aggravation. “And on. Your. FEET!” Spittles came out of his muzzle after shouting the last word.Tracy jumped a little from that shout and crawled her way to the sword. Grabbing the handle, the weapon was surrounded in stardust again and shrunk down to size. Using the blade as a crutch, due to her legs still feeling weak and wobbly, she slowly stood up. Malik recreates his spear while the pages of his grimoire flipped and stopped, and gray balls surround him as he says to her, “Now, before that mouse comes back, be a good girl and entertain me.” He waves an arm, sending a gray ball towards her as he adds by yelling, “And show me your full power!”Gaining a second wind, Tracy yelped and jumped away as the gray ball exploded on the ground.“C’mon! Stop holding back!” The grimoire flipped and stopped at another page as he swiped his spear at the ground, sending a surge of gray energy at her, but the cat quickly rolled away. “Let me see your strength!” He sends two more gray balls towards her, forcing the young tabby to roll sideways left and right as each one explodes. Tracy pants in fear and crawls away from Malik while he says to her, “Stop crawling like a mear insect and show me how strong you are!”Another surge of gray forces her to roll sideways and yelp again, making her face Malik while she crawls backwards and he slowly walks towards her. “Let me see that power you used to destroy those Daemons!”He sends more gray balls at her, forcing Tracy to crawl a little faster as each of them explodes.“Show me!”Tracy yelps as a gray ball explodes close to her feet.“I SAID SHOW ME!”He brought his spear down and unleashed a stronger surge of gray energy. Tracy screams as the attack explodes, sending her flying and rolling hard on the ground. She groans and looks at Malik, her lip now bleeding. “Girl, your trying my patience,” he scowled while continuing his slow walk. “Show me that power or I will-”Malik had to dodge a tranquilizer dart that was aimed at his head and looked to the direction it was fired. Chief Bogo had his tranquilizer pistol out his holster, aimed right at the wolf. “C’mon everyone! We have to help!” he yelled.The police mammals and soldiers who watched this horrible predicament unfolding for poor Tracy stood on the sidelines long enough. They all shouted and charged at Malik while the chief switched between his tranquilizer pistol that he had in one hoof and the Pulsar Pistol that he borrowed from a soldier in the other hoof. The arctic wolf blocked some darts and energy rounds that were fired with his spear and raised his paw, stopping more darts that came at the other mammals’ tranquilizer weapons.While he twirled his spear with a single paw as even more darts and energy rounds were fired at the charging mammals, Malik growled and swiped his arm, shouting, “MISERABLE INSECTS!”A line of explosions forms in front of the charging mammals, causing them to scream and be blown back from the force. “Chief Bogo!” Tracy yelled.Chief Bogo groans and sits up while Malik points his spear and yells to all the mammals, “Don’t interfere, you weaklings! This is between me and the caretak-Ah!”Malik felt something small pierce his shoulder and reached over to pull it out, seeing a small tranquilizer dart. Looking behind with narrowed eyes, Judy stood pointing at her now empty tranquilizer pistol as that was her last dart. She hoped that would knock him out, but much to her shock, he still stood. “Seriously?” he questioned her, crushing the dart he had in his paw. “Did you honestly think…” he raised his spear, “...that a single dart like this can stop me?”Piyu!“Ah!” Malik felt pain on his right arm.“Maybe not,” came the voice of Nick as the wolf looked baring his teeth. He sees the fox pointing a Magi-Gun, something that he picked up after Tracy dropped it. “But this sure as heck will. Now get away from her!”He pulled the trigger twice, but Malik easily blocked before raising his paw. The Magi-Gun Nick had was yanked out of his paw and with one swing of the spear, the pistol was cut in two. Raising his paw again, Judy and Nick were surrounded in a gray aura and lifted into the air until they were floating side by side in front of the wolf.“Hopps! Wilde!” Chief Bogo yelled as he quickly got up and charged at Malik while shouting.“I thought I said…” Malik says slowly before turning around, paw raised at the charging chief, and adds by yelling, “Don’t interfere!”Chief Bogo was sent flying, a gray aura surrounding him for a brief moment, and landed while sliding on the ground. “Bogo!” Nick and Judy yelled in unison.When he stopped sliding, a male wolf and rhino cop went to him while the wolf said, “Chief!”As the two mammal cops sit him up, Malik turns his attention back to Judy and Nick, saying to them, “Don’t think that I haven’t forgotten about you two. We have some unfinished business, now that I know the both of you are still alive.”“Leave them alone!” Tracy yelled.Malik looks at her, noticing she was slowly getting back up with the help of her sword. He looks at Judy and Nick, and back at the girl, then back at them. A smile grew on his muzzle as he said, “Ah, I see now.” He looked to the young tabby. “You care about these pests, don’t you?”She didn’t answer him.“Well then…” he makes his spear vanish and the pages of his grimoire flip and stop on a page. “Let’s find out.”He slowly clenches his paw, causing Judy and Nick to grunt as they were slowly being crushed by his powers. “Stop it!” Tracy yelled as she tried to run; only to collapse on her front.When he got the reaction he was hoping for, Malik said to her, “If you want me to stop, then show me that power.”“But I…I…”“But I can’t do it,” he mockingly cooed. “Is that what you're gonna say? Don’t give me that crap! I know what I felt earlier and I wanna see it again!” He hears something being fired and raises his paw, catching a tranquilizer dart in between his two fingers. Some of the police mammals and soldiers got up and charged at Malik, but the arctic wolf growled and swiped his arm while saying to them, “I thought I told you all to not interfere!” A surge of gray energy shoots out towards several mammals, knocking them aside. “Why must you pathetic weaklings keep getting in my way?!” He swings his arm sideways and unleashes another surge towards the last group of charging mammals, sending them flying from the blast. When they were all out of the way, he looked at Sparx and ordered, “If any of them interfere again, puppet, kill them!” He walked till he was right next to the young tabby and continued where he left off, “Now then, I’m going to give you the count of three. If you don’t show me that power, then you can watch your little furry friends’ bones turn to dust and maybe I’ll just kill the rest of these weaklings, see if any of them might be close. So don’t make me repeat myself, because this is the last time. One…”He slowly clenches his paw again as Judy and Nick grunt even louder while Tracy slowly gets up on one knee.“Two…”Judy and Nick screamed loud, arms and legs now pinned to their bodies. It felt like they were being constricted by the coils of a snake that was trying to crush them from the inside. “HOPPS! WILDE!” Chief Bogo shouted while all the mammals, both the police and soldiers, could only watch helplessly as Malik’s paw was almost fully clenched.“Thr-”Light-blue aura surrounds Tracy and she stands. “Leave…” she said in a hard tone. “ friends…” She looked at Malik, eyes glowing the same color as her aura. “ALOOOOOOONE!”Savanna Central glowed light-blue from Tracy’s shout. The earth trembled violently and a massive wind appeared before them, forcing Malik to cover his face with one arm and close his eyes while the other mammals ducked or did the same; albeit with a single arm or both arms. The ground around Tracy cracked and she charged forward by jumping. The arctic wolf could only catch a brief glimpse of her shouting and bringing out a fist to his midsection. When her fist connected, shockwaves vibrated on the ground, and the wolf’s air escaped his muzzle before being launched backwards by the attack.The shockwave pushed Judy and Nick aside as they landed hard on the ground, and Malik whizzed towards the blockade, crashing the police cars as they flipped sideways and sparked upon landing on the concrete. The wolf’s feet dug on the road, but he didn’t slow down. So he placed both paws on the hard asphalt, digging through it while at the same time using his powers to try and slow down. It worked as he finally slowed down to a slide until he came to a complete stop. He coughs out a glob of saliva and clutches his midsection, breathing heavily from the punch received by that cat. For the first-time, he was taken by surprise by that girl’s immense strength. No one, especially someone so young, was able to hit that hard unless it was a Grandmaster Guardian. But she was no Guardian, that little cat was nothing more than a caretaker trying to deliver a single book that’s not even hers, yet she was able to damage him. With a smile of absolute pleasure and an evil chuckle, he said in amusement, “Now that’s more like it. This is the power that I-”“SHIIIINNNNNGGGG!”He looked ahead, noticing that he was literally several miles away from where he was launched and saw a large glow. Tracy had her sword raised, the king’s grimoire floating right next to her as the pages had already flipped and stopped at only a single page that contained one spell, and a huge white aura was above her head. She brings one foot over and brings it down while shouting with all her might, “BLAAAADE!”A large wave of light shot towards Malik, destroying the barricade as the cars exploded. The wolf laughs while the pages of his grimoire flipped and stopped, and he charged forward to the attack with his right paw raised, saying, “Seriously? First you hit me in the gut and now you're gonna use a Holy Magic spell against me. Pathetic!” A gray shield surrounds him as he went through the wave and kept on going like it meant nothing to him. “An attack like this is no match for-”Crack!Malik gasped as more cracks webbed around his shield. “What?!” he said with shock. “But how’s this-”His shield shattered like glass and he screamed as Malik was engulfed in light.A massive explosion for all of Zootopia to hear erupted, sending miles of dust that reached Savanna Central. When the dust cloud slowly settled, both the police mammals and soldiers could only gaze with wide shocked eyes when they saw a large trench spread across the road and went straight on for miles, bits of fire dotted the ground and broken machinery from the destroyed barricade lay strewn in the dirt. Tracy remained in the same position when she brought down her sword, and the aura surrounding her also remained.The mammals slowly got up while Chief Bogo did the same with the wolf and rhino cop helping him. “Is it over, Chief?” the wolf asked.“Did…Did we win?” the rhino added.Chief Bogo softly giggled before bursting into laughter and happily exclaimed with a hoof raised, “Yes! We’ve won!”Every mammal once again bursted into cheers for Tracy as she had defeated that wolf. “Alright!” cried a male tiger cop. “Now that’s what I call a cat with claws!” He laughed while a male elephant cop couldn’t agree more as he playfully headlocked the tiger and trumpeted.While everyone continued their cheering for Tracy’s victory, Chief Bogo stopped his cheering when he saw her aura vanish and collapse on her front. This worried him a little as she may need medical attention. The problem was, he and the others couldn't get past Sparx since he was still under orders from that wolf to kill anyone that ever interfered. Now that the arctic wolf was finished, their next problem would have to be to apprehend the boy without harming him. That was gonna be tricky as they’re going to need more backup.Tracy breathed heavily from using up so much magic to beat Malik. Her whole body felt like weights were strapped on her as she couldn’t move her limbs. If only she could reach for her Mega-Elixir inside the bag, then she’ll be back on her feet in no time. Moving her head a little from the strain, she sees her unconscientious friends and smiles at them. “I did it, guys,” she said softly. “You're safe.”Tears of happiness flowed out of her eyes, knowing that she protected them not once but twice in one night.Unfortunately, the victory did not last long as she heard a faint evil laughter. The evil laugh increased till every mammal heard its maniacal cry. Out of the lingering cloud of dust, everyone became shocked when a familiar figure slowly stepped forth…It was Malik!“No…that’s impossible!” the wolf said, finding this hard to believe.“I’ll say,” the rhino agreed. “How could he still be standing and come out unscathed from that blast?”“I wouldn’t say that,” Chief Bogo said while pointing. “Look.”Every mammal noticed the same thing Chief Bogo was seeing. Even though Malik had survived Tracy’s powerful attack, that didn’t mean he came out unharmed. His right arm was smoking, his sleeve completely torn to shreds, and bits of pink were showing off out of his white fur. “Yes!” he cried out loudly. “After all these years, I’ve finally found someone who can answer my strength! No one, and I mean nobody has been able to break through my Psycho Barrier spell or damage my Psycho Armor!” He looked at the young tabby, who seemed completely shocked to see him in one piece after that attack. “Although I never imagined it would be a kid. I don’t know what kind of magic you possess that managed to damage me. Whatever it was, unlike that combination spell you and M2 used that stinged me a bit, this attack of yours actually hurt.” His left paw glowed gray and he brought it towards his smoking arm. Upon touching it, there was a hiss and he grunted before saying through clenched teeth, “That really hurt!” His arm started to glow gray as the smoking dissipated and missing patches of fur began regrowing. “But at the same time…” Right when a patch of fur was about to regrow, he brought his arm towards his smiling muzzle and licked the bald area. “That felt good.” With his arm completely healed, much to shock Tracy further, he recreates his spear and tells her, “Now get up. C’mon, get up! At least make this fight interesting and give me more of that power! It’d be a waste if I killed you now without making this fun for me!”Tracy wanted to get up and stop him, but her body refused to budge.Seeing that this was getting him nowhere, Malik raised a paw and charged a gray ball. “If you won’t get up and release more of that power…” He points his gray ball over to her still unconscientious friends. “Then maybe I should give you more incentive.”“NO STOOOOOP!”“HOPPS! WILDE! NOOO!” Chief Bogo shouted.Tracy and all the mammals could only watch helplessly as the gray ball launched towards Judy and Nick. However, no sooner was it launched, an arrow of fire pierces the gray ball, causing it to explode as Malik grunts and covers his face with one arm while the teenaged cat yelped and her body turns till her front was facing the sky from the force. “What the-”“Malik, that’s enough!”Every mammal looked up and saw another black robed individual floating in the air with a red aura surrounding him. Right next to him was a red grimoire that had a black bow and arrow symbol in the front cover and in his left hand, he had a bow made entirely out of flames. Despite his hood being up, Tracy knew that it was the gorilla who intervened at the last moment. Although she wondered why he didn’t do it sooner but could care less as she was glad that he saved Judy and Nick.“You!” Malik said in a hard tone. “What’re you doing here?! This does not concern you, get out!”“On the contrary, it does.” He floats down to the ground while Malik says to him, “You already had your chance in getting the grimoire from her! Now I’m taking over this fight!”“That’s exactly the point! This fight was never yours to begin with and you’ve interfered long enough! In fact, how dare you intervene in the middle of a duel between the caretaker…” he points to the young fox. “And Sparx over there!” “And how dare you interfere with my prey!” Malik countered. “This girl is mine and no petty duel is gonna stop me from seeing her full strength!”“And you would go this far,” he motioned his arm to the unconscientious Judy and Nick, “to harm these little creatures who can’t even fight?” He points to the teenaged fox again. “Even using Sparx to ensure they can’t fight to protect that girl? Have you no honor?”“Honor? Hah! Honor’s meaningless to me! The only thing I answer to is strength. A warrior’s power comes alive in the heat of battle and only the strongest survive and stand at the top. Anyone who’s weak will end up being crushed. If this child was able to do that.” He points to the damage behind him before bringing up his arm. “And to do this to me is worthy of dying by my hand! If that brat won’t get up and give me more of her power, then maybe I should just kill those pathetic insects starting with those two! If that won’t wake her…” his eyes turn their attention to the chief of police. “I’ll probably kill that buffalo who she calls Bugu or whatever his name is.”The wolf and rhino stood in front of their chief if he ever tried that.“If that still won’t work, I’ll level half of this city and the fluff ball can have what’s left of it, and see if that’ll awaken her power.”“I can’t let you do that. The sheep has plans for this city. If you cause any more damage unless ordered otherwise, you’ll only jeopardize the entire plan.”“Do you honestly think I care? Our purpose here is to cause chaos to every world by any means necessary. If that little sheep wastes my time in not delivering a little bit of chaos, then I will see to it that this city will crumble. Whether it’ll be by my hand or a Daemon’s hand.”“I see,” he sighed. The gorilla walks until he is in front of the police mammals, preventing Malik from coming near Chief Bogo as the wolf makes him his next target. “If you take another step towards these creatures, then I will stop you.”The police mammals and soldiers became confused as a lion cop asked a female polar bear cop, “I don’t get it. Aren’t they supposed to be allies or something?”“It doesn’t appear that way.”Malik growled and said, “So you plan on getting in my way after I warned you that if you did, I will kill you, old man.”“You can try, but don’t expect me to die that easily since you're so obsessed with wanting to fight strong opponents.”“Tsk, so that’s how it’s going to be then.” He gets into his guard stance, pointing the front tip of his spear towards the gorilla.“If that is how it must be.” The gorilla slides his foot backwards, pointing his fire bow before pulling back, revealing a fire line that was connected to it, and another fire arrow manifests as it was aimed towards Malik. “So be it.”The tension was so bad it could almost cut through with a knife. Both of their auras manifest themselves and small bits of cracks surround the bottom of their feet. The mammals seemed to sense what was about to happen next as each of them took a small step backwards. “Uh, I think we might wanna back it up very slowly,” the rhino cop said.“I got a better idea,” Chief Bogo said. “RUN!”Every mammal took off to a run back to police headquarters, knowing this was going to get nasty pretty fast. No sooner had they run, Malik charged while roaring as he brought his spear up and was about to clash with the gorilla.“ENOUGH!” a familiar shouted.There was a loud snap of the fingers. Malik stopped his spear halfway when he sensed powerful magic coming from above. Tracy felt the same, but gasped when she recognized a large rune circle with a mouse symbol and a Roman two numeral appearing above the sky. The wolf, gorilla, and every mammal who stopped, looked up as the rune circle changed to a blue space-like hole. Slowly descending out of the hole were large rocks filled with white wisps.The mammals eyes widened with both terror and shock as the wolf cop said, “What is that?”“Malik!” Every eye turns to the attention of whoever yelled. Tracy grunted and turned her head; only for her eyes to widen when she saw M2 standing beside her, hand raised with a single finger pointing. She didn’t know he appeared, but was happy to know that he came in the nick of time. “If you won’t listen to reason, then maybe you’ll listen to one of King Mickey’s trump cards: Meteor Star Rain!”“M2!” Tracy said to him.The mouse looked down at her and asked, “Are you alright? Can you move?”“No,” she answered. “I can’t move my body, except for my head which I can barely budge.”M2 looked back at Malik when he started chuckling in amusement while already looking back up to the massive spell. “So this is what you’ve been holding out on me,” he said to the clone before looking back to him. “Well played, mouse.”“Why thank you for the compliment. Although, if anyone’s going to level down this entire city, it’s going to be me.”Malik became confused along with the other mammals while others became shocked by what the mouse clone said. “M2, what’re you doing?” Tracy said.“Relax,” he assured her while bending down and gently petting the side of her face. “I know what I’m doing.” He winks for only her to see. “Trust me.”Tracy smiled, despite not nodding in understandment, she could tell that M2 was bluffing. How he intends to go far with this bluff was something she needed to hear to understand further.“What’re you playing at?” Malik asked.“Simple.” M2 stood up and turned his attention to him, face becoming serious. “With one flick of this finger, I’ll unleash the full assault which will not only destroy this city, the caretaker along with the grimoire will be destroyed. Lives will be lost in the process, but you too won’t survive this attack.” He smiles, adding, “That’s if you're lucky, that is. Since I’m holding all the cards, however, I'd like to make a deal with you.”“A deal? What kind of deal?”“Something that’ll benefit the both of us. You wanna fight someone strong, you will get it. I want to ensure that no one gets the king’s grimoire and I intend to do it by any means necessary. If it means fighting you, then I will fight you!”“You? Why would I want to continue our fight after I told you once I’m finished with the caretaker?”“Because, the way she is now, she’s no match for you.” He motioned his arm to the trench. “It is true that she was able to do this, but this is bursted strength, and if she were to fight you like this, she will lose.”“Bursted strength?” Malik questioned. “It’s basically her magic fully awakening,” the gorilla explained. “The power you were trying to force out. She has great power, yes, but lacks the fundamentals on how to control it without causing too much destruction. The only way for her to control this power is through the Guardian Instinct that has now awakened as well.”“What!”Malik was completely taken aback from this revelation. At first he thought that girl was holding back her full power, but the real truth was just her powers awakening. To obtain Guardian Instinct, especially upon awakening, was exceptionally rare. Although, he never expected that her magical awakening to be able to do this much damage, including harming him, was a complete surprise. Looking back at the girl, he wondered how powerful she’ll really be when controlling her powers properly.“Here’s the deal, Malik,” M2 said, bringing the wolf’s attention while the mouse walked away from the cat till he was standing across from the two robed mammals. “You wanna have a taste of that girl’s power, I can provide you that in the form of a duel between herself and Sparx. You wanna have a fight against a strong opponent, then I’ll be your opponent. I still have plenty of magic left in me, but our fight will have to hold off until after the duel. Just think of it this way. The duel will give you a preview of what the caretaker can do and I can provide her with the knowledge on how to use her Guardian Instinct.” He looks behind and addresses Tracy, “You hear that? I’m going to teach you how to use that power when you fight Sparx.” Looking back at the arctic wolf, he continued, “Once this duel is over and the boy is saved, you’ll not only have one but three strong opponents for you to fight. If you choose to continue this path, I will use this spell to destroy everything. Either way, it’s a win or lose situation, and as I already said I hold all the cards.” He smiles and adds, “And I can tell you don’t want to lose, at least not like this since there’s that one thing you can’t obtain if the girl’s dead.”The arctic wolf thought about this for a moment. He won’t deny that he was in a tough situation. The caretaker holding that book was far too important to be destroyed and the mouse made a lot of valid points. If the girl manages to survive, he’ll have more opponent’s to play with and be able to continue the fight where he left off against M2. This made him smile as he wondered what this cat can demonstrate against the power of an Elemental Guardian. “Very well,” he agreed. “I’ll play spectator for now. However, I’m going to compensate to ensure this duel pleases me. But first thing’s first, take off the spell, then get that brat on her feet. After that, heal those two insects that are still on the ground.”“Alright,” M2 nods before waving a finger. “No tricks now, or else I will bring back this spell and unleash it.”With a loud snap of his fingers, the large rocks returned to the space-like hole and closed up while stardust appeared on the darkened sky after closing before vanishing instantly. The mouse walks over to Tracy, bends down to lift her head up, and is about to take out all her Potions and Ethers. “Wait,” she stopped him. “There’s a Mega-Elixir in my bag.”Taking off her bag, he digs through and pulls out the flask, which miraculously stayed in one piece. “Ah, good girl. Always have a contingency plan is what the king would definitely say.” Taking the cork out with his teeth and spitting it out, he brings it over to her mouth while saying, “Open wide and down the hatch.”When the liquid touched her tongue, she tasted mixed berries and didn’t hesitate to keep drinking. M2 helped by letting her guzzle it down as she was clearly exhausted and needed all the energy she could get before the duel resumed. As the flask was devoid of every last drop, she gave a small burp and her body glowed greenish-blue, then the mouse casually threw the empty glass over his shoulder.The young tabby stood up and stretched, feeling some popping in the process. After popping her neck a little, she dusts her arms, getting some dirt off them, before getting on all fours and shaking off the rest of the dust. Standing back up, she fixes her hair, but had to stop as she reminded herself about her two friends. “Judy! Nick!”While she ran to them, leaving her sword behind, M2 picked up the weapon and shouldered her empty bag. He then walked over to the king’s grimoire that still lay in the dirt with the pages opened, and closed it before picking it up, dusting off the dirt, and putting it back in the bag where it belonged. Following Tracy, the young tabby had already moved their bodies till their fronts were facing up. She placed her ear on each of their chests, hearing the slow beating of their hearts as they were barely alive. Knowing that she wouldn’t have Potions to help them, or have enough time to get out her badge and bring out a new Mega-Elixir, she called, “M2!”“Don’t worry,” he raised a hand assuringly. “I got it. Curaza!”His hand glowed green, then a green glow surrounds Judy and Nick. Followed by a green circle and bellflowers sprouting above with a bell that chimed. When the spell finished its work, the fox and rabbit groaned and slowly sat up. Before they had a chance to open their eyes, they felt an arm wrap around each of their necks and heard the voice of Tracy yelling, “Judy! Nick!”Taken a little by surprise, they eventually wrapped their arms around her in a group hug. “Are you guys okay?”“Well, I’m fine,” Nick answered first before placing a paw on the side of his neck and stretched it, causing it to give out a few pops. “A little stiff for some weird reason after nearly getting squeezed, but otherwise I’ll live.”“Yeah, same here,” Judy answered next while bringing her paws to her back and bending it forward, making some pops as she groans.The three of them stood up while Judy and Nick continued stretching and popping their bodies. However, as Judy finished popping her neck, her eyes widened and she gasped. “What?” the fox said. “What’s the matter?”Judy points and Nick’s gaze follows. “Huh?!”Nick and Judy see the same trench that Tracy created, but have no idea how as they were unconscientious.“Okay, will somebody please explain what the heck just happened?”“Well, uh…” Tracy slowly explained. “Well you see…it’s kinda hard to-”Her explanation was cut short as Judy and Nick’s bodies were surrounded in gray aura and were lifted up. The fox yelped and the rabbit cop said, “Oh no, not again!”They were thrown aside towards the group of mammals, screaming as they sailed. “Guys!” Tracy yelled and was about to run after them, but M2 wrapped his arms around her, keeping her from taking another step.The fox and rabbit rolled upon landing on the ground, and Chief Bogo ran to them saying, “Hopps! Wilde! Are you two alright?”“Yeah, we’re fine,” Nick said in a hard tone, clearly aggravated from floating in the air for the second time tonight before slamming a fisted paw to the ground. “But seriously? This is getting really annoying!”Nick suddenly gasped, followed by Judy as her eyes widened again.“What?” Chief Bogo said, confused by their sudden looks. “What’s wrong?”“Your chest!” Judy points. “Look at your chest!”Chief Bogo looks at his chest, seeing a gray dagger literally inches away from piercing his heart. Every mammal looked at their own chests and saw the same dagger appearing while Judy and Nick watched before looking at their chests, seeing small daggers manifesting close to their hearts. Malik raised a paw towards a police car, lifting it up and bringing it towards him before dropping it. He sits on the front hood and yells, “Caretaker!” Tracy and M2 looked at attention.“You better make this entertaining or else I will kill them all!” He turned his attention to the mammals. “Your job is to only spectate! If any of you creature's attempt to escape or try to help the caretaker in this duel, you die! As of right now, your lives are in her paws!”Tracy couldn’t take her eyes off all the mammals, including both of friends and Chief Bogo as the stakes became high. “Tracy, look at me,” M2 said, bringing his hand to her chin and making her look at his eyes. “Don’t pay attention to them.” He hangs her bag back on her shoulder. “Focus only on the duel.” He takes her paw and places the handle of her sword there, and did the same thing before the duel was interrupted. “And don’t worry. While I help you defend, I’ll teach you how to use Guardian Instinct at the same time.”“Sparx!” Malik said sharply. “Take off your robe and release your full power! Don’t you dare hold back anything from the caretaker and go all-out!”Sparx faces Tracy and quickly sheds away his black robe and tosses it aside, revealing his true attire that consisted of a yellow karuta sashinuki jacket, light-yellow gi that was tucked into black pants with a white buckled utility belt that had his sheath sword strapped to the side of his waist and a white bag containing his grimoire behind him, and light-brown forearm guards. Taking out his katana, he turns the blade sideways, brings a single paw forward to the handle and says, “Come forth, Plasma Blade!”Tracy’s eyes widened with complete shock as she watched Sparx’s katana glow. The blade disappears and the handle completely changes to a yellowish-white metallic cylinder, then…pishoo, a yellow energy beam appears. From what she remembered after reading the book, weapons that come out of the grimoire possess transformational abilities. She did not expect Sparx to possess a weapon like that of his own, nor would it seem her own sword stood a chance against that.The young fox charged and Tracy cried, “Oh no!”“Now don’t panic,” M2 calmly assured her.“I’m not panicking…” Sparx leaps into the air, his energy beam raised. “I’M FREAKING OUUUUUUUUT!”M2 brings up the sword while Tracy turns her head away and yelps. Clang!Tracy slowly opens her eyes, seeing the energy beam connected to her sword, much to her confusion. She expected the blade would cut in two along with herself and M2, but it remained as it were. “But…But how is this-”“That’s because your weapon is an enchanted weapon that came out of the grimoire. The same as Sparx.”“Yeah, I already know about that. I’ve read the book.”“Then you also need to know that when an enchanted weapon like yours comes out of the grimoire, it’s not the same as an ordinary sword.”“What’s that supposed to mean and how did you know about my sword coming out of the grimoire?”“Remember, I’m connected to the king’s grimoire. I’ve seen you almost pull it out the first time. Now that it’s finally out, your weapon is special and what I mean by not being an ordinary sword, it’s because it can’t be destroyed.”Tracy wasn’t sure she heard this right and looked at him. “What?”“You heard me. Your sword cannot be destroyed, even if it were to clash with another enchanted weapon. Nothing anywhere across the multiverse can destroy an enchanted weapon.”“So…that means…”“Exactly! You have nothing to fear about losing your weapon!” He pushed the sword up. “The only thing you need to worry about is winning this duel!”Sparx unleashes a flurry of strikes, each one deflected with the help of the mouse while Tracy herself couldn’t keep up with this kind of speed and was lucky her arms didn’t tire. This was way different from the previous two fights she’s seen when M2 went toe to toe at the Rainforest District, to even help her fight here in Savanna Central unlike that fast-paced spell she saw before. As the clone parries another strike, the young fox spin kicks his head, sending him flying sideways and goes after them.While M2 kept defending from Sparx’s fast attacks before jumping into the air after the young fox tried to sideways slash him, Tracy asked, “How does this Guardian Instinct thing work?”Sparx flies towards them in air and continues the clash while M2 answers, “The first thing you need to do is empty your mind.” The mouse backflips after dodging a diagonal slash from the young fox. “Ignore everything around you and focus only on what’s in front of you. Let your magic flow through the senses and they will guide you.”When the energy beam and sword collide as one tries to push the other, Tracy says to the mouse, “But wouldn’t that drain my magic?”“Yes, but in exchange you’ll gain complete focus. Your strength, speed, and agility will increase two-fold, and your senses will be much sharper. It’s a bit risky since you haven’t been trained properly on how to use it, but it’s the only chance you have. If you're going to win this, you need to go all-out, the same as Sparx. This is a fight of attrition and only one of you is going to fall.”He successfully pushes Sparx back while the young tabby says, “How do I do it?”“Just close your eyes and focus on a single point.”“What does that mean?” she asked, confused.“You’ll know when you feel it.” The young fox charged and locked his energy beam with the sword again. “Now, take a deep breath and close your eyes.” Tracy did what he said by breathing through her nose and exhaled out the mouth, then closed her eyes. “Let the magic within flow through your senses and allow your instinct to take over. Listen to them and let them guide you.”Her body relaxes and she sees the light-blue mist again; only this time it was mixed-in with the darkness of her eyelids. Focus on a single point, she thought to herself. Where should I focus? She could only hear the sounds of metal clashing against a buzzing beam. Can’t focus on that, it’s too fast. C’mon, there’s gotta be something I can focus on.Her ears could still hear the clashing of two enchanted weapons.Focus…focus…That was when she heard it…The sound of breathing. It wasn’t hers, but Sparx’s!Focusing only on his breathing, the clanging of two weapons started to slow down and she could see Sparx’s weapon appear and vanish every time it clashed. She could even see where the energy beam would strike next. When they connected again, she sensed him about to do a downward slash. M2 felt her body move sideways and followed along, dodging the strike. Sparx swings his energy beam left and right, only to miss each strike, and the mouse flies through the air after dodging another sideway slash. The young fox quickly flew up until he was above them, his energy beam raised as he was about to do another downward slash, then the mouse clone did something unexpected…He let go of Tracy as gravity took over and M2 dodged the attack by backflipping.This took everyone by surprise while Judy gasped, placing both paws on her muzzle, and Nick saying in complete shock, “What’s he doing?”As Tracy kept falling back-first, Sparx went after her, ignoring M2 as he wasn’t the target. She feels the wind rushing against her body but pays it no heed while keeping her guard up and her eyes closed, waiting for the teenage fox to breathe again. When she heard his breath, she did a backflip and landed gracefully on the ground, surprising everyone even further except the mouse. Bringing her sword up, the blade connects to Sparx’s energy beam with a loud clang, sending a ring of dust around them.M2 flies to the group of mammals and lands behind Judy and Nick, who’re still reeling from the shock of what they’ve just seen. The fox was the first to come out of it, but spoke out in gibberish, “What…How did…Huh?”Then Judy, coming out of her shock next, asked the mouse, “Wha-What did you just do?” “Relax.” M2 casually hanged his arm on Nick’s shoulder and placed a hand behind Judy’s back. “Just watch. This is where the real duel begins.”(Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets-GATE~Sore wa Akatsuki no you ni~)Tracy opens her eyes as they glowed light-blue and her aura returns. She pushes her sword up, causing Sparx to backflip, but before his feet could touch the ground, she was already in front of him and punched him hard in the face that sent him whizzing to the trench.Toku ni nanimo nozomu koto nante nai(I don’t have anything I’m wishing for)He bounces on the ground like a skipping rock thrown to the water, then pierces the ground with his energy beam while sliding to a stop. His grimoire floated out of the back of his bag and opened as the pages flipped and stopped at a page, and electricity surrounds him. “Lightning Speed!” Mi no hodo wa shitteiru sa(I pretty much know my place)Sonna boku de sae omou oku no hou ni(Even so, I think deep down I have a degree)Sparx quickly zigzags like a bolt of lightning and Tracy herself quickly foregrips her sword, just as the energy beam makes contact with her blade and is sent high into the air. Everyone watched as the young fox crouches down, bringing his energy beam sideways, and the pages of his grimoire flip and stop on a page. Light-blue electricity surrounds the weapon and he charges upwards towards the young tabby, leaving yellowish-white waves coming out the beam.“Lightning…”With blinding speed, he surrounds Tracy in a yellowish-white dome.“...Plasma Blade Barrage!”Electricity surrounds the dome, but no one could see Tracy inside. However, the young cat’s body had already gone on autopilot as she defended herself with her own blinding speed against Sparx’s relentless barrage of attacks.Yuzuritakunai ikou teido wa aru rashii(Of intention to not ever let anything go)Mamoru tte angai to muzukashii ne(Protecting something is harder than I thought)Akirameru wake janai kedo(But it’s not like that means I’m gonna give up!)Unfortunately, despite her speed, she received a cut to the right-side of her face. A cut on her left wrist and a few more on both arms. Another cut on the left-side of her neck and a cut on her left shoulder, then a cut on her right leg and back. Biting through the pain of each cut, she didn’t lose her focus and quickly knees Sparx in the gut before he could cut her again, ceasing the spell and causing him to groan. She spin kicks him, sending him whizzing to a rooftop as he bounces and crashes to another building.Aoi sora no hate(At the far reaches of the blue sky)Tsunagatta michi no yukue(The ends of these connected roads)Malik placed a paw underneath his chin while humming and smiling amusingly. So far during the start of the duel, the girl and the mouse barely did anything which started to annoy him. If that continued on, his patience would’ve ran out and he would just kill all the mammals and be done with this. Although he was surprised that the clone let her go, she finally started to show off her true skills, despite it being controlled by the Guardian Instinct, and her real strength even though it was only the tip of the iceberg. However, a thought suddenly crosses his mind. He’s already seen her bursted strength and now her instinctual strength. If M2 could properly train her on how to use Guardian Instinct and maybe teach her some other things, then she’ll become a force to be reckoned with. A very strong force at that.Being a hunter himself. When a weak creature bares its true fangs, yet needs time to sharpen them, there were sharp claws hidden that were waiting to be unsheathed and unleashed to surprise the enemy. That girl possessed those hidden claws. Not because of her cat form that has claws, but the claws hidden within her powers that needed to be sharpened before she was ready to release her real powers that weren’t suppressed by the instincts of a Guardian. Just imagining him fighting against her like a real warrior almost made him tempted to revel in delight. The mere thought of wanting to fight and consume her strength filled him with absolute euphoria. For now, he’ll continue watching the duel and wait for her strength to be at its peakest until the time was absolutely right.Hito to hito wa wakari aenai dakedo iinjanai(People will still never come to an understanding but that’s alright!)Hiraita tobira wa subete wo kaete yuku(The door we’ll open will begin to change everything)Sore wa akatsuki no you ni(Just like the break of dawn!)Electricity surrounds the building Sparx crashed through, his paw raised as a rune circle with a lightning symbol at the center materialized. “Thunder Chain Strike, plus Lightning Discharge. Elemental Combination Magic: Thunderstorm!”Webs upon webs of yellow lightning shoot out of the rune circle towards Tracy, but the cat dodges each one while flying fast towards Sparx. The young fox didn’t have enough time to defend himself as he was once again hit in the face, sending him crashing through more buildings before coming at him with a kick to the chin that sent him high into the air. The teenage tabby zips after him, sword at the ready.Sparx raises his weapon in defense, just as Tracy’s sword connects to his energy beam that sends him whizzing fast to the hard ground. His back collides on the asphalt, causing him to bounce but recovers fast by backflipping in the air and sliding on the road. He looks up and notices Tracy flying in fast, and brings his sword sideways while the pages of his grimoire flip and stop on a page. “Lightning Plasma Flash!”A sideways slash of yellowish-white mixed-in with light-blue electricity shoots out towards Tracy, but the girl lands on the ground with her knees, sliding as she dodged by a nose length while white aura surrounds her blade, the king’s grimoire floating out of bag, and the pages flip as they stop on only one page. “Shining Blade!”Nanika wo gai suru koto kurai(Causing harm is surely something)Dare ni demo okorieru darou(Anyone can manage to do)She unleashes a sideways slash of white energy. Unlike the wave of light that was used against the Daemon horde and Malik, this was a similar attack used by M2 when he destroyed the Ogre. But Sparx dodges it by quickly flipping in the air and backflipping on the ground, putting a little distance between himself and her. The girl stood up and was about to charge; only for the young fox to cast another spell, “Lightning Plasma Chain Flash!”Nanika wo aisuru koto nante motto tanjun na(But I’ve started to think that loving something)Hanashi da to omoete kita kara(Is actually much simpler!)Jibun ni kaette kuru taika wo(Don’t bother trying to predict the compensation)Sparx unleashed a barrage of slashes with blinding speed, but Tracy parries them with her own speed as electricity surrounds the area they were in while she walks towards him. Glass from the buildings, street lamps, and a few empty cars abandoned by the citizens erupted, loitering the ground. Tracy’s mind slowed down the young fox’s strikes, then seeing an opening, she charged fast towards him and used the pommel of her sword to hit Sparx’s wrist before hitting him on the chest and gut with both fists, sending him sliding on the ground.The young tabby didn’t relent as she charged at him again and uppercuts his chin that sent him flying high while rolling backwards in the air, but recovers fast before crashing into a tall building and flies up with Tracy following him.Kitai shitari shinai sonna no suru dake muda sa(That you’ll receive in return every second you spend on that is wasted!)Juuyou na no wa hitotsu(There’s only one important thing)Sparx flips and slides his feet on the glass before doing an upward diagonal slash, casting, “Thunderclap!”A wide surge of lightning shoots out of the beam, glass and debris explode towards Tracy but she swings her sword.Cling. BOOM! More glass and debris exploded half of the building from Tracy’s Full Counter while Sparx was sent flying higher into the air. Tracy flies fast, white aura surrounding her blade as she was about to cast another Shining Blade spell. However…Cric…crack…Sparx screams in agony as the crystal starts to slowly crack from the force of Tracy’s Full Counter. The young tabby hears his scream and jumps back, her spell dissipating instantly and watches as he clutches his head while continuing to scream in pain. Little wisps of black smoke seep out of the crystal and the young fox grunts, opening his eyes but once again couldn’t see the girl, and said in that same painful strained voice, “The crystal…ARGH!”His painful cry caused Tracy to blink her eyes, coming out of the Guardian Instinct while saying to him in worry, “Sparx!”Sore wo yaritai ka dou ka dake nan da(Do you wanna do it or not?)(Nee) datte kimi wa koko ni hitori shika inai(Hey) (there’s only one of you in this world!)“Destroy…the crystal!”“Don’t worry I-” She stops herself mid-sentence while already raising her sword and was about to cast her spell, but realization struck her when she noticed the city below. “Hold on. Where am I?” She turns around, only for her eyes to widen as she sees the crack of dawn. For the first time in her life, she’s never seen the sun slowly rise. “Wow,” she said slowly in astonishment. Aoi sora no naka(Amid this deep blue sky)Mamoru beki mono ga aru(There are things we simply must protect)Unfortunately, her moment of astonishment of seeing something so beautiful came to end when the city started to slowly rise. “Huh?” Looking down, she gasped; now noticing how up she was while the grimoire that once floated right next to her started to fall and realizing even further that her aura was gone. “Lightning…”She quickly turns around, seeing that the dark magic has once again retaken control of Sparx’s mind.“...Plasma Flash!”Sparx unleashes his spell, but gravity takes over as Tracy plummets, dodging the attack while screaming. Sore wa donna sekai de ikiru(Things much more important)Ka yori taisetsu dakara(Than what kind of world we live in)Hirai ta tobira no saki ni nani ga attemo(No matter what lies beyond that door we open)As Tracy continued to fall, she looked down and saw the ground slowly coming at her before looking up, seeing Sparx coming after her. Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes and thought to herself, Calm down, don’t panic. Just ignore everything around you and empty your mind. Focus on that single point and let the magic flow through the senses. Allow my instincts to take over.She sees the light-blue mist once again.Wait for it…wait for it…She hears the pages of Sparx’s grimoire turn and his breath.Now!Mayotte shimawanai you ni(Keep that in mind so you don’t lose your way!)She opened her eyes as both the light-blue glow of her eyes and her aura returned, just as Sparx casted, “Lightning Plasma Blade!”Tracy flies away fast with the king’s grimoire following her before it lands on the asphalt, and Sparx’s attack surges towards a mini-mart, exploding the building on contact. The two young fighters zip across above the city, their enchanted weapons clashing and clanging as their duel continues. They flew so fast in many different angles that every mammal down in Savanna Central couldn’t keep up their sights with that kind of speed, except for M2, the gorilla, and Malik as their eyes followed while they continued to watch the clash.After Tracy defended herself from another strike, she clotheslined Sparx, sending him flying fast back to Savanna Central. Flying just as fast as he was falling, she connects her weapon to his while placing her arm to his neck, keeping themselves forward towards the distance. Knowing what she was going to do, he quickly turned his body around, disconnects their connected weapons, and knees her at the chest. Before landing first on the ground, she recovers by backflipping and places both her feet and left paw, digging on the soil until she stops sliding.“Lightning Plasma Wheel!”Sparx wheels his way towards her; unlike the previous spell that he used that was filled with ordinary electricity, this one was yellowish-white mixed-in with light-blue electricity. Tracy, however, does a sideways spin jump, dodging the attack that explodes the ground before acrobatically cartwheeling and backflipping, then lands on her feet. She starts to pant as exhaustion was kicking-in and both her aura and the light-blue glow of her eyes flickered. The young fox grunts while electricity surrounds him for a moment. More cracks began to form around the crystal and the teenage fox threw his head up and screamed in agony.As Judy and Nick noticed more flickering coming from Tracy’s aura, they now wondered about Sparx. Why was he in pain? While the young fox continued to scream and clutch his head, the rabbit asked, “What’s the matter with him?”“Her powers are starting to weaken the dark magic that’s controlling him.”“What about her?” Nick asked about Tracy. “Isn’t she weakening too?”“Yes,” M2 answered while giving a small nod before he gave a smile. “But that doesn’t mean it's over yet. So long as she’s still standing…”Tracy rose up and the flickering stopped.“...and has enough power left to fight, she has a chance. ‘Cause as of right now, this is where the climax begins.”Daitai no baai erai yatsu wa shinyou naranai kedo(In most cases those with authority can’t be trusted)With another cry of agony from Sparx, he charged towards Tracy and the young tabby did the same. The young fox front flips before his enchanted weapon and hers clash. He pushed her back with a flurry of strikes, each one defended and deflected as he gained the upper hand. That was until she deflects another blow and twirls her body till she is at the opposite side while twirling her sword as well. As the two weapons danced in a flurry of strikes with Sparx once again pushing Tracy back, they connected their enchanted weapons and spun them, trying to push the other one away. When both the energy beam and blade were pushed up at the same time, the young fox reacted quicker by kicking the tabby, but recovered by backflipping and was about to land; only for him to push her further by clashing his weapon with hers.Hitsuyou ga aru nara shikata(But I guess if necessary I could be persuaded)Nai tte omoenaku mo nai(That there’s no other option)Upon sliding to a stop, Tracy and Sparx jumped and clashed their enchanted weapons, their backs facing one another, before they quickly turned and connected their weapons; twirling their bodies while circling each other, then they clashed several more times and twirled their respective weapons, ending it with another connecting as the result from energy beam and blade became so hard that it made sparks come out.Nara yarubeki koto wa wakarikitteru hazu sa(If that’s the case what we need to do is already clear)The pages of Sparx’s grimoire flipped and stopped on a page as a yellow ball of electricity manifested on his paw while Tracy’s own paw formed a ball of light.“Electrical-”“-Light!”“-Sphere!”They thrust their two balls, combining them into a medium-sized ball that had yellow and white energy swirling inside while electricity surrounds the orb. Sparx growls and Tracy grunts, both of them trying to push the energy back towards one another. Their paws inch closer to the ball, until the swirling energy couldn’t take it any more as it explodes in a shockwave of yellow and white mixed-in with electricity, sending them both flying from the force.Sore kurai no yaruki wa aru darou(I’m sure you have the determination to make it happen!)Tracy recovered by rolling backwards on the ground, but Sparx rolled sideways until both came to a stop. The crystal and the markings surrounding the cover of Sparx’s grimoire pulsate hard like a beat of a heart, causing the young fox to clutch his head before sitting up and screaming while the pages of his book flip and stop on a page. Aoi sora ga ware(The deep blue sky divides)Yume to riaru ga mazaru(And dreams mix with reality)Electricity surrounds him before flying up in the air. Tracy stands back up and looks upwards, seeing his enchanted weapon raised with one arm. Every mammal looked up as well while everyone, except for M2, Malik, and the gorilla, had shocked expressions. The energy beam extended and widened, changing the color from yellowish-white to light-blue. “THUNDER…PLASMA…”Hito to hito wa wakari aenai sonna baai janai(People still haven’t come to an understanding but there’s no time for that!)Tracy raises her sword with one arm and white aura surrounds her blade.“Shining…”“...LAAAAASH!”“...Blade!”Hiraita tobira wa subete wo kaete yuku(The door we’ll open will begin to change everything)Sore wa akatsuki no you ni(Just like the break of dawn!)Sparx unleashes a slash of light-blue electric energy and Tracy unleashes her wave of light. When the two attacks clashed, every mammal either turned their heads away or covered their faces from the flash, wind, and dust. Tracy’s spell pushes through Spax’s attack and the young fox is hit by the wave of whitish-blue. He screams as the crystal shatters completely, disintegrating the pieces while leaving a trail of black wisps that cause the markings to vanish on both his grimoire and face. The blackness of his eyes fades away as they return to their original emerald-green.The attack reaches high to the sky for all of Zootopia to see before vanishing into sparkles of light.(End Music)As the wind died down and the dust slowly dissipated, every mammal saw Tracy still standing while her aura kept flickering till it went out. She collapses to her knees, groaning as the king’s grimoire drops right next to her. Sparx’s smoking body lands hard on the ground, his grimoire landing next to him and the enchanted transformed weapon that he still had in his paw glowed as it returned back to its original katana form. Everyone was silent when the duel was over…That was until Chief Bogo whooped into the air and cried, “Yeah!”Every mammal, except for M2, the gorilla, and Malik erupted into cheers for Tracy’s victory over Sparx. Judy excitedly hops while saying in glee before jumping to Nick and hugging him, “Yes! She did it! She did it! Did you see that, Nick?!”“I did!” Nick laughed while embracing her tightly and spinning her around. While Tracy slowly stood up with the help of her sword and picking up the king’s grimoire, M2 ran over and picked her up, making her give out a surprised yelp as he deeply embraced her and chuckled, “Atta girl! I knew you could do it! I just knew you would!” He gently sat her down and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. “If the king was here, he would’ve been very proud of you.” They looked towards the unconscious Sparx. “‘Cause as of right now, that’s one Elemental Guardian saved and only four more left to go.”“Yeah, but don’t forget,” Tracy said to him. “We still have to find Mickey’s friends including his wife wherever they are.”M2 nodded in agreement before they looked at one another and he said to her, “Tell me. How did it feel when you used Guardian Instinct?”She thought hard for a second and answered, “It…It felt like a rush and my instincts slowed down everything around me. Even though I couldn’t see everything through the duel, I felt my own magic showing me a preview of what I can do with a sword and maybe even go further with my powers.”“Excellent,” M2 beamed. “You’ve taken your first step into a much bigger world filled with endless possibilities.” He pets the top of her head, adding, “I’m sure one day you’ll make a great-”He was cut-off from the sound of hard clapping that made him, Tracy, the gorilla, and every mammal that stopped cheering, to look at Malik who got off the car as he slowly walked to the small duo. “Bravo!” he said happily as it was directed towards the teenage cat. “Bravo, caretaker! Bravo!” He stopped clapping and continued, “That was very entertaining. You may not be a Guardian, but you sure as hell have the makings of one. However…” His eyes turn to M2. “You still have a deal to uphold, mouse.”M2 nods to him.“Oh, and don’t worry, caretaker,” Malik said, redirecting his attention back to her. “I won’t destroy M2. He needs to train you on how to use your newfound strength.” He creates his spear and points the blade at her, adding, “So the next time we meet, I want you…” He raised his spear and brought it down, unleashing a surge of gray energy towards the police car. The mammals who were near it, jumped away at the last second as the vehicle exploded and flipped upside down. Turning to the young tabby again, he points his spear to the now destroyed vehicle and says, “To show me your real strength and do something similar to that. Get the picture?”With determination in Tracy’s eyes, she nods.Tracy, M2 said to her telepathically. Can you walk?Yeah, she answered. Just a little before I pass out.“Now then,” Malik said as he got into his defensive stance. “Shall we, mouse?”He nods before creating his swords and saying to him, “First, take off the spell that’s holding these creatures back, then allow the girl to walk away. I don’t want her to get caught in the middle of our duel.”“Very well.”He raised his paw and every dagger that was on every mammals’ chests vanished. No sooner had he done that, however…Beepbeepbeep-beepbeepbeepHe growled in irritation and pulled out, much to Tracy’s surprise, his badge. Unlike her badge that was black in color, Malik’s was gray. “What is it?” he said in a hard tone with his teeth clenched.Tracy felt a shock go through her head and looked up.“What! What do you mean ‘pull back’? There’s no way I’m walking away just when I was-”“M2, look up!”The mouse clone, Malik, the gorilla, and every mammal look up, seeing an armored mysterious individual with a mask that was barely visible but familiar to some. The mysterious individual held a stiff chain pole that had three chain spikes spinning on the top like a helicopter and held an ordinary smartphone that belonged to the mammals’ homeworld towards the side of its head while a grimoire floated right beside it.“It’s him!” Judy gasped.“Or her. Whoever that is.” Nick said.“How should I know?” Malik said on his badge, getting Judy, Nick, Tracy, and M2’s attention before the wolf looked at the young tabby. “It seems that the caretaker’s senses are much sharper than I thought.”To the mammals who were still watching the armored individual, it made the chain helicopter vanish and drop downwards in a dive. When it reached halfway to the ground, the pages of the grimoire flipped and stopped at a page, and four spiked chains shot out from behind. They impaled themselves on the ground, stopping the individual before the feet could touch the dirt, then made its way over to Malik. “Now then,” it said in a high-pitched voice while putting away the smartphone back inside its armor. “As I said, we’re pulling back. They’re coming.”“Who’s coming?” Malik asked while putting away his badge.They hear the sound of whirling and look up to see three military helicopters with searchlights as they shone down to the armored individual, Malik, and the gorilla. One of the helicopters turns sideways, revealing Commander Shepherd and a handful of fresh troops to backup the overwhelmed mammals. “What the heck took him so long when we needed him the most?” Nick asked.Malik growls and raises his paw towards a helicopter, but the armored raccoon stops him by placing a gauntlet on his wrist, then says to him, “Wait! There’s been enough damage for one night and it’ll be morning soon. Listen…” The armored raccoon whispers into Malik’s ear. When the individual finished, Malik looked at the raccoon and said while lowering his arm, “Alright, you make a valid point and I’ll bide my time for now.” He makes his spear vanish and the grimoire returns back inside his robes, then looks at the mouse clone and says to him, “Consider yourself lucky, M2. Will finish this another time.” He points to the teenaged cat. “As for you, caretaker, you better get stronger the next time we meet. ‘Cause as I’ve already told you, it’ll be a waste if I killed you now.” He raised his paw as it glowed gray. “Till next time.”Before he could bring his paw down on the ground, Tracy called out, “Malik! If you ever show your face again, I’ll blow you away! You hear me?!”He gives her a half-smile and an amusing chuckle before saying, “Will see.”With that, he brought his paw down and a large dust cloud covered the entire area of Savanna Central. Many mammals covered their faces from the dust and wind blowing at them while Commander Shepherd noticed two figures flying to the air. “Sir,” a male lynx pilot said. “Targets are fleeing, shall we pursue?”Commander Shepherd answers through his mic that he had on his ear, “Negative, let’em go. All units land now.”M2 and Tracy could barely see much through the fog of dust. However, they see the armored raccoon casually walking towards them before stopping. “Tracy Kaden,” it said to her, much to her shock as she and the mouse clone looked at one another, then back at the armored individual. “Yes, I know who you are, I have my resources. You seem to be a smart girl, so why don’t you be a good kitty…” The raccoon brings up its gauntlet. “And hand over the grimoire. Do this and I’ll tell you how to get off this world and make this easy on yourself. Besides, this isn’t your world and the way you are now, you can’t stop us.”Tracy glares and starts to limp forward, but is stopped by M2 as he grabs her shoulder. She looks at him with those same eyes and he releases her. The young tabby continues her slow limp towards the armored raccoon, the king’s grimoire raised. The armored individual expected the girl to hand the grimoire over to it…Only for its gauntlet to be slapped away by that said book, surprising the raccoon.“Do you honestly think I’m going to walk away after all that crap you said? There’s no way I’m running away or giving up this book. Not you, Malik, or anybody else! You may be right about a few things. This world isn’t mine and I don’t belong here, nor can I stop you. Just you wait, I’ll get stronger and when I do, Malik is first to go down. After that, I’m coming for you, whoever you are, and I will stop you. Then I’m gonna blow you away, the same as him!” She pants as her legs become wobbly and her vision starts to fade. “Just as soon…as I wake up…from my nap.”She collapses backwards and M2 quickly runs to her, catching the passed-out tabby in his arms while the girl loses her grip on the sword and grimoire.The armored raccoon chuckles amusingly and says, “When she wakes up, M2.” The mouse looks at the individual with narrowed eyes. “Tell her I wish the best of luck. Well, gotta fly.”The pages of the armored raccoon’s grimoire flipped and stopped at a page, and the chain helicopter returned as it lifted the figure into the air until it disappeared within the fog of dust. The helicopter's blades blew away most of the fog, but Judy coughs and waves away the dust that went to her face while she and Nick look for their two friends. “Tracy! M2!” she called out to them.“Guys, where are you!” Nick called out as well while waving away the dust that was in his way.“Over here!” The fox and rabbit see M2 walking towards them, carrying Tracy along with the king’s grimoire and her sword in his arms. They ran to him with worry in their eyes for the feline, noticing the cuts that were on her from the duel against Sparx. Luckily they weren’t serious, but they looked nasty and needed to be treated. What really worried them was that she didn’t open her eyes. “Don’t worry, Tracy’s fine,” M2 assured them. “She’s passed-out from using a lot of magic. Let her rest, she’s earned it.”A helicopter lands close to where the small group was and all the soldiers along with Commander Shepherd hop out. “Alright, sweep the area,” he ordered the troops. “Find any Daemon that’s still left and take’em out.”“Commander!” A rhino soldier said as he saluted. “All the Daemons have already been neutralized.”“Are you sure?”“He’s telling the truth, sir,” a male cheetah soldier said while he too saluted the commander before pointing to the sleeping cat. “That young girl there took out all the Daemons.” He looks to the chief of police along with the other police mammals and adds, “Chief Bogo and everyone else will tell you the same thing they’ve witnessed.”Commander Shepherd looks at Chief Bogo, who nods to the commander that it was all true.The commander sighed, then said through his mic, “Alright, call off the sweep.”“Sir!” A male cougar soldier called out as he was bent down to knee and examining the young fox. “We’ve got a live one over here and he looks pretty banged up!”Commander Shepherd, Judy, Nick, and the mouse clone went towards the still unconscious fox. The commander bends down and examines the form, then looks at M2 and asks, “Is this Sparx?”M2 nods.The commander stood back up and ordered, “Call the paramedics and tell them to get here ASAP.” The cougar soldier nods while Commander Shepherd looks around the area, noticing a lot of damage during the battle. “God what a mess,” he sighed. “Bring-in the clean-up crew.” He takes off his mic before sighing and rubbing his eyes by the front of his paw. “This has been one long night.”As dawn slowly approaches and the stars fade out to those who had survived the night. One thing was absolutely certain…It was going to be a very long day as certain events will soon unfold.
Guardians of the Multiverse (Part 1): Chapter 11Chapter 11: Showdown: Part 2M2 kept flying at a fast pace, putting a little bit more distance away from the Daemons that were behind, with Tracy keeping a tight lock on the mouse clone’s neck. When he came to a crossroads, that’s where he stopped. “Why are we stopping?” the young tabby cat asked.“This spot will do,” M2 said before pointing his hand at the ground. “Earth Pillar!”A pillar of earth rises out of the middle of the crossroads until it touches M2’s feet. “Go ahead and climb off my back, then take out your club.” Tracy did what he said and the mouse clone went behind her, placing his calming hands on her shoulders. “Put your guard up and I want you to listen to me carefully.” She brings the club up while M2 explains, “The technique I’m going to teach you is a Martial Arts skill called: Full Counter. It is a skill which requires not a single drop of magic and mainly focuses on counterattacking either physical or magical attacks. If timed correctly, you can do twice the damage towards your opponent. This means, the stronger the attack you reflect, the stronger your technique will be. However, there is a downside. You can’t initiate any attack the moment you use it and if your opponent can read your movements, it'll be hard to time the attack.”“Wow,” Tracy said astounded. She never knew that skill was non-magical and she’s seen it in action several times. However, she became confused and looked at M2. “Hold on. I thought you can’t teach me unless I have a sparring partner and you can’t be one.”“True, I can’t be your sparring partner due to my contract.” Their ears heard loud thumping as M2 took her small chin and turned it towards the approaching Ogre who caught up to them. “But he can.” Tracy’s eyes widened while the mouse clone continued, “When I say now, just as he is about to swing, I want you to swing your club and yell ‘Full Counter’.”“Wait what?” Tracy looked at him again, trying to wrap her head around from what she just heard.“Pay attention and get ready!” M2 snapped as Tracy turned her attention back at the approaching Ogre. “Wait for it…” The club in Tracy’s paws shook with fear. “Wait for it…” The Ogre arrives towards them and raises the ax. “Now!” She stood there in absolute terror, her eyes not leaving that ax. “Now, Tracy, now!” She screams, covers her head with both arms, and shuts her eyes as the ax descends. Clang! Her ears heard the loud sound of metal clashing with something while feeling a small gust of wind before it dissipated. Slowly opening her eyes, she looks up and notices M2’s sword guarding against the Ogre’s giant ax. “It’s alright, Tracy,” the mouse clone said. “Nobody does it on the first try. Now let’s go again. This time don’t close your eyes.”“I…I can’t do it!” Tracy collapses to her knees, her heart beating fast like a frightened cat she was. “Yes you can, now on your feet!”“I can’t, M2! I’m scared!”Never before in her life has she ever been afraid. Sure she can face a small Daemon and live to tell about it, but against this giant it was impossible. This was way worse than facing a savaged jaguar or knowing that she has to fight against Sparx and save him. It was starting to become too much for her to handle and doubt was starting to cloud her mind. What if she can’t handle this soon-to-be battle that’ll affect this world? What if the king was wrong about her and she doesn’t have this so-called power that she could use to save the other Guardians and help the multiverse?She was brought out of her thoughts when M2 softly said to her, “I understand you're scared.” She looks up at him. “A lot has been put on you and now you feel like you can’t accomplish something like this.” He looks at her, a small smile forming on his lips. “I know things are a bit scary, but the king is not only counting on you since your the only hope he’s got, he sees something in you and so do I.” He sighs, continuing, “Listen, if you're ever afraid of something you’ve got to stand and face it. Turn that fear of yours into a weapon of hope and use it to protect others.” His face turns serious. “Now stand up and steel yourself!” He pushes the ax up, making the Ogre stumble a little. “And let’s go again!”Tracy slowly stands up.“Take a deep breath through the nose, then breathe out through the mouth, and calm yourself.”She did what he told and breathed through her nose, then shakely exhaled out through her mouth.M2 makes his sword vanish in a flash of light before placing his hands on her shoulders. “Don’t worry, as long as I’m still here in the physical realm, I won’t let any harm befall you. Now, en garde!” She brings her guard up. “Wait for it…” The Ogre takes two steps towards them and brings up his ax, ready for a second strike. “Now Tracy, use it!”Time slowed down for her as she thought, Turn that fear into a weapon of hope. Use it to protect others. That was when something crossed her mind. What am I protecting? Her mind turns white, just as the ax comes halfway there. It was empty at first until…she saw the forms of Judy and Nick. My friends? Was this her reason? To protect those two? She only knew them for about two days, and those days were all it took to form a connection with them. Sure they were a mix-matched duo who got to know her a little, but they too grew close to her. It was that connection that bonded them together as they were going through great lengths to help her and even protect her. If they were going to protect her from anything, then she needs to protect them from these Daemons. There was no way she was going to let these monsters have their with them or even think about destroying their home!With great resolve, she grits her teeth and swings the club, just as the image fades from her mind. “FULL COUNTER!” she shouted at the top of her lungs, her voice echoing at the crossroads.There was a cling, then…BOOM!The Ogre was thrown back, its right arm raised from the force, and a shockwave surrounded the crossroads, shattering both building windows and street lights while they were pushed to the sideways, glass raining down as it pelted the streets. The Gargoyles along with the Goblins, who managed to catch up with the giant Daemon, were thrown back from the shockwave and the Ogre landed hard on the road, back-first.Tracy was stunned. She had seen the technique work against magic, but she’s never seen it work against physical attacks until now. Looking at the club, it was miraculously unscathed; there wasn’t a single scratch on it. “Whoa…” she quietly said, once again astounded by the power of the Full Counter.M2 giggled and patted her shoulder, saying, “Atta girl, Tracy! You’ll be a natural with that skill if you keep practicing.”“But how is…” Tracy was still trying to wrap her head around why the club she was holding was still in one piece.M2 giggles again and explains, “Whenever you use Full Counter, nothing can happen. Let’s just say, you won’t have any damage or scratch when using this technique. Other than that, you can use anything to mix it in with the skill; be it like a simple twig or a limb from your body.” She felt him pet her tail while continuing, “Heck, you can even use your tail to cast Full Counter if you want.”He stopped petting her tail as she grabbed it, looking at it with intrigue from knowing that she could use the Full Counter with her tail. “Wow, that’s kinda cool. I wanna try that one day.” M2 giggles for the third time with enthusiasm before ruffling her head a little, making her give a small purr, and says to her, “I’m sure you’ll get the chance. Now then…” He snaps his fingers using his right hand and the earth pillar descends as Tracy yelps. When they came to the ground, she almost lost her balance if M2 didn’t keep his hand on her shoulder. “Pay attention to the next thing I’m going to demonstrate which you will one day learn.” He walks past her until he is in front while bringing a ball of light and clasping it, turning it into a sword. “I’ll be the one who will finish this Ogre off since you don’t have enough magical energy to pull this off.” He looks behind, adding, “At least not yet until your magic fully awakens, so I only needed you to use the Full Counter to blow this monster down.” Tracy watched in awe as she saw M2’s sword glow while a white aura surrounds it. “Whoa! What is that?”“This is a technique that’s part of the Holy Magic side and one of the three top spells ever casted: The Shining. It is a very strong spell that requires full concentration and manipulation of your magical energy towards a weapon. By channeling through it and condensing it to pure light energy, you can create a spell that says ‘Shining’.” He turned his attention back to the Ogre, who was slowly starting to sit up. The mouse clone crotches down and brings his sword sideways, his face becoming serious. “It’s a little something…like this!” He charges straight towards the Ogre, just as it sits up, and leaps into the air, his body spinning around. The Ogre didn’t have enough time to guard as M2 yelled, “Shining Sword!”He swipes his sword in a perfect sideways strike. A lash of white energy shoots out of the sword and decapitates the Ogre’s head as it flies clean off the shoulders, leaving only a perfectly black smokey stump. The Daemon explodes into black smoke, forcing Tracy to cover her face with both arms as a strong gust of dark wind suddenly comes. The black smoke dissipates and the wind dies down, leaving only an empty road where the Ogre once stood. Putting both of her arms down, Tracy gives a small gasp when she sees the empty road. It amazed her to no end that the spell M2 used destroyed the Ogre in just one strike. “Whoa…” The mouse clone flies down to her as she looks at him, her amazement not leaving her. “Alright, that was cool! Now I really wanna learn how to use that spell.”M2 giggles at her enthusiasm and says, “Be patient. In time you will when your magic fully awakens.”“How will I know?”“You’ll know when you feel it.” He winks at her. “Trust me.”She didn’t know what he meant by that, but didn’t have time to ponder as both she and M2 felt shocks go through their heads. Tracy was the first to notice and points up, yelling, “M2!”He quickly creates another sword and turns around, slicing two Goblins that were thrown down by the Gargoyles, turning them both into black smoke. What neither of them didn’t notice was that while the Ogre exploded, they used the blackness of the smoke as their advantage for the Gargoyles to pick up the Goblins and fly above, then waited for the mouse and cat to drop their guards. They tossed three more Goblins at them, forcing M2 to cast, “Full Guard!” A white dome surrounds them and the Goblins’ bodies smack at the shield, then slide down as they make the magical barrier squeak a little. Knowing that they can’t toss another Goblin at the barrier, the Gargoyles set them down and all of them drew their weapons, charging straight at the dome. The mouse clone and Tracy could only watch as metal from their swords and spears, and wood from the Goblin's wooden clubs, strike at the barrier, trying to destroy it. However, the magical dome didn’t even dent or crack, no matter how many times they swung their weapons at it. M2 crossed his arms and both swords started to glow again, preparing another Shining Sword spell. Only this time, from Tracy’s perspective, he was going to use a dual spell attack. Before he could even swing them and cast the spell, Tracy grabs his right wrist and quickly says, “Wait!” No sooner had her paw touched that wrist, the glow immediately died and his sword shattered like glass; the pieces fading away into stardust. This took her completely aback from what happened just now. How did this happen and what did she do? Putting it out of her head for the time being, she tells him, “Don’t waste anymore of your magic. Do you still have my badge?”“Of course, it’s right where I put it.” M2 reaches inside his robe with his right hand and pulls out the badge. Right before his fight against the Daemons on top of the doberman agent’s car, he placed Tracy’s badge inside his robe since he didn’t have enough time to give it back to her and had to wait until they were completely safe from harm.“Good, give it to me.” The mouse clone gives her the badge, then orders, “Badge, bring out the low-grade swords and Magi-Guns, and give them to M2. Next, I want you to automatically buy a Magi-Gun for me and equip it for me now.”The screen of her badge glowed as it received the order. A rune circle with a hexagram symbol at the center materialized and four small glowing balls come out and float towards M2, then it showed her currency of nine-hundred and ninety-nine million, nine-hundred and ninety-nine thousand, and nine-hundred and seventy-four before it changed to sixty-nine at the end and returned to her badge while out popped another small glowing ball. Instead of expanding and revealing what it was, it changed shape until it formed a gun. Unlike the Pulsar Pistol she saw from Commander Shepherd, this one was wider at the front and the color of it was completely tan, indicating how low-grade it was. As for the other smaller balls near M2, two Magi-Guns took shape, but two more widened and changed into two swords. The blades were made of copper with the cross-guard being bronze and the grip of it being black.While the weapons remained afloat, M2 made the move first as rune circles appeared on his palms, then he reached out and touched the grips of the swords with his hands without gripping them as they vanished in a flash of light. He clutches his hands twice before flicking his right hand, the sword appearing in a flash of light. With a smile, he makes it return back to his dimensional store space. As the mouse clone was busy taking the two Magi-Guns, Tracy couldn’t help but stare at the floating pistol. Never before in her life had she ever held a gun, especially like this one. She was interested in wanting to have one when she was older, but she never expected to suddenly get one; even in a different world where she had to fight these monsters no less.Putting the badge in her pocket and the club back in her belt, she takes the floating pistol. Only for it to shrink slightly while stardust surrounded it, due to it being a little big for her size. She points it towards a Goblin who is still swinging a sword at the dome, one eye closed with the other eye aiming at the sight. She imagined pulling the trigger and blowing that monster till it became black smoke. However, she wondered how strong this pistol was. Even though it was considered a low-grade, looks can be deceiving. The bigger question remained: Were these weapons going to be enough? Sure she could rely on M2 for support and could let him destroy these Daemon’s with both his magic and skills, but the more magic he uses, including staying in that physical form, the more time he’ll waste before returning back into the grimoire to recharge for a month. She couldn’t just let him fight all the battles for her and she needed something else. Something that could turn things around against these creatures without having M2 use up so much magic. Maybe a grenade? No, that’ll be too destructive and a bit risky. A flash grenade does sound simple and less destructive. It can blind enemies and can be used for either quick getaways or taking out your enemies.The moment she thought of that, rune symbols from before danced around her vision once again. This was the second time this has happened and she couldn’t explain why these symbols kept appearing around her vision. M2 noticed her shaking her head, trying to get rid of these symbols, but unlike before, they persisted. “What’s wrong?” he asked.“It’s these symbols I’m seeing,” she answered. “It’s the same thing that happened before when we got off the tram and we were on our way to City Hall.” She placed a paw on the side of her head and kept her eyes tightly shut. “But they’re not going away.”“I think I know what it is.” She felt him place his hands on her shoulders, making her eyes open and look at him while the symbols kept dancing. “That’s your Contract Magic trying to manifest something.”“What?” Tracy said, confused. “But I thought that’s sixth-tier magic and I can’t use it because it’s too strong for me to use.”“True,” M2 shrugged. “It is considered sixth-tier and the way you are now, you’re not ready to use it.” He gives her a small smile and a small shake of the head. “But that doesn’t mean you can use it to create smaller things before you're ready to take on bigger creations.”This got her a little curious after learning about that. “How does it work?”“First, close your eyes and relax.” She did what he told her. “Don’t fight the symbols, they are a part of you, so let them guide you.” Tracy continued to listen while M2 tells her, “Now, pick out a symbol within your vision, then say the spell either through the mouth, the soul, or through your mind's eye. The rest of it will come naturally.”Tracy was trying to decide what symbol to take. It only took a few seconds to choose a symbol that looked like the shape of a P, then the rest of the symbols followed soon after as they vanished into stardust and reappeared in a form of a sentence. Without realizing what she was doing, she raised a paw while M2 listened through her mind as Tracy said the spell, Weapon of cylinder and metal, be formed and be filled with blinding light to be used against my enemies. This contract I make until it ends with a pull of the pin and five seconds to be tossed before you vanish into nothingness.Stardust surrounds the top of her paw until it turns into a ball of light, then a rune circle surrounds it before quickly shrinking down and touching it. There was a small flash and Tracy felt something hard around her paw. She opened her eyes and gave a small gasp at what she was holding. Right in front of her was a blue flash grenade, ready to be used. M2 giggled and pats her shoulder, saying, “Congratulations, Tracy, you’ve successfully made your first contract!”“Wow,” she said astounded. Observing by turning it side to side, she could feel how light it was while feeling the power from the inside of the canister. The power that she alone created. However, her legs suddenly felt like jelly as she nearly collapsed if M2 hadn’t caught her. “What’s happening to me?”“That’s just your body growing weak from casting a strong spell. Whenever you cast a spell that requires magic from outside of the body, it’ll drain away your strength. Be grateful that it was only a single strong spell and not a huge one since your body still needs time to not only adapt to the magic, but to also train it before it's ready to handle stronger spells.” He reaches in through her pouch and pulls out a Potion. “Here.” He uses his teeth and pulls out the cork, spitting it out. “Drink this. It’ll help.” He brings it over to her mouth as Tracy drinks the entire small vial. When it was done, he tossed the vial aside, glass cracking as it landed on the asphalt, and her body glowed green for a second. The moment it died, she felt a little of her strength return to her. As she got her balance back, M2 then adds, “Now, take out your Ether and drink it. You need to replenish your magic.” She did what he told her as she started getting an Ether out of the pouch, but first she placed her created flash grenade under her neck and was about to place her Magi-Gun pistol in her belt. “If I was you, I’d put that inside my sleeve. They’re baggy and can easily conceal a weapon while keeping it tucked in whenever you need it. Like so.”Tracy watched as M2 demonstrated by flicking his arm to the side, and immediately the Magi-Gun slid to his hand and he gripped the handle, aimed and ready to shoot. “Wow, cool!” Taking the flash grenade out of her neck and placing it under her arm, she puts her Magi-Gun inside her sleeve, letting it tuck itself nicely inside, before taking her flash grenade out of her arm. Wanting to try it out herself, she did the same thing M2 did, only this time facing her arm forward. “This is really neat.” Putting it back inside her sleeve, she reached into her other pouch and dug out an Ether. Pulling off the cork with her teeth and spitting it out, she drinks the entire vial, tasting the flavor of blueberries in the process, and her body glows blue. For only a second, she felt a little bit of energy flow through her, almost like she just finished drinking an entire small can of an energy drink. When the glow died down, she tossed the vial aside as that too cracked the moment it landed on the ground. With two vials down from each one, she now had four vials of Potions and Ethers left, making it a total of eight vials.Now fully restored, M2 said, “You ready?”“Yeah, let’s do it!” She was about to pull the pin, but had to stop herself as she realized something. “Oh, what a second! How am I supposed to get it out of the barrier without you cutting-it off?”“Not to worry,” M2 assured her. “The spell is meant to repel anything that’s meant to harm on the outside while keeping anything safe on the inside. However, that doesn’t mean anything inside can come out.”“So that means…” M2 gave her a slow nod as she caught on. Tracy grabs the pin and right before she is about to pull it, she looks at him and asks, “One more thing. What would happen if I were to condense Holy Magic onto a gun? What kind of spell will I create?”M2 gave her a smile.Outside the barrier, the Daemons kept swinging their weapons, hoping to at least make some kind of scratch or dent. Once again, the barrier stood its ground without getting one speck of damage. However, a few Gargoyles noticed an odd blue cylinder suddenly pop up out from the barrier and the last thing they saw was a blinding light that made all the Daemons stop swinging their weapons while grunting, growling, and covering their eyes with either their arms or weapons at the same time. Before they had a chance to even recuperate from the sudden flash. A white energy round was fired at a Goblin with a piyu, turning into black smoke. The barrier had already dissipated and M2 did not waste a single second as he kept firing his pistols at every angle with such speed that not one Daemon turned into black smoke after getting hit. With the last shot fired and the mouse clone connecting the back ends of the pistols together, letting the fronts facing down and up, every Daemon popped into black smoke. Tracy, who had already covered her eyes and head with both arms, looked ahead at the resolve of how her flash grenade did the trick in helping M2 deal with the rest of these Daemons. She felt a little proud of herself and made a mental note to create more flash grenades, and hopefully actual grenades, whenever she got the chance.M2 puts the pistols back inside his sleeves and dusts his hands. “Well, that takes care of them,” he said before looking left and right with his eyes. “However, it seems that the Chimera Brain didn’t follow us and is now probably at Savanna Central by now.”Tracy gasped when she heard that. “Oh no! Judy! Nick!” She starts sprinting forward, but M2 grabbed her by the back of her coat and said to her, “Whoa now! Hold your horses! They should be fine as long they’re with the police and hopefully Commander Shepherd’s soldiers to back them up.” He picks her up and lets her climb on his back while adding, “So don’t you worry, will be there to back them up as well. You can bet on those sweet whiskers of yours.” He playfully flicked her whiskers with only one finger, surprising Tracy a little as she never realized until now that she actually had them. “Now, hold on tight.” He starts rising off the ground. “Hastega!” Flying really fast while creating a small boom in the process, they were on their way to Savanna Central to help both the police mammals and their friends. For Tracy, she hoped that they weren’t too late., Meanwhile, Judy, Nick, the doberman agent, Chief Bogo, and a handful of police mammals arrived at Savanna Central where the other police squadrons were. They were, however, completely unaware that the Chimera Brain was following them there. The police mammals formed blockades here and there around the Savanna Central area, preparing for the upcoming fight against an army of unusual creatures they’ve never seen before. With the vehicles parked, they got out of the vehicles and some of the police mammals went to any blockade while others went to the park to wait for those creatures to arrive, but Judy, Nick, and the doberman agent followed Chief Bogo to a nearby male elephant cop who got his attention by saying to him, “Hey, you there, has every cop been accounted for?”“No, sir, some of the others are still stuck in the city. We don’t even know if they’ve made it out alive or not.”“Have you tried contacting them and notified them of our position?”“Believe me, we’ve already tried. The signal’s all jammed. What’s worse, our weapons are barely doing anything and we can't stop them or slow them down.” His eyes gaze at the doberman agent. “And who’s this?”“A friend. He’s with us and he has a weapon of his own that can destroy these monsters.”“There’s actually more, Chief,” Nick said as all eyes turn to him. “We can use weapons of their own like this one,” he showed them the sword, “to use against them. All you need to do is disarm them and we can destroy them a lot easier.”“Are you sure?”“Believe him, Chief,” Judy said. “I’ve seen it for myself.”Chief Bogo hummed a little. If this little advantage does work, then this should buy them more time until backup arrives. Still, with this little piece of information, he may have to tell Commander Shepherd about this. That way, in case of future invasions against these creatures, they’ll be ready to use that tiny piece of information to their advantage. “Sir!” a male wolf cop yelled as he ran to them and points behind him, getting the small group’s attention. “They’re coming!”They looked up ahead and saw a small army of Daemons marching here and there towards the blockades, armed to the teeth and were ready to kill anything that stood in their way. “Everyone to the blockades!” Chief Bogo yelled his order. “Go! Move, move, move!”Every police animal that wasn’t near a blockade, immediately ran to one as many of them brought out their weapons while getting behind the cover of their vehicles, ready to fire at the marching horde.“You three are with me. Let’s go!”The three mammals followed Chief Bogo to the front of the blockade where both he and the doberman agent got behind cover and pointed their weapons while Judy took cover behind a tire. “Nick, stay behind me,” she told him.“Believe me, Carrots, I intend to. I don’t have a gun like you do.”The small army of Daemons kept marching towards the blockades. Some of the police mammals became nervous while others grew a little scared at the approaching monsters, but didn’t budge from their positions as they steeled their nerves and were ready to shoot on command from Chief Bogo. “Steady!” Chief Bogo said to the police animals. “Wait for it…” Every mammal with a weapon kept their eyes pinned on the sights. “Wait for it…” Many of them took a small deep breath and kept their fingers on the trigger; they were ready to shoot. “Now! Fire!”Volleys of tranquilizer darts, electricity balls, and white energy rounds from the doberman agent were fired towards the small army. The Gargoyles who stood at the front of the lines, raised their shields up to protect the Goblins and themselves as the volleys struck them, creating small sparks in the process. They kept shooting at them to no avail as they kept approaching them. That was until Judy reloaded a tranquilizer dart, after already using several of them on her belt, and decided to aim lower at a Gargoyle's unprotected legs. It worked as the Gargoyle grunted and lowered its guard a little, giving the police mammals an opening to hit it with a few tranquilizers and an electricity round, sending it falling to the ground. “Chief Bogo!” she yelled at him.“I know! Everyone aim lower!”They took the order and started shooting below the shields. Some of the Gargoyles got hit with either a dart or a round of electricity while others started flapping their wings and took to the air the moment their defensive weakness was discovered. The Goblins, however, took this as an opportune moment to sprint straight towards the police mammals after their defense was lifted. “Everyone, move back!”Everyone near the blockades slowly moved back while they kept firing at the sprinting Goblins. Most of them got hit and fell, but others kept dodging until each one shot with a dart or electricity round. However, for the doberman agent, he kept turning every small creature to black smoke with each short burst to conserve energy, much to the police mammal's shock that the weapon he had fared much better than what they had. Unfortunately, the moment when some of the police mammals ran out of ammo or charge from the shock weapons, they needed covering fire till they reloaded or changed the batteries. The slow backwards trek reached an end when they came halfway to the center part of Savanna Central, that was when Chief Bogo shouted, “CHARRRRGE!”With a mighty shout from the police mammals, they charged straight ahead to the approaching horde. Judy and Nick were left behind with the rabbit cop saying to the fox, “You ready?”“No, but I don’t have a choice. Do I?”“Nope.” She joins the other police mammals while shouting.“Oh well,” Nick shrugged. “What the heck then? I have nothing to lose.” He raised his sword up and charged while shouting.Before the two sides collide in one massive brawl, Chief Bogo yells, “Get their weapons!”The Goblins barely stood a chance against the rough and heavy-weighted exterior of Chief Bogo’s police mammals who easily pushed through them. However, that didn’t mean they weren’t fools to know how dangerous these creatures were if one of the police mammals stood alone and knew fully well how to work together as a team. Each of them fended off both these Goblins and Gargoyles by staying in groups of two, three, or four, with more of the experienced cops managing to fight them on their own using either only physical combat or their police batons while being covered by a group until one of them had a chance to get a weapon from these creatures. A male rhino cop got lucky as he grabbed a Gargoyle, who was carrying a spear, by its feet and tossed it, knocking down a bench in the process. “Gimme that!” He snatched the weapon from the Gargoyle and did not hesitate as he raised it up and impaled the winged creature, giving it a small cry as it turned to black smoke along with its spear. “Chief Bogo!” he yelled, hoping he could hear him. “These weapons disappear after you’ve destroyed the wielder who has it!”Unfortunately, Chief Bogo couldn’t hear the rhino cop from all the noise that was around him while keeping focus on the sight of his shotgun at the same time. Judy’s keen ears, however, heard what the rhino said and repeated the message to the chief that was near her, “Chief Bogo, the weapon disappears after you’ve destroyed the wielder who carries it.”“Are you serious?” Nick said. “Well, that’s just great! If I take down a Goblin that once held this, then that along with this sword I’m holding will disappear.”“Don’t worry, Nick,” Judy assured him. “If that ever happens, I’ll protect you until you get another weapon from these things.”Nick notices a Gargoyle, who was up in the air, about to throw a spear at the rabbit cop. “Judy!” He reacts quickly by throwing the sword as hard as he could towards the winged creature. It impaled itself at the Gargoyle's chest, turning it into black smoke. In the process, however, the sword falls and lands on the ground right in the middle of the horde. Knowing that he’ll be defenseless without it and having faith that these police mammals will cover him, he runs towards the crowd of Daemons to get it back. “Nick!” Judy called out while running after him.Seeing the two small mammals run towards the crowd of Daemons, Chief Bogo points his shotgun at the creatures while yelling, “Hopps! Wilde!”Giving them covering fire, Nick dodges a swipe from the Goblin's sword and Judy shoots it before passing by it. When he saw the sword laying flat on the ground, he ran towards it, but had to slide while dodging another swipe from a Goblin’s club. He quickly grabs it and cuts the Daemons legs off, making it cry out and collapse. The fox finished it off as he got up quick and impaled it on the chest. After the creature turned to black smoke, Nick looked behind and yelped, seeing another Goblin who raised a sword with one arm and was about to slice him. “Nick, duck!”Nick quickly ducks as Judy front flips over him and kicks the Goblin’s face, causing it to stumble slightly. “Judy!” The fox tosses the sword to her and she catches it, then slices the Goblin’s chest, not giving it a chance to recover and turning it to black smoke. She turns around and fires her tranquilizer dart; Nick manages to dodge that by the skin of his teeth as it hits a Goblin’s face. “A little warning before you shoot!”“Sorry!” She tosses the sword to him while reloading her pistol. He catches it and slices the Goblin in two. Turning around, he sees another Goblin behind Judy with a sword raised by both arms as she reloads again after shooting another single dart. He quickly swings his sword, making Judy gasp and duck, and cuts off both its arms. He swings again, cutting off the Goblin’s head as the pieces turn to black smoke. “A little warning before you swing that thing!”“Sorry,” he said casually while smiling. “Now we’re even.”She sighed and shook her head unamusingly at him. She didn’t have time to rest as she shot her dart at another Goblin, this time at the neck. Nick took this opportunity to cut down this creature while Judy reloaded. The two of them quickly passed their weapons with the fox shooting at a sprinting Goblin in the leg, collapsing on its front, and the rabbit cop stabbing a foot from an approaching Goblin, making it grunt in pain. She brings the sword up, cutting the Daemon’s face right at the middle and a small geyser of black smoke erupts. When the Goblin collapsed on its back and before it vanished, Judy took the sword it had, and doing what Nick did, threw it towards a Goblin and impaled itself on its chest, causing it to cry out and throw its body hard on the ground. Nick quickly goes to the downed Goblin and takes its club. When the green-skinned creature sat up, the fox raised the blunt object up like a golf club and yelled, “Fore!” The club makes contact with the Goblin’s chin, sending it flying to the air from the force of the strike and landing on a group of Goblins as they all collapse. He quickly passes the pistol over to Judy while she passes back his sword. He swings his club at some Goblins, whacking each of them in the face, before using his sword to behead all of them in a row. As Judy finished reloading her pistol, Nick said to her, “Judy, use this!” He passed her the club, just before another Goblin came towards her, and connected her club to the Daemon’s. She kicks the Goblin right at the groin, making it groan in pain, then whacks it on its face on each side and follows with two kicks to the side of the face. It looks at her with a dazed expression and the rabbit cop kicks the Daemon right at its chin, sending it falling to the ground back-first.Chief Bogo couldn’t take his eyes off the spectacle. What he literally just witnessed was two small mammals holding their own against a bunch of Daemons surrounding them. Despite them being a mixed-match duo of mammals, they made a pretty good team. His little sightseeing came to an end when a male bear cop yelled while swinging his baton at a Gargoyle that was still in the air, “Sir! There’s too many of them!”“He’s right!” a male rhino said while keeping him covered with his shock pistol. “We can’t keep this up!”“Sir!” a female polar yelled. “I’m running low on ammo and down to my last clip!”“Chief Bogo!” a male wolf cop yelled. Behind him was a male elephant who smacked some Daemons with his trunk that held a Gargoyle and trumpets, sending the winged creature towards a group of Goblins as they were knocked down. In the process, however, he started coughing from exhaustion. Right next to him was an already exhausted male tiger who was keeping himself up by using the Gargoyles spear that he recently took while the male wolf cop kept the monsters back with a club that he got from a Goblin. After swinging it again, he slowly pants as exhaustion was kicking in. “We can’t keep going like this and we’re running out of steam!”Chief Bogo knew he was right as some of his police mammals were starting to get tuckered out from all the fighting using physical means. All the others were starting to lose ammo fast and wouldn't be able to slow down these creatures much longer. The doberman agent had already tossed aside his first weapon after using up every last round and was now using his Pulsar Pistol, which the chief wasn’t sure how many rounds he had left before running out. They had only managed to take out some of the Daemons, but there was still a whole army of them. Not to mention, there was still the matter of those two big Daemons that M2 and Tracy were probably dealing with, and Commander Shepherd's troops that have yet to appear. They’ve done their job for now and it was time to make a run for it back to headquarters to barricade themselves and reload their weapons until help arrives. “Alright everyone, fall back to base! Anyone who still has ammo left give them covering fire!”“It’s no use, Chief,” the doberman agent said to him.“What! What do you mean?”“Look behind.”Chief Bogo looks behind, only to see Daemons cutting off their path towards police headquarters and are now trapped. He points his shotgun at them, only for the weapon to shoot out sparks, indicating that he was out of charge. Taking his weapon by the front, he swings the butt of it like a bat towards the creatures, trying to keep them back. The doberman agent kept shooting his Pulsar Pistol until finished with a click. He tosses it towards a Goblin, but it easily dodges it and chuckles evilly at him. He takes out his combat knife that he kept inside his suit and holds it in a foregrip. Even though it won’t pierce their bodies since it's not magical, at least he could use it to defend himself while hopefully getting a weapon from these creatures.Back with Judy and Nick, their backs were against each other while panting slowly from exhaustion and looking around, assessing the situation. So far, they’ve all managed to do good, but with these numbers the situation was starting to become dire as they were now on their last ropes. “Carrots,” the fox said. “How many rounds you got left?”“Four in the belt and one loaded,” she answered him. “That’s five rounds I’ve got left, but it’s not enough to slow them all down.”“Where’s help when you need it?”As if speaking too soon, they heard tires screech as something was coming. Some of the Daemons turned around while police mammals looked ahead and saw several military jeeps, along with police cars that they’ve recently rescued from the creatures following them, arriving at Savanna Central. They busted through a barrier and swerved, knocking aside Daemons that got in the way. Police mammals got out first and started unloading rounds of tranquilizer darts and electricity balls towards the monsters before groups of soldiers came out next through the back of their jeeps. “Let’s go! Move, move, move!” a male cougar said as he aimed his rifle at the surrounding horde. “Take’em out!”Every soldier took out one Daemon after the next, giving the exhausted mammals a chance to recuperate while they were the ones finishing the job. However, after they’ve taken out some of the Daemons, all the others started to back off but haven’t retreated. It was as if they were waiting for something which started to worry Chief Bogo. Judy and Nick felt the same as something felt off. That was when her keen ears heard the sound of hard thumping and realized what that was.Chief Bogo was the first to notice as he looks to the direction where they first arrived and sees the large Daemon leaping in the air. “LOOK OUT!” he shouted.His warning came too late as the Chimera Brain landed hard on the ground, shaking the earth with its massive body and sending some soldiers flying from the force of the impact. One male soldier managed to get up and unload a volley of energy rounds, but the large Daemon easily swatted him away like a bug; making him give out a wilhelm scream. “Take it out!” another male soldier said. Before they had a chance to unload volleys of energy rounds towards the large Daemon, the other Daemons began their second charge as they were ready to overrun their enemies in sheer numbers. “Everyone, fall back!” Chief Bogo yelled.The police mammals or Judy, Nick and the doberman agent didn’t have to be told twice as they made a run for it back to police headquarters while the soldiers covered them. However, the Chimera Brain wasn’t going to let any of its prey run. Not one single victim was going to escape from this creature. The lion head roared, spewing out a blood-red fireball out of its muzzle and exploded right at the path where they were going, creating a wall of flames and cutting off their main path to headquarters. Right as it was about to shoot another fireball towards its gathered prey, the Chimera Brain felt energy balls hit its back, causing it to bellow in pain. It turns around with fury in its eyes and sees a small group of soldiers bend down on one knee. On their shoulders they carried energy cannons that were silver at the back and black at the front, and had adjustable red target sights on the side. “Hit it again!” a male leopard soldier yelled.The Chimera Brain wasn’t going to allow it. With a roar from the lion head and spewing out another blood-red fireball, it exploded on the small group and the soldiers screamed. “Full retreat! Full retreat!” a male panther soldier yelled.The soldiers start falling back while Chief Bogo yells, “Follow me! Will take another way out!”With the main path blocked by Daemonic flames, Chief Bogo had to lead an entire group of soldiers and police mammals. All the while being protected by said soldiers as they provided cover from all the small Daemons that were after them. Unfortunately, the Chimera Brain was proving to be more difficult to escape as it unleashed one fireball after the next, taking out some soldiers and police mammals in the process. By the time they arrived, Chief Bogo and the doberman agent quickly opened the doors as every mammal rushed inside. However, the chief noticed there were two small mammals missing. “Where’s Hopps and Wilde?” he asked the doberman agent.“I don’t know,” he answered. “I thought they were with you.”What nobody noticed during the retreat, Judy and Nick hid behind a tree as all the Daemons were too busy chasing all the survivors towards headquarters. They knew they weren’t going to make it due to their small bodies, so they had to wait until these creatures passed them and they could go around them, then find another entrance to police headquarters. As the two of them helplessly watched the large Daemon kill some soldiers and police mammals with its fireballs, the fox knew there was nothing else they could do. All they can do now is survive till M2 and Tracy arrive, and they could deal with these monsters. For Judy, however, she saw the energy cannon lying next to an already dead cheetah soldier. A plan suddenly formed.She took off in a sprint towards the energy cannon as Nick said, “Carrots, where are you going? Not that way! Carrots!” He went after her, just as she started to drag the heavy cannon. “What are you doing?”“What’s it look like I’m doing? We’re gonna need this.”It didn’t take no more than two seconds for Nick to put two and two together. “Are you crazy?! We can’t take on that thing! We need Tracy and M2’s help!”She started adjusting the sight until it was at her level. “We don’t have time to wait and we have to try!”“But Judy we have to get out of here! We need to regroup with the others!”“By the time we regroup with the others…” She looks at him in the eye. “Those things will overrun the headquarters and that giant monster will give them trouble. Chief Bogo should know this by now. Our only chance is to either distract it and give them enough time for them to deal with the small fry or destroy it.”“Judy-”“If we don’t do something now, Chief Bogo and everyone else will die!” Her face became pleadful and her eyes turned to desperation. “Please, Nick, I can’t lift this thing up, it’s too heavy. You're the only one I know who can help me. Please.”Nick knew that she was right about everything. There was no other option and they couldn’t run away from these creatures. As long as that giant Daemon was still roaming around causing havoc, nobody was safe. With a sigh, he said while shrugging, “Well, I did say I’ve got nothing to lose. Might as well live with what I said.” Going to the front of the cannon, he placed the handle of the sword on his muzzle and picked up the front. “Where are we taking it?” he asked through clenched teeth.She places the club on her belt and picks up the back of the cannon while answering, “We’re going to get into a nice diagonal position, then get in close.”“How close?”“Close enough where we can’t miss. Come on!”Without a second to spare, they carried the energy cannon as fast as their little legs could carry them.Meanwhile back at police headquarters, the police mammals had managed to lock all the doors. It kept the little monsters out, but the bigger one was going to be a problem soon. While the Goblins and Gargoyles were busy swinging their weapons on the doors, cracking the glass but couldn’t break through due to it being strong to withstand a bit of force, Chief Bogo started ordering, “Alright, I want every mammal to reload their weapons!” He tosses his shotgun to a rhino cop. “Then get back in here as fast as you can! The rest of you who still have ammo left are with me! Let’s move it!” The police mammals who needed to restock their ammo dispersed to the armory. “Get ready, everybody! Those doors won’t hold them forever, so prepare yourselves!” He walks over to the front desk and slams a fisted hoof, getting a small yelp from someone underneath. “That goes for you too, Clawhauser.”Clawhauser, who had been hiding underneath the desk since the beginning of the attack, pokes his head out and looks at him with frightened eyes, saying, “But sir, I-I-I’m not made for combat and I-I don’t know how to shoot.”Chief Bogo sighed and went to a wolf cop, then offered his hoof. The wolf cop knew what he meant and gave him his shock pistol since he still had his shotgun that had some charge left. Taking it, the chief went back to Clawhauser and got him back on his feet by grabbing onto the back of his police uniform. “First time for anything,” he said to him before taking the cheetah’s arm and placing the shock pistol on his paw. “It’s that easy. Just hold the gun, point at it, and pull the trigger.” Clawhauser looks at him and points the gun at a tiger cop. “Not at us!” He firmly straightened his arm as it was pointing at the entrance while he took a hoof to his chin and made him look at the horde of Daemons that were still outside. “At them!”Clawhauser’s eyes could only widen with absolute shock at what he was seeing. He had no idea at first what Chief Bogo and the others were facing outside. All that he heard before ducking and covering underneath the desk was the shooting and explosions. Now that he had a glimpse of these monsters, he could only scream, wave his arms a little, and wrap Chief Bogo’s head; making him grunt while some of the police mammals and the soldiers quietly snickered. “Oh my God!” he yelled. “What are these things?! Are they aliens or something?!”“In a way…” Chief Bogo said through clenched teeth while prying Clawhauser’s arms off his head, then making him look at his intimidating face. “Yes!” He firmly gets both of the cheetah’s arms straight, brings his other paw towards the shock pistol until it is gripped to the bottom, and grabs the top of his head till his eyes are facing back to the Daemons, “Now screw your courage to the sticking place and get ready!” The chief smacks his hoof at Clawhauser’s back, causing him to grunt a little. He walks over to a male snow leopard soldier and asks, “Mind if I borrow that side-arm?”He takes out his side-arm and tosses it to him while saying, “Here.”Catching it, Chief Bogo went in between a male polar bear cop and a male lion cop, and pointed the pistol, ready to shoot if those Daemons managed to break through. However, the Goblins and Gargoyles stopped swinging their weapons at the doors, and started to slowly move away. Every mammal within the entrance could hear the slow thumping of the Chimera Brain as it came literally inches away from where they were. Clawhauser’s jaw drops while he gives a small gasp at the sheer size of the monster standing outside. Despite not actually seeing what the creature looked like due to the distance he was at and could only see the middle of it, he could vividly imagine over a dozen possibilities of what it could be. Those many possibilities have started to scare him down to the core.Chief Bogo stood his ground along with the others, except Clawhauser as he didn’t notice that the cheetah was starting to lose his cool, and was prepared to fight the second-wave of these monsters. He knew that they needed to buy more time until Tracy and M2 get here to deal with that giant Daemon. The fight may seem hopeless, but if they were to go down, they will go down swinging to protect both the city and the lives who live here. As he waited for that creature to make its move, he had a feeling that maybe it would try to tear apart the entrance so it could let in those smaller creatures inside. If that became the possibility, then they would let loose all the firepower they have left towards it to slow it down. Even though it won’t do much, at least it would give the others who were still in the armory reloading their weapons enough time to get here before they would be overrunned by the sheer numbers of these small monsters. Unfortunately, he didn’t expect a sudden glow coming from the giant. He couldn’t tell what that thing was about to do, but he had a bad feeling it wasn’t going to be pretty. “Everybody, find cover!” he yelled.They run away from the entrance while Clawhauser whimpers and ducks back under the desk for cover. What nobody saw outside headquarters was that the Chimera Brain’s bull head had its mouth open and was charging a blood-red energy ball that started to slowly grow in power. However, the giant Daemon or any of the smaller Daemons hadn’t noticed two small mammals were behind them as they got to a nice diagonal position. When they saw that big Daemon charging its attack, they knew right away that time was running out. If that thing were to keep charging that attack and unleash it, Chief Bogo and everybody inside will be completely obliterated; leaving no survivors and a destroyed police station. Judy places the cannon on her shoulder and brings a single eye to the sight, her finger now poised to pull the trigger. Unfortunately, she could not only see the small Daemons that stood in the way, but could only see the Chimera Brain’s back. “Higher Nick!” The fox could only grunt as he lifted the front of the energy cannon till it was at his shoulder. When her sight was lifted a bit, she saw the Chimera Brain slowly leaning back while the blood-red energy ball was getting bigger but couldn’t get a better shot. “Lift it up higher!”Nick grunts again as he uses both arms to lift up the heavy weapon, his arms shaking from the strain. When he saw the blood-red light getting brighter, seeing his shadow along with Judy’s and the weapon they were carrying, he said to her with his teeth still clenched to the handle of the sword, “Hurry it up! We’re running out of time and I can’t hold this up long!”“Just hold on a bit longer!” She knew that time was about to be up if she didn’t pull the trigger now. Luckily, her sight showed her the eagle head as that was the only thing she could shoot; the lion head would’ve been the first she could’ve aimed at, but that one was too bent forward. Taking a deep breath, she quietly prayed, “Please, don’t let me miss.”With that, she pulled the trigger, causing both her and the fox to yelp as they were thrown to the ground from the force. Before the Chimera Brain had a chance to bellow, screech, and unleash its attack so it could destroy the police headquarters in one shot and kill every last of its gathered prey inside while the small Daemons could only watch in anticipation. The energy ball makes contact on the eagle head and explodes, sending a geyser of black smoke as the bull head throws its head up and bellows, letting loose the blood-red energy ball to the night sky and turning it blood-red upon exploding.The Chimera Brain continues to bellow in absolute pain while waving both its body and arms around as the black smoke kept spewing out of the destroyed head; making the smaller Daemons run away from its painful frenzy and without getting stomped by its feet or cut to shreds by its claws. The black smoke caused the glass at police headquarters to shatter and the revolving door to uncontrollably spin by the fierce dark winds. Judy and Nick kept their heads down from the strong gust while the black smoke covered the area. When it finally died down, they sat up and looked around at the dark mist that was around Savanna Central, hoping to see if the Chimera Brain was destroyed. As they stood up, the fox picked up the sword, after already spitting it out, and the rabbit cop asked him, “Did we kill it?”Nick wasn’t sure if he could answer that, but…thump. His and Judy’s eyes widened as their heads slowly turned to the direction that was coming straight towards them from out of the dark mist. As the mist slowly thinned, the Chimera Brain slowly walked, alive but only having one smoked stump of what remained of the eagle head. When it saw the two small mammals, both the lion and bull head’s eyes glared with absolute fury for it knew that those two destroyed one of its heads as evidence with the energy cannon that laid right next to them. “That’s a no…” the fox finally answered. “A very, very, huge no.”“Um…” Judy swallowed some air. “It looks really angry.”“You think?” Nick stated the obvious.The Chimera Brain growls and the two small said in unison, “Run!”They take off in a sprint and the large Daemon gives out a bellowing roar before charging after them with murderous intent. It was going to make them pay for what they've done. Their little legs couldn’t outrun the sheer size of this monster as it was about to be upon them in a matter of seconds. Catching a small glimpse from behind, the two of them see its claws unsheathed and a blood-red aura surrounding them. However, Judy and Nick heard a familiar voice shouting, “STOOOOOP!”They looked towards the direction of the shout and next thing they knew, there was a flash of light, then…wa-shing!Judy and Nick stopped when the sudden flash subsided. The two of them slowly looked behind while the fox said, “What the-”BOOM! Judy and Nick yelped as they were thrown to the ground from the sudden gust of wind while light glowed around the Savanna Central area and the earth shook. The Chimera Brain roared and exploded as it was cut in two and a wave of light blocked out the black smoke, smothering it instantly by the intense glow. The Gargoyles and Goblins didn’t have enough time to dodge as they too were hit, vanishing them in an instant. When the light faded, the surviving Daemons picked themselves up after being thrown from that powerful force and gaped with absolute fear. The police mammals and the soldiers came out of the headquarters after seeing a sudden bright light outside; wondering what happened just now. Chief Bogo could only look in both shock and awe as he saw half of the Daemon horde literally wiped out from the light. What really caught his eye was a thin gash that appeared to be small, yet that light somehow managed to do a lot of damage against those monsters. And judging by the fact that the large Daemon was nowhere to be seen indicated that it was destroyed. The question was who did it? At first he thought it was M2 who arrived with Tracy in the nick of time to deal with these creatures, but he, along with the others, saw a small glow that wasn’t a mouse and was right in front of two small mammals.Judy and Nick groaned while they sat up and looked behind, only for their eyes to widen when they recognized the light-blue glow. “Tracy?” the fox said. Standing before them was undoubtedly their teenage tabby cat friend. But where was M2? Whatever happened to the mouse clone? Judy and Nick had to put those questions aside as they noticed the same aura they saw before back at Mr. Big’s surrounding her, and floating right next to her was the king’s grimoire. What really caught their attention was something that she was holding in the air…It was a sword! They recognized the black handle and crossguard while the blade itself was pure silver. Somehow she managed to pull it out of the grimoire, but they don’t know how she did it. She held the blade diagonally from when she first swiped at the Chimera Brain, then she slowly brought it down before turning her head to the side to look at the remaining Daemon horde. The Goblins and Gargoyles started to slowly back away, as if she was a Daemon herself that was far more powerful to take on a High-Class Daemon with one stroke of her sword. Tracy brings her other paw to the handle of the sword and raises it; a white aura now surrounding the blade. The Daemons start to scream and panic as many of them scatter here and there. The police mammals, the soldiers, along with Chief Bogo wondered why they were getting scared. Well, they got their answer when the young tabby cat brought her sword down and unleashed a lash of white energy, forcing both them and the small mammals who were with her to cover their eyes with their arms from the sudden flash. The first-half of what was left of the Daemon horde was hit by the wave of light and vanished instantly. The sword and club that Judy and Nick carried separately turned to black smoke, indicating that the Daemons that once held them were destroyed by Tracy’s magical attack. Her sword was once again filled with white aura and just like before with the Chimera Brain, she did a diagonal slash as white energy shot out to the second-half of the Daemon horde. Not even a single surviving Gargoyle from the first-strike that tried to fly high enough to the air could outrun a huge wave of light. When the light died down, all the mammals put their arms down and saw not one but two more thin gashes which miraculously didn’t do a lot of damage to the ground. The bottom line was that thanks to Tracy, every Daemon including that giant was destroyed. Every mammal erupted into cheers as they won the battle while Nick whooped in the air and yelled, “Whoo! Alright, Tracy! You’ve swatted those Daemons like flies, your invincible kid!” He laughs a little, adding, “Way to go!” She didn’t turn around and face him, much to his confusion as she still remained on guard.“Tracy?”He slowly walks towards her, one paw to reach out to her shoulder. She looks at him, only for him to pull back as both he and Judy gasp. What they were seeing was her eyes glowing light-blue. Just like before back at Mr. Big’s place. Her eyes look here and there, searching for more Daemons, but never realizing that they were all destroyed by her and she didn’t even notice her friends standing right in front of her. Nick was about to walk towards her, slowly and carefully, and hopefully talk to her so he could find out if she can hear him when she’s like this. No sooner had he taken two steps, a tranquilizer dart whizzed past him and Tracy blocked it, making a small cling as it connected to her blade. He sharply turns, seeing Judy having already taken out her tranquilizer pistol out of the holster and pointing it straight at the girl, her nose constantly twitching while her eyes were filled with absolute fear. “What are you doing?” he asked her with a hard voice. She didn’t respond to him and quickly reloaded before shooting another dart; once again blocked by Tracy’s sword. “Judy, what are you doing?!” he yelled, repeating the question. The rabbit cop reloaded for the third time and fired, but was blocked again and made her sword spark a little from the dart that grazed it. “Stop it!” She reloads her fourth round and the young tabby cat swings her weapon as the dart bounces off after it is fired, then she quickly reloads her last dart. Right as she was about to shoot, hoping that it would hit the girl and knock her out, the fox immediately took action and grabbed her arm, stopping her from pulling the trigger. “Judy, stop it!” She grunted by the fox’s grip, struggling and trying to get him to let go.As the rabbit cop continues to struggle, Tracy brings her sword sideways and a white aura surrounds it again. Judy gasped while Nick turned to look at the young tabby cat after noticing light starting to shine. He knew there was not enough time to talk to her and make her stop. Bringing the rabbit close to him in a tight hug, keeping his back facing towards the girl and Judy’s eyes on his chest. Chief Bogo and the others became confused when they saw that light now facing those two small mammals. What was she doing?Tracy grunts while Nick grits his teeth and Judy wraps her arms around him, prepared for the inevitable strike at a near point-blank range. However, their ears perked up when they heard screeching on the ground, almost like someone sliding with their feet, and a familiar voice yelling, “Tracy, stop!”Judy and Nick looked as they saw M2, who had one arm tightly gripped to her wrist, preventing her from swinging her sword, and the other arm wrapped around her till she was at his chest. “Tracy, you need to calm down and relax,” he said in her ear while she grunted and struggled, trying to get out of his grip. “You’re already in your awakened state and have gained Guardian Instinct. If you don’t calm yourself, you’ll end up either hurting someone you care about or end up destroying something with your magic.” She stopped struggling as realization struck her. “Now, take a deep breath, relax your muscles, and calm yourself.” She listened to him and took a deep breath before exhaling.The aura surrounding her died down along with the glow in her eyes and the grimoire dropped to the ground after her magic faded. Her arm that was holding the sword went limp while her paw still kept a good grip on the handle. When she finally relaxed, M2 let go of her and picked up the grimoire. Tracy looked at her two friends, seeing only the worried look of Judy and her nose twitching, and Nick giving a sigh of relief, almost like he was glad that he didn’t die just now which only confused her. “Guys…” she said slowly to them. “What-”“Lightning Wheel!”The three mammals and the mouse clone sharply looked up, seeing Sparx in the air and front flipping with electricity surrounding him like a wheel. He goes down towards the small group and Tracy yelps.
Kakashi sensei by Sinon-san
Siren's Lesson by Toxical-Toon
Watching the Snowfall by AevCol
Fear versus Instinct (Audio Comic) by Toxical-Toon
3D Art
Space Crimes-Queen Neptune's Royal Carcanet by Slofkosky
Goliath and Bronx by RatGnaw
Lines, WIPs N Sketchs
WIP : Sheila by Rock-Well
Peacock Moth by SweetSign
Hall of Fame
Dance with us, sir knight! [CM] by AnnaSelena
Animated icon commission for UNLVERSE by ArkaDark
MMC Entries
NEW Fantasy 3
Dancer naga by CloudineTibaut






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