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Trying to beat writer's block? Want some inspiration? Searching for a place to showcase your style? Then welcome, friend, to Universal-Writers!

We welcome all kinds of literature, whether it be anything from drabbles to chaptered stories, fan fiction to original works, writing contests to personal challenges, comics, official books, anything! Everyone is welcome to join, so spam that join button and show us what you can do!
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If you have any suggestions or inspirations, feel free to note the founder, brickburner! I'd love to hear everyone's ideas on how to improve our group :D

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Tips for Young Writers...with some help from Buffy
Hello readers!
I spend a lot of time talking with young writers about writing.  Whether it’s the art of putting a novel together or ways to break into the industry, I get asked a lot of the same questions.  So I thought I’d compile a list of tips here for writers getting started at any age.  Maybe you’ve heard some of these before, maybe not.  Either way, I hope they help you along your path.
1. Show, don’t tell.
Yes, you’ve definitely heard this before.  A million times over.  But what does it mean?  The difference between showing and telling is the difference between sitting in a cafe in Paris sipping a latte and reading a menu online.  You want to immerse your reader.  If I’m telling, I’m over-describing, maybe even listing scenery.  If I’m showing, I’m slipping in details where they fit naturally.  
:iconpinkymccoversong:PinkyMcCoversong 42 62
Creating Voice
When you write dialogue, when you write dramatic monologues, when you write in first person, your character must have his own voice.
Voice is in part the distinct vocabulary, grammatical tendencies and spoken patterns which are unique to your character. A linguist would call this his idiolect.
Voice’s other part is made up of the interests and obsessions of your character: what sort of things they notice about the world, how they interpret them in relation to their previous experiences, and what emotional colouring they give events. We might call this perspective.
Firstly, a story: I am English, middle class, and I studied at Oxford. When I worked in a supermarket cafe in inner-city Cardiff (Wales) I’d get customers who would say, after half a minute’s banter about their breakfast at the till, “hang on, you’re too clever to be working here!” They didn’t say this because I had told them my life story,
:iconcrumpetsharvey:CrumpetsHarvey 45 13
Because people seem to be enjoying the metaphor that I’ve gifted upon myself, I thought that it would be fun to share it with all of you.
This metaphor, or metaphors really, are my way of dealing with the lack of ‘literate creations’. Meaning I’m giving myself something to think about so I’m not moping about not being able to write anything on my stories.
What is this metaphor?
Well that’s the thing. It’s “Noodles”.
What Are Noodles?
I’d have to start with the basics here because it could be a little hard to explain in a away, but I will do my best to accomplish it.
Let’s begin with the empty bowls.
• To begin a story you first need an idea.
• This is what your ‘bowl’ is. 
• It is the basis of your story, as well as your story itself.
Next up is the actual Noodles.
• Noodles are your words, your ideas, and the content of your story.
:iconkaerralind:Kaerralind 3 3
Help! I have a Mary Sue!
You know that you have a Mary Sue when she upsets the monochromatic color scheme of my Writer's Guides.
Mouse over blue text to see a note.
Internet communities often lash out at writers who create Mary Sues. Declaring the writing to be below their standards, they proceed to punish the creators. They mock the characters, verbally abuse the writers, and write hyperbolically about how much they wish the characters would die.
Bullying writers (who may be very young) is only going to make them afraid to write—and therefore improve—or share their work. Not only that, but it discourages other writers from speaking for fear of public mockery, and it may silence the voices that could someday become great.
If you've directly or indirectly suffered from the abuse of such individuals, let me first apologize on their behalf. I don't care if your story stinks so much that it can be smelled from fifty
:iconmisslunarose:MissLunaRose 3,284 987
I created a challenge!
I created a challenge. The rules of the challenge are below.
1. You must include the name "Kin's Romance Writing Challenge Day _"
2. You must link this journal and my username in everyday of your challenge in the description.
3. No using art that you've already created before this.
4. You must follow the prompt, other than that, you can write what you want.
    So the concept of the challenge is that everyday, for 30 days, you write and post a chapter of the prompt below. By the end of it all, you should have a thirty chapter book.
    Prompt: Write a book where the main character is to slowly fall in love with the reader's character. They can't already be in love. By the end of the book, they must have kissed at least once.
:iconkinzoku-koneko:Kinzoku-Koneko 3 7
Horror Poetry Prompts
You should see one of these in a story/poem within the next few days.  There are two I'm really leaning towards.  Can you please tell me which one you'd use or one you'd like to see me use.  I encourage you to write one.  I'd love it!  I'm beginning to think I'm the only gruesome writers here!  Here's the list:
Here are 10 horror story prompts that should give you the chills, and get you writing something scary. Warning if these don’t scare you, you are most-likely a zombie, vampire, werewolf or ghost. If you are unaware of being one of the undead, seek medical attention immediately.
You have had a strange feeling for a few days now. Today you’ve been feeling very energetic and tired at the same time. You sit, exhausted and full of energy, at your desk. Your arm has been itching. It’s killing you now. You look at your forearm and see it for the first time. Something is moving under your skin. It is shifting around. Your muscle spasms and
:icontalesfrommycell:TalesFromMyCell 2 16
How to Comfort a Writer
Never tell a writer he’s good enough
Because he knows this isn’t the case
And he’ll become conscious at the lie
That he can stop improving
And will be unable to show his true feelings.
Tell her she can change
And what you liked
About her displays of affection
Written in words of wonder
At the bright beautiful world ahead
Never tell a writer’s she’s perfect
For she’ll twist your words into decadent deceit
She knows that this is impossible
And will realize you never looked into her heart
As she wore it on her sleeve
Tell him that there’s work to be done
Before he can truly be an artist
But say that he’s on the right track
And guide him with words of encouragement
In his eyes, affirmation is excellence.
Never scoff when a writer bursts out
Bubbling with his interests
For this is what he holds to himself
Wanting to express what dwells inside his mind
But y
:iconkatamaris4ever:katamaris4ever 433 94
Zero Comment Policy
Zero Comment Policy
It were we all give each other feedback for every Fanfic we read. Those who don't have any comments and wish for constructive criticism. As well just a comment to tell if you wish for a person not to give up on there story and push it through to the very end.
The Zero comment policy will have to be a combined effort of the entire group. We will begin this change immediately by giving comments to stories that have and will be submitted to our group.
Please don't be a troll or be offensive if you read a fanfiction that has something you don't like.
As well please leave a comment down below saying you will agree and will support and try to take part in the Zero Comment Policy.
:iconfanfictionmajor:FanfictionMajor 2 23
365 Day Challenge..
For anybody wanting the list...
1. Introduction
2. Love
3. Light
4. Dark
5. Seeking Solace
6. Break Away
7. Heaven
8. Innocence
9. Drive
10. Breathe Again
11. Memory
12. Insanity
13. Misfortune
14. Smile
15. Silence
16. Questioning
17. Blood
18. Rainbow
19. Gray
20. Fortitude
21. Vacation
22. Mother Nature
23. Cat
24. No Time
25. Trouble Lurking
26. Tears
27. Foreign
28. Sorrow
29. Happiness
30. Under the Rain
31. Flowers
32. Night
33. Expectations
34. Stars
35. Hold My Hand
36. Precious Treasure
37. Eyes
38. Abandoned
39. Dreams
40. Rated
41. Teamwork
42. Standing Still
43. Dying
44. Two Roads
45. Illusion
46. Family
47. Creation
48. Childhood
49. Stripes
50. Breaking the Rules
51. Sport
52. Deep in Thought
53. Keeping a Secret
54. Tower
55. Waiting
56. Danger Ahead
57. Sacrifice
58. Kick in the Head
59. No Way Out
60. Rejection
61. Fairy Tale
62. Magic
63. Do Not Disturb
64. Multitasking
65. Horror
66. Traps
67. Playing the Melody
68. Hero
69. Annoyance
70. 67%
71. Obsession
72. Misc
:icontechn0vert:techn0vert 244 63
The Mary Sue and You
As some of you are probably aware, a "Sue War" is stirring in the DP fandom. Since I've got some free time and have a horrible case of writer's block, I figured I would write a little something up concerning Mary Sues.
The Mary Sue
Many people in fandom have heard the term Mary Sue, but few know the actual definition of a Sue. In short, a Mary Sue is a character that is unbelievably perfect. They have skills or traits that are either unexplained or impossible. The Mary Sue often dominates the entire story, and overshadows other main characters, the only exception being the love interest. Essentially, a Mary Sue is the author's idea of a perfect character, and is often a self insert. Note:This does not mean that all self inserts are Mary Sues, although instances of this are extremely rare.
Most Mary Sues have extraordinary powers that are either uncommon or unheard of in the story universe. In the DP fandom, a telltale sign of a Mary Sue is when he/she is
:iconrandomxcreeper:RandomxCreeper 104 140
Helpful Resources and Inspiration: Here you can find tips, themes, guides, and ways to improve—everything a writer needs!
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