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He keeps improving at it by Mati0la
Mature content
He keeps improving at it :iconmati0la:Mati0la 28 4
Balto and Jenna's Canine Couple Captivity (Part 1)

In the midst of a mid-day nap inside her comfortable shed, Jenna began to stir at a loud crashing sound. It sounded like it was coming from her house. She groggily got up and made her way out of the shed and to the house, entering through dog door.
"Is Rosy back from school early?" Jenna wondered aloud. She made her way through the house, not seeing any sign of her girl. As she went up the stairs to Rosy's room, she suddenly heard a loud rustling coming from Rosy's parents' bedroom. The husky suddenly got a feeling of dread in the pit of her stomach, but nudged the door open and looked in the room.
And was caught off guard when she saw two strange men inside. They were going through the cabinets and stuffing her owner's jewelry into a briefcase. She saw their window had been busted open, explaining the crashing sound.
They were being robbed.
Jenna barely had any time to take further action before one of the two men noticed her standing in the open d
:iconpochgh:pochgh 12 3
A Lioness In Distress

Nala woke up feeling immensely sore. She couldn't remember what had happened last night, but as she slowly regained consciousness she could tell that something was off. Why did she feel so uncomfortable? When she tried to move her legs she couldn't. She tried her back legs but was given the same unfavorable results.
"Mmmm …" Nala groaned, but was surprised to hear a muffled grunt instead.
When her vision finally cleared her eyes widened as she realized she had been tied up and gagged, her front and back legs securely restrained by a series of vines, along with more cleaved in her mouth and wrapped around her jaws. Suddenly last night came back to her, going out looking for Simba, being ambushed by two lions … and now waking up bound and gagged in what appeared to be a hole, with something sealing the top, leaving her in darkness.
Realizing her situation, Nala instantly began squirming in her bonds, trying to break free, pulling her bound
:iconpochgh:pochgh 35 14
An Outlander Outmatched

It had been one week since the union of the Pride-Landers and the Outlanders. While there were some bumps in the road from the differing lifestyles of the two groups, everyone seemed to be adjusting well to this newfound peace.
However, on one crisp night, in spite of said peace, Kovu couldn’t manage to fall asleep. As much as he loved his new life in the Pride Lands with Kiara, vastly more so than how he used to live, one of the few downsides was that there was less to do than he was used to. He had relaxed all day, and so was having trouble settling down now. After a half hour of fidgeting restlessly beside his sleeping love, he ultimately decided to take a late-night walk around the kingdom.
“There’s gotta be something to do around here.” Kovu mumbled to himself as he descended Pride Rock. “Or else maybe I can at least make myself tired.”
:iconpochgh:pochgh 14 0
Danni's Delicious Desires (COM) by Lady-of-Mud Danni's Delicious Desires (COM) :iconlady-of-mud:Lady-of-Mud 82 4 Rain Night Fight Animation by SavageSylva Rain Night Fight Animation :iconsavagesylva:SavageSylva 39 13 Perils of Malaya - The Tri-Coils (Commission) by HeisenX Perils of Malaya - The Tri-Coils (Commission) :iconheisenx:HeisenX 93 4 Anthro Luna by Mati0la Anthro Luna :iconmati0la:Mati0la 64 4 Commission Miraurie by SraSomeone Commission Miraurie :iconsrasomeone:SraSomeone 55 1 Hitomi by 000demon
Mature content
Hitomi :icon000demon:000demon 59 6
Don't go anywhere, sweetheart by Mati0la
Mature content
Don't go anywhere, sweetheart :iconmati0la:Mati0la 65 0
Boa and Miia by MickoDaimao
Mature content
Boa and Miia :iconmickodaimao:MickoDaimao 219 15
Boa Vs Alice by Daisy-Pink71
Mature content
Boa Vs Alice :icondaisy-pink71:Daisy-Pink71 180 28
Captured by the Gorgon by thesteedman Captured by the Gorgon :iconthesteedman:thesteedman 98 6 Eat me, I'm Irish-2018 by Rerwin
Mature content
Eat me, I'm Irish-2018 :iconrerwin:Rerwin 45 3
You're wanted backstage.. by Daisy-Pink71 You're wanted backstage.. :icondaisy-pink71:Daisy-Pink71 376 24
hi gang i want to play a game can you name your fave thing on this list  here check it out 

1. My favorite color 
2. My favorite book 
3. My favorite Disney Villain,
4. My favorites Disney  princess.
5. My favorites Funny Villain
6. My favorite sports  
7. My favorite Doll 
8.are you a mlp fan
10,Eye color: 
11.Hair color: 
14.Favorite Song: 
15.Favorite Band 
16.Favorite you tuber. 
17 Favorite food:
18.Favorite family member:
19 .Favorite bird: 
20.Favorite animal: 
21 .Favorite celebrities: 
22.Favorite time of day: 
23.Favorite holiday,
24.Favorite season: 
25.Favorite fruit: 
26.Favorite flower: 
27.Favorite Emoji: 
28.Favorite App: 
29.Favorite Movie: 
30.Favorite Hobbies:
31.Favorite country: 
32.Favorite weather: 
33.Favorite element: 
34.Favorite language:
35.Name of pets: 
36.Name of best friend: 
37.Tall or Short: 
38.Looks or personality: 
39.Homesick or Traveler:
40.Musician or Artist:
41.Woods or City: 
42.TV or YouTube:
43.Phone or Computer?: 
44.Family or Money?:
45,Books or Movies: 
46,Food or sleep?: 

so here are the rules , when you type down a list like mine and if it a good one, 'il add your oc into my and jayko story, so have fun everyone,
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