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Gag sequence - Asuka by Mati0la Gag sequence - Asuka :iconmati0la:Mati0la 284 16 Zara - bomb peril by Horatimo
Mature content
Zara - bomb peril :iconhoratimo:Horatimo 11 0
Erin in peril by Horatimo Erin in peril :iconhoratimo:Horatimo 29 3 Anna - Tentacle Peril by Horatimo
Mature content
Anna - Tentacle Peril :iconhoratimo:Horatimo 5 0
Danger Level by Horatimo
Mature content
Danger Level :iconhoratimo:Horatimo 12 5
Bunny girl by Mati0la
Mature content
Bunny girl :iconmati0la:Mati0la 70 2
PREVIEW - Batgirl Disintegration (Rough) by Vore-Disintegration PREVIEW - Batgirl Disintegration (Rough) :iconvore-disintegration:Vore-Disintegration 5 2 Bee pun, i guess by Mati0la Bee pun, i guess :iconmati0la:Mati0la 97 17
Canine Couple Captivity (Part 3)
Balto and Jenna were exhausted. They were covered in snow from having to worm their way through it. Their legs were screaming out in pain from their bonds. They couldn’t quench their thirsts by gobbling up the snow that surrounded them, unable to even slip their tongues through their clenched teeth. They couldn’t even pant because of their wrapped-up mouths, taking in rapid, frantic breaths through their noses, trying to fill their starving lungs. They would occasionally grunt out loudly through the gags, partially to call for help and partially to just let out some expression of exasperation.
And throughout all this, they still had not come across a single living thing that could save them and shorten their grueling journey.
They had to stop every once in a while to regain their strength. And each time they did, their minds were continuously filled with the fear that the two men who had done this to them would come up and snatch them back up. A
:iconpochgh:pochgh 14 19
The Kidnapping of Kiara (Part 3)
A full day and a half had passed since Kiara was brought to Teka’s cave. And in all of that time, he had made true on his threat: The lioness had not once been untied or ungagged at all in that entire time. She had been given no food, no water, and the other animals just passed by her as if she was just some lifeless rock.
Such cruel depravation had sucked almost all of the fight out of the poor bound lioness. Her stomach felt like it was gnawing away at her from the inside out, sending pangs of pain through her. She felt like she had been trapped in a desert for days from how absolutely parched she was. The vines wrapping her muzzle up already kept her quiet, but combining them with the dryness in her throat allowed only the softest of whimpers to escape.
And of course, her legs and muzzle were screaming out in pain from being constricted for so long. She felt like all blood had been cut off from those areas. And unless it was just her imagination, the vines seemed to be getting
:iconpochgh:pochgh 26 47
Canine Couple Captivity (Part 2)
Balto and Jenna lay pressed up against one another for another minute or so, trying to regain their physical and emotional strength. As they occasionally nuzzled and pressed further into each other, the two loving canines both felt their own kind of guilt.
Jenna felt deeply ashamed of the fact that she had dragged Balto into this mess. He shouldn’t be here right now. He should be back at the safety of his boat, or spending his afternoon with Rosy like they had planned. But when he happened to catch her in her abduction, of course he came after her. The sweet, devoted canine had once again proven the lengths that he was willing to go for her. He always had a way of making her feel safe and loved, even in just the way he looked at her. Yet look at how he was rewarded for it. Bound and gagged alongside her. She pressed her face further into his neck, trying to show how much he meant to her. “Mm lmmv ymm,” she looked up at him and tried to say that she loved him. But the
:iconpochgh:pochgh 17 12
The Kidnapping of Kiara (Part 2)
Kiara had been led by her captors for what felt like hours, taken through locations that she had never seen before. At one point when she turned her head back, she could no longer see Pride Rock. She did everything she could not to panic, breathing in and out deeply through her nose.
Walking for such a long distance tied up was by far the most physically draining thing she had ever done. Her legs had gotten immensely sore from the harsh vines, and soon alternated between that pain and just numbness. At several points she collapsed onto the ground from the strain and exhaustion of walking on two sets of cramped legs for so long. And every time her captors would yell at her for it, either not realizing what they were putting her through or simply not caring. She was willing to bet it was the latter.
Finally, much to Kiara’s simultaneous dread and relief, she found herself facing their destination. It was a large cave on a cliff, the edge of a valley. The lioness could hear a river
:iconpochgh:pochgh 31 28
The Kidnapping of Kiara (Part 1)
In the midst of a warm day in the vast Pride Lands, zebras and antelopes galloped freely. Elephants wandered the land as they towered over the other creatures. And a young lioness was wandering through all of it.
Kiara, princess of the Pride Lands, was out in her second attempt at a first complete solo hunt. Her previous outing had been disturbed by a fire that, unknown to her at the time, had been caused by the Outlanders. But now she was ready to finally try it again, this time uninterrupted. She had been training rigorously under Kovu, and made remarkable improvement, having even managed to take down a zebra in one of their sessions.
But now, she was on her own, and ready to prove herself.
Kiara was beginning to suspect that word had somehow spread that she was on the hunt. Every animal she came across seemed to dash in the other direction at the sight of her, even though she wasn
:iconpochgh:pochgh 37 11
He keeps improving at it by Mati0la
Mature content
He keeps improving at it :iconmati0la:Mati0la 43 8
Canine Couple Captivity (Part 1)
In the midst of a mid-day nap inside her comfortable shed, Jenna began to stir at a loud crashing sound. It sounded like it was coming from her house. She groggily got up and made her way out of the shed and to the house, entering through dog door.
"Is Rosy back from school early?" Jenna wondered aloud. She made her way through the house, not seeing any sign of her girl. As she went up the stairs to Rosy's room, she suddenly heard a loud rustling coming from Rosy's parents' bedroom. The husky suddenly got a feeling of dread in the pit of her stomach, but nudged the door open and looked in the room.
And was caught off guard when she saw two strange men inside. They were going through the cabinets and stuffing her owner's jewelry into a briefcase. She saw their window had been busted open, explaining the crashing sound.
They were being robbed.
Jenna barely had any time to take further action before one of the two men noticed her standing in the open doorway. His partner noticed and turne
:iconpochgh:pochgh 23 9
A Lioness In Distress
Nala woke up feeling immensely sore. She couldn't remember what had happened last night, but as she slowly regained consciousness she could tell that something was off. Why did she feel so uncomfortable? When she tried to move her legs she couldn't. She tried her back legs but was given the same unfavorable results.
"Mmmm …" Nala groaned, but was surprised to hear a muffled grunt instead.
When her vision finally cleared her eyes widened as she realized she had been tied up and gagged, her front and back legs securely restrained by a series of vines, along with more cleaved in her mouth and wrapped around her jaws. Suddenly last night came back to her, going out looking for Simba, being ambushed by two lions … and now waking up bound and gagged in what appeared to be a hole, with something sealing the top, leaving her in darkness.
Realizing her situation, Nala instantly began squirming in her bonds, trying to break free, pulling her bound front legs, only to have them remain
:iconpochgh:pochgh 53 36
hi gang i want to play a game can you name your fave thing on this list  here check it out 

1. My favorite color 
2. My favorite book 
3. My favorite Disney Villain,
4. My favorites Disney  princess.
5. My favorites Funny Villain
6. My favorite sports  
7. My favorite Doll 
8.are you a mlp fan
10,Eye color: 
11.Hair color: 
14.Favorite Song: 
15.Favorite Band 
16.Favorite you tuber. 
17 Favorite food:
18.Favorite family member:
19 .Favorite bird: 
20.Favorite animal: 
21 .Favorite celebrities: 
22.Favorite time of day: 
23.Favorite holiday,
24.Favorite season: 
25.Favorite fruit: 
26.Favorite flower: 
27.Favorite Emoji: 
28.Favorite App: 
29.Favorite Movie: 
30.Favorite Hobbies:
31.Favorite country: 
32.Favorite weather: 
33.Favorite element: 
34.Favorite language:
35.Name of pets: 
36.Name of best friend: 
37.Tall or Short: 
38.Looks or personality: 
39.Homesick or Traveler:
40.Musician or Artist:
41.Woods or City: 
42.TV or YouTube:
43.Phone or Computer?: 
44.Family or Money?:
45,Books or Movies: 
46,Food or sleep?: 

so here are the rules , when you type down a list like mine and if it a good one, 'il add your oc into my and jayko story, so have fun everyone,
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