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Magic of Angelfire Chapter 2
A Day in the Life of a Martir
Miracles don't always cooperate.
Kaori walked down the dusty road at a quick pace. She still had a ways to go before she would get to the town. Of course, that would just serve to waste a little time. She didn't want to show up at her destination at this ridiculously early hour.
Leola was a small farming community, close to the southern border, the main southern port, creatively named Southport, and nothing else. That being said, it didn't mean that the town was without its own charm. Leola had managed to develop a name for itself as a place for storytellers. If there was a myth of magic or miracles, it was likely that at least one person could tell you the story in its entirety.
Apparently, they had a festival on the subject at the end of the harvesting season. Kaori wished that she had known about it before now, she might have tried to see it. She imagined that it would be very interesting.
Slipping a hand into her heavy bag, she
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Magic of Angelfire Chapter 1
A Meeting
Demons don't fall out of trees with so little grace.
A chilled breeze blew over the rolling hills. The tall wheat of the farmland swayed as the wind passed over them. The evening mist stirred, but refused to lift with so little force. Hazy lights could be seen through the darkness, their shapes lost in the fog. The town was lonely, quiet and at the end of a road leading nowhere.
The road leading nowhere wound its way through the hills. The dust stirred by the footfalls of travelers had long since settled, the people who walked its rocky path already hidden from the night.
Out of the mist rose a towering oak tree. It was nestled comfortably in one of the road's many bends. Its roots reached out, drawing water from a shallow stream nearby. It was an old and gnarled tree, its branches bent at odd angles from the constant wind pressure of the open fields. Its trunk was covered with carvings and marks, mostly people's names that they would write as they passed by
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Happy (Almost) Halloween!

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 26, 2010, 12:00 AM
Hey all.

Uni here, finally updating with something.

Work is hard, but I'm getting along. Starting to look for a new place to live. I miss my peace and quiet, but I doubt I'll find a place anytime soon. My budget is rather restrictive. We'll see what happens on that front later.

Been working on a few projects. I haven't managed to find something that's easy to focus on for a long time, so I've been drifting about and not getting anything done, other than a few video games. I'm still lacking in confidence so it's hard to do anything at all, but I'm just trying to put what I've got out there. Who knows? Someone might like it.

Been working hard on my book and I finally beat chapter 3 with my face until it was finished. I'm writing and trying to ignore the fact that I'm worried it's crap. Now that I have chapter 3 finished -and- the next two days off work, I might try to really get the thing going again. My main problem at this point is that I'm worried about how long chapter four will end up being. I don't want it to be too short is all.

But even if it does turn out to be too short, I can always find ways to extend it in the future. I have to keep that in mind. It can be changed! Even after I write it. I know this probably seems like a whiney author thing, but I'm not expecting very many people to read this anyway.

I admit that I could use some encouragement.

Either way, it's back to writing for me. I'll let you all know if I ever finish the thing.

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Smacky smacky!
United States
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Favourite cartoon character: Richard the Warlock from Looking for Group
Personal Quote: Plot is my sustenance!



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