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Hey, guys~ Happy Halloween. :wave:

Care to try out our just released indie 3D horror game on itch.io? You can download it for free on Windows and Mac. :) We created the game in Unity 3D

Any advice for how to categorise finished Unity games in a gallery?

I'm new to DeviantArt and when I added my game to my gallery (in order to post it here) I found that the 'Games' category only exists inside of 'Flash', and so requires a Flash file upload...

I ended up going for Digital Art / Mixed Media / Other but does anyone have a better recommendation?
Hi...Thanks for accepting me to this group :D .....
Yo, I wanted to know, what's your policy on NSFW work if it's properly using the mature filter?
My game is about nudists, so there's a lot of nudity in my project. Is that allowed here, or should I find some other Unity group to submit to?
Hello! Newbie game designer here. ^_^ I was wondering if it's there a way to upload a built game to dA. Any indications would be really appreciated! :D
Fantastic group im so happy to see Unity content here and I look forward to sharing my creations with you all :D