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Welcome to Unite The Brotherhood!!
we are just as our name reads, We are Players, Fans, and Artists.

This Group takes any type of Assassins Creed Art. from Fanart, Banners, Stories and so forth. We accept Anyone and Everyone :). If you have any questions, just shoot me a message :).

Nothing is true, everything is permitted. We work in the dark to serve the light; we are Assassins. Unite The Brotherhood!

-Purple Tuesday
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Unite The Brotherhood

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Sorrows of the Siblings
Sorrows of the Siblings
Cahin and Caha were getting all their equipment for the attack on the audience tonight. Cahin got his two rondel daggers and his mask on, Caha was getting her barbed daggers and putting on her mask. Caha got a smoke bomb just in case things goes wrong. Soon they went off to the stage.
Fiora, Ezio and many other assassins were in the audience waiting for Cahin and Caha to come out and preform. They were going to invade the stage and kill the two harlequins. It was going to be an attack that won't be survivable. "Get ready Ezio, we're going to take the lives of these two." "I'm already ready Fiora."
Cahin and Caha came onto the stage and started doing their fantastic juggling with their knives. After a while they both gave a nod and were about to attack and kill the audience. Until assassins were coming out of the crowd, there was so many of them.
Cahin was fighting them off as well as Caha, Cahin was blocking their strikes and blows by dodging and blocking with h
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Flowers for Fratelli
Flowers for Fratelli
It was turning dusk at Rome. Shops were closing, heralds continuing to spread word to the other citizens, lanterns were being lit throughout the streets and life was easing down in Rome. The sun was setting down to give the moon a time to shine. Citizens were leaving to their homes except for a women in the streets.
She was holding a bouquet of flowers as if it was nature's rainbow and walking in the dimly lit streets. Faustina decided to pay some respects tonight. She was dressed in her most formal elite wear, blue and with a cute small hat. She was walking to the cemetery, looking for a certain gravestone. Even though this was a graveyard it was pretty beautiful for one, perfect for her lost loved one. It had many blossom trees and a lot of green grass. She found the gravestone she was looking for.
"Ciao Fausto, I brought you some flowers. I hope you"
Faustina tried to hold back the tears but she just couldn't stop the tears from coming. She set dow
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Hello there I am here looking for someone to do an Assassin's Creed III Role Play Simple as that.
I Like To Rp on Msn[Aka: Windows Live] or Yahoo messenger[ aka Skype Now}
If yea, do not have either of them they are both free to use and download.

Do not usually rp with someone under the age of 18.
Looking for long term[I understand you have things going on in real life]

Why I would love to do this idea is because the fact I keep thinking on how my oc would meet's not funny and also reading Assassin's creed fanfics don't help. However, I hope to find someone very soon.

The idea of this rp is to take place after the game. Were Connor is moving on after the task he took care of in the game...he will teach new Assassin's what he knows.
However, before he left his village and it was sold the elder told him he would me his other half. His partner in life that would help him along his new path, but she could not tell him her name because the spirits hide her name from the elder, they only gave her the looks of the woman. So the Elder told him she would have hair black as night, lips red as blood and would have eyes that have the same fierceness as a wolf. The elder also said that the spirits told her that he will be this woman two times and the second time is when they will learn and need each other.

My Oc will be Half and Half like Connor but she will be more civil then him but will learn about her passed as well.

From there we can make up what we do, because to me an rp should be freebased for both rper's happiness.
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~~ "..Nothing is true, everything is permitted.." ~~ Unite The Brotherhood









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Hello. I have to ask you - I ask you to listen to me and help!………

I myself tried to repaint, but that's when my repainting at Juno helmet why that was lighter in the middle (light in a program not played probably blame specular MAP) :(

That's what I wanted it to do:……

Juno is necessary to repaint (under version ACB), her armor and helmet hair blue - is this normal?

X-N-A version:…

Repaint textures and adjust bump and specular MAP - and all will yum :)

Here it XNALara model:…

Textures converted to PNG - with you only her painting under version ACB - so I'll point out your name, unless you want to help me?

Waiting for your help!

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