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Fusion Request: Asuraka

A fusion between Asui and Uraraka from My Hero Academia.

Fusion Requests:

I only do anime related fusions.

Once given an idea I will try my best to make it happen but I can't guarantee it.

I try to get requests out as soon as possible, but because of my own personal and professional work I cannot give a time frame of when the request will be fulfilled. 

Also please be specific on the characters. For example if you give me Goku, which version of Goku do you mean? And if you have a name for the fusion character, feel free to share.

Please note: I don't always respond to your request but I do make it a point to look at all comments and requests. So rest assured I will see it. If you want to make doubly sure I see your request. Leave me a note.

Fusions can not be more then 3 character.

I don't do OC's.

All requests are free

If you constantly spam me a request I will ignore it. (Spamming means giving me the same request multiple times over multiple days across multiple comments sections without communicating anything else)

If you make a request; don't constantly message me, asking or demanding to know where it is. (Asking for a friendly update is fine.)

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Throw in Toga in the mix and Deku's got a three in one triple threat.