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July 25, 2006
Here's a fantastic new suite that's sure to knock your socks off! N.UN Suite by the very talented ~UnitedCustomizers is simply awesome, and the huge number of skins included in the pack should be enough to give your desktop a total makeover!
Featured by abhimanyughoshal
Suggested by cyberchaos05
UnitedCustomizers's avatar

N.UN Suite



N.UN Visual Style
N.UN Wallpapers
N.UN Litestep Skin
N.UN TrueLaunchBar
N.UN BBLean Skin
N.UN Styler Toolbars
N.UN Winamp Skins
N.UN Y'z Dock Skin
N.UN Icons
N.UN Miranda Icons
N.UN iShut
N.UN Colorpad
N.UN Samurize Taskbar
N.UN userChrome.css
N.UN Miranda IM Clist Modern Skin
N.UN Cursors
N.UN IEView for Miranda IM


As always,


You are free to release mods of this VS. There is no permission needed.
Please include a link to our deviantART-page in case of a mod-release. We would be happy to be informed if you're going to release a mod


Thanks to ~simkin for doing some wallpapers for us, you helped us again
© 2006 - 2021 UnitedCustomizers
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Dasbaer's avatar
cursors featured here [link]
enyway's avatar
i dont know how to apply this VS who could help me T_T i love it lookks great
RanaSpot's avatar
finely I use it very beautiful [link] thanx
Zerolution's avatar
i miss a foobar2ooo skin
but its very cool :D
eMJaykay's avatar
i'm using 2 suites, N.UN on my laptop and NiteLite on my other PC, youve done such a great job, still using this one after nearly 2 years, thanks for the great work!
fallingblue's avatar
i'm not really an active user here at DA but thought to drop in and let you people know that your outstanding N.UN is on my desktop since end of 2006 ...
/me love that huuuuuge pack!
DrNetwork's avatar
yeah u know something about esthetics!!
BBCVersus's avatar
Thanks for the great style, looks awesome dude!
Hi, very good gallery ;)
jonobell6488's avatar
I love the colours to this theme.

Very consistent, well done. I am going to download this now! :D
nubby-ninja's avatar
Another nugget o' gold. Applause.
Ballena1's avatar
very nice pack
neojunglist's avatar
seems like i still didnt commented it yet.. and i am using it for about 4 months now. class.
neojunglist's avatar
matching objectdock icons

blade-bunny's avatar
Really great.
Anyone have an IconPackager theme for the icons?
blade-bunny's avatar
Getting sick of this package.

It's really awesome, but I don't have enough guts to change the icons, 1 by 1.

Maybe a IconPackager theme?
Very nice, great job! :]
musicus's avatar
It's really outstanding.

I'm currently implementing all the skins, but I can't get the IEView skin for Miranda running. Any suggestions?
bizniz's avatar
I Loooove this!
blind91's avatar
really great man :)
StigF's avatar
Really nice....
EazeR's avatar
What a fantastic suite!

great work as always
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