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Hey there! :D

:bulletred: The purpose of this group is to bring together writers of every genre, from all around the world!

:bulletpink: So whether you be a poet, non-fiction writer, fiction or fan fiction writer, or anything at all, you're welcome to join!

:bulletred: Amateur writers are just as welcome as those with experience!

:bulletpink: The goal of this group is to bring together a community of writers from all different areas of literature, to make it not only a place to gather under a common passion, but a place for writers to improve their skills as well!
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Jul 6, 2010


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All I Need is You (pt.1)
    Josh went through each day of his life barely making it to the next. Every minute at school, he was threatened. Tortured by the constant assault on him. In endless torment, he gradually became insane. The vast majority of his teachers flunked him in their classes out of spite, simply because they didn't like the way he looked. Even his parents, his own flesh and blood, beat him, yelled at him and nearly abandoned him one too many times.
    On this fateful day, something seemed different. Josh walked this path every morning and afternoon. It was tattooed into his mind, into his very being. One, two, three, four. Why did something seem different? Five, six, seven, eight. Only a few hundred metres from school, the air had a sudden chill. Nine, ten, eleven, twelve. A single drop fell onto Josh's nose.
    As the rain picked up, there was a sudden static in the air. And then, it all fell apart. A sudden boom in the air signaled the start of a thunder
:icondawnandrew:dawnandrew 2 10
Nic (Chapter 1) part 1
    The only feeling that was worth noticing in this bright, loud room. Everyone pleased with themselves. Everyone simply taken alight with their fantasies, that may or may not ever come true. Who am I? I am Nic. Sometimes I think I was cursed to be this way. Even my parent's named me "nothing". Just so that when I introduce my self I can say "Hello, I am Nic. I am Nothing."
    This classroom is the vain of my existence. Full of unworthy souls stealing precious air that I once thought was sacred. How could they be so selfish? They steal our air, our thoughts, our minds. 
    Our souls.
    To think that once, not to long ago, I was a part of this never ending cycle. The cycle of hate, lies, greed and misery. Why was I so foolish? I should've known better. But I didn't. I followed them around aimlessly, like a dog, hoping that they would give me the time of day, that they would somehow understand me. But that was a big mi
:icondawnandrew:dawnandrew 5 70
Land of Pie part 1 of 4
   Long ago, there were peaceful creatures, known as the pie. The pie loved to frolic in the meadow, they loved to play fight and for those that crossed the all powerful god, they were killed and served to the people. The people were hard to satisfy. 
    The first pie ever to be given to a human was given as a tribute, as the human craved a new desert. Stanley was known as the crook of the land of pie. After hearing that the human was looking to eat a desert, the pie people were more than happy to give the humans this bad pie.
    Unknown to the pie people, the human that was given Stanley as a tribute, started to crave pie. The pie people had overlooked one crucial fact. Pie is delicious.
   The human that tasted this first pie, was named Steve. Steve was a simple man, of italian descent. He had taken much in his life. Ice cream from the land of Narnia, cookies from Andremma, marshmallows from Dravia and lasagna from Blu Procrasti-Nation.
:icondawnandrew:dawnandrew 2 9
Silvyss' Journey, chapter 1
Darkness; what an unpleasant thing to wake up to. He blinked a few times to be sure that his eyes were open. He even rubbed his eyes and found them to be wide open, and yet, he couldn’t even see the hands which he used. The air was… surprisingly dull. No heat, no cold. Nothing. He took a step forward, but found no ground underneath his feet. His heart jumped and he slung his hands around, trying to find something solid to grip on to. Was he standing up? Lying down? He couldn’t find solid ground no matter where he flailed his arms and legs. What was this place? It was unpleasantly silent, his quick and fearful breath being the only thing he could hear. The frightened thumping of his heart sent blood rushing through his stiff, nervous body. His lips jittered in confusion and fear.
“H--hello?” He muttered lowly, his gentle voice disappearing somewhere into the dark depths.
He felt like he was floating mid-air, but not falling. His clothes were… gone.
:iconsteenbelhage:SteenBelhage 6 8
to the magical world
if you could warp away to the magical world
you always wished to live in,
would you be able to leave everything in this world and fly away?
:iconkimkwanho:kimkwanho 8 31
colors of your dreams
if you have no choice but to accept that this world is real, would you be able do anything to fill it with the colors of your dreams?
:iconkimkwanho:kimkwanho 14 5
The Truth: Problems - One of Six
Read Out Loud!
We can not run from our problems.
They want us to think they are strong.
But the fact of the matter
is that's absolutely dead wrong.
They make us believe we are the ones meek
Too scared and frightened keeping ourselves weak.
Controlling our lives with their own fear.
A fear that if they let up for even a second
We will rise up for battle
And be a force to be reckoned.
So we are kept at bay
By their shape-shifting ability to adapt
Into the thoughts we wish would just stay back.
Sometimes to survive we try to run away
with a false feeling of hope that would never stay.
And they let us.
An ingenious ruse to keep us down
And never fight to purge the guilty crown.
They will never show us their true form.
Unless we stand up to them
:iconkirstenjacob:KirstenJacob 31 13
this space in my heart is meant for you
Did you know?
The space between our lungs hides little stars
that dance, and glimmer, and dream of night
and the out-stretched arms of the sky
as the owl and mockingbird make calls to dark.
I have often told you so.
And between our toes there grows a longing for the sea
for the steady come-and-go of the waves
and with them, a sweeping away of the cares of the world.
Sea birds call back and forth across its shores
and entice you with songs to let go, let go.
Have you noticed?
the longing for sunshine which rests atop your cheeks
and the sprinkled freckles that lay there?
They sing for the blue sky above you
and the clouds that sail like ships across its face
as you run between rows of blueberry bushes,
laughing into the afternoon air.
Have you felt it?
Beneath our skin there is a hunger for the mountains,
the air so crisp and the horizon stretching endlessly out before you,
the silence that envelopes you and holds you to stillness.
How small you feel as you sit in the shade of evergreen
:iconmidnightmelodie:MidnightMelodie 7 5
Raistlin and Crysania.
And why is something missing?
And why is something wrong?
And why is there a hole in me?
Some part of me is gone
You're all I ever wanted,
You're all I never wanted
So go away so go away
And leave me here...
The day I'd fall in love is
The day blind men could see
Then you came your sightless eyes
Saw straight inside of me
I'm so far below you I'm the dark
And you're the light
But standing here beside you all
I know is this is right
This conflict of desire is
tearing me apart
My lust for power and for you
is coursing through my heart
All I see is death and
Even you decay.
Always winter always night I
Never see the day
If I were you if I were you I'd
Run so far away
But only you but only you
Have courage enough to stay
You plan to save me. How? tell
Look around you look around you
Welcome to my hell.
And stand here by my side
And look into the light
Our time's both short and long
And all I know is wrong
Stand close and take my hand
This wo
:icongraphpaperqueen:graphpaperqueen 26 12
Hour of love
If I am going to have but an hour of love
and It was all given to me
all over tis earth , I must find thee
and give all my love to thee
:iconjosemiguelbaasis:josemiguelbaasis 60 5
You Threw 'Us' Away
We could've worked
We had a chance
Why couldn't you see
Our great romance
I know you cared
I know you worry
But still you did it
With no hurry
You kept on pulling
On my strings
You showed me love
But now it stings
You acted nice
But said mean things
Had me confused
But I found my wings
You broke my heart
You ripped it out
But it will heal
There is no doubt
I will be sad
I'll shed some tears
But in the end
I'll break my fears
I will move on
I won't look back
I'll leave you lying
In pitch –black
:icon102vvv:102vvv 101 29
She Sits
She sits
Strumming her guitar
Making her now calloused fingers graze over the resonate silver strings that float above the neck of her wooden companion
Strumming and strumming
A secret chord exists in her vocabulary, but its repelled back into the confines of her mind
As she pushes forward notes from her blood rushed fingertips
She strums and strums
Trying to stop that secret chord from breaking sound barriers.
She fills the air with familiar harmonies and melodies
Her eyes clouded by purple haze
While her heart beat keeps the tempo
She moves her hand over the shapely wooden body and memories that are
Triggered by the sensory images manifesting from those subtle hand movements
strike her
She starts to strum once more
but the tempo slows
As she continues to mover her fingernails over the curves of her guitar.
The strumming ceases
She's caught in a trance, recalling the lingering feeling of fingers clawing over the geography of flesh hills.
Trembling she starts to strum slower than befor
:iconpoeticlaughter:PoeticLaughter 20 25
Tick Tock
Tick Tock
You see as a poet
I've smoked seaweed with stingrays
Ridden on the backs of seahorses over meadows of coral
I've sung in a choir of humpbacks
Discussed politics with mermaids
And they teached me
And I learned
I learned
And now
I'm breaking the rings of time that
Now ring my eyes
Giving birth to infinite
That can reverse the curse of death
Making me
Allowing me to open a portal to become
A permanent imprint in the map of the stars
I will forever breathe in the eardrums
Of the free, and even those behind bars
It doesn't matter if you're from Venus or from Mars
I speak in all tongues
So you pupils and your pupils cannot escape
The light of these teachings
Because I am the sun
I am the sun
I am the one that makes the world go
Round and round
I am the one that makes the clock go
Tick tock
And no no no I cannot stop
Nothing can limit me
I am omnipresent on all levels from enslaved to free
But as I can see
Cash … it
:iconpoeticlaughter:PoeticLaughter 11 7
Sofia's World CHAPTER 8
Chapter 8: "No more distance"
As you know, again the same, but this time it's less close: it's like always. Is it his absense of one day intervened on it?
I came to school, said hello to the girls, and I saw Martin talking with Barbara. They were side by side and, the worst of all: she came with him where I was and she said to me: -Hi, Sofy. Did you know that Martin and I are dating?- In that moment my heart was complety destroyed, but not literally: I mean, I was who felt bad.
I asked totally surprised: What!?
Barbara: What I already said, Martin is my new boyfriend since yesterday. What do you think about it?
I went out for stay alone crying... I felt so confused: couldn't believe it and I couldn't understand how happened, why he could be with someone like her and why Martin treated me so good until the day before yesterday like for love someone as he is.
My mind kept thinking and thinking, trying to understand those things and starting to remember the good things that happened on th
:iconrevistabombadraws:RevistaBombaDraws 2 19
Miego: Turnabout memories - 1
The stairway to heaven had been long, too long for him to wait. But it had been worth him, knowing who would be the one waiting on top. His sweet Kitten, his purpose to live, his life. Mia Fey. It had been a shock, finding out that she was dead. Killed, and he wasn't there to take care of her, to protect her, to save her. And he had just kept on living, carying his 'sin'. Blaming that lawyer, Phoenix Wright. But while Diego Armando, or how he was called nowadays, Godot, walked up the stairs… He realized something he had realized in the court as well. She was living on, in Phoenix Wright. That split second had been enough to realize that, yet it came as a surprise. And now, she was waiting for him. Waiting to see him again, her lover.
"Diego…" her smile greeted him on top of the stairs. "Mia…" was the only way he could reply. But no words were needed, not yet. The emotions spoken out in these simple names would be enough for now. There would be time enough to talk, eterna
:iconrebeccaproductions:RebeccaProductions 1 31
no one knows.
imagine a world in which everything hurts.
imagine a dappled blue-green-gray sphere of a changing globe warped by pain. in this world your emotions have been robbed by a black-clad fiend. with him he took love, desire, happiness, peace. he took in his grimy arms your most blissful memories and meaningful pastimes. he took away the good in your life.
he was careful to leave behind only the demons of the night, multiplied in their potency and frequency by the sheer wrongness of the crime itself. he made sure that, bereft of all comforts you once enjoyed, you would be haunted forever. you would have no joy to hide behind, no shield from the onslaught of gloom. he leaves, but remains with you forever.
what you once felt is numbed, frozen and buried deep in the core of some forgotten antechamber of your heart – your fractured pinkish muscle that never ceases to sting you with its insistent throbbing. insistent. that's what it is. it won't just give up and die as you often wish it would
:iconhakyness3876:Hakyness3876 39 39

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Hello everyone!

I'm sorry it's been so long since we've had an update on here. :iconcryforeverplz: I've been very busy, and so has Sophie, but lately I find myself with more time to be on dA than usual. SO. I was thinking of hosting a contest on here, though I'm still waiting to hear from Sophie about it, to see if she's up for it. <3

I'd like to get active with this group again, and any opinion you guys might have on the idea of a contest here would be appreciated! Prizes would be dA points, provided by myself.

Would you guys like to have another contest, finally? Let me know! <3

~ Alli
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