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Group Info

Welcome to our new group :)

Basic Rules:

1. Be nice and act appropriately
2. Art that has been flagged for 18+ or goriness, sexual nature, etc. must go into the nsfw folder.
3. All art must go into the appropriate folder and please do not place any art into the featured folders if you are a member as that would be more work...
4.Featured art is chosen by members and me (Founder) only please.

Pinkie Pie's Rules:

1. You do not talk about United Bronies
2. You DO NOT talk about United Bronies!
3. If someone yells "yay!", goes limp, clops out, the party's over.
4. Only two guys to a party.
5. One party at a time, bronies.
6. No dress, no socks.
7. Parties will go on as long as they have to
and the 8th and final rule... if this is your first time at United Bronies, you HAVE to party.


To become a Co-Founder I either must of watched you first or we know each other personally. Or you could ask me and we could chat for a short time to see if I think your channel is acceptable. i.e. You actually care for your channel.

More On Featured Art:

From time to time I will add art submitted to the featured folder that will be shown on the front page. This will basically be art that either I like very much or art that has shown great attention.

Difference Between Members And Co-founders:

If anyone is unsure Co-founders are different from Contributors.

Basically contributors will be automatically accepted although Co-founders aren't because they have much higher privileges than contributors.

Contributors get to add art to the appropriate folders whilst Co-founders can edit and check on the group as a whole such as editing the group info and other things...

VigorousJamma wuz here
Founded 5 Years ago
Aug 12, 2013


Group Focus
Fan Club

82 Members
121 Watchers
8,995 Pageviews
Daily Pageviews


Epic Spitfire Vector by MLP-Scribbles Epic Spitfire Vector :iconmlp-scribbles:MLP-Scribbles 130 30 Commission: Double Helix by MacDaddyZak Commission: Double Helix :iconmacdaddyzak:MacDaddyZak 6 7 Art Trade: ThunderStormin by VinylBecks Art Trade: ThunderStormin :iconvinylbecks:VinylBecks 15 22 Rainbow Pride Design by artwork-tee Rainbow Pride Design :iconartwork-tee:artwork-tee 146 46 I Got This Side by Rambopvp I Got This Side :iconrambopvp:Rambopvp 227 23 Looking good, Spike by ginkaze Looking good, Spike :iconginkaze:ginkaze 69 7 Spike by MACKINN7 Spike :iconmackinn7:MACKINN7 1,540 91 Discordbat Whooves by MirtaSH Discordbat Whooves :iconmirtash:MirtaSH 133 7 Derpy the Bat by MirtaSH Derpy the Bat :iconmirtash:MirtaSH 131 13 SnowScoot by MirtaSH SnowScoot :iconmirtash:MirtaSH 33 3 The Power Ponies by mysticalpha The Power Ponies :iconmysticalpha:mysticalpha 2,673 163 RedGryphon by BlazingShimmer RedGryphon :iconblazingshimmer:BlazingShimmer 5 24 Applegun by MushroomCookieBear Applegun :iconmushroomcookiebear:MushroomCookieBear 42 7 Smile! by SpainFischer Smile! :iconspainfischer:SpainFischer 6,462 489 Festive Twilight by DrawnTilDawn Festive Twilight :icondrawntildawn:DrawnTilDawn 338 24 Capn' Jack Sparrow pony by Woosie Capn' Jack Sparrow pony :iconwoosie:Woosie 4,910 652

Sorry about this AGAIN but...

Yes, It seems that I have changed the rules a little. Now if you didn't get a note or you are on this page as a guest: All members are hopefully co-founders because DeviantART has blocked me from changing anything for members so now contributors are just contributors and they can only view content and upload art (Hopefully) And Co-founders have many more privileges such as editing most things and viewing the admin area for particular discussions about the group. Sorry for all these problems dudes :(

Gallery Folders

Nova's Lab - 001 - Introductions by Droakir
Party Time by NavigatorAlligator
My First Brony Drawing from last year by DubstepBrony4Life
Pinkie Balloon by DubstepBrony4Life
Multiple Characters No OC's
Clannad: My Little Dashie by scootalootheotaku007
Sleepless Night by DavidMRyan
Vector Trace - Doctor Whooves and Derpy by Entity-Nate
Multiple Characters OC's Only
Multiple Characters OC's and No OC's Mixture
PLUMP RUMP BUMP! by AleximusPrime
Cutie Mark Crusaders
The Crusaders by DubstepBrony4Life
Cmc in a box by Bugplayer
Scanned CMC closet cleaners by joeski87
Scootaloo - Facedesk - Gif by Omentallic
Mane Six
[2014] Rarity Design by Arylett-Charnoa
[2014] Applejack Design by Arylett-Charnoa
[2014] Rainbow Dash Design by Arylett-Charnoa
Pinkamena Sketch by DubstepBrony4Life
Background Characters
Happy Birthday Clever Blue! by NavigatorAlligator
The Captain by NavigatorAlligator
Metis v2 by NavigatorAlligator
Princess Celestia by cayfie
OC Ponies Single
My Friend's OC (Twitter Request) by DubstepBrony4Life
[2013] Artsy Dreamscapes V9 by Arylett-Charnoa
[2014] Scribblegroove by Arylett-Charnoa
[2014] Ambrosia by Arylett-Charnoa
Dusk by Slypon
Gotcha by Jacky-Bunny
SHIPPING IS MAGIC by Selective-Yellow
Gory Or Creepy Content NSFW

Mature Content

... by FlipsideEquis

Mature Content

Sonic losing rings by MisterDavey
Ask Blogs
.: Ask Blog - Nightmare Rarity :. by ASinglePetal
Equestria Girls Derpy Hooves by uotapo
Fairly Creepy Or Gory
Suggestive Content SFW
She be eager.  (SFW) by FlipsideEquis
Zinger OC plush commission by FabulousMoustache
Comics Unfinished Finished
MLP Comic 9 'Yer Blues' by horselover-fat-01





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