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We ALL know, how hard it is, to find a group, where you can post your art and how annoying it gets, when you do different kinds of art and a group only accepts one kind..In this group, you can show people on DA your art, no matter, what kind of art. We accept EVERYTHING! Digital, abstract, literature, fan art, DA related, animation and everything, you can think of! We also feature unknown artists we think are worthy to be announced in dA!
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Remembered Eternity, ch.57Upon a Star: Remembered EternityChapter 57by Yurix and theunholyborn============================Back into the Void, Karyana thought as she rested on her knees, head down. The loss of blood from the surgery that removed her arms left her dizzy. How long had it been since she actually ate or drank something? Her body would be screaming in pain at the moment had it not been for that potion Lady Xera helped her drink. As much as she tried to think of the empress of Bejem as Alexandrite, the name only reminded her of Alex, only for her thoughts to shift to Dawn and Asha, hoping neither had been infected.Her mind was racing in too many directions to notice that the Anarch was no longer looming over the area, but was rather sitting on an impossibly large throne, legs crossed and head tilted. The most minute of movements from her head was enough to notice that the rest of the Aspects had their backs turned, focused more on the Anarch than anything else.The space around them - or rather around her - became insufferably warm. The air, the aura and her sense of feeling was filled with tension. A broiling and sinister tension that pulsated with the blood in her veins. She recognized that same feeling - whatever Merit's essence was made still lingered within her. A frightful mix of hatred... and twisted desire. "I am not the Planars." Keith's voice came from all around, his mouth unmoving as the Aspects turned towards her in silence, as if judging her. "I am not a maker of Chosen. I can only awaken those who chose for themselves."Raising her head slightly, she noticed Keith stepping away from a much smaller throne similar to the one the Anarch sat at. As he advanced towards her, he continued his lecture, each one feeling like a stab at her heart."When I offered my help you chose hindrance. I offered a solution that you refused. When I offered pleasure and power, you chose to suffer. Now look at yourself: without arms to fight or hold onto anything. And when I - out of no desire to end you all - let you go to live out the remainder of your life in comfort, you come back begging on your knees after once again proclaiming your loyalty to Demyan and Mehdi's embrace where I can see."Before Karyana could answer, the Aspects began to list their complaints - accusations, it felt to her. "I asked for all of you. How do you expect to truly awaken your dormant power without all of you here? Instead you stand here alone." Innocent's voice chimed in, his hand holding onto Melody's, tilting his head towards her.Karyana briefly looked at Melody's face. The other woman seemed uneasy. Something was clearly on her mind, but she did not reply to Innocent's words. Was this her reward for bringing Melody back to Keith? Being ignored when she needed to be saved?"We never asked you to save Gon'an." Sabere added, his deformed visage twisted in a half-comedic, half-sorrowful mask of demonic-looking flesh. "We could very well take Shayn and leave Josephine to destroy herself. We gave you the option to save her."Liar. There was no 'option' to this ultimatum. It was a matter of "do or die"... and it already cost too many lives. The elves of the Emerald Sea. The people who lost their lives in the Citadel riot. Her parents. Any and all who were caught in the crossfire in this senseless war."The people's dying gasps and pain called for it to end. For truth." Gwylim was next to speak, his body turned away from her, save for a simple glance back. "Instead, they were slain for not following the path set out."Yet were they not the ones who fired the first shot? Attacking Eligius and Cunon? Torturing the former to the point where the ultimate demise was better than survival? Had they brought his very existence to such a horrid end, Medierth would not be dying.Spinning his scythe before strapping it onto his back, Nemesis sat down, his cheek in his hand, looking deep in thought. "We asked for simple things that would have benefited you as much us. Instead you mocked us and our desires." he added as his free hand clenched into a fist, pointy nails digging into his skin.What about her own desires? She never wanted this war. Never wanted to be forced into yet another conflict. All she wanted was to rebuild Medierth after the struggle against the Waiting Ones. With Volkram behind bars, she honestly thought that peace - even if fleeting - was possible.Keith stopped his advance, stopping a few meters away from Karyana. "I say this once again: I am not a Planar, I do not need a Chosen, I do not want to step down nor am I caged in a role. I simply wanted all of you. Instead, it is just you, Karyana..." Keith's voice echoed with the other voices, his mouth moving as the Aspects remained immobile. "What do you have that I want? What could someone who has refused my offer give in return for my 'help'?"Karyana slowly and painfully rose to her feet, let out a sigh before turning around, too angry to look Keith in the eye. "So Melody is nothing to you? What about Helel or Levi or whatever you call him? What about Kerry's desires? Have you even bothered... no. There's no point arguing with you. If all you see when you look at me is a stain on Medierth's existence, then talking to you is pointless."As Karyana began to walk away, Melody broke free of Innocent's hands and ran towards her, only for Keith to raise an arm to block the latter's path. "You won't be a stain." he replied before pointing at her two stumps. "Your arms? Just the beginning, especially now that in an attempt to purify you themselves, the Planars only gave you the corruption in their own beings."A moment of silence and a few long breaths to calm herself. "Melody wanted you... to the point where she wanted to destroy the rest." she spoke with a lowered voice, enough for Keith and Melody to hear, but not the Aspects. She knew that it was likely a futile effort, but she was not in the mood to confirm or debunk her theory. "She killed me... and I still forgave her. She attacked my sisters and even took over Kaina's body. She downright killed Xelnos... and yet, she's still here. Not only that, but she kept Levi from fading away. She wanted a family. She has one now. And that's not enough?"Melody brought a fist to her lips, her sigh heavy with regret. Keith took a moment to look at the two women before looking back at Karyana. "Like the Aspects to me, you are but a piece-""You got it all wrong!" Melody shouted before moving between Keith and Karyana, her free hand against the latter's left shoulder. "She's not part of me... I'm part of her! I... I was the part that Eunoch and Raleigh made... I... They hurt her as much as you were hurt... and all you're doing is hurting her!"Before Keith could response, Karyana shrugged in an effort to move Melody's hand away. "That's enough." she flatly answered, no energy left in her words. "You can pin all your miseries on me. Either the whole cycle starts over or your let everything die, right? You could've destroyed Merit before this all started but didn't.""I left you the choice." Keith spoke, his own voice slightly louder than the others."No. You didn't." Karyana shook her head. "Submit or die. That's just the same damn thing as Merit's view. You wanted us to choose so you could have others fight your battles for you. Isn't that what you blamed the Planars for? Isn't that what your 'others' blame me for?"Innocent's voice resonated as Keith now stood still, the other Aspect jumping out of his seat and walking towards her. "What we blame you for is your unwillingness to act. Your negligence. Each of us was shaped by the grand scheme that the Planars had for you. They were just about ready to elevate you to beyond Planarhood. To be the Goddess that Medierth never knew they had or needed. And still, you would always be loyal to Demyan, no matter how horrible a person he is, was or will be. We all suffered because of the Karyana and Demyan of our worlds...""Couldn't you have just talked to me instead?" Karyana let out, her own anger rekindled."Would you have even listened to us had we not displayed our power?" Sabere's voice resonated.Karyana swiftly turned around and looked back at Keith. "Yes!" she shouted as tears leaked from her eyes, trickly freely down her cheeks. "Yes! I would have listened! Don't you think I feel miserable for choosing to give myself over to Volkram and hope I could defeat him on my own? For letting my family and friends down? For not being able to lift a finger to stop Warmcreek from burning? For trying to protect those I love even if it kills me?"Using her stumps to wipe her tears only smeared them over her face. "I am not the Karyana that destroyed your lives... but this damned war is destroying mine! And this... this isn't helping at all! If you wanted to stop your suffering from ever happening, then you're doing a piss-poor job at it!"Melody took a moment to help Karyana clean her face before the latter continued. "I... I figured out what's gonna happen. With them calling me the 'heart of Medierth' and that... thing that looked like me... Merit... Urizen... whatever he's called... he wants to become Medierth... and he wants to use me for it... am I right?"Keith straightened himself, adjusted his cap, and folded his arms. "Merit... needs a womb. He couldn't have yours, so he made Aphrah... but he couldn't have her either. The Black Egg..."Melody cocked an eyebrow, having some trouble understanding. "What's a 'Black Egg'?""A weapon of overwhelming power." Karyana briefly answered. "Enough to erase a mountain from existence..."Melody's eyes widened. "You mean a nuke? But... how on Earth does he plan on..." she asked, only to interrupt herself as the brief image of Karyana pulling Luriah out of Merit's body made her realize the aqueous nature of the latter's body. "Just like Doctor Manhattan..."It was Karyana's turn to not understand, but Melody was quick to pick up on it. "It's... a character from a story I used to read. He was obliterated by an accident, but was able to put his body together one atom at a time. The effort took him forever, but it made him... god-like. He became all-powerful, but with this power, he began to lose his humanity. In layman's terms, Urizen wants to become omnipotent and capable to reshaping time and worlds to his bidding..."As Karyana tried to take it all in, she felt something peel away from her. Looking in the direction of her shadow, she watched it lift from the ground and take shape, forming a very familiar cloak that filled with the body of an aged woman. "Panyus...""I never thought I would see the day." Panyus spoke as she walked over to Melody. "Look at you, all prim and pretty." A few slow steps towards Karyana. "And you... of all the times I had to restart the Cycle, you're the first to ever go this far."Keith hesitantly approached Panyus, looking up at the withered traits of the elderly woman. "Grandma P..."Panyus raised a finger. "As much as I enjoyed our little chats and tea time, you really should know better than to make a woman worry." she said before looking back at Melody. "You two can be such... boulder-heads, you know that? Keeping secrets, playing with people's feelings... you really should be ashamed. I mean, seriously: Melody, why didn't you tell anyone about that whole body-creating plan we came up? If they knew, we wouldn't be in this mess to begin with! And Keith... had you been a bit more open and stopped trying to woo Melody and listened a bit more, maybe Karyana would have lived her life happily with Reven, and Melody would have married you like you wanted!"Karyana stood dumbfounded as she watched Keith and Melody lower her hands like two grounded children, only to glance at one another. "What is going on?"Panyus turned slowly around before placing a hand against Karyana's shoulder. "Demyan was right about one thing: you do have that power. Making anything out of nothing. Giving others second chances. I think it's time you give everyone else a chance... and that also means giving yourself that chance."Karyana lowered her head. "They wouldn't fuse back. Not with Alban and-""Whoever said anything about fusing back?" Nemesis' voice resonated as the other Aspects approached. "The whole plan was to have Luriah spear-head the attack on Merit's forces, with Levi giving up his current form to awaken his true self. You were to face Merit. What we hoped from you was to awaken your full potential so that you would stand a chance against him.""Couldn't you have just said that in the first place instead of turning Medierth inside out?" Karyana snapped back, visibly infuriated as she stared towards Innocent. "You're trying to attract bees with vinegar!""The idea was to link you and your sisters together without fusing them back... but for that, purification is needed." Sabere's voice explained in a calmer voice. "They would still be themselves. Only, the whole plan went out the window when the Planars chose to surrender their powers to you. Had they given it to us, we would have returned it to the world so that it would last longer.""Oh, the world will last longer." Panyus replied, a sly smile on her wrinkled face before placing a shaky hand against Karyana's chest. "I didn't spend all that time making Sophia for nothing. And Leara was right when she said that you were the heart of the world... I just think it's about time the heart returns where it should be."Karyana realized what she had to do, but also how little she understood of everything. "I still don't know how I did it... or how Melody did it. Making that new body, let alone fixing Medierth? I... all I know is that I don't know... but I'm willing to try."Taking a few steps towards Keith, Karyana took a deep breath. "You asked me what I had that I could give... but the whole offer was doomed from the start. Leara hates Innocent and Nemesis for what happened to Eligius. Laurinya is probably still angry at Innocent for what he did to Alban. Not to mention Lupa and Cunon...""Lupa only has herself to blame for what happened to her Host." Gwilim's voice resonated. "She and Cunon destroyed her life. She deserves better.""Are you sure?" Karyana wondered. "Wasn't Josephine saved by Lupa? Isn't Sarah the daughter of both? Maybe they could have done things differently... but your intervention was enough of a reality check for them to understand. Just... maybe a bit extreme?"Keith made a wry smile. "I do what I want because I want to. I don't do what I don't want because I don't want to.""Actions have consequences..." Melody said as she walked back towards Keith. "...and it's my fault that everything ended so horribly.""Enough moaning and prattling!" Panyus snapped back. "We're short on time and have too much to do!"The old woman's outburst was enough to make Karyana chuckle. "How about we actually sit down and negotiate a little?" she said as she looked back at Keith. "I'm ready to compromise. If the essence of the Planars is corrupt, then all of Medierth must be contaminated, correct? Here's my idea: let me explain to the people what is happening. They will need to be nourished, rested, and 'purified'. If you truly 'want' my sisters, then you will have to give them something in return as a token of trust. Then let them choose... but don't threaten or attack them... and accept that they may not 'want' you in return."Karyana briefly looked back at the other Aspects. "You might just want... whoever Shayn is to you... but Josephine is a High Queen, and she controls the spirit warriors of Gon'an. She can rally the people better than anyone else. We need her help."Karyana turned to look Melody, then at Panyus. "I need to know everything I can to make this work... and that means everything Keith and the Planars know and can do. And this time... the so-called Goddess will know what not to do."
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