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Amiraniani: Chained Amirani

Chained Amirani and his dog Kursha - eagle puppy, licking the chain for release it's muster.
illustration Georgian epic poem Amiraniani
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I tried looking up the story by google and it only came up with quick summaries and not the actual story. Can you tell me where i can find it?
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You can just feel the emotions in this
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Very nice. It was a mistake for modern art to move so decidedly away form myth.

Has this work been translated into English? I suppose you know the Nart corpus of stories that included many concerning a bound giant which must be related to this? And scholars are becoming more receptive to the idea that the Greek story of Prometheus being bound to Mt. Elbrus is based on stories from that region.
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Well,sadly I don't know does the English translation exist or not.
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Your work never ceases to amaze me. Love it
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D'aw... v.v did Amirani get free? *o*
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I think he is still chained in mountains.
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Aww... well, hopefully he breaks free someday :>
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a very gorgeous piece I love the feeling that is felt in this as well as how the shades and coloring looks
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