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Winremix Slate Icon Pack for Win 7,8,8.1 and 10

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== To INSTALL Rename .ex to .exe and run it ==

== To UNINSTALL Run the installer again ==

Credits to Daniel Ruiz author of Super Flat Remix 

Thanks to Mr Blade for the Icon Pack Builder
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Will it work 2004?

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ClintTriesToPaintProfessional Digital Artist

Okay I'm kinda fcked here. The icons did appear, they're nice... but my taskbar lost their's. They appear as blank and became too small it's honestly hard to click hahaha I tried uninstalling, but nothing happened. Still the same

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SonikaxelNew Deviant

Will it work with 1909?

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macos2020Professional Interface Designer
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Pisang Goreng....Uenaakkk Tenaannnnn.

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erifinoNew Deviant

lah awokaokwoka

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It worked perfectly but now I'm trying to unisntall with same .exe and I cant.

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Why so many people are talking about viruses, there is nothing wrong with the download, I installed it now the second time after resetting my PC and I have never had any problems with this pack. Im using it now for about 2 years... or so...

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AlabasterHelmHobbyist Traditional Artist

Do NOT install this! If you check the zip file it won't detect it, but changing something to an .exe file is a dead giveaway. Heres the link to the checker https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/c1ae4f2832f0eb3bb62958007b94bfdca4210be879e6e9ff80b61a2d8a06530c/detection

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i dont see anything?

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Slim08151Hobbyist Interface Designer
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Actually it worked for me, but I had to get back to a restore point because idk which one, the installer of this, or ultrauxthemepatcher caused that I couldn't login after rebooting pc, it appeared the login screen, but couldn't go to the "enter password" section, it just wouldn't appear. So, if any of you know why this is caused I would appreciate it, thx.
It could be the theme installed too, idk. (I don't think that if it was a problem of this u did it on purpose, just saying it to fix a bug)
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I had the same issue with another ipack. This happens when an icon pack is build for a specific Windows version for example 18.09 and the Windows version you are using is 19.03. I could not make a system restore so i booted from a windows boot CD and entered i command prompt mode and i replaced the patched files shell32.dll and imageres.dll which i took from a working windows PC. Maybe this info is valuable to others too.. Always check the Windows version and make a restore point before use! ;)

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Why are some people implying that this is hacked or harmful? Can someone confirm if this is ok to install or rather not...?
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I don't know why they're saying that, if you read their comments they haven't actually tried it. Here is the last analysis of virustotal:

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I wouldn't install this guys. I haven't tested it for myself nor do I want to but this is kind of obvious. If you're downloading Icon Packs make sure they are a collection of images and not an installer.
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AdvanceRunHobbyist Digital Artist
is this hacked like every single theme i try to install on  deviant art ! Ill just start making my own themes for people that are NOT HACKED !
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 i get an error on installing any Ipack for my pc that system cannot find the file specified pls help me thanks in advance
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dlabProfessional Artist
After long long time I want play again with the gui and I have found this amazing iconset. Congrats. It's really cool
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I have a problem. it's not finished to load, and my screen is black, nothing's work. I mean no shorcut nothing. Pls help 
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great visuals, thx !
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It's finished patched all the files, but nothing has happened despite of rebooting the windows. I don't know what to do then :(, please help me fix this, thanks in advance. My OS is Windows 10 Education 1709 build 16299.98. :D
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Don't forget to turn off your antivrus before patching, mines (Bitdefender) has interrupted the process near its end and have corrupt the whole system (needed to restore my system with a usb boot key x) )
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KDr3wHobbyist Interface Designer
Awesome work!
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