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Windows 10 Explorer With QTTabBar Dark Theme

Things i used:

QTTabBar for the tabs and the sidebar
I really recommend this program, is a must if you heavily use the windows explorer, i been using it two years and i haven't had any problem.

- Matte icon pack (The icon pack is included in the download)

To Make QTTabBar look like in the picture i included the configuration file (XML) and the tab skins in the download
- Load the XML file in General > "Import Now"
- Appearance> Tab Skins > "Close Button on Tab": select "closeBtnCircle.png"
- Appearance> Tab Skins > "Image File Path" : select "Tabs.png"

Loading the configuration file is not necessary but i made the colors in "Appearance" to match the tab image colors and the windows dark theme, this is easy and you can do it yourself if you need to.

To active the black vertical sidebar make right click near the tabs Toolbars > Command Bar (Vertical). You can hide the Windows Navigation Panel going to View > Navigation Pane > Deselect "Navigation Pane". 

Behold, the Green Probe! 
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thanks for this!

This is great, thanks for sharing it!

Thank you so much! This is the perfect File Explorer setup :D

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I was wondering which app dysplay your menu ( file / home / share / views ) in explorer . Not the native one :)

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Thank you so much, now i can use QTTabBar without those ugly white borders! much appreciated!

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So I have installed this version of the app and it does work....but some things are not accessible as you have written.

  1. When I go to look for the xml file....its not there...I go to this random dir in my C drive. What is the name of the xml file I am looking for and where does it go during installation? Nothing is there when I go to look for it.

  2. Same for the other files closeBtnCircle.png & Tabs.png.

Nothing is there when I go to look for it. I've tried searching my entire computer for those file names and nothing pops up.

Can you help please?

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Can no one answer?

It's in the zip provided in download.

only the left of my file explorer is black, the right side and the top and bottom menue are still white. I followed all the steps in the instruction. am i Missing something?

I also tried the "high contrast black" windows design, but that ended with an ugly purple menu and a white grid on the taskbar. For both i could not find the witches to turn them black as well.

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Looks great! Thanks for sharing the resources, too!

This is such an off-the-wall question, but how did you manage to hide the file names in explorer? I've missed that option since Windows 7 and would love to have it back.

Absolutely amazing! thank you very much!

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Awesome order of work! Would you mind telling us which wallpaper you're using in the background?

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This is pretty good :)

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Nice to see your work again :)

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