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WinRemix iPACK for windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10

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Icon Pack that adds a few icons and makes the folders green.

== To INSTALL Rename .ex to .exe and run it ==

== To UNINSTALL Run the installer again ==

DeviantArt UPDATES 

18 SEPT IMPORTANT : iPACK is now working Wink/Razz 

Credits to Daniel Ruiz author of Super Flat Remix 

Thanks to Mr Blade for the Icon Pack Builder

Behold, the Green Probe! 
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I can't download it. no file to download.

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NPCnuggetNew Deviant

Download not working?...

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Adonyx01New Deviant

Anyone have any idea how to get back the default icons. Uninstall doesnt seem to work

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It took over my pc! D:

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Make sure to backup the originals! *Note: For the ones that say SysWOW64, go to SysWOW64.

Link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmZaYs3mKgYhsh1rsa75ZaSbbUbw?e=sQRL2d

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vicamelNew Deviant

You'd better not using the uninstall. It seems that this program won't backup for you, and running the installer again to uninstall will delete the restore point you've set up before. It just like a mean trick.

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*) running the installer again to uninstall does NOT work

*) uninstalling the program via control panel > programs and features does NOT work

*) a backup of the respective dll's (f.i. the backup of "imageres.dll" will be a file called "imageres.dll.backup") located in C:\Windows\System32\ will NOT be created

the only way to get rid of this: control panel > recovery > open system restore > choose the restore point which (hopefully) has been created before you installed this icon pack.


to the creator: the first comments reporting problems when trying to uninstall this icon pack are dated back almost 2,5 YEARS.

that's more than enough time to fix those serious deficiencies. at least you could have updated the description or take the icon pack offline till it's been fixed.

gross negligence.

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blablabla940New Deviant

The trash icon is not updated with the one in the theme

Is that normal?

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OgimeisterHobbyist Interface Designer
uninstall is not working :(
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jellybeanstaffyNew Deviant

it destroyed my PC!

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chagzbreeNew Deviant

The download button only downloads the pics,.... this is fucking tiresome to achieve

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Doesn't work on windows 10 2004 version

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How to down it ?

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Simple yet so elegant

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takes a while but lovely

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How to download it?

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you need sing up in this webpage dor download

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Unable to download please help

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AdvanceRunHobbyist Digital Artist
question. How do i give a exe that has no icon, a ico  ? ? ( no short cuts ) i want to give the exe itself a icon. its a exe that has been given no icon so its a generic thing
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