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Living With an Elastic Goddess! Chapter 5

         Felix blankly stared at the woman pointing at him, scratching his head.
         “Uh, could you repeat that please?” Felix asked her, his face the picture of confusion. He quickly checked the hall to see if there was anyone else.
         “I'm the water goddess Aqua and I'll be living with you.” She said as she walked into his apartment. She did a quick survey of it and turned to Felix who was staring at her looking bewildered.
         “Well, as a goddess, this place is bad as your girlfriend-” She was stopped by an elongated slap, followed by the top half of Nathalia stretching towards her. The two girls looked at each other in shock and both their jaws dropped to the floor.
         “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!?!?” The girls shouted at each other in confusion. Felix was also looking confused, blankly staring at the two women.
         “Uh, what's going on?” Felix asked the two women, who were clearly at each other's’ throats. The two kept shouting at each other and Felix slowly backed up, he hit a desk and a bottle of water fell causing the two girls to look at him. Felix was frozen in place as Aqua walked towards him and Nathalia stretched over to him, both women grabbed onto him and gripped him tight.
         “Darling, please stay with me!” Nathalia shouted pulling Felix towards her.
         “Like hell! He's supposed to be with me!” Aqua shouted back pulling him towards her. The two girls started playing tug-o-war with him making Felix disoriented, they both stopped and looked at each other.
         “This is why darling should stay with me!” Nathalia shouted as she pulled down her sweater to reveal her huge breasts making Felix look her direction.
         “Please, look at these girls!” Aqua shouted back ripping her shirt off and revealing her breasts, which were the same or a bit bigger than Nathalias. The two girls looked at Felix and put their breasts close to him, the two girls blushing as their nipples were touching each other. Felix was put in a weird situation, but he couldn't stop himself from getting an erection, the tip pressing up against Nathalia’s outstretched body. With a smug look, Aqua grabbed his erection and started to rub his member making Felix moan.
         “You feel soft, like water.” Felix moaned in pleasure from the handjob he was getting. Nathalia brought her lower half towards Aqua and, using her butt, knocked Aqua out of the way before caressing Felix’s member.
         “Only I can do this to darling, so back off!” She shouted, rubbing faster. Aqua pouted in the corner and blushed when she saw Nathalia stroking his member.
         “Sorry to say, Aqua, but she's softer then you.” Felix pointed out as Nathalia went in to kiss him making Aqua blush even more. Eventually Aqua bumped Nathalia out of the way with her but and started to use her breasts to pleasure Felix.
         “Hehe what you think these were for show, they can work wonders on a man.” Aqua said seductively as she started to rub him faster. Felix started moaning louder making Nathalia blush then stretch over to Aqua to force her off of Felix. The two got in a little scramble until Felix interrupted them and looked at them both.
         “Why don't you both give me a boobjob.” Felix said looking at them both. The two women looked at each other and forced Felix on the ground, when he looked up he saw his member between the breasts of Nathalia and Aqua.
         “Does this feel good darling?” Nathalia asked him slowly moving up and down his member.
         “Yeah hon does it feel good, and that's to both of you.” Aqua said moving up and down his member, brushing Nathalia’s nipples as well. Felix moaned and Nathalia started to blush as her nipples were being rubbed by Aquas. She was blushing to but had a smirk on her face as she was rubbing Felix's member and Nathalias nipples. Aqua tensed up and let out a little moan as she kept rubbing Felix’s member. Nathalia tensed up and let out a blissful shout as she kept rubbing his member.
         “Girls! I'm...I'm...I'm...” His sentence was interrupted by a surge of semen shooting from his member. Both Nathalia and Aqua let out blissful moans as they were being covered by the sticky white stuff. Nathalia leaned her head in and put her mouth over his member to drink the remaining fluid while Aqua was licking it off of her face and hands.
         “Mmmm delicious.” Aqua said seductively licking it off of her breasts. Nathalia pulled off of his member and licked the semen from her. Aqua stood up and elongated her arm to the door, it was like watery slime instead of just water. Aqua went to the door and looked at them.
         “Well come to think of it, you two have something pretty nice going on. How about this, I'll come by every once in a while to be with you, sound good?” She told Nathalia and Felix who were standing in the middle of the room.
         “Sounds good, see ya soon.” Felix said waving at her as she walked out the door. Felix looked at the time to notice it was late and that he had to work, he passed out on the couch while Nathalia stayed up and watched some television. She looked at Felix and thought that he wasn't comfortable, she rested his head against her breasts and fell asleep next to him. When morning drew Felix woke up to a strange sensation, he looked around and found Nathalia naked in the kitchen preparing breakfast but he noticed that her breasts weren't with her. He looked down and noticed she stretched her breasts to give him a boobjob while she was cooking.
She looked over and gave him a smile.
         “Morning darling.” She said with a sweet tone as she was still cooking.
         “Nathalia? What's with this?” Felix asked moaning from the pleasure.
         “Hehe darling it's just that I felt like it.” She said starting to move her breasts up and down faster. Felix couldn't hold on any longer and another stream of the white sperm was all over her breasts. She retracted them and licked off all of them sperm turning to Felix and giving him a smile. Felix slipped on a pair of pants and a dress shirt and sat at the table, it was just basic eggs, bacon and toast. He quickly ate his breakfast and got the rest of his clothes on, kissed Nathalia, walked out the door and went to work. Nathalia put a large smug grin on her face and got to work on something big.
Later, Felix got home to see Nathalia’s breasts not only stretched around the room, but also expanded. Felix had nothing to say but “What the heck?” Nathalia stretched her neck to the door and smiled at Felix.
         “Surprise, darling! I turned the living room into me.” She said gleefully giggling at the end. Felix was still puzzled, walking around the living room seeing Nathalia blush and softly moan. Felix went to sit on the couch to see Nathalia blushing even more, he looked and saw he was sitting on her nipple. Felix readjusted himself and that made Nathalia blush even more, with an additional moan. He kept adjusting himself playing with her nipple making Nathalia collapse to the floor in pleasure. Felix then started to suck on her nipple, which made Nathalia moan more, moving a few of her fingers down to her midsection and starting to rub it. Felix took his pants off to reveal his erect member and started to rub it against her breast making Felix blush as he rubbed it. Nathalia stretched her hand to her other breast and started to play with it while her other fingers were rubbing her womanhood. Felix started to rub faster until he started to spurt the white sperm onto her giant breast, Nathalia also rubbed harder until she let out a blissful shout and had her fingers covered in her fluids. Felix fell onto the soft ground and Nathalia licked the sperm from her breast, her other hand flicking her nipple. She stretched her neck to Felix and kissed him making Felix jump a bit, he leaned in more and started to passionately kiss her. Nathalia’s one hand started to stretch her nipple while her other one started to rub Felix’s member, stretching her fingers around it. She didn't have to do much to make him shoot the sticky sperm onto her hand, she licked it clean off and retracted her neck.
         “Uh darling, this will take a while, so can you please not look.” She said, turning her head around. Felix got up and went to his room and read a book about Goddesses he had recently picked up. A knock at the door a few hours later woke Felix up from a nap and Nathalia entered wearing a pair of the lingerie that she got from the mall and laid beside Felix and wrapped her arms around him. She fell asleep softly whispering “I love you”. Felix slipped from her arms and went out to a pub nearby.
         The pub was nothing special, it was one big room with a bar and tables scattered throughout it. Felix found Claude sitting at the bar and sat down next to him, he ordered a water and looked at Claude.
         “Claude, you ok?” Felix asked him who was staring at the bar table.
         “Yeah I am it's just.” Claude sighed and took a big swig of his beer. “Nothing.” He finished.
         “Well would it help to tell you that me and Nathalia are doing well.” Felix said.
         “Good to know. I've been well decent.” Claude replied taking a sip of his beer. The two talked for awhile until Claude brought something up that made Felix almost have a heart attack. “I know what happened a few days ago at work.” He said.
         “You do!?!” Felix shouted looking to see if anyone heard.
         “Yeah. You got laid in the bathroom you lucky man.” Claude said playfully punching his shoulder and chuckling. Felix let out a long sigh and nodded.
         “Yeah you got me, won't tell anyone right?” He asked Claude.
         “Don't worry you're safe.” Claude said taking one more sip of his beer. The two talked for a bit longer until Claude left waving at Felix and walking the opposite way of Felix.
         At his apartment he stepped into his room to find Nathalia stretched out all over the room. Body parts were stretched everywhere and her pair of lingerie was wrecked from all the stretching that she did. He was used to it but instead of retracting her himself he kept her stretched out and elongated. He also knew she was a heavy sleeper and that nothing would wake her up, so he quickly took his pants off and rubbed his member against her open hand. It took him no time for him to spurt out the substance from his member and onto her hand. She kept sleeping despite what just happened and she was still whispering “I love you”. Felix went into the bed and used her breasts as pillows and looked at her soft face, he kissed her and put some hair behind her ear.
         “I love you too.” Felix whispered as he took some sheets from the bed and put them over top of him and went to sleep. Nathalia rolled over a smiled, a tear running down her face as she heard what he said to her.
         “Thank you darling.” She said softly in her sleep and she rolled over and stretched her arms more and around him. She smiled in her sleep and got closer to him using his chest as a rest for her head.
         “Forever and ever, darling.”
Living With an Elastic Goddess! Chapter 5
Two, now there's two! Felix has his life already flipped upside down but adding another goddess into the mix is even more insane! But that's not all that happens on those days.
Here it is kust read the rules when you get in
Nathalia by newb1et
Thank you :iconnewb1et: for doing my best girl. I'm sticking by that
Art by :iconnewb1et:
Nathalia belongs to me
I have started an elastic girl pathfinder campaign on discord and their is only one spot left first one to dm me gets in my discord is


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