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my new Tattoo

this is the tattoo that I'm getting. The Kanji symbols aren't the words that I want, but you get the gist.

Background by: dev ro-stock
Model by: dev ~Korviss

tattoo: rose: Kushiels Chosen

Symbology: Kanji
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I love those books, Im glad someone else knows about them
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cool. i wanna have similar tattoo. :rose:
but i dunno yet what i'll write ;D
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that which yeilds is not always weak....

Great series. great tat, luck to you
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That's the Phedre no Delauney tattoo. Cool.
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You know, I have never actually read the books. I've wanted to, but have never gotten around to it.
Are they any good?
What does the writing going down your spine say?
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They're wonderful. The tattoo will mean even more to you if you actually read them. I'm designing my own marque as a tribute to them. I don't know if you know this, but the marques are supposed to go from the dimples in your lower back (or where they would be...I don't have them...) to the most prominent vertibrae at the base of your neck. There's a big reason for that placement.

Here's a link to the wikipedia page for a short explaination of their religious beliefs and what the marques mean to them: [link]
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