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Unique-Equines is a group for all those who love Uniqueness in Equines. Unique Equines are creatures that are not traditional, yet the Equine anatomy still shows. Some examples would be an Equine with paws instead of hooves, an Equine with off-the-wall markings, or an Equine with fire as its mane and tail...The list is endless, and the sky is the limit!

So let your creative side show and join Unique-Equines today!

Gallery Folders

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Prismatic Unicorn by sandara
Something sweet and nostalgic by Yewrezz
Queen of hearts by AonikaArt
Unique Resources
Make your own horse - Piaffe set by Dae-K
Solstice LINES by DemiWolfe
Unicorn Line Art 2015-10 by Blood-Huntress
Gilded Midnight by Ruanly
Been To Hell by lunaticweaver
Cassi's and Kika's cosplay. CM by UniSoLeiL
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Commission for RY0on by Almairis
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Sculpture Artisan Crafts
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Hey everyone,
we've been up and running for over 10 years now and it's been a good run, but it's time to close the group.  For a long while now the group has been nothing more than an art dump which totally defeats the purpose of a group.  With me around far less, and wishing to be here even less than that I've opted to close the group for submissions etc, but leave it up as an archive.
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Please Read!

:bulletred: Be sure that the piece you are submitting is actually of a unique equine. What we define as a Unique Equine would be an equine you would not see in reality.

:bulletred: When submitting pieces that include multiple equines be sure the main focus is on a Unique Equine. If you submit a piece with a group of Equines and only one equine in the background is what we consider unique, chances are your piece will be rejected.

:bulletred: Submitting pieces of Equines that look normal but have special powers, be sure it is obvious that the equine is performing the special abilities in the piece. We will no longer
accept pieces of this nature that do not depict this clearly

:bulletred: The great eye debate has concluded that we will from now on only accept pieces depicting normal looking equines who's only uniqueness is an abnormally colored eye, which are glowing and thus obvious, or are the main focal point of the piece. (Please note that the glow must be quite intense and clearly obvious in the thumbnail of the piece for us to accept it.)

:bulletred: We will no longer accept WIPs (Works In Progress). Please be sure that you are only submitting finished pieces to our gallery. We have also decided that uncolored pieces that do not have nicely defined lines, as you will see in a line art piece, will be considered WIPs and as such we will from now on reject those as well.

:bulletred:We do not accept breed imports unless they are the actual reference for the horse and not just the import sheet.

:bulletred: We will now accept adoptable sheets into the group, provided the rules above still apply. A vast majority (if not all) of the designs need to be unique in some form.

:bulletred: Please remember to give credit where credit is due. While we do not have the time to verify that each piece is crediting the stock used etc, if we find a piece that does not do this, we will remove it from our gallery.

:bulletred: As some members are asking for more focus on uniqueness and to make things a bit easy for us moderators, your thumbnail must clearly depict a unique equine. We will no longer spend time doing research, reading artists comments, pulling up character sheets to see if the piece should or shouldn't be accepted.

:bulletred: Your piece must clearly depict equine elements within it. If you draw a cat and put a horses mane on it, we will reject it for lack of equine elements.

:bulletred: We will no longer accept screenshots of equines made in generators or doll makers.


:bulletblack: Please be sure to submit your piece to the appropriate folder. Submitting to the wrong folder could result in your piece being rejected.

:bulletblack: You may submit no more than 3 pieces per day to our gallery and 3 pieces per day to our favorites folder.

:bulletblack: If you submit a piece to us and it is rejected, you may ask us why it was rejected (if we fail to provide a reason). Please do not submit rejected pieces again unless we ask you to.

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Give some love to all the amazing staff that make things happen around here!! <3

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Could someone please tell me why?
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