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Sailor Moon Series

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These looks are kinda old, some of them arn't very good but I thought I would share anyways :p

From left to right: Sailor Moon, Mini Moon, Tuxedo Mask, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus and Saturn

The Product lists can be found here: [link]

And I did simple picture tutorials for a few of them here: [link]
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Mars' looks so pretty hnnngg
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wow i really like the makeup good job
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I really looooove your looks AND Sailor Moon *_* i have a Sailor Moon Make Up Series on my blog, too
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Thank you! Glad you like it!
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Neptune and Uranus! :heart:
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idk if u wear contacts but ur eye color is very beautifl :love:
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Thank you sweetie :D I only use clear contacts so I can see, that's my natural eye color :)
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omg its like u just picked up two pieces of crystal glacier ice and put them on ur eyes....... Ur eyes are gorgeous, seriously :love:

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Thank you darling! ♥
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I'll use this for my costume
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I LOVE IT!!! .....i started a sailor moon color series too... i never got passed mercury and mars though... ^^; i really should get on that... lol

seriously gorgeous work girl! very nice! :clap:
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wow wt a pretty face ; ) , n ur work s great really i loved all
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okay i gotta say this is freekin amazing! i love sailor moon!
also im rly inspired to do a luna look now :)
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*gasp* I completely forgot about them... hmmm Idea's a brewin haha
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These are really pretty :heart:
My favorite is either Mars or Saturn ^^
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