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Tools of the Trade by UnionJacked Tools of the Trade by UnionJacked
Okay a few people have asked what tools I use for my sculpting. So I snapped a few photos of my work stuff and thought I would tell you what I use. Now most of this stuff is not essential to starting to sculpt I'll mark the ones I use 90% of the time with "*" The rest I ither had from old sets or inherited when my roomate who took up sculpting with me, decided it wasn't her bag and bequethed to me. I have included the details and prices for anyone thinking of picking them up. Okay lets get started...

A) Small paint brushes for using with Turpinoid to smooth out details. Nylon flat brushes med range. (price about 5 $)
B) Small dental tools one is a wire the other flatter that i use for edging out details and pulling little balls of stuff loose. (about 7$ from jewel)
C) Wooden shaper tools these and the ones on P were part of a set from pearl I use the flat edges on these to get the clean lines on clothes(i think 12$)
D)#2 taper point ruber tools in soft (white) and firm * (gray) I do about 75$ of the actual sculpting with these (about 7$ from pearl)
E) #2 flat chisel firm * and #2 angled chisel rubber shapers. I use these to help shape out details and push in folds in cloths. (7$)
F) #8 ribbon tool. I use this to mostly clean off flat areas where i need to shave off an even area. ($4)
G) Carver* (6$)
H) Exacto knife (spare blades not pictured) (3$)
I) Synthetic brush (consealer brush discount rack jewel makeup section 1$) for smoothing larger areas. the beveled edge seems to hide the edges the flat brushes get more.
J) Wire Cutters (no idea came in my 19$ tool kit)
K) Needle Nose Pliers.
L) Pallet Knife use to cut out areas and lift up edges. (6$)
M) Needley pointer thingy (hows that for precise) Used for drawing long straight lines in the clay as guide lines (?$)
N) Large rubber tipped tools. Blocking out easy details (10$)
O) I have no idea what this is called it looks like a flat kindey and i use it to smooth down the surfaces before i apply the turpinoid. (3$)

So out of all that stuff I started and recommend 3 of them. Total cost to start out (20$)
Daxter1967 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2007
Which three tools did you start with?
Nazarith Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2007  Professional Traditional Artist
thats for this list...was thinking of getting into sculpting and this helps to kind of know what i need and what i may use more then the others
MoonliteSymphony Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2006
In ceramic classes we call the needle pointer thing just a Needle Tool and the rubber thing is a Rib. Although that's a rubber one, they make them in thin metal or solid wood.
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