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Inkscape Tutorial: Unicorn's Magic Glow


:bulletgreen: You can see that last image here:…

(30.07.2012) Sections #1 and #2 have been updated to use more efficient techniques, as well as point out the importance of drawing the glow on the horn in a specific way.


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Based on "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" by Lauren Faust.
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Thanks a lot. This REALLY helped me out.
pegajane's avatar
Thank you a lot! Only this tutorial helped me for real~ 
sparkyler's avatar
this is literally the only pony magic tutorial Ive found after searching for an hour and it is the best!
Imansattarzadeh's avatar
i really wished this was on youtube...that would be 20% easier!
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I'm having a bit of trouble on section #7. I don't quite understand how to select both inside shapes if they are on top of each other. I'm so confused. Please help!
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Just shift-click on the normal outline and the blurred-out outline. Chances are, you should be able to select them just fine. Unless you forgot to blur it out OR change its thickness, in which case you probably need to go back a step or two. =P
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Sir/Madam, I must thank you kindly for this tutorial! I spent a total of an hour trying to find a tutorial for Inkscape/Ponyscape for the magic effect for a character I'm doing that is capable of using magic, but isn't strictly a pony. I am going to go ahead and follow this tutorial for a bit, and see how it turns out. Thank you for the wonderful tutorial, bud!

(I may do it w/o the stars, because I am way too lazy to do several stars that are different sizes/shapes.)
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how to king sombra eye effect *tha shade*
Aethon056's avatar
Thanks so much for this tutorial. I used and recommended it here.…
PonyOfTardis's avatar
I was wondering why when i save it to a png file why it loses it's inner glow? Because I have the outer glow and sparkles but not my inner glow (middle level on the horn). Any help? 
UnimportantUsername's avatar
I think it would be best if you sent me the vector file, that way I can take a look and see where's the issue.
PonyOfTardis's avatar
how can i send you the Vector Files? Because Stash isn't allowing me to upload my SVG files anymore so that I can send it to you.
UnimportantUsername's avatar
Simply put the SVG in a ZIP file.
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No Preview
 here you go. Thanks if you can find the problem.
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I don't know what might be the error on your side, it exports fine for me:

You can try experimenting with different resolutions and, in worst case, different Inkscape versions (I use 0.48). Unfortunately I don't really have the answer.
PonyOfTardis's avatar
Okay thanks. I will send you the link in a few minutes
PonyOfTardis's avatar
Okay. When I get on my laptop I'll send it to you.
x-VanillaCoke-x's avatar
soo for this tutorial you need basic knowledge about inkscape?
is there any tutorial for beginners? cause I can't follow the steps and end up like this:…
can you help?
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If you are yet to learn the basics of Inkscape, then you simply need to take a look at some general Inkscape tutorial to get the hang of things, like this one: Inkscape Vector Art Tutorial by mandydax
x-VanillaCoke-x's avatar
thank you very much (:
ZiddersRoofurry's avatar
Thank you SO much!
Cardcaptor12-T's avatar
thanks for made this tutorial, i was wondering how the hell make a good magic glow and i found your tutorial.
thanks again =D
MiniKirby123's avatar
Good lord thank you SO MUCH for this step by step tutorial! I've only just started vectoring ponies, and I know the basics of Inkscape, but not enough to be able to read a guide and instantly know what to do. Your tutorial has been the only one so far that I can understand easily. THANKS AGAIN! :D
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