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Alright, to the next genius who comes here to harass me: all I ever did was draw fictional cartoon horses doing the nasty. That's it.

If you genuinely believe that me drawing a couple dumb pictures of things that DON'T EVEN EXIST somehow equates to pedophilia, then I'm sorry, but YOU are the one with a problem.

Stop harassing and trying to cancel people for asinine reasons, you self-proclaimed moral guardian who probably only came here to make yourself FEEL like you're doing something good, and not because you actually CARE about any actual children.

If you ACTUALLY want to make a difference and ACTUALLY help children, then you should be doing volunteer work and donating to child-focused charities. Here, do this world a service and make yourself acquainted with the following links:



Nice content!!! Thank you, ZuTheSkunk. I love The Frontier

DOnt let assholes like tgspy keep you down. That mod went down in flames because they used you as a scapegoat. Me and a few others could see that clear as day. I do R34 shit sometimes, and i dont care if people like or hate it. Its stil art. I post of FA as well as here. I suffered from Depression for a long time and the show helped me through it.

Most of the people that Bitch about The Brony fandom are hypocrites as far as im concerned. Want to talk let me know.

Dude, i enjoyed your drawing style, keep up, m8

hy Zu nice to meet you i'm going to watch you and i just wanna say coming from a fellow furry i just feel awful for what happened to you i feel for you about what happened those months i only just found when i found that mod in a list of tuff when i was looking at Wolfenstein the new colossus and new order stuff. i just really hope that who ever caused this to you get's a huge Karma payback for what they did to you i can tell your a good person and i believe that i really hope your alright now cause that angers me that you were just used like that

Hey Zu, made a deviant art to say, sorry to see what happened to you, being used as a scapegoat like that. Hope you're doing better now.

I haven't been on DeviantArt in a long time, but I registered a new account for the purpose of leaving this comment.

I heard about what happened to you a few months ago. Please don't let the hatred get to you. What you've been accused of... does not justify the level of outrage it has generated. You are not a predator, not a groomer, and not a bad person. You have never, to my knowledge, put any child in danger or ever had any desire to. You deserved better treatment than this.

Please don't go silent. Don't let them shut you down, continue making your art. I'm not sure what your beliefs are or what kind of art you do or do not support, but it doesn't matter, regardless. You've every right to express whatever you feel like expressing, so long as the area you're expressing it in consents to the expression, and clearly, it did. Hateful people went out of their way to make you appear as something that you're not.

Your current profile picture... it has an irritated snarl on it. I understand, given the circumstances. But I also saw the original plushie version, the happy looking one. It is, honest to goodness, one of the most adorable things I have ever seen. I hope that your smile will eventually return.

Good luck to you. Best wishes.