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This is a small chunk of the phylogenetic tree of life. I used the image here [link] to help bring this wallpaper to fruition.

Size is 1920x1080.

[source is David M. Hillis, Derrick Zwickl, and Robin Gutell, University of Texas]
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Pronus's avatar
Cool. I really like the way something as amazing as the tree of life is turned into a really beautiful piece of art.
FoxFornication's avatar
"Turdus Migratorius". Turdus.

My humor is one of the worst in the world.
Pristichampsus's avatar
Turdus is, ironically, the song thrush. Hehe, thrush...
soulxchild's avatar
that is absolutely amazingly awesome :D
flimflammer's avatar
Fun fact: Humans share roughly 70% of their D.N.A with bananas. That's right, go jump in a bowl of ice cream because you are part banana.
FoxFornication's avatar
And humans share more DNA with pigs than with monkeys.

Or not, I just read that somewhere.
EonOrteaShadowmaster's avatar
Hey, we're both eukaryotic life-forms, with quite a few similarities on the cellular level. Stands to reason that we'd share some DNA with them.
Z-Designs's avatar
Wanna know from what we're born loll why not make a picture with the start of this genealogic tree of course ^^;

I'm not religious but i don't really believe that we're far brothers of all lifeforms they're from others tree because that is really weird to think that all of us have the same ancestry. The most reliable would be the Monkey but don't tell me a lizard will be !?
ccaskey92's avatar
Believe it or not, I've heard that even Charles Darwin found it hard to believe that everything came from the one same source. (Not to mention that the one pool of goo that became all life would have to hold all the DNA of everything that has, and ever will, exist on Earth) Many people that share the faith of evolution don't even agree to what extent, and how, evolution has occurred. (Showing that evolution is still a theory)
Always look for the truth, but watch out for the truth people say is true.
That post gave me a diarrhea. That's some of the stupidest and uninformed stuff I have recently read.…
Pristichampsus's avatar
Oh dear, religious troll alert.
EonOrteaShadowmaster's avatar
Oh no, believe me. We are all decended from the same life-forms, if you go back far enough. Of course, "back far enough" is a good 3 billion years.
Unikraken's avatar
Just because you personally aren't able to understand evolution does not make it less true. Men far smarter than the both of us have discovered all of this. You should really read up and learn about it.
zombieferret42's avatar
Wooooow. My biology teacher told us about this thing in class, but I didn't realize how big it was... O_O
EonOrteaShadowmaster's avatar
That is simply awe-inspiring!
AmnioticOef's avatar
Hm, so primates are most closely related to rodents? That's pretty crazy.
Pristichampsus's avatar
Mice and rats are used in medical research for this reason, primates are closely related to rodents. So better to use mice than cows or cats.
AmnioticOef's avatar
I remember reading somewhere that tree shrews are even closer.
Unikraken's avatar
No, they are fairly closely related, however, this is just a small selection of the available lifeforms that have been cataloged.
soyrwoo's avatar
I love how the name above us belongs to a species of mouse :D
ericleb010's avatar
I love this. A great little twist on Sagan's "pale blue dot" concept.
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