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By unikorn
Seems I have my very first case of art thievery.

Doesn't this look familiar?

Strangely like this artwork of mine?

I'm all for learning from referencing art you like ... but blatantly tracing over another piece and claiming you drew it, isn't quite right.... *perplexed*
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Looks like she deleted it.
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Either that or it was DA that deleted it! I feel its more likely that DA did it! XD
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If those comments I see hidden are YOURS, then resort to reporting it. If its still around after like 3 days, I'll be reporting it as well. At that point, get back-up from your watchers
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Yeah one of them are mine and I'm guessing the other hidden comments are people saying a similar thing. So the person seems determined to hide the fact that the art is copied.

I did already report it to DA but no response yet!
ShadowYin-Yang's avatar
It will take a couple of days atleast. I wait about half a week before "announcing" it for back-up.

But for something as obvious as that this...I really don't think it would take that long
tasukigirl's avatar
o.o; Yeah I have no idea what to do in these situations...
TerribleTex's avatar
LAME. Sorry you have to put up with this shit, man.
Psychol0gist's avatar
Reported, ma'am. =o
Kaallisi's avatar
O.O i say report it :S
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i agrre with you and there might be a 50% chance they stole it or the didnt know
kosmonauttihai's avatar
If she didn't know, she wouldn't have hidden the comment ~unikorn left her about it.
angelbelkin's avatar
i didnt see that ...well i guess she did steal it
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