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Here's some of my photography from conventions and cosplay meets, I have a Smugmug account nowadays so I can upload my full sets in highres:

I also made a second deviantart account the other week for my photos of other people, where I'll post more of a selection.


If you'd like me to be your photographer for a personal cosplay or portrait photoshoot, please ask me if I'm available to attend! I don't charge anything but I do accept hugs and chocolate! =)
August the 1st is GaaNaru fanday for 2011!

That's just a little over a week away! Aaaahhhh what to do? I've participated every year so far. Really must draw again.

More info on Livejournal:…
Seems I have my very first case of art thievery.

Doesn't this look familiar?

Strangely like this artwork of mine?

I'm all for learning from referencing art you like ... but blatantly tracing over another piece and claiming you drew it, isn't quite right.... *perplexed*
I've done a bit of housekeeping on my gallery. I've moved a lot of artwork into proper categories and banished some old things to my scrapbook. I haven't deleted anything but it was tempting to do so. Some of my old work is rather crappy looking and I'm embarrassed at how bad it is. But I think it's important to show your progress to encourage other people and yourself!

I'm still in a bit of a mental bind with getting finished artwork done. But I'm going through my little sketchbook and picking some things to stick in my scrapbook and trying not to fuss over the mistakes I've made and just post them as is. Then I need to gently coax myself back into doing colored artwork. I have a commission for a friend still waiting to be colored in. Wah. *feels bad*

Reading people's kind comments on my art/sketches is helping me get over this art block of evil doom that I somehow imposed on myself over the last few years. Thank you very much to everyone that visits my gallery and posts positive encouragement for me, I really appreciate it. =)

Luv UniKoRn <3
I've think lost confidence in myself as an artist because I've become far to critical of my work. I pick all the mistakes I make and then don't want to show my flawed drawings to anyone.

I just can't find the energy to complete anything. I sketch random things almost daily but I can't seem to take it beyond that anymore. It's kinda frustrating. I want to do things but the surge of inspiration that used to carry me through to completion just never comes.

Blahhhh. I hope can get back into my art one day soon.

GaaNaru Fanday #3 - Monday 26th July 2010

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 12, 2010, 8:11 PM

Here we are going for our third year of officially celebrating Gaara & Naruto! On monday the 26th of July, we will post fanfiction, fanart, AMV's, poetry, crafts, cosplay and anything you can do to celebrate GaaNaru!

For more information see the post on the Livejournal community!…

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Cosplay Wishlist

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 11, 2010, 5:02 PM

This is my current cosplay wishlist! I haven't done one for a while. I just realised the last one I did was in 2008 and I've done a few off that list now.


Phantasy Star Universe
Mirei & Karen (twins)

Sailor Moon
Princess Serenity
Princess Sailor Moon (from the live action series)

Gaara (2nd costume from Rescue Sasuke arc - it's red with white sashes)

Tales of Symphonia

I'm fangirling over Pandora Hearts lately but I'm not sure which character I'd want to be.

Also I've been told I should cosplay a trap character like Bridgette (Guilty Gear) just to fuck with peoples heads.

But overall all the 'short skirt' cosplays are making me nervous. I really must drop a few kilos because I think my legs look bad. XD

I've been looking at all these amazing cosplay photos on Deviantart. I really need to get nicer costume shots. I get so frantic trying to finish the costumes and get to the convention that I forget about getting photos of myself and Chez sometimes.

I really love the outdoors photoshoots that people have done. There are some amazing locations!

So yeah, I need to get much more organized with taking time out to get nicer photoshoots done. Whether I take the photos myself or get some friends to take them for me... it must be done!

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Happy new year!

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 7, 2010, 5:05 AM

I just bought a new drawing tablet last week. I now have a Wacom Bamboo Fun!

My old tablet died in the last week or so of University. So even though I've been on 'holidays' for the last few months, I still couldn't color anything in! It was getting annoying, so I spent my birthday money on the new one :)

I also bought a serial key for Open Canvas and installed Windows 7 today. So hopefully the overall performance of my laptop will be better.

Now to learn to use Open Canvas all over again, it has been ages since I used it!

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I never did get around to uploading any photos from Japan... gomen! Maybe one day when I've got more free time I'll sort through them.

Manifest 2009 was a few weeks ago. I've just uploaded photos of me and Chezzies cosplay from Neils photoshoot. If you want to see all the photos that I took then head on over to
Saturdays photos:…
Sundays photos:…

Armageddon and E-games are coming up in October, so I should be at those.

In the mean time, I've got my last few weeks of University for the year. It's been keeping me so busy! I've really enjoyed this year despite the stress but I am looking forward to a break over summer.
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Just realised my "GaaNaru Wonderland" picture has been removed for apparently depicting underage characters in sexual situations....A big WTF on that!?

They weren't even naked... they were just standing there.. in dresses... flashing underwear...



So anyways, I just got back from spending 2 and a half weeks in Japan and it was AWESOME!  If you've never been to Japan and want to go, start saving your money, it's totally worth it!

Random photos will be uploaded over the week.  Full galleries on my facebook, and my livejournal coming soon too.
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I want to win a competition and I need the support of my friends to do it :)

Click to go to my Sims3 fanpage

Click the "Become a Supporter" Button.

Vote for me (5 crystals is best), add your details & email address. The last question is optional for if you wish to enter the competition also! When you get a confirmation email, please click the link to verify your vote.

If you vote, thank you immensely!

If I win the prize (laptop) I promise more GaaNaru Sims videos will be happily made by me on it! <3
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For those of you who haven't stalked around the Manifest forums or my Livejournal, here is the link to my photos from Minifest!  --->…

Was a good day at Minifest, saw lots of friends and met a few new people too.

I was pleased that people recognized me as Tsuna from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!  When I wore that costume to Armageddon last year, very few people knew who I was.

My next convention will be Animania (Melbourne), have not decided which costume I'll wear yet. Last year I didn't cosplay to Animania, and while I was comfortable in casual clothes, it's kinda boring not being in cosplay :P

After Animania there won't be anything on for a while.  But I am going to Japan in June, so woohoo!  I may go to Doujicon in late July but if not the next convention will be Manifest!  I'm planning to cosplay Maka from Soul Eater for Manifest.
Supanova is over (lol it rhymes) and here are my photos:…

I'm going to Minifest this saturday!
Who else is going?
And what are you cosplaying?

Then there is Animania on the 18th of April.  Yay lots of places I can cosplay :D
I shall be there.  Most likely in my Shippuden Gaara cosplay... I refuse to retire that costume, it's my favourite :3
If you're wondering where my porny photo manip of Gaara and Naruto went, then stop over here at Mangabullet.  They are awesome because they let you submit PORN and Photo Manipulations!

Boo hiss at DA and Y! on this one.


In other news, I didn't get an offer for the other University course I wanted at RMIT.  But I'm happy to be going to Deakin, it's closer to home.  I can take Animation as an elective there anyways <3  I'm really looking forward to University, it will be a good challenge.
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I've been accepted into Graphic Design at Deakin Universtiy! YAY!  There is another course that was my first preference, so I would like to get an offer in the next rounds but if not it's all good because I definitely know I'm doing something next year.  Thankyou to everyone who supported my decision to apply for university!

As the year wraps up work is getting a little quieter and I'm glad to finally get some time to relax.  I'll have a busy time next year trying to juggle work and university.

I've been looking forward to summer and now that it's finally here the weather has been crap!  I want to sit outside in the sun and draw/ink/paint!

Just want to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season!
That liitle hit counter just keeps on moving even when I've neglected my gallery lately! Thanks everyone for visiting my page here!

Manifest 2008 was great fun but every year I can never see everything I wanted!  I've uploaded a bunch of photos of the Hitachin Twins cosplay from sunday.  

You can view all my photos from Manifest 2008 here:…

Next events I should be attending are Armageddon and E-Games Expo.
Yay one week until Manifest! (Melbourne Anime Festival)

I will be there on saturday and sunday.  My cosplay plans are:

Saturday ~ Gaara (Naruto Shippuden)
Sunday ~ Hitachin Twins (Ouran Highschool Host Club)

If you want to say hello and ask for a photo please go ahead, I always pose for them :)

Straight after Manifest I'm going away for rest of the week.  I'm very much looking forward to a break so I can get some drawing done!  Things have been so hectic lately that I've had very little creative energy.  It's all being poured into building websites for clients lately. I've been working day, night and weekends sometimes *pout*

I've done my VTAC applications for University.  Now I need to do the selection kits for each course.  I'll have to spend a bit on printing.. I better get into something for all the effort and cost!


Journal Entry: Wed Aug 13, 2008, 6:51 AM
I'm applying for University next year, to do more artistic things.  And while some people support me, others seem to be rolling their eyes.  But I feel like it's something I really want to do - I need to improve my creative skills for both my business (Webdesign) and personal satisfaction.

One of the courses I want to apply for needs you to send 12 examples of your work plus a 12 page storyboard on one of the themes they give you to choose from.

I can't exactly send them 12 pictures of Gaara and Naruto :3  I'll have to think about everything I've done and pick the things that show a variety.

* 366 daily challenge - one sketch for each day of the year (59/366)
* Sailor Suna 2
* Angry Gaara (numerous sketch versions in my LJ)
* A Demons Kiss Is An Angels Touch - chapter 4 (alpha version in my LJ and adultfanfiction)
*GaaNaruSasu Pictochat 4 (one day I'll get around to it)
* Chibi's Can't DDR animated flash version
* RAcaseal & Card Captor Sakura for my sis

Gaara and Naruto Fanday - Get involved!

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 18, 2008, 12:36 AM
ThatReevesGirl had a fantastic idea - a special day where all the fans can show their love for the GaaNaru/NaruGaa pairing!


What is it?
It is a gathering of online support for the Gaara and Naruto pairing. We want to show the fandom that GaaNaru or NaruGaa is still a valid and loved pairing

What will we do?
On the designated day we will join together as a community and spam deviantart, ygallery, LJ communities, our personal LJ's, Narutofan,,, etc with our fanfics, fanart, fangraphics and other Naruto and Gaara love.

When is it?
I'm hoping that we will have a strong showing of support to warrant a second one, but for now, the very first Gaara and Naruto Fanday is Monday, July 28, 2008, or the last Monday in July (since Mondays are shown to have the most people browsing the art and fiction sites).

What is the purpose?
First, to show that we love Gaara and Naruto, but also to spur other artists and writers into liking the pairing.

The original post on Livejournal:…

* 366 daily challenge - one sketch for each day of the year (59/366)
* Sailor Suna 2
* Angry Gaara (numerous sketch versions in my LJ)
* A Demons Kiss Is An Angels Touch - chapter 4 (alpha version in my LJ and adultfanfiction)
*GaaNaruSasu Pictochat 4 (one day I'll get around to it)
* Chibi's Can't DDR animated flash version
* RAcaseal & Card Captor Sakura for my sis