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GaaNaru sims2 screener

By unikorn
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So yeah, my account is lacking in updates.. this is what I've been doing! Playing Sims 2 with Gaara & Naruto :P

For some GaaNaru Sims2 videos, go and stalk my youtube account!

(username: PrincessUniKoRn)
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hey can you transform a sims2 outfit and hair into teens?
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hey can you transform a sims2 outfit and hair into teens?
EmoMuffinIzSad's avatar
LOLZ ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -still on floor-
ninjagirl67's avatar
omg how do you make them on sims 2 O.O
LillicRaine-BlueRose's avatar
okay, so on sims 2 how do you get the gourd?!?!?! i cant get it!!!
nightwolf7375's avatar
how do u do that?
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By downloading custom made costumes and so on.
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*Faint* ´´Yaoi, yaoi, yaoi'' Kawai!!!
How did you do that in the sims? I've always try to found those... But I can't...
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You can download stuff from the official site or websites like have tonnes of stuff available
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Oooh. Thank you so much ^^
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*drool* SEEEEEEEEEXYYYYYYYYYYYNEEEEEEEEEEEEESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *gwomps them!* Heeheehee :D

In my own opinion, though, (I won't ruin the whole picture by my mini rant) Gaara is too serious for Naruto, and Naruto is too playful for Gaara...and thus comes the SasuGaa, NaruGaa, and SasuNaru problem...BUT THEY IS ALL SO KEWT!!!!!! GO GAANARU!!!
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Well some people do say that opposites attract :)

And hey, its eye candy.. lets not get too technical!
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Yup :D Eeeeeeeeeye caaaaaaaandy!!!!! :icondroolplz:
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Naruto! :star: He looks yummy.
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ive seen those videos! then it was you XD thats too funny...ive got the game too and also got gaara and naruto (and other characters too)....gaara and naruto do happen to like each other but shikamaru and kankurou too and i didnt planned that O_o!
Akuma-no-Miraizou's avatar
LOL I've been forcing a certain cyclops and foxboy to make KakaNaru man-babies I've been up to sorta the same thing, but different pairing. That and Sasuke's back with team 7 and he's been breeding like a hamster-he probably has around eight or something kids now, all from at least four mothers (one of them them that maid that you pay to come clean the house each day O_O' I admit I had a lot to do with all of this-they ended up with such an ugly kid that I got rid of it lol) before he finally chose Sakura in the end (although he still wants to propose to the last two flings for some reason) and...oh yeah! Sai got abducted by aliens so he's preggers too hehehe
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PS: I'm not a Naruto Fan
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Because I can :D
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oh hey I favorited your videos on youtube!
unikorn's avatar
hee hee thankyou!
MSprinkleZ's avatar
youre welcome =)
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how do u get your sim to look like naruto
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