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My Bio

Real Name: Noelia Reyes Bello

Nickname: PonSnow or PonySnowBall (Main nickname) and Senhora Retsagali (2nd nickname)

Gender: Female

Date born: May 14, 2005

Age: Real (15) and Them'S Waifu Mayhem (29)

Birthday: May 14

Hobby: Making new videos/series/movies on YouTube/Newgrounds and Making SFW/NSFW Comics

Personality: Happy, Smart, Cute, Silly, Creative, Angry, Rage, Sad, Scared, Playful and Curious

Likes: Videogames, Captain Underpants franchise, Being a Kaiju character, TF's, Ships, OTP's, Hot-Dogs, Cartoons, Monica'S Gang, Anime, Oreos, Cupcakes, Mr. Bean, Animal Crossing Franchise, Object Shows (Mostly Object Terror, OSO and Modern Objects), Hello Kitty, Foster'S Home For Imaginary Friends, Hanging out to with my friends, Birthdays, Animation Memes, Junk Food and Snacks

Dislikes: Bluey, Coronavirus, Lying, Justin Bieber (Don't care), My Haters, Being grounded, Bullying, Feeling confused, Criney videos, Bad users, Strangers, Being mocked, Animals dying, Depression, Getting a bad grade, Fake accounts attacking me, Toys R Us going out of business, Quitting YouTube, Bad TV Shows, Ren And Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon.

Spirit-Animal: Siberian Husky/Fox/Kitten/Kaiju or Monster/Sheep

Spirit-Object: Bucket/Yarn/Suitcase

Favourite food: Chicken Nuggets

Favorite drink: Milkshakes

Favorite candy: Chocolate

Favorite movie: The LEGO Movie 2 and My Little Pony The Movie

Favorite game: FusionFall Retro

Favorite restaurant: Pedro, Juan & Diego

Favorite TV show: Monica'S Gang

Favourite color: Teal and pink

Favorite song: Roar and Dark Horse by Katy Perry

Biggest fear: COVID-19


Collabs: OPEN

Gifts: ASK ME!

Commissions: FRIENDS ONLY?

I'm a cat lover
I'm a penguin lover
I'm a red panda lover
I'm a raccoon lover
I'm a wolf lover
I'm a dog lover
I'm a rabbit lover
I'm a dragon lover
KR Stamp: Ferret Lover
Pomeranian Love Stamp
Beagle Love Stamp
I love Siberian Huskies
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Favourite Visual Artist
LoudAndProudFangirl & MixTapeFan2016IsBack
Favourite Movies
Ralph Breaks The Internet, My Little Pony The Movie and The LEGO Movie Franchises
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Katy Perry and TWICE
Favourite Books
Favourite Writers
Dav Pilkey
Favourite Games
FusionFall Retro, LEGO Dimensions, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Dumb Ways To Die, Tattletail & fnaf
Favourite Gaming Platform
All of them :3!
Other Interests
Object Shows, Roleplayings, AUs, Transformations & Twisted Stuff

Donation Pool

20/99999 points
Hey, Werewolf fans! I'm posting Werewolf content on my other DA account called ILoveMaoMaoALot instead of this DA account nowday, So yeah, I'll post werewolf stuff on that DA account one day.
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Once upon a time, There was a girl named Daniela T. Poole who's really okay with MovieUnleashers, A YouTube channel that ruins her childhood on Inside Out, Pokémon and The Good Dinosaur, Until she's about to turn into the mascot of MovieUnleashers named Dane The Dragon at the full moon like this: Daniela: Woah, The moon looks a bit brighter than before! Wait a second...! *Daniela felt funny as she looks at the full moon, Causing her green pupils became black as her eyelashes disappear* Daniela: *Looks in herself phone* Oh, My! Is my teeth is about to change too?! *Daniela grows some fangs as her ears became light grey horns while her hair brown hair disappeared* Daniela: What is this...? Who's this even possible! *Grows light gray wings and a spiky tail* *Daniela hands became light gray claws as her purple bra and panties became a boys' underwear while her gender became from female to male* Daniela: Oh, S***! I'm turning into the animator guy named Dane?! *Her voice became
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Happy Mar1o Day, Everybody!
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