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The first 10 people who comment on this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like most from their gallery on the list! I started with Witchere because she was so kind to support me in her Art Share. Thank you!

If you comment and get featured, it would be nice to start your own Art Share Journal and support the people who supported you too. It's not about getting featured, it's only to give something back and spread art :)

1) :iconwitchere: 

Penny RP Tracker by Witchere   Winter Snow by Witchere  Sheep by Witchere
Cute meets dark, my favorite of your gallery and also the clouds are very nice painted :)

2) :iconrikise:

<da:thumb id="612867026"/>  Vocaloid Poster by rikise  OC ref: Natsuki by rikise
Wow, here is a really talented traditional artist! Check out this gallery! 








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The last days I spent a lot in the gallery around the corner where my friend has got her exhibition "If you wanna know who you are.... paint!". Well, she isn't member of DA, so if you are interested in her work, which I really like, you can have a tiny look into her work on her facebook page:
If you are in Berlin, you can also drop by! 

But this isn't the only thing I wanted to talk about. I found during the last days some nice abstract paintings and I wanna say only a little "thank you" for inspiring me with your art. Thanks for sharing!

Lo Que Sabemos by Senecal

Nevada by jon-bibire

Dissolving Structures by triptychaos

Half Life by lucid-dion

nash brody abstract 261300 by nashbrody

Intermitence Sensorielle by jon-bibire
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Soon I hit the 5k mark. I know, not many within the time I'm already a member of DA, but due to some travels and journeys abroad, I'm not that active I want to be. 
At the moment I am working on the huge project and if I finished it successfully, I'm able to upload some new paintings. In the meanwhile, you can check out my instagram feed with some photographs I shot during my stay in Thailand! 

BTW: you dont have to follow me or like something. But I still wanna tell you, my dear watchers, I'm more active in the real world than in DA.

Thanks and hugs!
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Hello everyone,

not sure if anyone will read this, but I would like to share my thoughts - at least with myself :D

In August 2014 I joined DA, I have never been so much on this site before although I knew DA for years. But there was no reason for joining another community platform. And I'm glad to be part of it :D After a year I can say that I never got so much feedback on my works than on any other site or in real life. I know a lot of people say the community has changed and now it's not like it was before. I think this is a normal progress, some might call it "evolution". That's something what happens all the time and it means, the community is alive. "Past times are always the better times", but in fact, they have got also a bunch of problems of their own period and a lot of people don't welcome a change because it is something new and not familiar, maybe scary but a lot of unknown aspects. If nothing changes in my life, I get bored, so I welcome a change and look back and remind a great time and look forward to something new. Change is life. 

It's good that the future is still unpredictable and I really appreciate any change and new things which I have never dreamt of because I didn't know they exist or they will come into my life. Well, I didn't want to write about that :P

I wish everyone a wonderful and inspiring day!
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my name is Claudia and I discovered a short time ago to create digital paintings by myself. I'm still looking for my personal style but this is a good time to try different things. I hope I'm improving with every piece I draw.

Tell me your thoughts, write down a comment, I need your criticism and your feedback. Thank you :)