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A bobcat.
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This is a very excellent piece of work. I love the smudge effect you used in the background. Some of the smudge even mixes with the ink, which I like. Using black dripping ink for the Bobcat's shadow adds a great touch of creativity to it. Speaking of the bobcat, you drew it really well. All its details are visibly present, especially the fur, which stand out the most. I can easily see the blend of warm colors you used for it. I like the choice of colors you selected. You are very good at drawing feline anatomy. All the small details in the artwork stand out well. Please keep up your wonderful work. You definitely deserved to have this win Fella's ArtFest of June 2015.
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You're most welcome! :)
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Excellent art. Thank-you.
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thank you! and thx also for adding it :)
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Oh very cool! I like the effect of smudging in parts, and how the background imitates paper and traditional media.
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thank you for your really nice comment :)
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