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ever just wake up at some point and feel utterly depressed, for some reason i've become more down than i normally would be able to ignore.

im still going strong tho and trying to get through it, its just a few stuff i shouldn't be worked up over and i know its childish but glob im gonna end up with grey hairs.
especially with the hypocrisy i have to live with that confuses me.
why bother telling someone not to do something if you're giving yourself the privilege of doing what you just said you didn't want done?

especially with college, now i know that you'll always find people like this but it doesn't stop me from being a little bit irritated, why. in. the. name in all that is holy. come to school. high school. college and any other form of education if you're just going to complain and refuse doing work that is assigned to you (that gets you decent or great qualifications to add to your CV or whatever is required for your dream job or any job for that matter, yes some classes may not help you in daily life but some jobs require that particular subject in order to fit the part.) just because you "already know" somethings in a particular category does not mean you will pass the required grade.

its good to have a positive attitude and a little bit of arrogance but to refuse doing anything by the person who is giving you their time so you can get a decent education really wont do anything for you, it may seem like im nag nag nag but glob this annoys me