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Another Happy New Year~! I probably should've just waited for Chinese New Year...lol That's closer at this point. 
But I'd like to share some new things with you, so the greeting seemed appropriate. ;p 

I'll no longer carry on my resolution journals on DA (or anywhere online for that matter). The list keeps growing in length and personal nature. However, one of my aspirations from last year was to progress with "THE" novel. And up until now, I've never explained what exactly that is. Instead of disclosing details here, feel free to head over to the new portfolio to find out what I've shared so far of "Crossfire." 


While this isn't the anime abyss I've aspired to reboot for years, it is a good way to bring all my stuff together under one roof for easy access and networking. Someday, I'll have the time to put a great deal more effort into my brand and marketing, but this'll do for now. :] 
In addition, I finally caved and created a separate instagram account solely for creative purposes. If you still follow the ladyuni account, occasional artistic posts will continue. But the new one will contain exclusive WIPs, BTS process photos, and other little pieces not found anywhere else. 

UNIesque on Instagram

Hope you all have been well! Keep fighting the good fight - I'll see ya again soon. 


~*Submit to the wonders of the universe*~

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You outdid yourself here!! The website is gorgeous, clean and really keeps one's attention on the works. I spent a good amount of time checking the Crossfire section and oh my! You've come such a long way and it makes me so happy to see that your project is coming to life (also, Seila's-and your style's- evolution is so satisfying to look at). "Not a day has gone by in the last few years that I haven't thought of how I want to tell this story. It's terrifying and liberating all at the same time " I know the feel and I can't wait to see what you share next. Keep it up and congrats on your website!!

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Heya! It's good to hear from you, madam. ^_^ 
And your words mean a great deal to me, thank you so much. Great to get feedback on both the site and that daunting story project of mine

In a time when folks around these parts seem much less interactive than they used to be, I'm glad we've kept in touch (even over Instagram!). Still a pleasure to watch your artistic journey unfold as well. Cheers~! :heart:
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You're welcome! It's more of a fav and run on these parts nowadays, but you'll be hearing from me (for sure) from now on c; Can't wait to see more of your works, especially Crossfire!