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I know. This...after saying she's much more than a sailor senshi these days.
Honestly, I started to get uncomfortably antsy on a recent 8-hr flight, and used this to calm down. I didn't move from my seat...for 8 hours. Bad idea. But I tell you what...nothing grounds me like art does, and this gal's been my go-to stress-relief for decades. <3

Bullet; Black stats Bullet; Black 

-Accomplished completely in the Adobe Photoshop Sketch app for iPad Pro. 
-time: unknown - I picked at this thing for a couple days after the initial in-flight sketch
-Sailor Universe © UNIesque

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She looks lovely. 
RBL-M1A2Tanker's avatar
She helped you find your center on the flight, she's a hero through and through! :D
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This looks so amazing~! :3
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The most familiar forms can in their way be the most calming. Being in a Senshi uniform for all these years and still telling you to draw her this way means that she's as comfortable in it as you would be in your favorite clothes. She looks beautiful and the butt whooping smirk is as dangerous as ever. :D
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I have no idea how it posted to your comment Miko. .. sry
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lol it's okay. It happens to one of my friends a lot. 
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<3 looks awesome :D <3
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She may be more than the sum of her parts, but I imagine this is still a figure in her equation.  So I don't see anything wrong with drawing this sort of stuff.

If anything, that grin on her face is probably her thinking to the monster she's fighting "Yeah, you ain't seen half of what I can do.  And you don't wanna see it." XD
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Haha, I like that~ :heart:
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She's beautiful. I'm glad she calmed you down~
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