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No Matter the Cost...


I drew this to de-stress myself. Inspired by a chapter I'm writing.
It...kind of worked. :U And then the bf and I had a spat right in the middle of it. Yaaaay.

Yes, I'm still working on commissions. Promise.

Uni/Guardian Arella belongs to me~ :heart:
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iCheddart: "Gorgeous!" - (づ ◕‿◕ )づ
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I prefer characters like this. Her elegant features and stern, far-off gaze make clear that some missions are about to get done.

I'd thought a lot of females in the Army would be like this, but... no. XD

You're very good with lighting. Adding glow to the eyes and the sheen on the lips, very striking. I wish there were a little more definition around her lips, though. Her neck needs a little better anatomy, too. I don't really know necks too well, myself, just saying.

Overall you did a great job balancing realism with idealized beauty. The texture on her skin, was that a brush or a filter? Or maybe you use Corel Painter.
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Thank ya much~
Definitely trying to practice what you mentioned; it's a slow process since I started with anime when I was young.
The skin texture was a filter.
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Having a spat with your bf is no fun...

ANYways, this work is lovely :heart:
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She shall defend her people.
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Gorgeous! I love this portrait of uni!
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Arella is beautiful as always <3 I love your attention to detail in your portraits <3 they always leave me breathless :)
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Thank ya, Cheddar~ :]
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Dem liiiips :0
I love your work, as always ^^
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Haha, I love drawing those~ :dummy:
Thank ya!
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Wonderful work as always!
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Oy, I've been wondering where Uni's story is hosted? D:
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That would be on [link]
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