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The Showdown

One more World of Warcraft fanart.

Female human Mage in tier3 fighting Ragnaros.

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Well its was a nice life while she had it I hope?  :no:
Tanatis7's avatar
Suicide. Or master kiter)
Great job on the background!
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Nice Raggy design, I certainly wouldn't want to go up against that, lol.
My money's on the mage if she's using frost magic.
N0b1eRebe1's avatar
I'd make a lord of the rings joke but IT SHALL NOT PASS!
N0b1eRebe1's avatar
I'll show my self out... No, I disagree! 
Well, she's fucked.
grahamskrtic's avatar
SO. VERY. AAAAAMMMMMMAAAAAZZZZZIIIIINNNNNGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ah, poo. Does anyone have a tissue? I kinda needs one...
N0b1eRebe1's avatar
AnimeDoaDoa's avatar
you shall not pass!!!!
yellowpikmin88's avatar
Gandalf vs Balrog round two
Mathardent's avatar
TheWeakestLink's avatar
"By fire me purged!"
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mithrandirjb's avatar
It's awesome ! *_*
Ethavisell's avatar
OMG this art is brutal<1 i love it
thatenglishguy's avatar
You almost think to yourself "She doesn't stand a hope in hell". Then you remember she's a mage...
Neydras453's avatar
Oooooh He gonna solo that boss! ..
Love this thing
Ragnaros is god.Almost literally :D
CartoonfanKatieM's avatar
Thats amazing! O O
SixxV3's avatar
maqd's avatar
You honestly did a wonderful job on this thing! Ragnaros was and still is an awesome character.
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Wonderful! Better than the ig version!
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